Katy Perry: I kissed an iPhone and didn't like it

Katy Perry Back to BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 14 Dec 2011 09:10 am EST

Katy Perry has made some poor decisions in her life (like marrying Russel Brand) but yesterday she made a pretty smart one. About two weeks ago Katy had switched her phone of choice from that of her beloved BlackBerry to a brand new iPhone 4S. Well apparently things didn't work out so well as she tweeted late last night that she had made the switch back to BlackBerry since she "just couldn't deal without my buttons".

So... I killed Siri and went back to my berry. I just couldn't deal without my buttons. #fatthumbs #sheback #phonefail 

We welcome you back with open arms Katy - you've made the right decision. I'm sure there are many in the CrackBerry Nation that have ventured out to other devices at one point or another and managed to find their way back, so no hard feelings! :-)

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Katy Perry: I kissed an iPhone and didn't like it


That's the one thing that matters to me most... A physical keyboard that is well shaped like the ones found on Blackberry's or (ies) lol

You might know her as:

The chick that kiss a girl and publicly announced she liked it..

Her announcement made headlines and landed her in the billboard charts.

Now I know who you're talking about. I had no idea who sung that annoying song. Though, I'm sure now that I now has no benefit to me at all, or will help me in the future in anyway.

Well now instead of you saying:

"Ugh, I hate this song and the person who sings it..."

You can now say:

"Ugh, I hate this song and Katy Perry for singing it..."

you might know her as that corporate produced "singer" who lacks any actual talent, but has a nice marketable rack.

shes told to sing about things like kissing other women, drinking lots of booze and having threesomes.

its great for record sales and marketers, as it trains kids to look at drinking as socially acceptable and as the cool thing to do.

its also great at getting young girls to act older than their age, and promoting sex before youre ready.

basically her "music" is a brainwashing tool for the youth of america who buy into any fad MTV tells them to, as it paves the way for a lifetime of selling sex by insinuating that its the greatest pleasure in life, everyone else is doing it, and if you drink lots of alcohol itll be even more abundant.

QNX/BBX/BB10 have a version of Bold 9900 with full keyboard. Where were you when RIM said there will be a QNX with a full keyboard with similar physical dimensions to Bold 99xx?

They've said a lot of things that haven't exactly come to fruition, haven't they? :) Regardless, even with a keyboard and the same dimensions as the 9900, does that mean it has the four physical keys? I think not.

It'd be suicide for RIM to not move the Bold experience to QNX. I'm just waiting for my QNX powered skyrocket Bold.

I have been a long time BB user and ventured out and got a iphone 4S to see what a the talk was about..my friends and co-workers all have iphones and kept saying "once you have the iphone and see what its capable of doing your going to ditch that ancient BB" (which i have the 9930 so it cant be that ancient) I still have the iP4s but i just play games on it and im going to put it on ebay or craigslist soon..I can not get used to the virtual keyboard at all, i gave it 3 weeks of solid use and still not happy..once i called Sprint to reconnect the BB device I was back in heaven with the keyboard..The iphone is a good phone dont get me wrong but its not for everyone..I will never ditch BB again

Same here dude, I've used a android handset and a iphone 4. For me the virtual keyboard seemed ok and i got used to it after a while, nothing beats a BB keyboard. the main reasons why i switched back to my BB was battery life, physical keyboard, security/ecryption on the phone and memory card, customization, native apps are just to name but a few.

This is a perfect example of saying that no one device is right for everyone. Of course perhaps she didn't give it enough time.....

I very much liked the Keyboard on my 9650. But when I made the switch to my iPhone, i realized, for me, that the iPhone is the device I should have had all along. It's right for me, and I have made peace with the virtual keyboard.

the way you said that - haha - please don't come preaching at my door at 10 in the morning on saturday .. please don't

Adam, you should have copy/pasted her quote from twitter; that way you wouldn't've typoed "without"as "with."

I am one of those that cannot go without a physical keyboard. The virtual keyboard of the iphones annoys me and slows me down. Not to mention how hard it is to type on an iphone when you have long nails. I'll stick to my BB.

I have both a Blackberry and an Iphone

Blackberry for work and iphone for personal use.

I work for a Blackberry reseller so i tend to have or at least get to play with all the new blackberrys, but unfortunately i just think Blackberry are so far behind when it comes to usability.

Also regarding the buttons, i find it takes me much longer to type a message with a blackberry, although it does have buttons, they are pretty small and crap.

Now for all you fan boys out there i'm not saying i don't like Blackberrys, for my work it's more than adequate, but if i had to choose between the two, it would have to be an iphone.

I also hate the fact that websites like Crackberry feel the need to post sh*t like this like they are competing against somebody, very rarely would you see crap like this on an idevice/Andriod type site/blog.

Physical small buttons are crap but virtual small buttons are good? I will take the tactile feel of a hard qwerty over a virtual one any day of the week.

And its a BB fan site - dont like it? Move along to tipb

Dude, you sell cellphones, what else can we say. About Android, you have no idea how much trolling there is in here and out there. This is the Year of Bashing RIM.

What sites have you been on? because almost every fan site out there finds the need to bash on the competition especially Android on iOS and vice versa. and you dont even have to go on fan site to get people bashing the Blackberry and RIM

the keyboard has many shortcuts and navigational keys, something a touchscreen does not, press the letter "h" on the BB and you will be amazed of the functionality that the keyboard has.

how will do you know a blackberry - since you work at a resellers ? youre supposed to know that phone inside out , or did they not inform you in rim 101 , shortcut keys , something id rather have than 2 buttons max , that do nothing but home or take a snapshot of your screen , and the rest , is swipe swipe swipe to your "shortcuts" on that retarded hud that has changed in over a decade

Welcome back Katy, I know your feeling. The commercials have got me to try both Iphone and Android and they just felt blah to me. No depth to anything at all in either phone. I love how technical and efficient BlackBerries feel. Once you go Black you'll always come back.

Enjoyed the opportunity of working for a large US Carrier this holiday season (think yellow), and stood in the middle of the floor daily with Blackberries to my right, iPhone and Android to my left. The managers irked the hell out of me so now I have free time on Crackberry, LOL.

I own a Curve, the one everyone thinks is a toy, but have my eyes set on the Bold and that dang Playbook.

I was the Blackberry fan boy at the store, always available to answer questions about anything Blackberry. I also own an iPod Touch 4G and a rooted Android tablet, the tablet being the only device that bores me.

It would hurt my heart to see people come in with old pitiful Blackberries that they had beat the hell out of, come in and say they are ready to upgrade and get rid of "this crappy Blackberry" and get a iPhone 4s or Android. Obviously, that "crappy Blackberry" had served them well the last 2 years answering calls from sick family, making diner dates, checking email, etc...

Many would laugh in my face as they walked out the store with new devices and say mean things about about my Blackberry, ever lovingly in it's cozy holster.

Ha!!!! I would laugh as I watched them come back in within 1 week, asking if they can reactivate their old Blackberry or exchange their new shiny thing for a blackberry shiny thing. Seems they missed the BB keyboard, safety (Android screen cracks and shatters were our #1 service issue), BBM, dedicated email/calendar, etc...

I have handled every phone of the carrier over the last few months and must honestly say, I am a Blackberry fan 100%, would love to get out of my Curve, but for now it serves me well and I take care of it.

Going to buy some Blackberry/RIM t-shirts this year to support the underdog.

The Curve 8900 was probably RIMks best phone ever. Mine is nearly 3 years old, on its second battery, second keypad and trackball. I'm thinking of hanging onto it until BBX comes along (although our local carrier just launched 4G and the 9810 is calling me...)

Katy Perry is awesome. I had ventured away from my beloved BB to the Samsung Epic 4G...Why did I come back and make the realization that I will be a lifelong BB user?

1. Android battery life sucks
2. BB's are simple & efficient
3. BBs are best for emails...point blank period
4. BBM
5. BB's battery life is insane
6. Crackberry.com aholic
7. The keyboard baby! (and track pad)
8. Its light, and fits so well in the hand
9. Recently proud BB Playbook owner (Best Tablet, especially when OS 2.0comes out)

When BB releases their BBX super phones...mark my words, #TEAMBLACKBERRY will rule once again!

Really?? Look, Katy Perry is hot and all...and so are a lot of other women...but I could give two @#%! about what phone she (or anyone else) likes or doesn't like...this and your "celebrity BlackBerry sightings" posts just seem very desperate and pointless. If there's no real BlackBerry news, then it's perfectly fine to just not post anything...

its also perfectly fine that steve jobs passed on and left it to tim cook to let the apple brand slowly decay bakk into the hole it was 10 years ago - thanx , its nice to know some people still care . child !

So I'm a huge blackberry addict and my friend knows it, he's always had blackberries too and I taught him a lot of tricks I found out on here lol. So when the iphone4s came out he jumped ships and bought one and now he wants me to get one so I can find out all the tricks to working it lol. He's gonna buy me my iphone4s, u guys think I should do it? I currently have the bold 9900 and love it, he said if he could return his iphone4s he would so he could get the new bold but its been past the 14 days

i got my 4s a week after launch to replace my fairly new 9930 which was giving me nothing but problems on the stock vzw OS. i was in love with it for a few weeks, but always hated not having a keyboard. ive switched back n forth twice now between the two, the 9930 seemed to be working better with the updated OS, but on monday it decided to freak out and lock up, get super hot, then drain its battery to zero from 75% in under 3hrs. after 2 battery pulls and a couple soft resets i was able to get it working again, albeit slooow as molasses for almost every task. decided id try a soft reset last nite (ironically this "tip" aka essential daily step to having a BB that actually works, was featured on FB that day, and apparently most BB users had no clue about it, or where the "right shift" key even was..smh) so anyway, did a soft reset and voila! 9930 spontaneously bricked itself for the second time since ive bought it (week after its release as well). soo even tho i hate not having my keyboard or cracklight, im back on my iphone, and guess waht, even tho i hate the keyboard...it doesnt brick itself RIM! wow shocking..

It certainly doesn't make up for her marrying that douchebag, but it shows she is at least capable of good taste ;)

Adam, I know you're making a joke, but it isn't cool to tell someone they married the wrong person if they are still married to them. If/when they break-up, then joke away!