Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!

I once was lost, but now am found!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2013 02:03 pm EST

Karma Contest: Leave a comment letting me know which item you'd like to have out of the suitcase below and you could win it!

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After spending a month in Toronto at CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, I flew home Sunday night. When I arrived at YWG, only four out of my five checked bags came shooting down to the luggage carousel. Missing in action was my Tumi carry-on, which I had to check because it was densely packed and weighed in at 40lbs (the carry-on max weight is closer to 20lbs).

My missing luggage never arrived Monday. It never arrived Tuesday. So by this morning I had written off that I would ever see it again. Nothing in the bag was mission critical for me -- I carry all that in my backpack -- but there was a lot of good stuff packed in there. A couple spare PlayBooks (along with my gold chain PlayBook necklace). A bunch of older BBs. A PC laptop. Bose computer speakers and iPod dock. CrackBerry stickers. Some Z10 cases. And more.

Then a couple of hours ago I got a call. My missing luggaged was found and a courier would be dropping it off soon. AMAZING. This was the first time I had ever had my luggage go missing on me. It's a horrible feeling. I'd rather not have it happen again. So to help keem my luggage Karma cup full, I figured it would make sense to pay forward a few things out of my bag to some CrackBerry readers. There's some solid stuff in there for CrackBerry addicts. Leave a comment to this post saying what you want, and I'll pick out a few lucky winners to have it. Typical contest details apply (open worldwide, contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Just leave one entry). Good luck!

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Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!



A decal would be a welcome addition to either my fitness water bottle and/or my sticker-bombed inner car trunk

Wow Kevin you are so generous, is it for fitness month that you want to shed all these extra pounds you've been carrying around in your luggage ? Or just a clean slate like BBRY ?

I'm rocking my Z10 so would really love the " z10 Leather swivel holster", as I need to start protecting it. I'm also looking for a Transform shell if you have any of those hidden in there.
The white qwerty (9900 or 9700 ?) would be great for my wife to keep her on BB until I can get her a white Q10 later in the year.

I've already got a couple of PBs that get daily use, but I can take a picture of my old electronics pile if you want anything from there ;-) I'll show my wife this picture and she'll think the pile I drag around on vacation is nothing.

WOW! How generous!! :P

If I win, could I have the PlayBook? :O

Pleeeaseeee :D - I'd be so grateful to win something off CB, for the 1st time!!

I'll be happy to relieve you of the Laptop and/or a Z10 case. And I though my backpack for work was pack with stuff. P.S. where is the Apple laptop the goes with that power cord?

I would love to have a Playbook!!!

Thank you for the flood of contests! Even though I probably won't win, it's still exciting to have the chance!

the bose computer speakers look good but then so does that BB style, a few of those stickers too would be great

i'd be happy with any of the phones that i can bridge with my playbook... but i wouldn't mind the bose speakers... oh please... pretty please... thanks and keep it going crackberry!

In order of preference:
1) Playbook (my day1 playbook just gave up its camera)
2) Notebook
3) The suitcase itself
4) Any assortment of stickers

Wicked contest!!! There are tons of goodies in that bag, many cool promotional items that I've never seen before but I am not shy to buy tons of accessories for my berries from the CrackBerry Canada store. So, I'll put in a weird preference.. the Tumi bag itself ;)

1st choice playbook. if not my
2nd the macbook for that macbook charger if not my
3rd choice the acer laptop if not my
4th choice on of the gsm blackberries (os6+)

This contest is probably the most hilarious here at CB.

I will take the playbook or some stickers.

More power to CrackBerry. I am excited about the site refresh.

Hey! I would love to have a playbook to match my Z10. I use to have an iphone and ipad. I would love to switch that to a Z10 and a playbook :)

I typically only carry on when I travel but I can understand why Kevin would need to bring all the gear he did. I'm suprised they made him check his heavy carry on. I've packed up to 40lbs and maybe heavier and never had a problem. But with all that being said, I too have had a "lost luggage" issue before. Luckily it was found a day later and was delivered to my house in Houston after flying back from my honeymoon to IAH. The bag just didn't make the flight. I know other haven't been as lucky. Just watch that show on TV about ppl buying up old lost luggage @ auctions.

I'm hoping I get picked. I would like a Playbook or the Bose iPod speaker dock for my wife.

Pay it forward. Respect. Who wouldn't want a free Playbook? For nostalgia, I'll settle for a Storm. Thanks.

Technically the TUMI is in the photo so my #1 choice is the TUMI Carry-on
My #2 is another PB to convert yet another iFan over to the brite side

I want the playbook or white bold,mouse and speakers i wouldn't mind. BBZ10 holster would be nice to have by faith of winning a BBZ10! Thanks!

mmm...I know just the person to pass the playbook to if I were to win one. Got to get the whole family connected with video chat.

Well i really could use anyone of these items, so i wil just list a few to choose from.

1. A Playbook the biggest GB you have there if they only 16gb i take one anyways.
2. The Acer Laptop if its decent specs, otherwise you may as well dump it in the garbage.
3. I think thats a BlackBerry Bold 9900 i can't tell, but the phone with the track pad even if its a curve or what have you i would take it.

So if i get chosen i will then choose from 1 of those items i listed here.

I love crackberry and all its community members as without your support blackberry itself would most likely lost a huge amount of customers, but its people like me that help out so much at crackberry that keeps those customers coming back and staying with blackberry.

By the way iphone users don't have anything to play with except a flawed device thats does not even look like an apple, at least lackberry keeps a design color that looks like a blackberry. :)

I would very much appreciate what appears to be an apple wireless keyboard. Or one of those play books. Or a Z10 case. In that order. Thanks :D

A playbook would be nice so my son can practice his alphabet games and I can wifi video chat and see my family from work.

i want the bose computer speakers :D i so love to listen to music..i bet the sounds of those speakers can do wonders on my music crazy loving eardrums!... i can just imagine myself listening to them already!

I honestly would love to have the only PC Laptop in the Missing Luggage because i lost mine to robbers and urgently need another to keep fit on internet rather than visiting the cyber cafe as often. if not, you can make it up to me with the blackberry torch...i can't wait...thanks for the offer.

I'm glad there are still some kind-hearted people in the world :)

I spy with my little eye... A SPARK STICKER! Also, that Acer looks good too :P

I would take a playbook, anyone would be fine. I would love to prevent the fights my kids have over mine!

Anything would be amazing! But the new bluetooth speaker is really on my wish list!- Glad you got your luggage back!

Actually, I wouldn't be upset with anything you have in your bag...it would just be good to win something for a change!

Anything from CB Kevin would be excellent. I will put it in a shadow box and mount it in my man cave. If I do win something please ensure you sign it Kevin :)

I spy with my little eye...something that will charge my playbook!

Bring the good karma my way Kevin. I need a new charger, please.

the white Bold or Pearl looks great! :) As well as a PlayBook..One of these with some Crackberry or Blackberry stickers or branded products for advertising over here in switzerland! :)

the white Bold or Pearl looks great! :) As well as a PlayBook..One of these with some Crackberry or Blackberry stickers or branded products for advertising over here in switzerland! :)

I honestly would need the PC Laptop because i lost mine to robbers and urgently need another too help keep up with the internet world. if not, you can make me up with the blackberry torch...i can't wait...thanks for the offer.

My wife's 8520 is on its last legs. She's eyeing the BB 9900 series, but a bit out of reach now. It would be great if I could surprise her with one. Thanks for the chance!

I'll have the Playbook please, since I lost my bag as well including inside the playbook, my laptop and my headphone. :(

I'd love the Bold 9900. My brother's 9900 was stolen, and he's now suffering through a Samsung Gravity 2. We need to end his suffering!

Wow... That's actually a high value of stuff to put in a checked luggage. I'm not sure what the maximum insured value is on Air Canada, but I doubt it would have covered all that was lost.
Anyway, I won't be greedy, but would love to have the Z10 leather holster! :)

Funny the ad on the page I saw was for luggage delivery service!! A PlayBook would be so cool. I hope BlackBerry keeps the tablet line/software going. A PlayBook would be so cool.

Believe it or not I would love to rock that white 9780 (maybe 9700 can't really tell since they didn't change the bezel like on the black one, I could tell if the phone was face down since the leather pattern is finer on the 9780 ). I had the black 9780 a year and a half ago for work and LOVED the phone but.......didn't love my job. So when I quit my job (which spurred a reaction in my boss to throw her bb tour across the room and smash on the wall) I had to give my 9780 back. Sad and happy day all at the same time. My new job (100x better) lets you choose your phone and they reimburse the bill up to a certain amount so I decided to try out some different platforms. I first tried an old iPhone 3gs (not for me), then a HTC one v (too buggy), then a lumia 610 (nice ui but the air gap from the screen to the glass drove me bananas, also the notifications are nowhere near blackberry os) and now I have a nexus 4 (very nice but not perfect) all in the space of a year and a half. With all these phones I was still longing for the communication efficiency only blackberry can deliver. In conclusion the blackberry Z10 is my dream phone but alas, I have depleted my phone budget trying all these different phones in the last little while. The white 9780 (maybe 9700) would be a breath of fresh air.

I could make good use of the PC laptop as I'll be commuting to Winnipeg every week for next few months. I could even pick it up when I'm there.

Geeze Kevin... and I thought I traveled with with alot of stuff (changed from "alot of cr*p"). You definitely put me to shame. And you said the *important* things are in your backback. Ha. Must be like mine!

If there is a bluetooth speaker set in there, I'll puts dibs on it. Glad all is good.

awesome contest, im glad to see that you got your bags back!
those bose speakers are awesome! would love to win those!
good luck everybody!

Gave my 9850 to my daughter in anticipation of the BB10 launch and downgraded to a Bold 9650 but since then I miss my full touch screen so that being said I could use the BB Storm while I wait for the US launch.

Holy cow!!
can you let us know why you are carrying so many BB?
Are you so deeply linked to your blackberry devices that you can not stay away from them?
I understand you are such a passionate, carrying for your stuff everywhere, with a scale to make sure they don't loose weight during transport, the right charger for the right phone...a true BB lover!
Anyway if you like to spare some of your items I would accept any with pleasure if its come with few Crackberry stickers to advertise the best site ever that knew how to convince me that patience will come with great reward.
Several time I have been tempted to drop my old BB9000 for an Android or worth an iphone but Kevin you managed to kept my attention and made me going up to the release of the Z10. thank you for that.!!!

ps: Now I have just to wait for my Z10 to arrive and for BB to update my playbook :) after that my BB9000 will have a place at the Art & Craft Museum in Paris with the good old Cray super computers.

I offer you my Haiku in exchange for a Playbook. Fair trade in any land. :-)

Hey Air Canada!
why you take bag on journey?
Isn't garden gnome

Too funny. I've got a couple good lost luggage stories in case I win.

I would take the newest BB phone that has a full keyboard (9900???).

Glad you got your gear back Kev!

I'd choose the Playbook 1st, followed by the Laptop, and 3rd place would go to the mini bluetooth speaker.

If I get the laptop, I think it'll require a thorough hard drive "cleaning". You know what I mean, ahem ahem. :)


Same thing happened to me before when i went to Singapore. My luggage was lost and believe me, the feeling is so horrible, traumatic for me as well.. I haven't recovered it regarding i made some reports and follow up about it. Singapore airport sucks!! So end up stayed there with just my handbag with me and nothing at all even my undies :( .. Really unforgetable experience for me..

Would love to have playbook or bold 9900 white since my very precious bold 9900 white was stolen too during my birthday last year.

Any chance there is an 857 charger in there? I seemed to have misplaced mine and can't charge it!


Hahaha..... whats with the scales brutha?! makin some side money?? lol jk... Got my BB10 so all I want is some stickers and maybe a t-shirt ... Crackberry me yo!

So many choices I'm not sure which way to go..Shout-out to the Airport for making this Contest possible though

Living Bold-ly!

hey kevin i did like to have apple dock , crackberry stickers, n if you are in a happy mood throw in a playbook for me mate!

Just got my mother her first blackberry 9360 something basic for a newbie.... a nice blackberry playbook would be good to go along with it.

is that a Blackberry Style in Purple!!! A Z10 case would be awesome, and I also have my eye on the #TeamBlackberry sticker and a spark sticker!!!

Anything BlackBerry is good for me! Stickers would be awesome, sparks and tem balckberry the best! On gadgets, the keyboard and white bold looks awesome!

I wouldn't mind any blackberry running at least os5. I have been dying to use bridge on my playbook, but I own an android and a windows phone. My old blackberry is only os4.

Now Crackberry, if I was chosen to be the winner, it would be the Z10 accessory made by case mate. Thanks.

It looks like there is gonna be more than one winner. All shown above will perhaps be given away because Kevin now have his beloved Z10.

Hi Kevin, Gladd you found your suitcase. I actually need a new keyboard mine iss getting a bitt wonky as I typee.


Never Owned a WHITE blackberry before.....it would be great to Own the WHITE BB Bold 9700/9780 . Be BOLD Be Wise Be a Blackberry!

Keep it up!

That speaker system and maybe a "CB" sticker to put on my bumper would be killer. Also, a "spark" sticker would be great. Can't believer you are giving away a bunch of your great stuff! Thanks!

I would fully accept the Karma gods bestowing a Playbook upon me. CrackBerry stickers would be a fun fill-in as well!

PLAYBOOK!!!!!! All of my friends make fun of me for having a BlackBerry and sticking with them! I'm patiently waiting to get the Z10 when I'm available for upgrade so I want to show them how awesome BlackBerry is with the Playbook as well to represent! BB4L!

Storm, Storm 2, Torch 9850, soon to be Z10

I'd take it all, but if it came down to owning one of these items. i"ll have to go with the PLAYBOOK!!!

A Z10 case would stave off some of the depression that is a result of being in America and not being able to have the phone. I'll fly to Winnipeg myself to claim it if I have to.

There something that compels me to ask for something, spare, I would like to have a playbook, because y really need one, and you you have a SPARE one

I feel your pain, my luggage was lost on AC a few years back. I think the waiting is the worst part. That, and realizing all of your underwear were gone in one fell swoop! :S

If I get chosen, I would like the Playbook, please.


Congrats Kevin on getting your bag back. My pick would be the perfect companion to my Z10 and that would be err the BlackBerry mini stereo speaker. I would so love to have that! Thanks

I would love one of those PlayBooks or just a CrackBerry/BlackBerry bumper sticker!
Glad to see you got your bag back Kevin. Hope this doesn't alter the winner's karma.

that keyboard would be nice for the PB.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

The BB 9900 if that's what I see, I'm really getting tired of Android.

Or I wouldn't mind the laptop, playbook or sticker signed by you! :)

Hi Kevin! I bought my Z10 on launch day, and just couldn't bring myself to hide it in a case, so I bought a BB holster to keep it on me at all times. Working half of the time in my office, but also half of the time on the factory floor (where we build prefab buildings, so It's basically a interior construction site), I just know a disaster is waiting to happen. I would looooove to get your Otterbox Defender case and holster combo to protect my new BB baby (third BB after a 9000 and 9800). Thank you for the contest, and may good karma come your way!

one of those Bolds or Curves would be really great since I have to wait for the Q10 which is amazing if you can believe those Alpha Dev C i've seen.

That's quite the loot and a tough choice, but a Playbook and the Bose would be great. Is there a bonus for local pick-up?

Congrats on getting the luggage back and coming up with a great contest!

Is there a spare micro-HDMI cable in there looking for a new home? I could use one of those - thanks, all the best!!!

The Bose speakers would be nice, I was on the road 100 days last year and it doesn't look like it is slowing down any time soon for me.

I would like the Bose Speakers/iPod dock. If I could choose a (b) option the playbook chargers (you just can't have too many of those laying around).

out of those items if am lucky enough to get chosen

white bold 9700/9780
white 9100 pearl
the mac keyboard

if i got one it would be cool

Road Warriors are the only people who understand why you check few items as possible on any airplane trip. My road days have been greatly reduced to "driving distances" however, my airline days taught me the value of being able to pack 4 days of clothes, a full dopp kit and 2 laptops w/power supplies in one carry on bag. So I feel your pain.

My main needs now are power and stickers. So if not already claimed, I would love any of the following:
The PlayBook Rapid Wall Charger;
A Spark Sticker;
A #TeamBlackBerry Sticker;
A CrackBerry Sticker;
Stereo Speakers or;
The SIM Card. ;-)

Laptop would be great, keyboard and/or mouse would be nice as well, or a playbook, even a spare micro usb charger would come in handy, but I would even take a sticker if all other items have been spoken for already, but could really use the laptop/notebook. :)

This is super generous! I would take any of those Blackberrys you would be willing to donate to a sad crackberry addict who left her phone in a cab last last week :( I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I'd love the white berry or laptop or microphone or playbook, or any cord will just do. My bold got stolen 2 months ago, been without one ever since...

If I have the good fortune of being selected, I request the laptop, as mine is 6 years old now. Thank you for being generous!

#teamBlackBerry sticker please, have the perfect place for it! A freind (apple fan boy) has a nice spot on the back of his car :) JK

I will take any non BlackBerry devices so I can film myself burning them, then pissing out the ashes

A few stickers, Z10 case, batteries for my Bold 9650, the Tumi carry on, keyboard (for my Playbook)...thanks K....

Chances are i wont win anything with a blackberry logo on it so i will take the laptop pc.

Thx karma, really appreciate it. Happy that you got back your stuff.

Very cool you got the luggage back, thanks for paying it forward Kevin! Hope to win the BB Playbook, for my daughter that is homeschooling (=