KAYAK dropping their BlackBerry app, believes 75 Million BlackBerry users aren't worth their time

BlackBerry Travel
By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2012 12:31 am EST

A recent announcement from Kayak, a site for travellers founded by the cofounders of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz has got me thinking about some of the trends we're seeing as of late. It's the trend of developers dropping support for BlackBerry services after having years of success on the platform. Recently, Kayak made a post letting their users know they would no longer be supporting their BlackBerry mobile app:

By dropping active support, we won't be launching any new features, updates or fixes to problems that may arise on the KAYAK BlackBerry app as our system changes.

They go on to note that the cost of continued development on the BlackBerry platform is a reason for their discontinuing of the service, yet they'll provide the app for free to other platforms. Really Kayak?

You recently celebrated over 100 million user requests for travel information along with being the number one travel app with over 12 Million downloads in January and you're going to drop support for your BlackBerry app. Do you think you became the number one downloaded travel app without BlackBerry user support? I personally have used your app to plan trips, so I'm quite certain a percentage of the 75 Million BlackBerry users out there have downloaded and used your app to lay out their travel plans as well.

No matter Kayak, if your app is no longer going to be supported on BlackBerry then I'll no longer support you directly by using your services. Plenty of other apps exist on the BlackBerry platform such as BlackBerry Travel, World Mate, TripIt, iSpeedy and countless other apps from the airlines and hotels themselves - who do think their customers are worth the time it takes.

You're not the only ball game in town, something each and every company who has had success on the BlackBerry platform should consider before they decide to drop support for the services.

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KAYAK dropping their BlackBerry app, believes 75 Million BlackBerry users aren't worth their time


I suppose that the brilliantly integrated and well engineered free BlackBerry Travel application from RIM (formerly World Mate) may have something to do with it.

I'm travelling on 11 flights and 4 countries during the next two weeks - I can't imagine keeping track without BlackBerry Travel.

Phht on Kayak.

Lol. What happened to booking a trip on a computer and keeping information written down or printed on paper? It's a lot easier to keep track of and not lose or have stolen.

Who cares if KAYAK is leaving, let them go.

This. A thousand times this. BBT is the explosive device. I don't give an airborne rodent's posterior about Kayak.

Agreed. BlackBerry Travel is the best app for keeping track of all your travel plans. Even alterts you to delays in flights, lets you book a limo, hotel, car rental all from within the app. It's awesome. Goodbye Kayak, you won't be missed.

Agreed! I also use BBT for my trip planning/itinerary organization.

On another travel related note, I'm disappointed & surprised that Air Canada's mobile app as well as Cathay Pacific's app is not available for the Torch 9810, & some other OS 7/7.1 devices. I miss those two apps, but can live without them if need be. I observe more business people using BB compared to iPhone in airports in my global travels. In fact, BB ownership is HUGE in Viet Nam & anyone who is anyone is proudly displaying their 9900s. App developers really need to support we BB owners, but perhaps some are waiting for the BB10 release.

U all can keep flogging a dead horse but this is bad news... as it always is when any developer decides to drop BlackBerry! There are like wat? 50 apps on the blackberry appworld that are worthwhile, and u all glorify losing some of the bigger ones??? Damn thats sad. Eventually thats all that the BlackBerry platform will have available as apps, JUST RIM MADE APPS and that F'ing sucks. Look at a similar scenario with Nintendo! The biggest games they have to offer are their own, and most third party developers choose to go with Sony and Microsoft. U all see how that is turning out for them... and they have alot more life left over BlackBerry IMO. Now if anyone wants to justify any big app's developer ceasing development for BlackBerry u are F'ing out of your mind! Maybe they feel half the 75 mil people who downloaded the app on a BlackBerry will never use it or travel ever! Blackberry's target market is countries with lower income... so maybe 70% of the people who downloaded the kayak app will never ever travel in their lifetime lol! Its probably just a way to show off that they actually have apps on their device!! LMFAO... and not just BlackBerry apps that come preinstalled on the phone haha! Sorry for being rude

Not really. You see, its nice to have bragging rights about having hundreds of thousands of apps. In reality, there are only a few that people use.

Blackberry/Android/IOS has:

Facebook - check
Maps/Navigation - check
Twitter - check
News - check
Stocks - check
Weather - check
Travel - check
Email - check
Messaging - check
Bing/Google - check
Phone - check
Music - check
Ability to take and email pictures, audio and video - check
Ability to watch embedded or YouTube video - check (flash for Android only, but IOS and Blackberry can render most)

These are really the basics which are covered with all platforms and probably 95% of what you need on a daily basis. The other 10% would include games, and some other specialty apps for which I totally agree with the "Tools, not Toys" slogan. For me, not having junk "Fart" apps is just fine.

I've owned an iPhone, HTC Android, and BlackBerry and I'll proudly say that after rationally evaluating what is important and trying out other products, I'll own nothing other than a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has always had the best security, e-mail, messaging out there. Now, they are adding pretty sweet stuff:
BB Travel (Kayak who? - who cares?)
BB Traffic (free voice navigation with low data consumption)
BB Music
BB Protect

Also, Apple's dominance has made it arrogant. If you sign up with that outfit you get easy out of the box use at the expense of user control.
As soon as you try to set up a payment method you will find there is no Paypal option (in a world with less security that is just dumb).
You will also notice that the popular apps for Audible.com, Kindle, Kobo, GoogleBooks, etc. are all crippled so you can't browse the store (apple wants you to buy from their iBook store).

BlackBerry can swap out a battery, or SD card. Try that on an iPhone.

BlackBerry has the most customizable UI on the planet and the best physical keyboards.

Heck yeah, nothing BUT a BlackBerry for me as well.

Wow. Look at you sitting atop your high horse talking down at us poor lowly souls. Is it safe to assume you don't own a BlackBerry? Regardless of whether you do or not, go ahead and take your elitist bullshit elsewhere.

I own a Blackberry... and i have owned many In fact! All the way down from the 7290 which i still have in working condition! I've owned 7 Berrys from different times! 7290, Pearl 8120, Bold 9000, Curve 8520, Bold 9700, 9650, and the POS 9900! I personally broke the 9900 into pieces cause it was truly pissing me off! And i'm trying to sell the 9700 and 9650 but it looks like the only way to get someone to take them is if i pay them to take it! Now tell me if u can top that sir???? How many Berrys have u owned? Ok i thought SO! So with all that i really think i have a say about what is happening with the company and how it is failing. Now just like u i was also a lowly soul... but unlike u i decided to move on and not be a punching bag anymore! At the times i had the other Blackberrys up until the 9700 eras, BlackBerry was the shit and on top of their game in innovation! Now they are SHIT and dont ever innovate! BlackBerry needs to wake up and do something quick or else they are done!

So, where have you been traveling lately? Monaco? lol

I don't think BlackBerry's target market is only low income individuals, which by the way, exist in every part of the world, and which by the way, can be counted in millions in North America.

BlackBerry devices cover pretty much all budgets and have the cheapest plans for a smartphone. So there you go, even with a high end device like a 9900 you can still save money and data. BlackBerry is not about hype, it's about being smart.

The only people I know who like to show how many cool-appz-lulz they have in their devices are Apple fans. Probably they use 1/100 of the applications they have installed. Meanwhile, I use almost all the apps in my BB every week.

BlackBerry is number one in the UK, number one in Canada, number one Indonesia, number one in many countries. Are English, Canadians, etc too poor to travel? The last time I checked, it was the US that was deep in debt and can't afford to travel. Moron.

Using Nintendo really does Not help your argument, since the Nintendo Wii has sold more Consoles than the Xbox 360 & PS3 - Combined!

Plus with the Wii U coming out this year And being more than Twice as powerful than the Xbox 360 Nintendo will have a head start on both Microsoft & Sony.

Just a terrible argument! Do some research so that you actually know what you're talking about.

Thats why i stated in my argument that NINTENDO still has alot of life left... As opposed to RIM who keeps on F'ing up and losing big developers! Nintendo will survive because they are smart and have people that understand how to adapt to being behind! They still know what people want and deliver and developers still have faith in Nintendo. I don't know if i can say the same about RIM. They keep on losing and never gain anything or move forward! Hopefully this might change in the next 4 months or else its BYE BYE BlackBerry. And u do Ur F'ing research and u will find out the Wii U will be just as powerful as the ps3 and 360 and not twice as powerful! The main selling feature of the Wii U will be its new touch screen tablet style controller... Do Ur Homework sir! And sometimes having a head start doesn't necessarily mean u will be the best at the end of it! Yes Nintendo having a head start will mean big sales initially since everyone is craving a new console. But what will happen to Nintendo when all the other new consoles are released? Thats when u know who got the best to offer, and if Nintendo will even be able to keep up with the others!

I like Kayak but BB Travel works fine - and I can always use a browser to get Kayak on my full screen 9850.

The bigger issue is developers & apps. Blackberry needs to do a better job of having ONE platform/SDK for these developers. Who would want to spend all their time trying to make their app work on several "DIFFERENT" devices ? I can download 20 apps, and over half do not work - or the screen resolution mimics another device.

I always tell myself I need to be patient as BB is working on providing more device choices - but eventually you get frustrated - seeing everyone else have a seamless experience. BB has what it takes to succeed if they focus on what users want in TODAY's environment.

My friend, were it not for Kayak or other apps, there would have been no BlackBerry Travel. RIM only made their own because they knew how successful Kayak and other travel apps were.

I don't think BlackBerry Travel is the reason. I think it is just that they see the majority of their money coming from Android/iOS now and don't want to support BB OS anymore.

I don't see how you can celebrate such a successful and decent app leaving BlackBerry is good for them? Though I have to agree with Bla1ze that this was premature. There are still millions of users and will continue to be users for the foreseeable future. I don't blame anyone but RIM. Kayak wasn't the first to leave and won't be the last. RIM has neglected apps and the App World for a long time and now have to live with the consequences. They are now trying to bring back as many devs as possible, but this was something they should've done 3-4 years ago.

So many of you can cheer all you want, but a lot of us see this as another successful developer and maker of a hugely popular app leaving BlackBerry.

"My friend, were it not for Kayak or other apps, there would have been no BlackBerry Travel. RIM only made their own because they knew how successful Kayak and other travel apps were."

If I'm not mistaken, BB Travel is the successor to (or based on) Worldmate. Worldmate, if I'm not mistaken has been around pre-iOS apps...

I do use Kayak on the web and on my iPhone. It's a nice interface but I can do this without an app. The web version or mobile site works fine.

I can see Kayak moving away from BBOS, but it doesnt make sense for them to not develop for BB10. Surely they can just create one HTML5 app and deploy on all platforms? Short-sighted, IMO.

The RIM Myopians will shout from all the buildings that they have the best messaging, BBM, and physical keyboards.

Isn't that all there is?

Who needs a browser that works..The BB browser sucks really, really bad.

"But..but not on my playbook!!"

What generation of phone are you using? BB7.X device browsers are just fine. If you're on a BB5.X device I can understand that comment...but really, the current browser is competitive.

Agreed, I loathe that people judge BB from an antiquated OS. OS7 devices and software is actually quite good and it destroys my girlfriends iphone browser.

BB sheep choose to forget that the antiquated OS was the only one available until late last year. Plenty of people are either under contract with antiquated pre BB7 devices or didn't choose to waste money on a short term near antiquated BB7 device.

lol i have a bold 9650 a bold 9930 and an iphone 4s. the browser on the BB in no way shape or form comes even close to "destroying" anything.

Agreed, I loathe that people judge BB from an antiquated OS. OS7 devices and software is actually quite good and it destroys my girlfriends iphone browser, specially with the trackpad mouse

Not really. Yes, they can render web pages but the problem is that there is no auto-fit to the screen with the text. When you look at a webpage, you have to zoom in and move the page around contstantly to read a full article. This really, really sucks. Own a 9930

Auto arrange is a nice feature to have Don't worry, RIM is showing that feature already in Tablet OS2. Hopefully they will bring that to OS7. You also have to consider switching to the mobile version of such sites.

uhm..... my os6 Torch does that. Just double tap. Last years model, vs. my 2 week old iPod with the "latest and best ios" side by side. I surf all day, on my torch. I personally hate ios browser. BB works just fine. And once we get flash in BB10 wont even be an argument anymore.

I wouldn't exactly say it sucks. Sure it doesn't run flash, but neither does the iphone. I can't think of any problems I've come across while using the browser, and have often had quicker load times on my phone compared to several android devices and iphone4 or earlier.

I was actually saying "false" to the user comment saying that the browser sucks. I find it to be terrific on bb7 just as you said :)

How about the text in the browser not auto-fitting into the screen after you zoom in? Thats a huge problem for me.

+1. BlackBerry browser is fine on OS6 + and if you have a pre-OS6 device, you can always download Opera. Post is a troll for sure.

LOL, what's kayak?

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


First time I've heard of it. I always thought BlackBerry Travel was the defacto standard application...

I've never heard of Kayak until reading this article. I think it's a bad move considering there are still lots of business BlackBerry users who travel frequently. With that being said, I used BlackBerry Travel for the first time two weeks ago and it worked great. At least we have that to use, no loss here...

im in the same, wait for it...BOAT, LOL LOL sorry bad pun, as other people here Ive never heard of them until this post. Oh well if they want to jump ship let me we have BBTravel so :P on them

I am sincerely sorry to Kayak, but I have regrettably come to this practical decision. As a Blackberry user I can no longer justify the use of Kayak.

I tweaked it a little:

-- I am sincerely sorry to KAYAK's investors and shareholders, but I have regrettably come to the practical decision that as one of the 75 million global BlackBerry user's, I can no longer justify the use of KAYAK's services. --


Yes! I also sent them a feedback outlining their mistake in dropping BB support. I think every Blackberry user should do the same. Clutter their mailbox with BB frustration!

It's remarkable that so many BB users don't know Kayak. It says more about the ancient users then about Kayak.

Yes, whereas in android the APIs make it easy to support different resolutions and devices, RIMs SDK is awful since you need a new app for every OS (and there's a LOT of them out there), touchscreen, no touchscreen, resolution etc.
If you try to download an app from outside the app world take a look at the compatibility list, it has to list every specific MODEL, which is ridiculous.

Seems to me that it would be better PR to simply choose a couple devices on BBOS 7.x, than to kill it outright. Perhaps the 9790, 99x0, and the 9810?Really that's only three phones, but they represent the high to medium end of the model lines.

That's not to say that it isn't lame that while RIM decided long ago to offer multiple form factors, they didn't rework their SDK to somehow compensate or rescale apps to the various resolutions on the fly. If they couldn't do that (not a programmer), then they should have maintained a maximum of two screen resolutions.

That is 75 million, not 7.5, but you are forgiven as you probably used the calculator on an android :)

67.5 million corporate policy bbs that no one installs anything on, and 7.5 million consumers...

(I really don't want to hate, but the mindless spewing of the 75 million number has gotten really tiresome)

If you didn't really want to hate you wouldn't have posted the way you did in the first place. Have a great day.

And where did you get these figures from? They hardly make any sense. I'd be willing to bet that the inverse of this stat is true.

He's absolutely wrong. First, there are more consumer BlackBerry users than corporate. Secondly, not all corporate devices are barred from installing apps. OP is a failure spreading misinformation. He must be part of the Apple distortion field.

Ignoring the random figures you have plucked out of somewhere the sun don't shine, plenty of blackberries used for business do install apps when they are useful for the business e.g. travel apps.

Incidentally, how is accurately reporting current subscribers considered to be "mindless spewing" is it because it doesn't fit your pre-conceived bias that blackberry is dying?

Well goooood for you... for being tired.

Now you'll now how it feels to hear how one company's (BB) market share is always being compared to a group of 4, 5, 6? companies... all because they share the same operating system.

By that logic... Goodyear is the #1 carmaker in North America because its tires are on more cars than its competitors

If they want to be fair... and there is always a willingness to dissect data.... separate market share by the maunfacturer. Apple will still be #1... granted, but after that BB will hold their own in an unskewed piece of the pie

According the Comscore numbers from Sept 2011. It was closer to 70mm subscribers. They dId not differentiate between Consumer and enterprise however.

I myself was wondering about that number. Wouldn't it have to be on every BB out there including Asian markets?

Great post Bla1ze. I totally agree with you on this. I hate when companies so readily dismiss an existing and supportive user base for whatever arbitrary reason they decide to shovel our way. I too will discontinue my use of their services.

I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm thinking the company that makes the app just might have the os numbers available to them...clearly though, the 100 million travel requests were due to 1.33 requests made by each one of the 75 million blackberry users.

I sincerely hope it'll be blacklisted for AppWorld later on.
Editors must make choices and such behavior should be followed by a "I understand that, by cutting support, I am giving up the right to submit any app for one year".

Thanks for this, Bla1ze.
I guess it's time for a deep review, front page, of another app that'll be a nice(r?) replacement of this app ?

I have also decided to not only discontinue use if the app -- recovering 1.9MB in the process -- but I will also no longer patronize their regular web services. There are so many other choices out there that this is a no stress decision.

While a developer leaving a platform is never good for the platform it makes sense for them because blackberry's app is much more feature rich and I'm assuming that there is also an element of cost cutting going on from within. This reminds me somewhat of the bolt browser that became essentially useless once bb6 bb7 browser came, there was no real benefit to their continuing support or releasing new features for it so it was dropped.

Actually this is a shame. I really like the Kayak app.

I tried Worldmate before RIM had their own variation and A) it was a huge resource hog with a mediocre UI, and B) they sponged my contact info off my phone without my permission and then started spamming me with marketing crap shortly after I installed it.

I sent them a nasty note about that but I don't recall it going anywhere. I was happy to remove it.

I once had the KAYAK app on my Storm 2. Removed it to clear space once and never put it back. Blackberry Travel on the other hand really rocks.. Doesn't capture some (really) tiny airlines, but works fine with most of the carriers I use anyway.

BB 9900 + 32GB PlayBook
(where's my QNX phone?!)

Quick! There's another hole! Bail faster! Bail faster!! The boat won't sink!! Bail faster, faster!! We're sinking!! Keep bailing!! We'll be ok. Just keep bailing!! Glub, glub, glub... Wait!! Is that my pager?? NO! It's my palm pilot!! No! It's my Blackberry!!! I knew we'd be saved... Another hole?! Start bailing again!!!!

I love BlackBerry Travel!! I used it when I went on a company conference to Mexico and when I went on vacation to New Orleans. It was great. It told me what gate my flts were changed to. I love how I am able to enter in the record locators and it is able to find it it the BBT system.

Bla1ze - might be worth it to ask them for an interview to get their perspective on the "costs" of developing for BlackBerry. I know it has been mentioned before that it can be quite difficult and the tools are way behind the other platforms... but with a pretty sizable following, it would be good to get some more insight as to what's really is happening at Kayak.

I totally agree - find out what is going on. Most of us are definitely fans, and we want to know why the cut off. Devs don't hate us users! They eagerly want to separate us from our money! But this isn't the first complaint from a dev about the BB and it's lack of support. We have to concede that BB7 doesn't help, now onto the QNX/BBX/BB10 OS. The Playbook also - we're as confused as Kayak! No wonder they're dropping support!

We all hope BB10 fixes the mess. One unified platform for all devices, the users, and the devs. One might even say that RIM understood this in late 2010 when they bought QNX. Now us fanboys need to understand it as well. Don't torch Kayak - convince them to rethink their position with BB10!

The main problem for Dev's is you have 10+ years of Blackberry devices on the market, multiple screen resoultions. That drives up costs if you want to reach a large audience to recoup those costs, seeing most of these "services" are free they make most of their money through advertising and booking fees so I can't imagine they have a huge budget for developement.

Yes Blackberry has a 75 million and growing user base but the base is fragmented across years of devices, RIM needs to get those users onto new devices. I'd give all users with a OS 5.0 or lower device a free device of choice. Get rid of the low end devices which are the main issue for developing.

Considering the market is shifting to HTML 5 based Apps the race for Apps by platform will go away. I've never used Kayak's services, their website, or their App (and I have multiple devices (9930/Playbook/iPad 2/iPhone 4S).

For an app like this the cost is next to zero. It is just a few forms at http request calls. In all honesty, this app is dead simple.

When people talk about the BlackBerry being complex to develop for, it is in reference to things like keeping up the framerate, while rendering three dimensional objects, not drawing a few simple buttons.

Its just another look into the immense decline of blackberry.........this is what it looks like when a company drowns

three easy words, suck it kayak.

hope you enjoy being on a platform full of fart and shut up apps over being grouped with a plethora of apps that are verified to be good quality. you will not be missed!

I've been using bb travel. Never heard of these lames... Don't care much that they're leaving either. Good riddance

After reading this post, I went on to Kayak's Contact Us page and informed that as a BB User I will no longer be using their services and same for my employees. Once I submitted the "send button" this came up.

>>Hello, I'm the CTO and cofounder of KAYAK.
>>Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We have a voracious appetite for your input.
>>We started KAYAK in 2004 with the intention to change the world of travel by making things >>just a little bit simpler, showing you the best results from the web in a very quick and easy to >>use fashion, giving you choices where to book, and by creating tools to help you manage >>your travel.

>>We're still at it, and your feedback is a key part of our continuing efforts. I read nearly every >>feedback email we get, and you will get a personal reply from me or from one of our other >>~150 team members.

>>At KAYAK we try to release a new and improved version of our site about every two weeks. >>The improvements are often based on feedback we receive from people who use our site.

>>For every person like yourself who actually takes time to put your feedback in writing, I >>always assume there are 1,000 other people with the same thoughts but who have not >>taken the time. Your message matters to me.


>>Paul English
>>CTO and cofounder, KAYAK

If enough people do this at least it will let them know they made a mistake.

Just my 2 cents.


see ya later Kayak...dont need you anyway!

I was wondering if ESPN is doing the same thing??? After installing an OS update I went to reinstall the ESPN Launcher (as I have done a number of times before) and it wont send me an email with the link to download anymore. A bit off topic...but along the same lines.

Its like they are turning their backs on BB.

People on this site are so bitter, it's really crazy. It's like being on the Titanic, we just hit the iceberg, and instead of racing to the lifeboats (BB10) the people here on CrackBerry demand that everyone remain in the dining room and finish their dinner as the ship goes down...

I used to use Kayak and BB Travel when I had a BB. Loved how BB Travel worked.

The thing most users should be recognizing is that this is truly sad. A large company with many users not supporting RIM. This isn't the first time either. The people who bring up the obvious, that BB is dying a slow death are considered trolls by some. The intelligent ones are asking why.

This is sad because today apps are key. When major companies that once supported RIM platform no longer support or in others cases (Netflix) won't support it, you end up with a platform that can't keep up with competition, no matter how hard it tries. As I said before BB7 was a failure because it was marketed as an upgrade (but was actually a stop loss) and further fragmented the app developers.

If you've never heard about Kayak.com, you either live overseas or have been living under a rock for the last several years. Kayak has run commercials on television and radio for quite some time, and their name pops up in dozens upon dozens of travel articles in regards to researching and booking travel. These guys aren't some fly-by-night outfit that just materialized out of thin air.

I've always used Kayak.com as a research site anyway, just to get a feel for airfare, room rates, etc. What I have found is that most of the time, I've been able to get better deals on hotel rooms by booking directly with the hotel as opposed to a travel site. This is especially true with hotels in Las Vegas, as the hotels just about always have offers available to everyone via their own sites that are cheaper than what Kayak can find on the various travel sites they scour. In addition, being a member of the various casino player's club get you room rate offers that the travel sites cannot offer. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, as on one occasion, I was able to get a room at a hotel that was claiming to be sold out but was able to find a room there via a Kayak search.

So Kayak is dropping support for their BB app? Not a huge loss since there are other options out there. Between BlackBerry Travel and the Fly Delta app, I'm well covered.

I find it strange that they're supporting the HP TouchPad whilst dropping BlackBerry support.....

You are all missing the point. They have numbers that we cannot see. The numbers must be plummeting. They are a business; if the numbers were good, and the usage from BB users paid for the time of the developers working on the project, then they would continue. Also, it's a reflection on the overall BB market, no mobile developer wants to invest time and energy into training up or building skills for a dying platform.

Are you sure about your analysis?

I never used Kayak. To them it looks like BB users are in decline because many are using BB Travel.

Other platforms don't get this kind of free service and they need to fill the gap with an app.

We have the playbook with it's great browser and we can easily view their website.

You are only looking at one side of your analysis. Profits are revenues minus costs. Yes, granted development costs for Blackberry are higher, but of course Kayak will point to them and not the fact that Blackberry users are not using the App.

As most people here indicate BB Travel has likely taken a large portion of BB users' mobile travel searches and bookings. Consequently there is no need to invest high costs of development for the blackberry.

But honestly, it's a little bit like Kmart annoucing they are pulling out of town because it costs too much to bring products there. Yes it costs to much because you don't sell enough since everyone is shopping at Target.

I think a more serious annoucement would be: we are not going to port our android App to BB10. RIM needs to do everything humanly possible to make sure those porting costs are either zero or as close to zero as possible.

Kayak? What's Kayak? Never heard of. BlackBerry Travel.. yes... best travel companion...
Kayak or not irrelevant ....

This is (to be blunt) simply incompetent. There is no complexity in this app at all. For an app like Kayak, all of the heavy lifting is done server side, so the mobile app itself is really just a series of menus, http calls, and display of formatted data in order to show the results.

Starting from scratch I could probably build this app in a week. Supporting updates to an existing app would maybe take two hours a month?

It would behoove companies to not publicly point out how stupid they are.

The tone of Bla1ze's article sounds miffed and set the trend for all comments here. An app ceasing to be supported is just that. If there were no alternatives (moreso an inhouse BETTER alternative) I would understand but Kayak clearly cannot get a glimpse in nowadays.
As a principle i always use RIM apps whenever they are available. They make the OS for crying out loud so I have no qualms about giving them trusted app statuses.

I don't blame Kayak for bailing out of BlackBerry. It isn't just then: Orbitz, Trip Advisor, Travalocity, Price Line ALL have no apps for BlackBerry. Kayak for Android is a great app and I'll continue to use Kayak on my Dell because it's a great site. It's not Kayak's fault BlackBerry isn't profitable. It's RIM fault. I pretty much just use my BlackBerry for email and the LED. The browser sucks on OS6 and 7 and the apps aren't there. If they are, they're not good.

The browser does not suck on OS7 in fact it's better than the one on the iPhone. You can now play embedded youtube videos in the browser pretty cool. It's fast and fluid.

You'd make better points if you didn't over step. My guess is you may have an OS6 phone, but more likely an OS5 phone. You clearly don't know what you are talking about regarding OS7.

Also it isn't RIM's job to make Kayak profitable on blackberry, it is there job to make sure we have the best travel apps possible. It would seem from the comments on here that BB Travel is preferable.

Dell? As in Dell Streak?? I have one... And let me tell you, it reminds me of my Storm 9530. Suuuuuuper buggy, browser is pretty average at best and it randomly reboots. Did I mention you can actually watch the battery drain? It's fun to have and tinker with but it's good for nothing else.

Are you guys that are boycotting Kayaking going to boycott every company that doesn't have an app for BlackBerry? That's going to be A LOT of boycotting. Delta, American Airlines, Southwest, Starbucks, list goes on and on.

So you're saying you will no longer use their services since they only offer Android/iPhone apps? C'mon.

Yes Chrisy I am!!!!!
I don't have any use for those that don't provide services I want or need. I used Kayak to book many business trips for the workers here and that will not happen anymore. Going to Blackberry Travel already!

American Airlines, Southwest, and Delta; All have Blackberry apps. Why in the world would you need a starbucks app for? C'mon get with the facts dude!

A recent USA Today article said 70% of smartphone users only have 5 apps they open at least once a week. The app fad is slowing down and independent developers will have a hard time competing with native apps going forward -- especily when the native app is high quality like BB Travel. Apple taught the world it's fun to download apps, but their true day-to-day usefullness is overrated.

Thanks for the (sad) info, Blaze. I did use Kayak on occasion, but not going to leave it on my BB if they're not going to update/support. I'll check out BB Travel next time I need to plan a trip.

Going to go leave feedback at their site, so they know they lost a user.

It doesn't matter if you only use the app once a YEAR. It's there when you do need it. That's the importance. I used Kayak two times a year for my vacation planning. Not a daily use app but one that I liked a lot and find very handy.

I only use 5 apps on a daily basis too. But the others I use when I need them. Same with Sheet to go. Do I use it everyday? No. But I use it when I need it, maybe once a month.

Apps are imporant to a mobile phoine. BlackBerry users are in denial (unless they get caught using Android apps on their PlayBook).

I can't believe people are boycotting Kayak over this. There's NO airline apps for BlackBerry. Sooooo...boycotting all airlines as well then? There's no Orbitz app either. The one for Android is great.

I must have been dreaming all those times I've used the Fly Delta app for my BlackBerry when flying on Delta....

Airlines like Delta, Southwest, Air Canada, British Airways, and Lufthansa are among those airlines that do have BlackBerry apps.

Quit saying there aren't any airline apps when there most certainly are airline.

You can just use the web to access Kayak.com or m.kayak.com.
Works fine. No need to take up space with an app. A simple shortcut on the homescreen/browser works just fine.

I have an iPhone and like the kayak app. But I just tried the web version on my iPhone, and guess what, it works!

BB users getting caught using Android Apps?? Who cares!
Just use whatever you need.

Why would you care if people are boycotting kayak? If they decide to boycott the airlines, then it's their perogative, too, no?

never used that app but i def wont ever use the site now. blackberry travel is where its at anyway.
i travel a lot i know!

didn't even know about this app. no big loss for me. But I can tell you....the more I use Expedia, the less I like it. I use it to find flight info....but stopped booking through them. Just booked a flight for China...found the info on expedia, but used an agent for booking.

This is a tad sad, but they do have an html5 website that runs well on BB7 devices. I used the app a few times, but I never actually booked anything. The website will suffice. Hopefully they will stop development on all apps and poor their development dollars into the html5 site.

This is my note to Kayak's feedback page:

"Just got the word your dropping support for the mobile Blackberry app. Since I'm a multiple platform user I've decided to remove your app from not only my BB 9930, but also my ipod touch, and HP Touchpad. You support platforms as obscure as Windows phone7 and webOS, but you've decided to drop Blackberry with 75 Million users worldwide. That's madness. Good bye, good luck."

Be sure to send 'em your thoughts. Public perception is Blackberry is a dying platform. This is our chance to show the general public and especially the tech press how wrong they are. We may have lost market share, but we can still grab mind share by making our collective voices heard.

I never liked Kayak better than what I was already using, but will definitely not consider them in the future.

Never heard of Kayak anyway... must have been a paid app I was avoiding. It sure will be interesting to see how these companies react when the BB10 phones are the next best thing along with their tight integration with the Playbook.

All the Apple fanboys need to relax, for we don't really live in a post-Jobs world yet... but it's coming!

If BB was a dying company, then why would other major companies continue to offer support like Facebook and Twitter? Also, Chase bank just recently came out with an app for BB. Why would they waste their time?

"Do you think you became the number one downloaded travel app without BlackBerry user support?"
Thanks Bla1ze... Well said and well stated man. Sometimes people need a good kick in the nads.
Yes it's bad news but they can kiss my grits!

While Blackberry Travel is better and integrates awesome with the Blackberry, the problem is this is just another in a list of people leaving BB and focusing on Droid and iOS. Hopefully BB10 will bring developers back, but people know that BB7 is a dead end OS and RIM will be moving on to a better OS with tons of development options.

Give me a break people. This is a major blow to the platform, considering Kayak is the most popular travel website and one of the highest rated apps ever. RIM-built apps (which includes Facebook by the way) do not make for a healthy ecosystem. Perhaps Kayak got frustrated with completing with RIM and BlackBerry Travel, who knows.

In any event, RIM should be on the phone Monday AM with Kayak to make sure that Kayak is available on BB10 from launch.

Let's also get over this lame idea that somehow the tech-geeks and fanboys here at CrackBerry have better knowledge and intel than the folks at Kayak. Pretty sure they have precise numbers behind 1) how many BB downloads there are 2) how many people used the BB app to book travel and 3) how much development dollars it would cost to maintain the app going forward. And here we have, uh, oh yeah--nothing but speculation... Clearly if all those 75 million users were making truckloads of money for Kayak they wouldn't drop us...

Let's not celebrate the loss of top tier apps from top tier names by saying "Good riddance!" and continue to earn our long and hard fashioned reputation as a bunch of retarded zealots. Let's complain to the vendor and hope RIM is paying attention too.

I'll do my duty to the platform and send an e-mail. But the idea that we should only support businesses that support our cell phone? What a miserable little existence BlackBerry users would lead. I guess I should stop going to Starbucks which is across the street from my condo tower, stop flying United Airlines (where I have Premier Platinum status), and close all my accounts at Charles Schwab. Give me a break.

For whatever reason, Blaze didn't bother posting everything that Kayak said in their announcement (assuming for the zealot-related reasons mentioned above). This is is actually all of what they said, making it clear that we are a dying platform. We've got to make sure we are ready to compete with BB10 by making sure this app is available at launch:

“We are sincerely sorry to BlackBerry users, but we have regrettably come to this practical decision,” stated the company last week.

"When we started Kayak in 2004, we issued BlackBerries to the entire engineering team so we could communicate instantly 24/7. Today we’ve all switched, and it seems our users are doing the same. Our audience of BlackBerry users has been declining precipitously, and we can’t justify the cost any longer."

"BlackBerry was (and is) an amazing messaging platform. But it’s not working out to be a great channel for consumer mobile applications…"

As this entire thread indicates, Kayak's loss of BlackBerry users is likely due more so to the fact that BlackBerry travel app is better and not necessarily the result of customers changing platforms. But rather than step up their game they chose to drop it altogether. Don't get me wrong, I agree that RIM need to make sure that they do what's necessary to ensure developers pick up support for BB10 but come on man.

I am always intrigued when I see people make a comment about how bad blackberry is on this website. Really? You have nothing better to do than go to a site called Crackberry to tell everyone how much better your phone/platform is? I couldn't imagine spending my day going to a pro-iphone or android website to tell everyone how much their phones suck.

You obviously don't much much about the Blackberry users. Among the so-called 75 million (who once had BB), probably 50 million works for corporations who use BES to control the users BB and have shut down the ability to download programs.

So now you are dealing with maybe 25 million users of which perhaps half use company travel services to book travel and don't require this progam.

So, no, KAYAK is right to discontinue services to this tiny group -- and getting even tinier and RIM implodes.

of course I do, and so does my wife .. and we each have a Playbook. That doesn't stop me from saying it as it is.

This has nothing to do with BB being dead or cost of development. Kayak cant compete with BBT, they dont want to spend the money to develop and upgrade software for BB devices when they, like others, cant compete with proprietary BB apps built by RIM.

Who needs Kayak when you have BBT and an excellent web browser. I think Kayak saw the writing on the wall. There is no longer a need for the simple interface.


newsflash! BB is on the out, it doesnt matter how many millions of users there are, because theres millions more on android and iOS. why pay for development on a platform with no advertising, a diminishing user base, and an extremely limiting infrastructure? especially if they have a native travel app? theres not much point now is there?

This is a very interesting manifestation of exactly my perspective on this app-fad propaganda ... where in the mobile space we are being told the ultimate success scorecard is app count.

It’s interesting that the company leading the app race on the mobile front is dead last on the desktop front... so it seems their hypocritical rules apply only when they say it applies.

My view of app counts is quite pragmatic - if i find the need for a, let's say, travel app... i will most likely want the 'most popular' and/or 'best reviewed' app to provide the discrete services in that category. This means i will basically look/consider the 3 or 4 apps at the top of the review or popularity ranking... stay with me now... why on earth do sheer numbers come into play when i will never even see those 100 lame iterations which aren't popular or well received?

In terms of popular titles, this is where the other 2 platforms have the edge... angry birds for example still isn't on the BlackBerry (or maybe it is now - but i don't want it on my device anyway). but here's the other hypocritical propaganda (in my view/perspective) - in one breath it's proclaimed we should not settle for anything less than 'x' display quality, then we are marketed to with a barrage of first person fighting games on a small handheld screen - not really the 'best' way to actually enjoy an action game.

Wow, a little bitter are we? This was a sound business decision in light of RIM losing so much market share. When BB10 comes out and if it catches traction, developers will come back. If you don't like it then just take your basketball and go home. No need to post such a childish article.

Sorry to see them go, they were an important app, especially as significant numbers of BB users are also travelers. I liked the flight tracking.

But maybe they just couldn't compete with Blackberry Travel, which never fails to flat out amaze me with its awesomeness. Maybe being second-best wasn't in their business plan. The downside is that some blogger will pick up on the news and promote it as another nail in RIM's coffin.

Incidentally, if you launch Kayak on your BB, down near the bottom there's a nice feature that lets you leave feedback from within the app. Mine is "Hear you're leaving the Blackberry ecosystem. Too bad for you."

Another app that dropped Blackberry support that really pissed me off was Stitcher Radio. I noticed when I I upgraded from 9700 to 9900 in October. But to be honest, I don't lose any sleep because Blackberry Podcasts has a comprehensive library, and the few things that aren't in the library, you can easily drop a feed in and grab the content. So screw you Stitcher. I also gave $0.99 to TuneIn Radio (I highly recommend).

As for Kayak, this is probably gonna piss some of you off but this solution works great for me.

I have used the Kayak app on my iPad 2.

So yes, I have a Bold 9900 and an iPad 2.

So I have the best communications device invented to date by a Blackberry. And in my opinion, probably the best media device invented to date iPad 2.

So I have some fart apps on my iPad, like Angry Birds and Real Racing.

But when I need to bang out an email, I reach for my Berry.

I've had 4 Berries now, and I don't think I'll own another phone unless RIM stops making phones with keyboards. 8320, 8800, 9700 and now 9900. Love em.

Now for those of you that aren't on multiple platforms to take advantage of iOS "app dominanace."

I would surmise that Kayak probably has a sufficient web app, do they?

I've booked travel on Southwest Airlines web app, Amtrak, MegaBus, all from my phone on the go before and had Blackberry Travel grab the confirmation #'s and dates and times and organize the itenerary in Travel and put it in my calendar. Kayak probably has a mobile web cross-platform solution a lot of online services are going that route since HTML 5 is so versatile.

However negative you feel toward Kayak, RIM has only themselves to blame.

There's almost no point in **further** developing for BB7 because it will reach end of life in a year or two, and to create a good app is not a short term task.

No doubt they'll have an Android app they can port to BB10 when it's released and anyway, as has been said they're competing against RIM.

The fact is that whatever RIM may say, when Balsillie was in charge 3rd party developers were an annoyance. Hence the low quality development apps until he finally realised maybe there was a point.

Whereas to Apple from the first they represented the first cohort of their marketing.

Except that the Marriott app is NOT BB7 compatible. Neither is the Starwood app or the American Airlines app. When you upgrade from that Torch 9800 you'll feel the pain...

I won't miss you Kayak.

I like booking my trips on an actual computer. The interface is just more comfortable, and I feel safer than using an app that can crash / freeze / register accidental double clicks.

And when everything is set and done, then Blackberry travel ftw. Who the hell uses kayak if they have bb travel anyways?

After all, it seems Kayak made a very rational business decision: RIM staked its claim to travel information on its application platform with BlackBerry Travel. RIM will presumably do whatever it takes to ensure BT thrives. Not a good environment for a an unsubsidized non-native rival. So this carping blog post sounds unfortunately misguided, naïve and not particularly savvy.

Kayak is not a great loss, although I hate to see any developer bale out on RIM. I think that there are a lot of developers out there who just do not want to invest the the time in BlackBerry7 apps when BB10 and PlayBook 2.0 are so close on the horizon and REALLY WHY WOULD THEY?. If RIM meets there new OS timeline and a few good apps start coming out so that the new capabilities can be seen, there is a definite likelihood of that the development ball will start rolling. Not everyone is in love with iOS or Android and I think there is a pent up demand waiting for the new BB OS.

Yes, there are a lot of "ifs", but does anyone remember when Apple was considered nerdy, stagnate and uncool and yeah even talk of their demise. Then iPod came out followed by iPhone and legions followed. RIM still has a whole lot of capital to make it happen so it is just a question of whether or not they will make it happen. At this point, anyone predicting RIM's long-term success or failure is JUST PLAIN GUESSING.

I can't wait for the fall of Android! It is coming. The day will come when the companys that dropped support and abandon BlackBerry will come crying back. I won't stop supporting BlackBerry and they aren't going anywhere. RIM is a very strong company and they are consistantly proving it. How many companys do you know that could take all this bad press and building an OS from scratch in less than 2 years. The analysts and investers trying to tell RIM what they should do, don't understand what it takes to run a business. Looking at a sheet of paper with numbers doesn't all of a sudden give you insight into a companies operations and knowledge on what they need to do to fix their problems. Heinz is fully aware of their mistakes and is constantly making changes to fix them. Just sit back and watch the show! That is all!

 user since the Curve 8330

this is a very interesting manifestation of exactly my perspective on this app-fad propaganda ... where in the mobile space we are being told the ultimate success scorecard is app count.

its interesting that the company leading the app race on the mobile front is dead last on the desktop front... so it seems their hypocritical rules apply only when they say it applies.

my view of app counts is quite pragmatic - if i find the need for a, let's say, travel app... i will most likely want the 'most popular' and/or 'best reviewed' app to provide the discrete services in that category. This means i will basically look/consider the 3 or 4 apps at the top of the review or popularity ranking... stay with me now... why on earth do sheer numbers come into play when i will never even see those 100 lame iterations which aren't popular or well received?

in terms of popular titles, this is where the other 2 platforms have the edge... angry birds for example still isn't on the BlackBerry (or maybe it is now - but i don't want it on my device anyway). but here's the other hypocritical propaganda (in my view/perspective) - in one breath it's proclaimed we should not settle for anything less than 'x' display quality, then we are marketed to with a barrage of first person fighting games on a small handheld screen - not really the 'best' way to actually enjoy an action game.

in a nutshell, i think the mobile smart phone is primarily for doing smart things... the tablet market is either a (business) POS-type device with the ability to do games/fun stuff or a (consumer) gaming/entertainment type device with the ability to act in a business role... and the computer (desk/laptop) market is basically a similar flavor of the tablet on a broader hardware scale IMHO

in terms of platform choice, i like a company that doesn't tell me what is for my own good... warn me about stuff - thank you... but block and censor and force me to live your 'rules' is just not something i can swallow without disdane to your brand. i am a libertarian and although I cannot choose (easily/quickly) the government for our society ... thankfully, i can choose a open and free platform for my virtual self... right now it's RIM and Google with a sprinkling of Microsoft - Apple is the communist approach to hardware and software... not an ounce of 'freedom' in the way they rule their subjects!