Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!

I once was lost, but now am found!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2013 02:03 pm EST

Karma Contest: Leave a comment letting me know which item you'd like to have out of the suitcase below and you could win it!

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After spending a month in Toronto at CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, I flew home Sunday night. When I arrived at YWG, only four out of my five checked bags came shooting down to the luggage carousel. Missing in action was my Tumi carry-on, which I had to check because it was densely packed and weighed in at 40lbs (the carry-on max weight is closer to 20lbs).

My missing luggage never arrived Monday. It never arrived Tuesday. So by this morning I had written off that I would ever see it again. Nothing in the bag was mission critical for me -- I carry all that in my backpack -- but there was a lot of good stuff packed in there. A couple spare PlayBooks (along with my gold chain PlayBook necklace). A bunch of older BBs. A PC laptop. Bose computer speakers and iPod dock. CrackBerry stickers. Some Z10 cases. And more.

Then a couple of hours ago I got a call. My missing luggaged was found and a courier would be dropping it off soon. AMAZING. This was the first time I had ever had my luggage go missing on me. It's a horrible feeling. I'd rather not have it happen again. So to help keem my luggage Karma cup full, I figured it would make sense to pay forward a few things out of my bag to some CrackBerry readers. There's some solid stuff in there for CrackBerry addicts. Leave a comment to this post saying what you want, and I'll pick out a few lucky winners to have it. Typical contest details apply (open worldwide, contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Just leave one entry). Good luck!

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Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!



I would love to have a 9700 back I lost mine and am now using an 8520 it doesn't even do 3g :( or a playbook would be pretty cool ...lol

I usually never spend my time posting comments even if they are for something. But It would do my year If i where to have the Torch! PleasE PLEASE make my year! I WOULD LOVE THE BLACKBERRY TORCH!! PLEASE : ) : )

no blackberry or crackberry shirt? aw it would be nice to get a shirt.

a spare playbook would be nice though. as mine is already going bonkos on me.

What's with all the old phones?! I'm surprised security didn't suspect that they were looking at a drug dealer or something!

A Playbook or 9900 would be nice!

so very glad you got your bag back - a horrible feeling indeed.
I would love a playbook or Z10 case if you pick me!!! whichever.

I'll take any of those Berrys that will work with a Rogers SIM and has a QWERTY keypad. I recently gave my dad my old Pearl (his first cellphone!) since I got a Z10, but he cannot grasp the SureType concept. Please save my family from his constant questions about why his "keypad-thingy-majig" doesn't type right. You will kinda be our hero.

That's pretty much it. As much as I'd really love those Bose speakers, I think my dad's phone needs trump my own. *That's* how bad his complaints are haha!

I would like the blackberry bold 9900 because its keyboard is amzing but I'm not rich so I can't afford it. Please Kevin with a cherry on top

Kevin! KEVIN PLEASE DEAREST KEVIN!!!!! Make my dreams come true! Like you, I am a Blackberry fanatic and always will be. A Blackberry curve was my first phone and so I am a very loyal blackberry customer and always will be (by the way thank you god for having Blackberry upgrade their new phones). Kevin, PLEASE you may not understand how loyal I am to Blackberry. I really love them! Hopefully just hopefully you will at least read this and acknowledge this : ) :) Please Kevin may I have the Torch? And If it's gone, anything from Crackberry will make me happy! Honestly! : ) :) -OMAR <3 <3

I wouldn't mind an upgrade to my 9360 so i can pass my phone to someone else, Not to picky!!

Nice gesture on your part all things considered!

I've been looking for the SPARK stickers everywhere?!?!? I just want the spark sticker and maybe the TeamBlackBerry. I want nothing else. Although, I do need a Outter Box for my Z10. But the chances of me winning are slim. But I'll take just the stickers. Please and Thank You

You really are a good man Kevin. Must be a Winnipeg thing. I only want a sticker please and thank you.

Could always use a 2nd playbook. My 1 year old daughter has confiscated my playbook for her shows.

Throw in a few #teamBlackberry and CB stickers too. They would look awesome in my office :-)

you should be more careful next time :) .. An apple Bluetooth keyboard or a BB 9105 would be fine. you decide :). thanks bro

Lucky you to get your luggage back!
It would be great to have that keyboard for my PlayBook :D
And a couple of those smaller CB stickers to stick around the place..

The fact that you're doing this is just plain awesome. I'd love to snag that white bold 9900 or your laptop! My laptop was built in '99 so it's old slow and dragging.

The Bose sound dock looks very tempting. I know of a few people (friends) who have their own and I'd love to have one too because of the great sound.

Torch 9860 + Playbook 64GB = Fun times!

I would love that Playbook to replace the one I broke "studying by the pool". Been using my brother's spare 1st gen iPad #nofun

If any of the BB's there are 9810's, I would definitely like one, just broke the screen on old faithful :'(

If not a PlayBook would be great, actually anything would be great, if it's FREE it's for me!!!

Hey Kevin, my Playbook just left YBR for TN to be repaired :-(. Having a spare in the future would be awesome so I would gladly take one of yours. It would help with the terrible withdrawal I'm experiencing right now.

What a nice guy.

I'd love a BB 9900 as my GFs just broke and would be nice not to dish out a few $$$ for a new one, especially since we are trying to plan our home purchase.

Wow! Glad you got your suitcase back!

In order to help you get some Karma points, I'd love to have the white Bold or the Apple bluetooth keyboard. :)

Though honestly, I'd be just as thrilled with one of the Storms, seeing as my 9530 decided to bite the dust last week and I can't get a Z10 until SOMEbody *coughVerizoncough* here in the States gets their act together!

Hi Kevin, how do you come up with such innovative ideas to give away stuff? I'd be so glad if you could ship me the Acer laptop or the BB 7290, thanks :)

I'd like to have that white Bold 9780. Mine was broken and am using wife's iPhone4. All my contacts and passwords are saved on the phone and backed up in BlackBerry Protect, but I don't have a BB to recover them to. The bold will help ease the pain while I wait for my red Z10.

Hi Kevin,

If by chance the classic 8820 is available I'd love to get it. Glad to hear you got your bag back.

Appreciate all your work in the past keeping us updated in the world of Blackberry.

Thank you,

Blueboy 9895

Hey Kevin! I would love that black Bold (or Curve!) :D

Glad you got your bags back, that happened to me in the summer and it took two days to get mine back!

A SPARK for myself along with your good luck suitcase.

And what ever else your honor would bestow upon me so I may also pay it forward to someone else and spread CR/BL-ackberry cheer!
I promise to give away what every you include in the suitcase. Make it a surprise :)

Thanks -- On BB10 Crack,

Congrats on your returned gadgets!

A playbook would be awesome! I let me friend have mine. She went to India, to the Sadhana Forest for 6 months to volunteer and help rebuild the forest there. She needed something to blog with and to keep in touch with the world.

So yeah, I no longer have a playbook :(

Please and thank you :D

I wouldn't mind the apple wireless keyboard!
thank you!

PS. it is questionable why you had it there to begin with ;o)

I am glad you got the stuff back....so very unusual! If I win, I really could use the laptop in my business. Hope this gives you much Karma in the future.

Hi Kevin, I definitely wouldn't mind a Playbook to compliment my shiny new z10, but a z10 case in lieu is perfectly acceptable ;)

Great contest!

I would please like a bb charger that is compatible with the 9900 please! i can only charge by usb right now, and its a terrible inconvenience! so if i could get a free charger that would be gravy! :D

Awesome story! Thanks for giving back! If I were picked, I'd go with the laptop for my business. It'd look pretty sweet with a bgi CB logo on the lid. :) Glad you got your stuff back. Hated missing my PlayBook for a day. Can't imagine missing that much stuff.

That is awesome that they found your bag. That white bold 9700 is definitely calling my name.

Hi Kevin...

I'm glad your luggage got back to you and that nothing was missing. That's a huge Blessing.

Looking at your pic there...since I already have a PlayBook and a Bold 9900..I think I 'd love to get that red spark sticker that you have there, as well as a few of the TeamBlackBerry stickers..and a crackberry.com sticker autographed by you :)

Glad you got your stuff back, hopefully one of CB's loyal readers can lighten the next bag you have to pack.


Hey Kevin,

If I'm lucky enough to get picked, I'd love a PlayBook, but I'm just happy you're being this generous with so many to begin with.

would love the bold 9900. my current phone has cracked lcd crystals and there're blotches everywhere, making it a bit hard to read off; but i'm trying to hold out till the q10 comes out because i want the qwerty keyboard. so a cool bb phone (it will be my 1st!) to tide me over till the launch of the q10 will be awesome! :)

Hey Kevin. I'm glad u got that suitcase back filled with goodies. I would love:

The laptop. So I can enjoy BlackBerry Link.. our 2 z10's need to be link'd up!

The white Bold. It'll be great for my family to stay connected over bbm.

#teamblackberry stickers to decorate my house... car. nursery. Everywhere.


SparkMe stickers.

Thanks Kevin.

I would love to have one of the blackberry phones since I am still a blackberry virgin and that way I could get acquainted with a blackberry before getting the new BBZ10 or one of the playbooks would be amazing!!!!!!

Shane T. The White Bold would be ideal! My current Bold has stopped functioning and I'm looking for an excuse to stay with the 'Berry. I'd lie on a bed of hot coals for that phone!!

A playbook would be fantastic, but if not, I'm happy to have the #team blackberry sticker for my car bumper as well :D

I could always use a set of Bose Speakers so if I had to choose one item for me that would be it. But, if I am not thinking of me, the girlfriend could really use a laptop as she recently broke hers so that would be the other item I'd love to win as it would make my girl happy. But by all means if you have 2000+ stickers let everyone win one for the price of a stamp to mail them to us. Everyone love stickers. cheers!

Is that a Torch I see? If it's a 9810 I'd really love to have it while I wait for a Z10 and my fortune 500 company that I work for to implement BES10, if they do that is. Either way I'd love to have it.

Thank you

The Bose speakers would happily replace my very crappy cheap computer speakers. Glad you got your luggage back.

Speaking of Karma....I found a iPod Nano tonight while out running. Emailing the owner to try and return it to him.

Glad you got our bag back. And great to hear that you are generously giving to your readers. I would love to pick up your Blackberry 8800/30. Thank you Kevin. Cheer!

Lousy day =( Let's see if we can turn this around.
Bose Speakers coupled with Blackberry/Crackberry Stickers please.
Or the laptop.

Good things happen to good people. Very nice of you to pay it forward. I have wanted a Playbook but never pulled the trigger. If you pick me, I'd love a playbook. I assume that these phones do not work on Verizon...

I would love to win because I've had an awful week at work and the only thing that would cheer me up is some new blackberry stuff. Also because I've entered almost every contest you guys have had over the last few years and have never won. Oh and i live in the US and I have to wait Another month for the Z10 AND I'm locked into a carrier that won't offer the white one. Bunmer. Anywho, let's change it up!! If I had to pick though I'd like the oldest bb and the storm 2. I think I saw one in there but honestly, I'll take anything!!

I'd like the PlayBook please, my birthday in 2 days, would be the best, best gift I would have ever gotten!

Bose computer speakers and iPod dock :-). OK u can courrier this 2 item to my india address. This good for u also that your baggage will be less not carry much laggauge with u.

If you have a rapid charger for the PlayBook in there I'll take it, otherwise, those Bose computer speakers sound nice for a second choice.

Thanks Kevin!!

I would take BB Torch.

I'm moving on to Z10 in next few weeks. I saved my old Curve, Storm and Bold (I'm currently using it) I'm missing Torch for now. Torch from CB will be a jewel in my crown........!

Of course, I have 2 PB 64 & 32. Otherwise my preference would have changed.

Wow, crazy story Kevin! I would love that White Bold 9700/9780 for my dad, he just busted his 9000, and desperately needs an upgrade!

First choice: Z10 case (with free refill?)
Second choice: Speakers
Third choice: Playbook
Fourth choice: Sticker

Playbook plus Spark stickers and the "CB" logo stickers!! That would be awesome!

thanks again Kev and crackberry!

What ever that circle white thing, is with the cb sticker I'll take that, cuz i figure no one else is gonna ask for it. If you wanna be real generous I'll take the Z10 clip speaker :D

Hi there!

i need another charger for my playbook.... please.

or if you're feeling generous.. give me one of your BB action sticker and the bose speakers

Thank you!

Kevin if i do get pick can i get the playbook please...always wanted one and seeing that i not winning any of the z10

Never had the chance to own a Blackberry even after being a fan of it, I would love to have the white Bold. Congrats on getting back your luggage , and good going in creating Good karma. All the best.

i would love one of the playbooks....think i would be the first person in jamaica to win a prize on CB

Is that a White 9900? My brother can't upgrade to a Z10 through work because of customer demand but a 9900 would be an update from the Curve he's using now.

I'd really enjoy having the z10 cases for when I do get my z10! The phone feels great naked, but I don't wanna risk damaging it :) WOO!

That Z10 case will be excellent for my wife...got her a Z10 for Vals day but it's naked :(

Oh kevin, won't you cover that poor, naked Z10?

the purple blackberry torch would be sweet...I'll really appreciate that so so much...sine i don't have enough money for the z10 yet

Is there any Playbook Hardcase on the picture?
its hard for me to find any playbook accessories here in Indonesia.
Love to have one :)

I would love to have the playbook, it would make a nice gift for my daughter who will be heading off to college soon...

Well congratulations on getting your stuff back. I hopev(i'm praying) i will be able to get some from it. :)

Kevin, your generosity is one of the reason I love CrackBerry :)

My country doesn't allow shipping used electronic devices, so I guess one of the sticker is good for me :)

Hi Kevin,

If there happens to be a Playbook dock in the collection of cables I would be REALLY appreciated. If there isn't a Playbook case would be awesome.

And if it isn't too much trouble a Crackberry sticker :)


I have a Playbook and one of the problems with the South African BlackBerry market is that it is extremely difficult to find accessories for the PB. Being a student, one of the items I would love to win is the Apple Wireless Keyboard, heard it works well with the Playbook and been trying to find a great keyboard to help with that. Thanks

As a loyal CB and BB fan from this part of Asia. Well, I would hope to wish for the luggage itself as it has proven to be loyal to its owner and it will keep safe my BB contents.

Thank you very much in advance Crackberry leader!

Any of the phones, any make would be great. (for someone who's phone has recently broken in a fall from a hight...)

Any win would be good fun

My daughter is too young to post a comment here but she's also a die hard Crackberry follower and BB power user, following in her father's steps. She's her class secretary, a babysitter club president, dog walker and volunteers at the local community center twice a week. She uses her BB to schedule and coordinate all her appointments and activities, just as her dad does for his job, and she was never tempted to switch to iPhone or SG3 like all her gf's did. Her birthday is coming up and I was planning on getting her a PB. I read that you have a couple of spare PB's in that bag, and if they are in good condition, I'd love to win one of them and surprise her with it. If you include a CB sticker with it, or already on it, it would make it even sweeter. Thanks in advance Kevin!

All I want are the stickers, finally I can 'paint' my Honda vision scooter with all the necessary artwork to show my BlackBerry support! I'll send a pic once they are stuck :D

hey just thought I'd try. I'd love to get the playbook. I've been looking to get one for a while now. when I went to Anchorage I thought i did and it turned out the store wouldn't sell it due to it being a floor model only. bummer.

Hi Kevin,

Glad to see you we're able to retrieve lost luggage. Well after 5 years of using Blackberry's the company that I work for has decided to switch to the IPhone 5. This is has got to be the most frustrating OS when you are just trying to keep up with all the emails and communication needed in my job. It is beyond me why people think this phone is better then a Blackberry. Even something as simple as adding a 1 when the number will be long distance, a BB can do it but the iPhone can't and after searching the net I am finding that the worst part of an Iphone is the phone itself. I am quickly learning that although Blackberry doesn't have the app numbers of Apple when you look at the base OS that each device is shipped with the Blackberry gives you so much more usefull productive apps then Apple.

If you could find an extra, I would love to go back to Blackberry. If not I race Go Karts in Atlantic Canada and would deffinately put Crackberry and Blackberry logos on my kart as a 2013 sponsor if you could send me a number of each decal. I would also send you lots of photos through out the season from races and the shows are club goes in to promote kart racing.
I might not have one anymore but I still like to promote Blackberry.

Thanks for your time.

I would love to have the pouch for the Z10 or the hoster either would be excellent additions to my Z10 plus id take a sticker and slap it on my Mac like i saw you do during one of your podcasts!!!

Without a doubt, it would be the white (is there any better colour) Bold 9900. As someone who is a newcomer to BB world, that would be fantastic as it is still considered one of the best BB devices out. The Bold 9900 is and will always be bold in its ambition ;)

Always loved the BB Storm, never came around to get it... so that would be nice! Anyways, good luck to you Kevin - and keep that Karma cup filled!

0+2 + 2+0 + 2+0+1+3 = 10 Go Blackberry 10

My name is JB and I am waiting for the blackberry10 to come out in the U.S. I actually cannot afford a playbook but really want one for the kid I tutor who is in a high needs school. He is a low-income minority (he is a 1st grader). Your love would be great! I've been a loyal reader (daily) for 2 years.


On my way home tonight my wife called me - her car was broken into.

Along with her purse, credit cards, id etc, she lost, you got it,
her Telus Curve Blackberry 9300.

So I just finished vacuuming up the glass from the broken window,
she just cancelled her cards, and now I've suspended her mobile account.

Hoping for a pick-me-up of some cool BBerry news, I lurked on over to crackberry.

The first thing I see tonight - the Karma contest.

I'm thinking your contest was made for her. She'll be happy with
any working blackberry out of your bag, but a replacement Curve would
sure be cool.

Love the idea of paying it forward.

PS - IF she wins one, could it be something compatible with the Telus Network. Loving Crackberry.....

I could certainly use one of the older Blackberries. One of the old phones would certainly help keep me going until the Q10 rolls around, as despite handling it quite gently, my 9800 is pretty sketchy, with the keyboard not working for days at a time, and the touchscreen has been completely gone for about a year now.

Well my life couldn't be better, I ordered my BlackBerry Z10 black, and it is arriving on Friday, am going on Vacation on Saturday and it wouldn't be bad to win Kevin's laptop, since am looking for a new one ;-)
another Crackberry.com addict.

did I forget to mention that a cpl of sparks sticker would be nice too, one for the car, and one for the laptop, hihi
another Crackberry.com addict.

WEIRD?? I see a magic mouse, a MacBook charging cable, and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, but no MacBook, or Ipad.............So I guess I'll take the Acer laptop.

I'd like a 3G BlackBerry if there's one in there...I loved the 9000 but don't think Kevin's got one in there. Is anyone else wondering why he carries all those old berries?

A chance to work for and learn from you guys Mobile Nations wouldn't happen to be in that bag...would it? Then, I'm thinking that a Playbook or laptop would be fantastic consolation options!