Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!

I once was lost, but now am found!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2013 02:03 pm EST

Karma Contest: Leave a comment letting me know which item you'd like to have out of the suitcase below and you could win it!

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After spending a month in Toronto at CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, I flew home Sunday night. When I arrived at YWG, only four out of my five checked bags came shooting down to the luggage carousel. Missing in action was my Tumi carry-on, which I had to check because it was densely packed and weighed in at 40lbs (the carry-on max weight is closer to 20lbs).

My missing luggage never arrived Monday. It never arrived Tuesday. So by this morning I had written off that I would ever see it again. Nothing in the bag was mission critical for me -- I carry all that in my backpack -- but there was a lot of good stuff packed in there. A couple spare PlayBooks (along with my gold chain PlayBook necklace). A bunch of older BBs. A PC laptop. Bose computer speakers and iPod dock. CrackBerry stickers. Some Z10 cases. And more.

Then a couple of hours ago I got a call. My missing luggaged was found and a courier would be dropping it off soon. AMAZING. This was the first time I had ever had my luggage go missing on me. It's a horrible feeling. I'd rather not have it happen again. So to help keem my luggage Karma cup full, I figured it would make sense to pay forward a few things out of my bag to some CrackBerry readers. There's some solid stuff in there for CrackBerry addicts. Leave a comment to this post saying what you want, and I'll pick out a few lucky winners to have it. Typical contest details apply (open worldwide, contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Just leave one entry). Good luck!

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Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!



Just in case you read up to post 1216.
I would be happy with the leather holster.
Thanks in advance, if I'm lucky enough.

Kevin,I want some your older BlackBerry Device like BlackBerry 87XX, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve 93XX and BlacKBerry PlayBook (yep I don't have it till now) some sticker #TeamBlackBerry and CrackBerry.com Thanks Kevin :)

I really could use a playbook. My touchpad is starting to show it's age and I am ready to jump ship to a newer platform. It's time to live in the now with a playbook and stop reading web os nation....sigh. Long live blackberry.

I want whatever that fuzzy grey thing is, and some stickers! If there is a Z10 in there somewhere I'll take that too please!

I can use the wireless keyboard, thanks. AC left my bag behind once, but they couriered it to me the next day so I was satisfied with that outcome.

Kevin, this random act of kindness will ensure that you and Queen Karma shall walk hand in hand for the foreseeable future...quite possibly her cousin Lady Luck shall rear her head your way too?

Know what would totally ensure this union of good fortune and luck for you? Giving me one of those PlayBooks. I've got connections with those two, Kevin. Let's make this happen.

white blackberry curve please....or it it bold?? whatever it is...the one to the left side of magic mouse......please....thanks...

RIMpire strikes back.

I'm not picky, I'll take anything as long as it's autographed by CrackBerry Kev!
If I must choose... a PlayBook would be awesome or the set of Bose speakers.

Thanks Kevin!!

Glad to see both Storm devices in the mix! And even a few requests.....Those 2 devices were my first 2 BlackBerry 's and made CrackBerry.com a necessary and extremely useful tool for keeping my Storms in good operating form. Thanks to all of you @ CrackBerry and the many others who post useful info, and are willing to help those having issues. I even saved my current 9850 from a swim from info i got from this site. I even dug up an old post from you Kevin about reviving a bricked BB in safe mode to finish the job.....anyway, i would be interested in any PB that i could then give to my 15yr old daughter, who has recently decided to live with her mom, so we can try out the video chat. I'm thinking it may even help her with her online studies. And one can never have too many high speed chargers! At any rate it would hold her over until her upgrade later this year. Perhaps the Q10 will be available by then, she's getting pretty frustrated with her 9330. If this doesn't keep Karma on your side, idk what will!

Oh that feeling losing a luggage. I remember this experience when we our competing for an international competition and my luggage was lost, they told me that they would find it withing 24 to 48 hours and if not they will just pay the content of the luggage.

It would be probably a win-win situation if it's just some clothes or stuff, but what is inside my luggage is what I'll use for the competition. Oh well, I don't want to ruin my day today.

Anyway, I would take any BlackBerry 7 device, my Bold 9900 is malfunctioning and always nukes, so almost every week I need to do a fresh install. I wanted to buy a new Bold 9900 but I already spend my money for the BlackBerry Z10, though I still need a BlackBerry 7 device for my ToDoMatrix other important apps for business and personal use.

I would really appreciate a blackberry Z10 case, and it really does suck that the airport would lose your luggage like that im going on a trip on two weeks and it would suck if they lose my luggage, but at least you got your stuff back. Its really cool that the crackberry staff are just as normal as everyone else, and dont flip out when stuff like this happens unlike celebrities.

playbook or blackberry phone or charger please...this is my first ever post on this great site! I've been on this site everyday since BB10 got released!! :)

I'd LOVE to win something from this contest! A laptop, or a Playbook preferably (if I could be picky), but anything is better than nothing!

O man .... you must have been stressed.
Glad that you found it.

I wouldn't mind taking that very very very old BlackBerry. ( Hope that it was the first model)
If I can't have that .... 5 sparks would be awesome!


Lost luggage is a pain in the ass!! glad to hear you got yours back.

and i would love to get my hands on one of the blackberry phones to use as a second phone. That white 9700, i think it's a 9700, would be great!

One of the rare cases where the airlines return your things, it's also great what you're doing with it.

would love one of the phones, been using a crappy flip phone since mine died a few months back and cant afford a new one :(

Is the Tumi bag up for grabs too? Haha. If not, I'll settle for either the Bose speakers or the dock. If all things fail, I'll go with the white Z10 speaker that you guys got. Oh and don't forget to throw in the #TeamBlackBerry stickers!

Cap blackberry is back kev.mobile nations rules,would love that playbook to keep up to date on whats going on in bb world.thanx man

You're really lucky to get the bag back. Flying from Toronto to Halifax, I lost a bag that apparently ended up somewhere in Panama - but they could never find it!

I've been trying to pick up another playbook (since my son is using mine for school recently) but can't find one locally. Do you still have one to spare?

(BTW - I'm the guy who told you at the Ballroom in Toronto that I love the PB with the keyboard.)

Would love the white Bold, I never got the stones to try and put a new housing on mine, so one that actually came with it would be great! Cracker on!

I would be happy to have anything as I have just bought a new house and am officially broke for life, but my top 3 choices (in order) would be:

1) The Bose Speakers
2) The Laptop
3) Any Z10 cases, as the Z10 is the last big purchase I will be making for a very long time and I REALLY need to protect it! (Preferably the case above the Storm that is residing in another case, close to the speakers...unless of course, you have one of those cool convertible cases that acts as a stand if folded the right way)

Glad they found your bag Kevin

If there is anything in that bag to speed up MTS getting the Z10 I would take that

Here's my choice.
1st, would be the PlayBook, 2nd the laptop, 3rd the pair of bose speakers. Or any of the things left.

I went through a similar experience in 2011 coming back from my honeymoon. I waited 2 weeks for my luggage. I'm glad you got yours back sooner. I'll take anything you're willing to give if I'm picked, but I don't really care if I don't. I would like a CDMA/GSM/LTE Z10 IOU though.

Kev!! You're the best!! I can't believe there are still such kind people out there! Faith in humanity restored!
Playbook for me please!!!
Thanks a lot!

Very creative contest Kevin. The Bose speakers are really cool. I also have to ask, a couple of spare PB? I feel luck to have the one I do own.

why would you go for the cheap stuff.

better off getting the playbook or bose speakers or laptop and selling it and with the money you get you could buy 10/20 or 30 blackberry cases. lol

personally laptop or bose speakers would be good or playbook.

A little playbook love would be sweet to go with my eventual BB10 device (still on the fence on the Z10 or Q10)

Paying it forward. Respect. Who doesn't want a free playbook? For nostalgia though a storm would be sweet. Thanks.

I will gladly take those Bose Companion speakers off of your hands; they'll hook up nicely to my Z10 once I can get one :-)

As much as I'm liking the bluetooth keyboard, I really need a new laptop. If I could send you a pic of the Acer I'm using to type this comment, you'd gladly hook me up.
Well, if the laptop is out of the question, can I at least get a few of those CrackBerry.com and #TeamBlackBerry stickers to keep my current PC together? :)

This is one of the most intersting give aways I every seen.Like everyone else a playbook would be cool but what I really want is one of those red splate stickers.Thanks

i recently had lost my totally awesome 64GB wifi Playbook due to unfortunately leaving it in my backpack in a public washroom a la Kevin style lol and it would be sweeeeet to have a glowing replacement PLAYBOOK back in my hands!! wink wink

Used playbook here is around $100. I will wait until the price got under $100, or until you or someone give it to me free. Maybe alicia keys :D

hey, Kevin, thanks for the offer. I recently lost my phone, so can I have any BB phone please. I also like that speaker, thanks

Kevin...can I have the white 9780 please? The other items are nice...but this is a Whiteberry owned by a great Blackberry user . Respect!

Anything from that bag would be a treasure.

Practical and realistic me would LOVE one of each of the stickers to plaster all over my notebooks and clipboards (yes, I AM QC_Al by trade...if you want to call QC a trade). Greedy and selfish me would LOVE a PB!

Regardless, I'd be honoured if you chose to give me anything that appears in that photo.

Cheers Kevin!

If I had to choose one out of all of them, I'd choose the playbook. If that doesn't work out then I'd take the laptop, or the white bold, or the curve 9300, or the mouse, or the speakers. Any of these will be fine.

Nice contest. This is y i gotta luv #teamcrackberry glad u got back your stuff. I would pick a playbook and a crackberry or teamblackberry sticker.

Kevin i would be happy to take all (or any) of that stuff off your hands, including the suitcase. Is that a Z10 phone hiding under the Z10 case, because i will definitely take that. I love that you do all these contest. Thanks, keep it up!

Awesome contest. All the items in the bag would be great to win. First and foremost, would love some Crackberry stickers to show my dedication to the site and to the company. Secondly, i think i see some Z10 Casemate cases; would love one of those.

My girl friend has bold 9780 but it's driving her crazy. It keeps cutting off and behaving weird. I saw this contest and joined crackberry immediately because I saw a chance to help her and what a better way than to get help from the blackberry father and info site (Kevin and crackberry.com respectively). I'm a daily reader of crackberry.com and I also want to say "thank you..." For keeping the blackberry lovers in the know!

I would love the Playbook.

But if not, the BlackBerry 8800 (one of my faves) or the speaker thing would be awesome as well!

Blackberry Playbook because at this rate that is the only way I will get a chance to have a BB10 device thanks to my carrier U.S. Cellular looking to be luke warm about even getting a BB10 device.

Hmmm!! I would love a CB Sticker and a Spark Sticker!! Or what ever you R willing to part with. UMMM,... no I want a Spark sticker so Bad,... Please!!

If that is a white Bold 9900, it would be my first choice (to replace my finicky 9810 that keeps crapping out on me)... otherwise I'd love to get a playbook!

If you want to give away a playbook, that would be awesome.
I could really use one for traveling (I'm still breaking out the laptop in the airport :-))

I think i'm the only one that wants that old blue Blackberry. I'm on AT&T and it looks like t-mobile so that could be a problem. If it is, i'll take a spark sticker!

I want that Z10 that was hiding! I want it because its awesome and you're awesome. (A little brown nosing couldn't hurt, could it?)

wow, thats great. i would like to have a playbook. or a bold 9900.. any of them are cool.. thanks kevin for the opportunity to win.. i've never win any stuff before this.

Would truly like the white blackberry mini speaker that can be used for the blackberry z10---- which I LOVE.

Hey Kevin could I get the Apple magic mouse for my mac? Pretty pleeeaase?? :D Thanks and even if I don't win thanks for all the great content all you guys at Crackberry post! I love reading and watching the stuff!

Chuckle... dude that is a lot of hardware to be dragging around. I kinda want to check out your garage and get at the mother lode.


And having said that please don't pick me...for the z10 yes, but I'm good on the accessories right now.

Karma has indeed been kind to you, Kevin. Glad you got your luggage back and you decided to pay it forward to all of us.

My first pick would be Playbook with the necklace, and my second would be Bose speakers (autographed, if you please). :-)

You can also choose to give me one, some, or all of the BlackBerry phones. I still want to donate them to those in need.

Thank you for your generosity. Good luck to everyone! :-D

I'm patiently waiting for the release of the Z-10 here in the States, and I'd be able to wait even more patiently if I were lucky enough to win that nifty BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker. I'd be able to enjoy some calming music from my PlayBook.

I would be grateful to have anything! Any of the BBs or playbook, Bose sound dock or pc speakers, CrackBerry scale, z10 speaker..

One of those Crackberry stickers or the BlackBerry action stickers or the team blackberry stickers would be awesome though, im in the process of sticker bombing my fridge!

I'll take the Magic Mouse. Tired of my piece of crap wired mouse that came with my iMac.

Thanks :)

In as much as I would luv to have a new playbook, I'd rather go for the 8220. It was my first ever Blackberry device and I still luv that guy!!! Lol

P.S: great work guys, more reports from emerging markets like Nigeria would be fun.

Wow - what a generous offer. I'm a poor student and my laptop just died.
I can only surf Crackberry on my PlayBook now -- the small screen is cramping my style.
An old PC laptop would sure be better than my paperweight ThinkPad :)

Congratulations on getting it back. May this giveaway keep the good karma coming your way. I would like either mouse as I am currently looking to get another one. Still rocking the wire since my wireless crapped out. Embarrassing!

I would love to win one of your spare playbooks that you have. Looking at what you have in your back pack I can safely say that no one should ever complain again about the things a woman carry in her purse.

I would love to have that white 99XX or 97XX. I just upgraded for a z10 and am less impressed with keyboard and battery life for my needs. The above white phone with the keyboard would be a gift better than any Christmas present.

I'd love the case for my future Z10! (Here's hoping VZW ever releases it!) But I'll settle for a spark sticker! Thanks Kev! :D

I don't have one since my mom took hers to ecuador and I need it to sync my BlackBerry honestly I have 0songs in my phone :'( fingers crossed

I have followed crackberry posts waiting on the US release of the BB10. My Bold 9700 finally died and I settled for a Nokia 810. It sucks, I miss my Bold. I would love the White Bold. Thanks for paying it forward.

I could use a Playbook autographed by THE Crackberry Kevin himself; and I'll give my other playbook to my daughter thanks to all the new educational kids stuff in BBW. :)

BlackBerry I-spy!!

I spy something BOLD.

I spy something BLACK.

I spy something that is under #TeamBlackberry.

Can you spy what I spy???

I want to win that white pearl 3G. Because I want to return to blackberry even though I can't afford it now. And I love white phones!


I would love the mac keyboard n mouse but the spark stickers will make me a very happy person!
Thank God you found your bag and everything is intact.
Thanks for doing this event too! :)

I'll take the playbook since you're offering, or any z10 case for when I get one in the US! Plz and thx, you're the best k dog haha

Yeah for Kevin getting his luggage back. And 2nd yeah for him offering us his goodies!!

That Apple wireless keyboard could use a good home here. Me interested in that!

Please please please!!

Many thanks!! =D

A PlayBook and its gold chain necklace, please...
Would be epic to actually 'wear' it Kevin-style!

Sent from Jakarta, BlackBerry Nation.

from one winnipegger to another... I'll take a playbook... my roomate took mine when she spilt root beer on here laptop, and needed something to browse with... i miss my playbook lol

Omg kevin plox(plz) plox plox can I has the Pearl 3G!!! If I can't have the pearl

I've really wanted a pearl 3G but never got one. If not how about a spark sticker or a zed10 case???

Por favor?

I always wanted that BlackBerry Style back in the days, I found that a flip top BlackBerry was a perfect spot between protection and usefulness, and that it was a good transition between older phones and smartphones. Had to keep my contract with my Storm 9550 though!

Although it is purple, my girlfriend just can't wait to get a BlackBerry (somewhat got convinced ;) ), but needs to wait for her contract to finish, so that could be a perfect gift for her.

Good karma is on your side, Kevin!

Wouldn't mind a PlayBook and a few Z10 cases. Heck Kev, throw in a 64GB microSD card. Shoooot, lemme get greedy here. And that Porch BB as well, Thanks!

I could spey the Bold 9900, it would really help me to stay organized, especially since I'm struggling with typing more than a few paragraphs on my iPhone...

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Kevin, and what a great way to get good karma. I have been a Blackberry addict since 2007 and have loved every minute of it. Right now I have a 9800 torch which was great when first released and then i heard about blackberry 10 and have been following it on crackberry everyday. So i would love to win a Blackberry 9900 Bold or any bold there. And also loving the curve. So thanks for the content Kevin.

Hey Kevin, there are a few things I would go for. I would rock another playbook, the laptop, or the Z10 cases or holster. Any of those would make me happy. If you a have a playbook rapid charger in that bundle, I would love that as well. Thanks Mate!

First choice would be the Bose iPod dock or the PC laptop. I could also use a PlayBook, but I'll take anything

Kevin, I think it's a great idea you had to prevent karma from coming back to haunt you, and it's very generous. I would LOVE A PLAYBOOK ! I had one since they first came out and I regretfully admit I bought and iPad mini since then. However, nothing compares to my old playbook!

Dear Kevin,

I'm trying to not being picky, but may i get get the pearl flip or the storm 2? Both of them are my first love with Blackberry but I couldn't get it since they are very rare in Indonesia :( If i could get one, please autographed the device for me, i'm begging you :')

Thank you

Hey Kevin:

This is Karma... wanna go again..?

I could use something newer than my curve 8520. keeps crapping up on me.. don't know if I'd be able to wait till the z10 is available and can afford in the states.

I'd go either the Playbook, or the Z10 case. My current Playbook, I hardly get to use, as my 4yo son plays it all the time, and my wife is always playing Tetris on it (she's a technophob, but like the playbook).

I'll take the BlackBerry Bluetooth Stereo, if not ill take a #TeamBlackBerry Sticker or even the BlackBerry Spark Stickers :)

BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth Speaker please. If that is not available anything from Kevin's luggage would be a great find.

Glad you got your stuff back...

Nice of you giving back to the community (like you don't already).
A blackberry curve. Since no one is really posting of it and I'd like to have a touch screen blackberry device again.

Hey kevin i'd love to have one of those old bb devices, anyone would do. prefer one thats trackpad or touch screen

Why do you carry SOOOO Many items just for ONE simple trip? O_O that's beyond me lol but you kept your cool knowing these items could be lost for good? You're good lol i would have lost my mind lol.

I'd love the bose speakers or a simple TeamBlackberry sticker ^_^