Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!

I once was lost, but now am found!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2013 02:03 pm EST

Karma Contest: Leave a comment letting me know which item you'd like to have out of the suitcase below and you could win it!

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After spending a month in Toronto at CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, I flew home Sunday night. When I arrived at YWG, only four out of my five checked bags came shooting down to the luggage carousel. Missing in action was my Tumi carry-on, which I had to check because it was densely packed and weighed in at 40lbs (the carry-on max weight is closer to 20lbs).

My missing luggage never arrived Monday. It never arrived Tuesday. So by this morning I had written off that I would ever see it again. Nothing in the bag was mission critical for me -- I carry all that in my backpack -- but there was a lot of good stuff packed in there. A couple spare PlayBooks (along with my gold chain PlayBook necklace). A bunch of older BBs. A PC laptop. Bose computer speakers and iPod dock. CrackBerry stickers. Some Z10 cases. And more.

Then a couple of hours ago I got a call. My missing luggaged was found and a courier would be dropping it off soon. AMAZING. This was the first time I had ever had my luggage go missing on me. It's a horrible feeling. I'd rather not have it happen again. So to help keem my luggage Karma cup full, I figured it would make sense to pay forward a few things out of my bag to some CrackBerry readers. There's some solid stuff in there for CrackBerry addicts. Leave a comment to this post saying what you want, and I'll pick out a few lucky winners to have it. Typical contest details apply (open worldwide, contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Just leave one entry). Good luck!

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I want a BlackBerry 9320


Thanks for having this cool giveaway! Glad you got all your gear back okay.

Well, my request from Kevin's bag would be either a splat sticker, #team BlackBerry sticker, a crackberry.com sticker or a CB sticker. Crossing my fingers..


Hello, Kevin. Thank you for choosing me. It is a great honer for me help you loosing electric scales one more time.


I would absolutely love to have the white Bold 9700! I'd also take a #TeamBlackBerry sticker-gotta REPRESENT! :)


how could you put all of this in one luggage and lose it... lucky you

Drew Oswalt

A playbook would be awesome!


I would love to win another playbook so I can video chat with my wife and 8 month old girl when I have to be away from home, I already talked grandma and grandpa into buying one to see us, converting everyone to blackberry for the win!


I would love to get a PlayBook to replace my nephew's, it was stolen from his bed when he was in the hospital with pneumonia at Christmas time. I have tried to replace it but can't find any stores that have it in Greater Toronto Area.
Now that would be good Karma.


laptop would be pretty awesome


Put me down for the PlayBook!!!


A phone would be nice... the pearl :)


I just registered this account but I've been reading Crackberry for awhile, big fan but never one for comments.

However, in this case, I'll throw my hat into the ring. I am desperately trying to save up for a Z10 but things aren't looking well in that department. If I had a pick, I'd snag that BlackBerry Bold or Playbook.

It's weird to love BlackBerry without much in the way of BlackBerry devices so I definitely need something to prove my fandom.

Thank you for your time and best of luck with future flights!


Is that the Z10 Oreo I spot. If it is I would love to have that Z10.


I want a Z10 case , thanks :)


I'd love a playbook; with stickers of course.


Coolz! Acer laptop or PlayBook would be great. Include some stickers too if possible. Thanks Kevin!!


I would love a Z10 case :)


Is the bag included too?? lol.. #TeamBlackBerry sticker and/or the Splat would be awesome!


a playbook would be awesome!! especially if/once it gets an update to run like the new Z10!


Is the laptop an option?
If not hook me up with the playbook if its LTE/3G/64gb.
If its not lte/3G/64gb, suppose that apple keyboard would be boss :)

Anurada Boralessa

i have a bb 9380 ryt now and rly giving me probs plus dnt have enuf money to gt a Z10 :'( , if u could hook me up with any of those phones and a lot of crackberry stickers will be a great help :)


Karma takes karma gives :) karma karma karma 9900 or 97xx I cant recognaze model (karma takes away my 8520 soon... )


i want that bose speakers!!


Any sim free BB phone would be great. The sound is distorting on mine during a call



Would LOVE the laptop...gotta return the current one I have at the end of the year to my school because I will be graduating from my program!


That blackberry near the scales, with a cable over it, can't tell whether it is a bold or curve or the pretty green and white phone.


I'm all for the laptop because to be honest I really could use one. The playbook would also be dandy but my first choice is the laptop. Thanks. *crosses fingers for the entire weekend*

Vernal Chahal

Wow, I'd love to win pretty much anything! I have my eyes on the Blackberry Playbook though! Kind of jealous of my sister-in-law's PB lol, would love to have one of my own! If those are all given away then I definitely wouldn't mind taking that white Bold 9700 off of your hands! I used to have a QWERTY feature phone but traded that in when I got my first smartphone (GSIII). While I love my Galaxy overall, I do sorely miss having a keyboard. I use my phone primarily for texting family, friends, and classmates and it gets downright frustrating at times using my GSIII!

I'm not sure if the 9700 will be able to fully replace my phone, and in that sense it may be better to give it to someone who needs it more. But I think if I were to win it it will help me make the jump to the upcoming Blackberry Q10, and I'll definitely pay the good karma forward and hand it off to someone else that either needs it, or wants to try using a BB before buying one. Thanks for hosting this contest CB Kevin, you are awesome!


Oh, Kevin is soooooo generous and kind! I would have asked for a Playbook but in case that's too much to ask for I'll go for the BlackBerry Storm! Thanks!


best. competition. ever.

Laptop would be lovely Kevin ...


Winnning one of the PlayBook's would be awesome :D


So many things to win. Phones, Laptops. Hope my good Karma will come through.


Blue neoprene case for PlayBook, and a few of those awesome stickers to put on my car would be swell!!!! BlackBerry by choice!


Pick me, I love all technology, especially blackberries


Hi Kevin,

Would you help me change my signature.

Please update it or make it longer.

Perhaps you can make it like this:

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 > Torch 9810 (or) Playbook -- Kevin is my angel :)

Very Truly Yours,


P.S: A few *Spark stickers would also be nice :)



Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)


The laptop would be great!! thanks


Could iget the laptop plzzzzzz......


It's interesting what some people take on trips LOL. Anyway it looks like there might be a 9900 lurking there that i could replace my 9790 with. I downgraded from a 9000 and miss the 9000's size :(


The bluetooth keyboard please with a cherry on top


Playbookkkkk!!!!!!!!!! Or bold 9780/00.


Nice Idea! I'd love to play with the storm/torches I see there. Or even replace my stolen playbook.

Friends don't let people take friend's playbooks.


I would love to have the white 9700/9780!! Love from Singapore!! Go CrackBerry!:D


The laptop would be absolutely sick and I could always use another BlackBerry charger! Oh ya, also a CrackBerry & #TeamBlackBerry sticker to stick on the laptop would be awesomesauce.


I could really use a set of computer speakers (Bose) or the wireless apple keyboard. Thanks Kevin in advance.


Always wanted to try out a Playbook.

Stephen Hollowood

I have a bb curve 9330 and im dying for a new phone any bb newer than mine would be AMAZING. But that 9900 looks pretty sexy i must say.

Im glad you got your luggage back though

And i love Crackberry AMESOME SITE

BB lover for life


Seeing as I have never won a contest, I would love to win anything from that! :)

But, if I could choose, probably would go for the laptop...Uni student so that'd be far more practical... If not, then a playbook or the Bold 9900. :)

Of course, if there was a Z10 in there........


I would like a playbook or a magic keyboard?

Thank you.


Could you pick for me the Playbook with its blue sleeve ?.....Thank you ;-)


i want that laptop. xD


Would love the PlayBook, and maybe the gold chain to go with it ;) Thanks Kevin!


Wow! Well, that white 9900 looks awsome but those bose spearkes would be perfection! Any of those two would be nice to have I guess :P Im from Peru and an avid fan of blackberry and crackberry.com. Come on! Peru has to win something! LOL thanx Kevin for this! You rock!!!!
PS: would loooooove some blackberry / crackberry stickers!!!!


I really wouldn't mind a Playbook if it does good for your karma!


would love the playbook and some stickers :)

Abdus Samad Noor

please let me have the IPOD DOCK D:


I always appreciate when missing luggage is found. Have been in the same situation twice! Anyhow, I wouldn't say no to a Z10 case and some stickers in case I "win".. Thnx! :)


The PlayBook would be nice :)


a bold 9900 would be amazing :D


I'd like the BB Bold 9900 to gift my wife.


I really can use a iPod dock yaay!


Count me in for your laptop (mine is dying and with the recent purchase of my Z10, my geek budget is dry!) or a Z10 case.


Hey Kevin, that's terrible! If you still have the need to give an item away I can promise you that a Playbook would be greatly appreciated, put to good use, and taken care of. It happens to the best of us.


The pc laptop would be stellar. Mine just kicked the bucket.


It'd be awesome to be able to show off my architectural portfolio and project images to current and potential clients on a Playbook!



Is that a Blackberry Torch? could use it for a while. specially after selling my 9900 and thinking of ditching my Z10 too which i can't seem to like or cope with. =D

Temi Amosu

I want the bold or curve with touchpad (not the trackball)


The Bose dock would be awesome for listening to music with :)

Thanks for all of these great contests guys!!


I'd love the Blackberry Playbook! :]

Kester Lawrence

any of the older BB would be nice


I would love to have your playbook , to assist me in my studies....really need a tablet....


A Playbook would be greatly appreciated Kevin, I would provide it with a very good home for me and my family.

Thank you and good luck everyone :)


Medic2378 I'll take that keyboard off your hands. Either that or the PlayBook.


I would love stickers or a laptop ^^! J'aimerais des autocollants s'il vous plaît :)


I'll have the scale. It's fitness month after all...


Storm 2 - always wondered how its screen feels like :)


Im sure I could use something from the bag.


God bless you Kevin glad you got your stuff back! I would love a chance at the lap top or play book or even a phone. Thanks!


Hi Kevin, while my initial desire was for a Z10 BB flip case, I think that I'll just hurry up and buy one... Along with deciding on a screen protector... So many choices! (In the interim, I cut out my own for my amazing Z10 from an extra inexpensive PlayBook screen protector that didn't work out. ) So, with much appreciation for your generousity, I would really appreciate having your Bose speakers to replace my used be great (read working) Logitech Z-10 speakers. Hey! I just realized that I've already been rocking out with love for Z10 for many years. It's karma, man!


God bless you Kevin glad you got your stuff back! I would love a chance at the lap top or play book or even a phone. Thanks!


The PlayBook would be fine ;)


I would like to have the laptop Kevin :) keep up with this giveaways you are the best!

Jim in WashDC

Happy for you that you got your luggage back, Kevin! I'd appreciate one of your Z10 cases -- that would be swell.


One playbook to go with my brand spanking new totally awesome Z10 would be absolutely great


One playbook to go with my brand spanking new totally awesome Z10 would be absolutely great


All of the items are great!
But I'll greatly appreciate the BB Bold in white


Who wouldn't want a Playbook, or Kevin's old laptop? (I would!)


Hey Kevin,

Its wonderful that you got the stuff back. Have always wanted to get a Playbook but my karma has not been that great. Would love to get a Playbook but would be nice to get even a sticker though :). With my karma even that would be something to treasure.

On an ending note you are doing a great job giving out the stuff. Hope that everyone really enjoy their spoils. Cheers mate


I'd love a Playbook Please :-)


Would love one of those PlayBooks to hand it over to a friend of mine, as I already have one :)
For me, I would like to get some of those stickers :)

Btw: Why are you carrying so many BlackBerrys with you?


The z10 holster would be cool... but i'll settle for a couple crackberry and #teamblackberry decals.

Thanks for the cool contest btw... you folks are very creative with your marketing.


What's the fuzzy thing? I want it. Please!


Namaste! :) I would love to preserve your karma by having the nice Playbook! :) I had the chance to read a book on Gods in indian cinema (ya, ya it's'true) on the Playbook which belongs to one of your fans and I just adored it! It really facilitated my reading! My eyes were less tired than when I read books... So voilà! :)


Awesome lookin' Giveaway!
I've been browsing around CrackBerry as well as other
MN sites for some time now and this is probably one
of the best giveaways! As for me (well, clearly speaking,
not for myself), it would just be delightful to get a laptop
or a playbook for my son. His birthday is coming up
soon and as you know, economy's tight now a days so
I can't really buy any fancy gift for him... It would just
be pure awesomeness if he can get any one of those!

Well, Good Luck Everyone :)


If that is the white bluetooth speaker that came with the review unit Z10 I would so love that. If it is not, I would love the white/green Pearl. Either way I would love either one signed by you CBK!



I'll take the white Bold please!


PlayBook please. Mine was lost/stolen.


PlayBook would be excellent, so I can video chat with my mother.


I'm glad your luggage came home. I think a Playbook would be cool.


I would gladly take the bose ipod dock :D


i've started
my adventure
with balckberryies
with broken 32gb playbook.
It never worked
for me, but its screen
and digitizer suites
the next one which
i've bought, 16GB
with broken ones..
Now i found it
very useful
but never had
any experience
with BB terminals

So one of those newer
Curve or Bold i think
might give
me a chance
to fall in love
with BB terminal..


PB or white bold please


i'd love a Playbook :)

and by the way, nice idea!


The Playbook, if not then the laptop please. Thank you and have a nice day.


I would take the black BlackBerry Bold.

Aman Ali

Since no one seems to be interested about the Acer Laptop, I dont mind that.
Will come in handy when I'm going to college :D

With Love From Dubai :)


Glad you got your luggage back! I know how much a pain it can be - United lost my golf clubs earlier this year on my way back to college. Every time I see a white blackberry it gives me cravings!! Keep up the great work Kevin and the gang!


Thank you for making Crackberry the best site ever! I would really love the iPod dock!! :)


I would like to have a playbook


Glad you got your lost luggage back. Ah wouldn't mind another pb, or sticker or old bb phone or even the old laptop! lol anything would be nice :)
thanks in advance whether i win or not


i'd love a bunch of crackberry sticks, #teamBlackBerry stickers, a z10 case and an extra playbook...oh hell, throw a few more random stickers in there so i can decorate my office in 30 rock to represent!


I'll go for a Z10 case or one of your stickers :)


BB9900 Please !!!

My sad story: lost my BB9780, got an old one off dad and bricked it while trying to get it unlocked, got a Z10 in hopes that I can restore all contacts from either the backup or Protect and surprise !!! No backward compatibility....so essentially adding contacts everyday :(... would love to have a device which can get the contacts (from either backup or Protect) and hence ....

...Would also love a Crackberry sticker to show my naysayer friends that there's still another power to reckon with in the smartphone world !!!


Hi Kevin,

Great to know that you found your luggage.... can i please have a Playbook !!!! Will go nicely with my 9790 :)

Cheers !


The bag would be a nice thing, but if it is not an option, then the magic mouse would be much appreciated.


I'll take a PlayBook but would be elated with one each of the stickers! #teamblackberry :)


Acer has my snail mail all over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My name is Hannah, I am using my father's account with his permission. I would be happy to win any of your cell phones. My family is a blackberry family. In my family we currently own blackberry phones and a playbook. Many of my friends have Iphones but I would rather get a blackberry because I find they are better. My Parent's have taught me to support Canadian products. I'd like to follow in my family's tradition of having blackberry merchandise rather than having an apple phone. I've been saving for a phone and if I win one of yours I will have enough to pay the monthly bills. Thank-you for considering me and I would be really pleased and grateful if I won. BLACKBERRY RULES!!!!!!!!!


Any of the Blackberry devices and a case would do me well


Thank you for the contest Kevin, glad to hear they found your bag! I would love to win any one of those stickers to help promote BlackBerry!

Best wishes,


Playbook pretty please.


I'd really love the acer laptop. I've been using a 05 gateway pc that I have to revive from the dead to do all my BlackBerry stuff. I purchased a mac in 09 and didn't think of loading leaked oses or sideloading android apps on the PlayBook. This would be an awesome upgrade to my blackberry nerdiness.

Thanks Kevin!


A PlayBook would be really cool to have. I've been thinking about getting myself a new ipad mini for myself, but a PlayBook would continue my great blackberry addiction.


I'd love a PlayBook... for reading/ studying/ general academic purposes, obviously.


Playbook all day everyday



What now, did a small frozen animal sneak in there or was that Air Canada too?

Actually, I really actually really really really like (really) the mini Z10 white clip speaker, though I admit I am curious as to what the fuzzy thing is in the midst of all this techno-ware. :)

Thanks for passing it on, Kevin! What a fun contest!


The grey fuzzy thing looks like a microphone, the fuzzy bit is designed to cut out wind.
I didn't notice that, I've already entered, but I want it too! would come in bloody handy!


I love the white Bold 9700/9780


The speakers would come in handy with my z10 Oreo :)


And playbook or anything else!


A little late :(

Keyboard for my playbook please


Out of all of that BlackBerry goodness-what I really need is that laptop! Just by doing this, good karma is yours!

Kevin Widjaja

I would take the wireless silver keyboard. BlackBerry is known best for its keyboard. Why would you need a wireless keyboard in your luggage? Take that out and send it to me. I will give it to my wife. Thanks.

Joe Clean

I believe in Karma too..

I'd love to give a home for that laptop you got there.

I see a MacBook charger, but only see an ACER laptop in the photo. I'll take any laptop you want to give, thank you.


Would love to have a playbook or a Z10 cases or charger! :)

Thanks Kevin!


Kevin, you are honestly too generous with all the Z10 contests and everything else. I would love to win your PC Laptop! My desktop is over 10 years old haha so I need an upgrade badly! If that were already taken I would also love a Playbook to go with my Bold 9900! Thanks again!


One of your spare Playbooks will be AWESOME!


ideally it would definitely be a z10 although judging from the picture i can't seem to find one for the life of me. I guess the next best thing would have to be the 9700 for me. And a few of those stickers :P

Mohi Mirza

Kevin, you're the luckiest guy alive. All I have is a crappy lenovo laptop and a java cellphone.
I would love to have that white Bold. Thanks for this generous opportunity to let me participate here.
Nobody read my blogs but I've posted one about this contest anyway.
You can check it here.


May God bless your website. :)


Those Speakers would be awesome... but I would take anything just to say I finally won something.. :):)


I hop i'm still in time!!
Ze 64GB 4G playbook pleaseeee :D


dang I'm always late, White Bold would have been nice;)


Could I have the blackberry bold flip phone, please? My bold just died on me and until I can afford the z10, I'm using a KEYBO. :) Would be greatly appreciated!


I would really like that Mac magic mouse. Cool contest, hope good karma keeps going your way.

the brother

i wood lovvvvvvvvvvvvve an extra z10 battery charging bundle if there's one buried in there!

otherwise the speakers seem really cool.

thank you so much for being generous with your stuff!!!!!


playbook please!!!! or anything would be great!!!!!!


playbook please!!!! or anything would be great!!!!!!


Is this contest finished ? Have any goods been won ? Are there any lucky winners ?


I've wondered the same thing


I will take the playbook or the bb ms mouse.


Sooooo who won what? :D


I'll take whatever is left over


Has the draw taken place as yet?


hmm :( still no news....