Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!

I once was lost, but now am found!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2013 02:03 pm EST

Karma Contest: Leave a comment letting me know which item you'd like to have out of the suitcase below and you could win it!

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After spending a month in Toronto at CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, I flew home Sunday night. When I arrived at YWG, only four out of my five checked bags came shooting down to the luggage carousel. Missing in action was my Tumi carry-on, which I had to check because it was densely packed and weighed in at 40lbs (the carry-on max weight is closer to 20lbs).

My missing luggage never arrived Monday. It never arrived Tuesday. So by this morning I had written off that I would ever see it again. Nothing in the bag was mission critical for me -- I carry all that in my backpack -- but there was a lot of good stuff packed in there. A couple spare PlayBooks (along with my gold chain PlayBook necklace). A bunch of older BBs. A PC laptop. Bose computer speakers and iPod dock. CrackBerry stickers. Some Z10 cases. And more.

Then a couple of hours ago I got a call. My missing luggaged was found and a courier would be dropping it off soon. AMAZING. This was the first time I had ever had my luggage go missing on me. It's a horrible feeling. I'd rather not have it happen again. So to help keem my luggage Karma cup full, I figured it would make sense to pay forward a few things out of my bag to some CrackBerry readers. There's some solid stuff in there for CrackBerry addicts. Leave a comment to this post saying what you want, and I'll pick out a few lucky winners to have it. Typical contest details apply (open worldwide, contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Just leave one entry). Good luck!

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Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!



Hmm... What is this white phone with green edges? May I have it? If not, then what about the white Blackberry?
Best wishes. May the luggage return to you safely.

I'd gladly take the macbook of your hands as my current laptop is being extremely noisy and heavy so I can't take it to any seminars where I need it >_<

on a side note, you're quite lucky to get all that back :O Canadians are awesome indeed...

How about paying it forward by sending me one of the spare Playbooks. Been searching for one for the wife....have ambitions of converting her to a Blackberry user. Been looking for a Playbook here in the US but they are getting a bit hard to come by. I'm hoping I can bait her in with the Playbook and once the Z10 is released on Verizon I'll have her support to go pick up a his and hers models and get her using Blackberry.

Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

I would like to get the black Blackberry which shyly hides under the stack of "#TeamBlackBerry" tags. If it's not possible, then the sky blue one.
I wish you devil's own luck, the best one.

The PlayBook please if you can spare it so I can video chat with my son when I travel. We use mine and my wife's right now but he would be stoked to have his own. We chatted every other day while I was in Europe a couple of weeks ago. If not, a Spark Sticker would be great.

Actually, I'll take the Tumi bag since you already know you can live without it. I'm going on a much needed vacataion next month, first time in ages, and I have shit for luggage. If one of those chargers will work on my 9650, I'd take that. It would be great to keep the bold charged while I'm chillaxing.

Stickers!!!Planty i need , for car with CB logo/web adress and some logo star Blackberry
Please :)

After much deliberating, I have settled on either the laptop or the Bose speakers. Either one would totally make my week! :)

Very generous of you to share you "stuff" in gratitude. I'd love that white BB Bold, or the white Z10 speaker from the review set! Thanks, Kevin! So happy it was all returned to you!

May I have a pouch, please? The dimensions are either:
110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm (19.55 mm at thickest)
124 x 60 x 14 mm
I know you have a few pouches here, but I don't know whether there is one which would fit...
Otherwise, choose whatever you wish. Best luck.

Is that a NICE THIN MACBOOK hiding under there!!! Hmm.... Kevin, our older white Mac 13" has seen better days! Or for my future z10, the swivel holster would be cool.

I'd love a playbook, but a stack of the #teamblackberry and Crackberry stickers would be equally sweet to slap on my "apple" co-workers gear.

I'd love a playbook, but a stack of the #teamblackberry and Crackberry stickers would be equally sweet to slap on my "apple" co-workers gear.

Is this keyboard spill-resistant? And it certainly fits into a briefcase... May I have it?
Good luck, and nice dreams.

Awwe man. I've had my luggage lost once. Super awful shit. Probably one of the worst trips ever. Just one fail after another. After getting stuck in Paris for three days, which sounds like it should've been fun, was absolute hell. Wasn't supposed to land in France but the weather caused the detour. So customs didn't really let us in the country and we were put into nation quarantine as to not admit us into Paris. Spent those three days in virtual lock down. When the weather finally improved, and finally getting to my destination, they lost my bag. Because it was such a cluster, didnt ever get compensation for my bag nor the cost of of the bill incurred. Took a while before I wanted to travel again.
Uh. International travel is wrought with peril.

Nice way to spin the rubbish luck to good luck into something really nice a positive.

Love for some stickers goodies and some z10 gear to lace my zed with.
Thanks in advance.....go BB10 go Kevin!

I'll be honest I would probably keep the karma train going forward. I want to gift a PlayBook to some of the BB converts I know to keep them interested.

I would love to take the white blackberry branded bluetooth speaker that was introduced with the Z10

I would pair it with my blackberry bold

If that's a BlackBerry Storm 1 or 2 in there I would love to have that! I currently use a bold 9930 and a playbook plus my girlfriend owns a torch 9800 and 9810 but I really miss my storm 1 and my subsequent storm 2. My Storm 2 took a nasty spill a year ago hence the 9930 and, believe it or not, I miss it :( - love you crackberry, Bb ftw!

Hmmm....I need a new case for my PB. How about autographing that blue one and sending it my way? A guy can hope right?

A playbook would be really cool being some random person is probably enjoying a new 64gb playbook that I lost yesterday, had some good movies on there too.

I'd want the iPod Dock or the White Blackberry (9900 I think :) )

Thanks and may your karma cup stay full :D

6 pages later in a matter of hours .. lol

Since I have a storm, torch, torch touch, playbook already ...

wish list :

1) Bose dock

2) Z10 or case

3) a playbook high speed charger :)

I am now a proud owner of a z10 that I've named "VADER ". Also the day I received Vader I also bought a new car. I would love those stickers for my new ride. Please. It would make me happy happy happy. Oh and maybe suprize me with something else. I love gadgets and I love Crack berry. Stay kewl and keep crackin'

yepper know how ya felt ... air canada, switching planes at O'hare 2003(?), coming in from MDT, outbound for YYC they misplaced a large MEC duffel full of purchases (approx.$600) from the eclsts ... not a easy thing to stomach, worse was i found out during a followup call to track down they would have let it go to the big warehouse to be auctioned off in the future, if I had not pursued my filed claim done in YYC on landing .... #!^^&@>%

Where does one get a large CB sticker +, ..... possibly during a "blackberry experience" ? Which will never likely be seen in YYC considering the seemingly Z10 non-event here as there was/is no local excitement at the resellers here nor even the big day of rollout media stream was premarily from eastern Canada ..... probably YWG first for a BB experience lol

I would most likely want the car charger, a team blackberry sticker or the speakers. I really need the car charger for my torch 9800 because it dies in less that 4 hours.

oww, a clip-on speaker (i think that's what it is) would be nice ;) hehe, the one beside the mouse

Some splat, CB logo, crackberry sticker would be nice nice well :) :)!!!!!

I would love to take one of the playbooks, with a crackberry sticker on it, off your hands! I am saving my money to buy the Z10 and cant afford a playbook too. But since you have extra......

Hmm lets see The CB stickers and a Playbook to stick them to. Failing that, Id like the new BlacBberry bluetooth speaker as they are like hens teeth.

Kevin, that's great you got your luggage back! Good Karma to you. I desperately need a BlackBerry. Would love the white 9700/9780 (not sure what model it is) or a #TeamBlackBerry sticker.

Kev Kev KEV!!! that bose dock will come handy for some BB10 partying!!! please pick me KEVIN MICHALUK ill tell your parents on you

I would like any of the following: The acer laptop, the food scale, any of the speakers or stickers!

Hi Kevin, please choose me.

Hmm, there is so much options to go for. I would definitely want your laptop to see how a crackberry genius thinks.

Also if any of those playbooks are the 4G versions I'd love one of those!

Finally, I'm a huge fan of stickers so if you could throw in a bunch of those stickers I would truly be grateful.

Honestly I would be happy win anything. Thanks.

By any chance is there a z10 hiding in the pile of stuff... PlayBook would be awesome, or a new phone as mine is slowly dying, but ill take anything :)

Thanks Kevin

Definitely would want a "Spark" sticker or pin to show off my Blackberry by choice pride. But a playbook would be awesome! I don't see one in there, but if there is a music gateway in there somewhere... Not saying all three, any one of those would be totally cool. :-)

This is the funniest contest you've had yet! I'd love a z10 case and naturally, stickers. What's the "teamBlackBerry" item?

I would be thrilled to get a bold 9900 (I see it) or "big blue." Each phone is a piece of bb history. Also, the bold would hold me out untill the z10 hits the USA.

I really need the suitcase, going to vegas this year and I could really use that sweet thing to hold my sweet gadgets. If it holds Kevin's gadgets it will surely hold mine! Pssst I wouldnt complain if I had some stickers inside to improve my laptop decore :-)

Man, losing your luggage really is a bummer. My dad works for Air Canada and if he could have done anything to help locate your luggage, he would have. Your such a cool guy and we all love the work you and the Crackberry team do to keep everyone informed and entertained. :) and in regards to the contest? I will go with a modest choice and choose either the Storm 1 or 2. Not picky at all, Always loved them so much but have never had the money to get one... Wish me luck! and thanks for giving us the opportunity to even win anything out of there... Cheers! Mike

Acer laptop or the bose speakers would be amazingly niceee already had those blackberry phones and I'm using my blackberry playbook right how!

I could use a playbook, more storage the better for family videos. I bought a 16GB for my crackberry habit and then my daughter (not yet 2yrs old) got the addiction too. Without a case, and one bad tantrum later, the whole screen ended up smashed a couple months later. I still use it because I have no money to replace the screen (and the YouTube videos seem beyond my skill level) and it still sorta responds to touch gestures.

Please give me the laptop! I've been wanting to get one for 3 years now. Please please! Thank you for your generosity, may God bless you.

Is that a BB Music Gateway? I’ll take that. If my eyes deceive, I’d go for a playbook, a z10 case or one each of the stickers.

I think the Tour would be kinda cool. But if its already gone I'd like to try for the white Bold. You have some pretty cool stuff there Kevin!

Since I have to wait til September for an upgrade... one of the Z10 items: case or speaker... just to hold me over... but a spark sticker would be nice...

I'll have the acer laptop please, with a crackberry sticker thanks :)... I already have my PB, and on March 12 the great z10 will be released here in Venezuela so no rush for the cases hehe

I'll have the acer laptop please, with a crackberry sticker thanks :)... I already have my PB, and on March 12 the great z10 will be released here in Venezuela so no rush for the cases hehe

PlayBook or Laptop, or even just a BlackBerry Sticker would do just fine. Always wanted one of those stickers! :)

My grandma has been needing a new computer, so the acer laptop would be great. If not, I'm sure she could use a Playbook ;0

If I could have a few crackberry stickers for myself, that would be great.

Hey Kevin,

An odd little request here. If possible I'd like to receive the BlackBerry 7200-series you've got over there. My first BlackBerry was a blue 7290 and it's also the only BlackBerry I didn't keep (much to my regret now). So if possible I'd like to give this golden oldie a new home.

You'd be making Belgium's biggest BlackBerry-fan a very happy man!
Thanks in advance!

A playbook to get my Blackberry hating android developer friend to start showing bb10 some love would be nice. Or just the Z10 leather pouch with a spark sticker shoved in it. That would be amazing.

Bose Dock, Bose Speakers, or a Playbook would make my month! I'd take a phone in a hot sec if I wasn't waiting on the Z10 to make its way to the U.S.!

What a Saint! I'd love to take the Bose speakers or a PlayBook of your hands to lighten your heavy load for your next trip!

Anything you're willing to part with man... if i do have to choose - a device for the GF, needs a BB to hold out for till the Q10 comes. Sorry you had to go through that man...could only imagine the feeling...

Con los terroristas....... I'll have the sticker - I'll put it on my laptop while performing Harlem shake @Babson just before finals XD

+1 for BB10

To help keep your luggage Karma cup full, I would like to assist you by removing from your possession one white BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker.

Keep up the great work, wouldn't know what I would do with out CrackBerry.com.


The BlackBerry Style for my Wife would be Great... Ever since she saw that model she want it so bad.... she never got it... ;)

Esta cabron with airlines! Anyway, glad u got ur bag back, Kevin! Now, a PlayBook would be awesome or a CB sticker!

What I really need is the playbook keyboard... If it's not there I can accept another playbook or the 9900 phone... Thanks

I know exactly how Kevin feels. We had our luggage go missing on the outward bound flight of a 3 week holiday in Orlando. Apparently it had gone to Portugal instead (we live in Ireland so thats a major difference lol). Luckily the airline managed to get it on the next flight and they delivered it to our holiday home at 4.30am the following day.

Anyway, I wouldn't like anything big. The little silver bluetooth keyboard, a Playbook rapid travel charger or maybe the bose speakers. Oh, and a Crackberry sticker wouldn't go amiss either 8¬)

Kevin ! You travel light.....WOW Think you have as many items in there as there are 1000+ comments.

I would LOVE to at last win something from Crackberry !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

ok enough begging. Hope I can increase my chances by selecting 2 and does not disqualify me.

Either The Playbook (wow would love that-LOVE)
or the Acer notebook would be cool.

Have a graveyard of blackberrys so.....playbook or notebook/laptop

Thanks ! your the man !

The Blackberry Bluetooth speakers......... :O but i'll settle for the Playbook charger because mine just broke a few minutes ago.

Wow thats pretty lucky you got your luggage back, and really nice that your giving it away. Would lovee the laptop, really need one for university. Or the playbook, whichever.

I broke the screen on my 9800 an am using my Bold 9000 until the z10 in available in the US. That Torch sure would help me with the wait until the end of March.

I've wanted a BlackBerry Playbook for over a year, but I can't afford one (even at the ridiculous price cut). Or #TeamBlackBerry and Splat stickers would be awesome. Or the Bluetooth speaker is cool too. I'm not picky haha. Thanks for having all of these contests.

Hey Kevin, Congrats on the found luggage!!!

I'll take that furry thing and the gold chain, 'cuz I always love pimpin' out with Crackberry style. Maybe I'll hang a BB on the chain and show what it could have been like if Flavor' Flave was our Blackberry Creative director instead of Alicia Keys. LOL!

Those Boss speakers or the personal computer would be great, but i doubt those are up for grabs i guess spark stickers (and mouse pad) would do just fine.

Any Blackberry that is compatible with ATT bands in the US would be great:) I had to sell my berry many monthes ago to move and have been stuck with my pre 2 since then. Or stickers. They will go on the back of my car.

I would love to have some CrackBerry karma and would gladly take a PlayBook off of your hands and help you regain some luggage karma.

Hey Kevin,

Im surprised you sound so chill about an almost lost luggage. I would have been totally pissed and called the airline 5 times every day. anyways since my bold recently committed suicide i d be really happy with any touch screen keyboard bb until i can afford a q10.

Can I please have any PlayBook accessory and one of your old BlackBerry Phones (like BlackBerry 5 or older) Thnx.

I would like the white phone. I can use that until the Z 10 becomes available in the U.S.

Kevin, I get that you're a nice guy, but seriously........
All that stuff missing?
You should have went down to the Airport, found the first Air Canada employee giving you a dirty look, walked up to them and slapped them silly.
Just kiddaaaaaaan.
Good on you for not spazzing out. Or at least, good on your for not mentioning it in the article? LOL

Anyways, if the Rosewood CaseMate Case is sitting in that pile of goodness (I think it is), it'd be cool to have. =]

Thank you so much for the opportunity....its really nice of you....I would love the Blackberry Pearl 3G. :)

I would love the PC laptop. I am getting ready to start school for software engineering and the only computer we have is my wife's netbbok.

I could actually use one of those Playbooks since the screen on my 14 month old playbook cracked this morning.

i want the playboy and penthouse mags, hope the pages are not stickey, but if those are taken ill take the playbook thanks

id love to get my hands on the white berry can't make out if its a 9900 or a 9790 but either works, the playbook would also be nice if not the berry,

Kevin, I would take anything you want to give me. I'm not picky I just love all blackberry stuff.
Thanks for this opportunity.

I'd like to have that BlackBerry 7000 series phone, purely for nostalgia's sake. The 7230 was my first, and its gone from me forever :( I'd also appreciate one of the "action required" stickers

I would GLADLY accept any one the items shown!! Right now I had a hand me down BB Curve 8530, from my cousin who just got an iPhone 5. I would truly be happy with any prize you consider giving me... I hope I catch your eye and win something!!!! :)

I could really use the laptop, my wives laptop is on its last legs and we have another kid on the way, so we can't really afford any new bills at the moment.

family and i took a trip to greece. after a long and tiring flight back home to chicago, one of our luggage went missing. airline found it the next day and returned it to our home. nice!