Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin's lost but now found luggage!

I once was lost, but now am found!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2013 02:03 pm EST

Karma Contest: Leave a comment letting me know which item you'd like to have out of the suitcase below and you could win it!

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After spending a month in Toronto at CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters, I flew home Sunday night. When I arrived at YWG, only four out of my five checked bags came shooting down to the luggage carousel. Missing in action was my Tumi carry-on, which I had to check because it was densely packed and weighed in at 40lbs (the carry-on max weight is closer to 20lbs).

My missing luggage never arrived Monday. It never arrived Tuesday. So by this morning I had written off that I would ever see it again. Nothing in the bag was mission critical for me -- I carry all that in my backpack -- but there was a lot of good stuff packed in there. A couple spare PlayBooks (along with my gold chain PlayBook necklace). A bunch of older BBs. A PC laptop. Bose computer speakers and iPod dock. CrackBerry stickers. Some Z10 cases. And more.

Then a couple of hours ago I got a call. My missing luggaged was found and a courier would be dropping it off soon. AMAZING. This was the first time I had ever had my luggage go missing on me. It's a horrible feeling. I'd rather not have it happen again. So to help keem my luggage Karma cup full, I figured it would make sense to pay forward a few things out of my bag to some CrackBerry readers. There's some solid stuff in there for CrackBerry addicts. Leave a comment to this post saying what you want, and I'll pick out a few lucky winners to have it. Typical contest details apply (open worldwide, contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Just leave one entry). Good luck!

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I think I might be the only person in the world who doesn't have a tablet...I just got the new Z10 but would LOVE a Blackberry Playbook...please...pretty please...with sugar on top!! :-)


Laptop, but I would be happy with a slew of crackberry stickers!


Been wanting a Playbook forever, but just haven't been able to afford one. So I think I'd take one of what you have there, and gratefully!


I would love one of the older bb models

thanks kev!


Ill take the super boss speaker please.


Glad to see you got your stuff back. I'd love to have a Playbook. Over 16gig if you got one. Thanks for making this available to us!


Kevin, you guys always come up with the coolest contest ideas. I'm dying to get my hands on a BlackBerry Z10, but I'm a U.S. Verizon customer. A little while longer! Out of all the loot there, a PlayBook would be the coolest for me. I've been dying to get another one so I can video chat with my girlfriend in Spain. Our BlackBerrys have kept the relationship alive during these past 7 months apart, and that's why I'll forever be a user. Thank you, Kevin!


I'd love to have the BlackBerry PlayBook.


Sound dock! Or the apple keyboard.


The Playbook or the laptop would be nice! Thanks kev


Dibbs the PC laptop. Otherwise the Bose speakers or a PlayBook (can you sign it first). Great contest.


I don't have a computer and can't afford one right now so a Playbook or the laptop would be lovely. Anything with a screen big enough to do work. Thanks in advance.


That's good news Kevin. I have had my bags go missing - and found, but most of the "good stuff" was gone. I would like the 9900 and a Spark sticker. I have the Z10, but gave my 9900 away. I miss that keyboard/touchscreen combo.


One man's lost luggage is another man's treasure or something along those lines :P


Hi Kevin,

You are a good guy for doing this, and I'm glad you luggage has been found! I wouldn't mind the z10 case, or the playbook with the pimpn' gold chain (or just the case with the chain attached if someone else wants the playbook since I have one already).


I would love one of you spare playbooks. Always wanted one and it will hold me over until my BLACKBERRY Q10 comes out. Some of those decals will do also.


Happy you got all your gadgets back Kevin, your Karma level must have been high! :)


Thumbs up for Air Canada and to you Kevin... this is really a tough call... I mean I could go with the obvious and pick the laptop but instead I am going to ask for the second obvious :) ... please give me a Blackberry Playbook ... not because I need, but because I want it. ohhh... and don't forget to put a crackberry sticker on it! Thanks in advance... Regards Tom


So glad you got your bag back... on that note I really really need a Z10 case preferably the transform case/shell.. & of course some CrackBerry & #TeamBlackBerry bumper stickers.. looks like u got plenty of those to go around & I love to represent CrackBerry & BlackBerry whenever & however I can... I'm in the U.S. so I can't order any cases yet so I definitely need to win one.... please & thank you!!!!!
#2 BlackBerry Fan!!

PS.. I know we've only met once (BlackBerry fan night NYC) but my beautiful Daughter Brianna's 2nd birthdays on this Sunday the 24th & I know she would love a PlayBook cuz She uses mine more then me half the time & I get it back all sticky & smeared & messy.. so if she has her own it would be such a great gift & I can have my PlayBook all to myself again which would be awesome!! Then I can learn to live without the case for now but some stickers would still be great. You would be amazed how well She can use a PlayBook its crazy to me.. she has her own games..knows how to get around use gestures & all.. she's a lil genius & if u pick me/us she will probably be the youngest and happiest CrackBerry winner ever!!
O yea & She loves stickers to.. =)


A car cradle for my Playbook would be nice...


I want the white BB9900. Thank you! :)


The white 97XX looks good to me. If I win it, I might just change up to it until the Q10 comes out, and then let my dad (a new crackberry addict) use it afterwards.


The laptop please!!


I'll take a shot at that light blue case looking item in the middle of the page. Not sure exactly what it is but it looks interesting.


BlackBerry/CrackBerry stickers please

Glad it was found. Thanks




im glad to help you with your karma :)... jajaja its hard to pick buy i can use an extra playbook :)... jajaja good luck everyone


I would take the the Storm 9550 off your hands.


The Z10 case for me!!


I'll go with the PB; it'd be awesome to give it my folks at home and easier to stay in touch via video call. If it comes with a cb sticker i'm giving mine to my folks ang keeping yours :) anyway, you're awesome, Kevin!
Rocking my two berries:
Torch 9810 OS and Playbook OS
Twitter: @mr_theend


I hope I'm being original there...

Can I have the Blackberry Bold ?
It looks like a 97XX-type.


Did I see a Blackberry HDMI cable? If not, the wall charger for the PlayBook would be great!

Jonas Van Gestel

haha nice post, please give me a playbook


Magic Mouse, Apple Bluetooth Keyboard or Bose Computer Speakers with iPod Dock. Heck I'd take a cool sticker or two! Glad you got your bag back!


Playbook would be sweet!

Brian Ouellette

I would like that black Playbook shock absorber (cover). That looks useful for me. Oh and stickers!

Now, I could really use a Torch to program some apps with.

And if you have it. I could really use a car charger for the playbook. The charger I have doesn't output enough amperage.


OK Kevin I will leave it up to you!!! Suprise Me..... TNX :-)


Oh and I forgot....

Pleaaaaase Kevin.


I am glad you got the luggage back.
I would take that PlayBook . They are very rare in Toronto these days.


That's why I don't pack anything important in my bags. I'm deathly afraid they'll loose it. Of course I don't pack nearly as many electronics as you, nor do I have that many lol


Kevin and CrackBerry I am ok with the speakers keyboard. Im ok.
So Pick Me


The Black Bold 9700 or the white one, which I believe is also a bold 9700 series? Either way I'd take that.


apple keyboard, magic mouse


Z10 case or swivel holster would be awesome!


That Z10 holster would be a nice contest gift, im glad they found your bag kevin, nothing worse than getting home only to have some of your things not return with you... been there myself, NOT fun


I would love the Blackberry Spark sticker to put on the back of my laptop!!!


I'd love an extra PlayBook, the first thing my 2 year old son wants when I bring him home from Nursery is mine! ''Daddy, wheres your PlayBook? Tom play on it!''


Z10 Case and a sample of those Crackberry stickers....one of them would look good on my car!


Now, send me a playbook or laptop, or....


I'm not gonna lie and act like I need the laptop or something HUGE just because of it's price value. I mean as much as it would be awesome to win the laptop or PlayBook, what I truly do need is a bluetooth keyboard. It would be absolutely awesome to be able to win that keyboard. I mean heck, it probably has tons of memories with the hard work of you typing up articles for CB, that thing is a piece of history as far as I'm concerned! Would love to win that, thanks so much for this, can't believe you are giving away so much, really scary to hear that they lost your bag.. That's not a good feeling I can imagine..

Thanks Kevin! :)


Boy, I would love to get those speakers or 9900! :)


I would love a playbook Kevin !!! :D


Would love the Acer laptop. Mine is on its last legs...you can slap on some crackberry and teamblackberry stickers too :). Hope this helps your Karma.


Tough for me to choose between the pearl and the 9320 (at least I think that's what it is). I think I'd choose the pearl. Would make a nice backup phone.


ill take a z10 case or the bb keyboard. one of those would be awesome.

Jovanie Rodriguez

Can I have a CB Sticker and one of those black Team Blackberry rectangular shaped something... :)


Z10 Case to cover the lovely red Z10 I am getting!


i'd like speakers...or magic mouse...or laptop. lol. or at least some spark stickers!


What a fun contest! I'd love to win a PlayBook! :)


UUuoooouuuu, i want the Blackberry Bold white :D.


Tough call! I guess the laptop, please. Thanks!

BA Baracus

would love a case for my new Z10!


I see a PB and a white Bold. I'll take either of those, or those speakers look good too!


How about the Bose docking station. that would be nice! and a Z10 if you want to throw that in as well.


is that the t9 pearl!?! if so i'd love to swipe that off you.


would love the bose computer speakers. Have been a long time supporter of this site!!


The old school blue blackberry! Or the White Pearl. I love vintage blackberry products.


Apple Mac charger, mine died.


Is that a white bluetooth car kit underneath the purple BlackBerry Style??? If so that would be awesome...


The BlackBerry Gateway that is hidden in the top pocket of your carry-on luggage!!!


Thanks a lot Kevin!!!


How about sending me that nice laptop with the new crackberry logo on it?


I want the spark stickers or CrackBerry stickers. Pretty much have one of everything else there.


Hey Kevin.

Put me down for the Torch or Bold and a splat sticker.

My 16 year old son needs to join his parents in our Blackberry world. We tried him out with a 'smartphone' from Huawei on Wind's pay as you go. Just to make sure he was responsible, He is but the phone was crap!



Ill take the laptop please! with a crackberry sticker to slap on it! or the gold playbook chain...or apple(-esque?) keyboard


i just registered because you are so lucky, and all that stuff its like a treasure. wow i'm really impressed, all those thing in that ?... i wish i can get the suitcase... or anything... win something would be awesome


Definitely a PlayBook. I need another Playbook. Nobody should have to live with only two PlayBooks.


I'd like the 9360 or a STORM!! :-)


I'll have the Bose speakers, thank you.


I'd take a Z10 case, since I cant have a Z10 until US carriers get their thumbs out of their posteriors. I can at least hold it and pretend it's March. A Team Blackberry and/or Crackberry.com sticker would be cool too so I could represent!

Awesome you got that bag back. That's a good load of stuff in there to end up without.


Stickers are very cool! Anyone would do.


I hardly get any time with my PlayBook because my kids are always using it. A second one would be great!



A PlayBook would be nice, or the Bose speakers.


Wow, I'm hoping karma hits you in full force for doing this! I would love to win the laptop for my wife. I bought her a playbook not too long ago (thanks to the advice from the people in this thread http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-playbook-f222/just-bought-playbo... ) for nursing school to replace her old laptop (blown out speakers, dead battery).

Thankfully the PB takes care of most things for her like recording lectures, viewing powerpoints, but I can see that there is times when she still needs a laptop. Of course she'll never ask for one, she knows money is a little tight with both of us going to school, but if I was able to gift her with one I know she'd be ecstatic!

Thanks once again for doing this giveaway Kevin! I'll be sure to give you the credit for the laptop if I end up winning it for my wife! =]


Would love some Crackberry stickers :) that would be amazing :)


How I would love to give my mom a PlayBook, she's just starting her own business selling her sewing and it would help her so much at trade shows!



Playbook please, need to convince my wife to stay Team BlackBerry!!!!


Would love to get a playbook, or that handy dandy apple keyboard.


Is that a Pearl Flip? That would be a great treat to have! Kevin, you are the ULTIMATE in BB gadgetry!!!


The Bose speakers would be awesome.

Ebuka Allison

I would really like a spare playbook or at least a laptop


I would happily take either a play book or that white 9900 off your hands and as someone already asked it would be awesome to have it signed by the amazing crackberry Kevin


I would love a spare playbook please!!!


I'm not picky, I'll take whatever you choose.


If I win I think I would go for the leather pouch for the Z10, every BB I've ever owned lived in the leather pouch it is only fitting that my Z10 (that I will be picking up this weekend if the stars align properly!!!!) also has a lovely leather home :)


Free stuff? I'd like to enter for a PlayBook please.

Johny 5

ANYTHING FREE would be awesome :D

Thanks Crackberry!!!


I could use a playbook or one of the blackberries.


A playbook or some of those awesome stickers would be nice


i would love one of the playbooks please


I want you to think of the children Kevin, my daughter would love a playbook for her Barbie videos.

It's awesome you're doing this.


I could surely use another PlayBook sir!!!

I am glad that your bag made it back to you...


One "spark" sticker please.

Glad to hear you got your bag back Kevin. I know first hand how frustrating it is when "they" lose a piece of luggage.

good luck all, and thanks Kevin........ :-)


I'll take a couple CrackBerry.com stickers and a Playbook and those speaker look nice! The leather holder too ;)


can i have the pearl flip??


Playbook would be lovely since I managed to lose mine last month!


Wow, popular!
I would love a Crackberry sticker or 2, to put into videos I have started making for the Z10! (Free advertising! ;-) )
Or the Z10 holster, very handy for work!


realtorgs loves Crackberry Playbook. Glad you got back your bag. It's happened to me and I don't like it either. I've got a Playbook and enjoy it a great deal. But the wife is putting pressure to get her one and she means business. She threatened to changed the door locks while I'm out working trying to put food on the table. This is serious stuff? Kevin....HELP!!!


I'm amazed that they could mess up with your checked-in luggages... Especially when its just within Canada...and no connections... Haha. Anyhow, good thing they found it and you got all your stuff! :)

Are those the Z10 Case-Mate Barely there? If yes I'd take that white or brushed aluminum case please! :P If not then maybe the Bose Speakers? =P

Thanks for the contest!


Playbook would be great, would love to get one for my daughter.


The portable boss speakers would be awesome! Thank you Kevin


hm.. :) fun idea.

based on the karma principle, if you could send the world famous CB weight my way, I could make some baked goods and/or waffles for my friends.


Because my wife steals my playbook, i would like to have that, thanx. Or the very old blackberry, always wanted one. Thanx.


There's Curve is sitting there under the stickers.


i would love to get one of those Playbook or laptop for my school works :(, i ll pay the mailing cost


id take a PB , if theres a 4G one Id go for that one.

second place would be an assortment of stickers.



I would like to have the "New Item Indicator" sticker please! :-)

Loves BB10

Id like to try the apple bluetooth keyboard or the dock station!


I'll go for the pc laptop and the keyboard and off course the stickers.


I would like the playbook please.....second choice z10. Case so when I get mine, still waiting here in the USA :(


I'd be fine with the Spark sticker :) I've been looking for some everywhere!


I'm happy you found your bag but if you giving away stuff I will take the PC laptop or Playbook!


The luggage gods must have smiled lol


The White 9900 BB would be great.. and a spark sticker!


i would love any of the BB's that used OS7 as i had a 9780 on OS6 so i would like to know what OS7 felt like.

if OS7 phones have all gone hopfully a Z10 case
thanks xxx


i'd like a BlackBerry Z10 case :) I don't mind which but id prefer not to have the swivel one please :) the pocket pouch is my preference


Cool contest... I would want the big Ol' Blue BB... would feel bad getting that from you though.


the pearl flip please! i love it!


White Z10 Bluetooth speaker would be awesome, as it'd go with my white Z10 and my white transform case from the Crackberry Store.


Kevin - I could really use the Aple keyboard. Thanks!


I'd sure take one of those spare PlayBooks.


For me this superb keyboard pretty please !!!


I'll take a Playbook please!


Thanks, sweet deal! I'd love that Curve (9320?) on the bottom left, next to the white discman.

I normally do my own giveaway once a year when I upgrade, but this year my mom has claimed my Torch when I go Q10. That Curve would keep my coworkers happy :).


Speakers pretty pretty please!

Pam Pam Naraidoo

I want the 8800 that is my favorite phone ever and stickers. 8800 had it all and is was a good size. Now everyone want a super computer in there pocket next to there junk.



A PlayBook pleaseee!!

Paul Aulakh

Love the way you think kevin, way to pay it forward!! Wouldnt mind a playbook to replace mine with a broken screen, had it since day 1! That, or a z10 case and some crackberry/spark stickers would be amazing! Good luck to everyone!


Give me ALL your stuff! Z10 or PlayBook will do :-)


I'll take care of that bose ipod dock or speaker for you =D and a spark sticker would be awseome!!!! xD


I can live with some stickers :)


PlayBook or Z10 cases please


Can I have the Apple keyboard please? :)


Winning a Playbook would mean a lot, Please and Thank you


I would love one of Kevin's spare Playbooks to replace my dead one. Just before Christmas my playbook decided to hang at the Blackberry logo during bootup. I have tried everything to fix it, but I have had no luck. I finally had to put out a challenge to my geeky co-workers to see if they could fix it, but they have also failed. I really miss my Playbook and may need to go out and purchase a new one. Too bad Crackberry does not sell them. Here is hoping that Kevin sends one my way.


The white Bold would make it much easier to wait for the Z10 to arrive in the USA. :)


I'd love the laptop with a BlackBerry Action sticker on it. Or does that count as two items. Guess I'd settle fro the laptop. Great contest.


The Action Now sticker is sick I want that, but a CrackBerry sticker would be fun to sport too. Glad you got your things back.


I'll take your Laptop or Ipod speaker doc.


I'll take your Laptop or Ipod speaker doc.


Great contest idea. I humbly request the pc laptop. Been using nothing but BlackBerry since '09.



Great contest idea. I humbly request the pc laptop. Been using nothing but BlackBerry since '09.



playbook would be awesome. glad you got it back


that laptop would do rather nicely for my school work.


That's some cool stuff there.. I would choose the white Bold 9900!!


Any of those Blackberry phones would be awesome for my personnal collection, not to mention of great use to my mother as a new phone!

Oh yeah, and if you have a spare crackberry, blackberry or spark sticker, how can I say no!

Greetings from Montreal!


First of all, I am glad that you got your missing bag back ... now can I have that TUMI carrybag please :-)


nice i like lost stuff


id love a bold or a playbook to try out blackberry bridge. just came from android so id love to test this out!


As I am still using an OS6 phone an OS7 that would work on AT&T would be great until the Z10 rolls out


I would like one of each of the stickers please!!!
One of the CrackBerry Logo stickers, the Spark sticker, the #TeamBlackBerry sticker, and one CrackBerry.com sticker. :D


I could totally use a new PlayBook to do proper video chatting with family across the US. Would be awesome to share the BB goodness!!


Since you're nice enough to ask, either the Z10 case for the wife and her new phone, or the laptop for yours truly, be great if I won. Thanks!


Z10 CASE would be great! :)


Would love a spare playbook so my parents and I could video chat so the can see and chat with my 7month old son. If not good luck to all.


I'll gladly take the PlayBook off your hands to lighten your load.


Playbook or Speakers for me. Thanks Kev


The Bold to compliment my Playbook! Thanks for running this contest, Kevin :D


Glad you received your missing luggage. A playbook and some Crackberry stickers would be great.


Anything from the bag would be great.


I'd take the PlayBook off your hands Kevin!! I'd love to be able to give my dad a Blackberry PlayBook, because he LOVES Blackberry!! If not the PlayBook, I think he'd like a couple Team Blackberry stickers or Crackberry stickers!!


Unless there's a Z10 in the bunch ;) a playbook would be nice. Thanks for the contest. Good to see you got your stuff back.



If you're #1 blackberry fanboy, I'm the #1 blackberry Haitian FanBoy.. lol I would like the White 9900. Merci..


I would love to win an old blue blackberry(the one between the playbook charger and playbooks). I believe that's 7230. Please, Please, Please... I always dreamed about that beast!!!!


Pick me please that bose speaker!


Hi Kevin, Glad you your luggage back. I too once lost luggage...ON VACATION. Not fun, but if you are willing to celebrate your good fortune, I will take the Apple magic mouse thank you very much. After all I don't see a Blackberry 10 device in that bunch. Bummer! LOL


I'm going to say the 9900. I'm new to BB and far, far too lazy to look up an image a 9900 just to confirm there is actually one in your luggage pic. I just want to see first-hand why people are asking why they should consider dropping their 9900 for a z10. Im guessing no contest. My route to BB has been HTC HD [win mob] -> Nokia C3 [meh] -> HTC Incredible S [Android ginge to ICS] -> Z10 [Yay!]


Would love a Bold as my lock button is knackered Please


Literally registered at CrackBerry for this when I saw it on your homepage! Any Z10 case would be awesome as I still don't have one for mine yet and would hate to see it get scratched up :)
Thank you


Kevin, you are a man with a heart of gold! I would love any BB that you have and that will work on Verizon. If not, that Bluetooth keyboard would be awesome! Thanks!


ooooh. i'll totally take the bose sounddock or a 9900!


PlayBook, and white 9900 + 1 team blackberry sticker


PlayBook, and white 9900 + 1 team blackberry sticker


I'd like a z10 case please.


I will be more than happy if i'll get one of the playbooks !!!! Love that "shit" sooo much :)))


The magic mouse or bluetooth speakers!! :)

Brian Edwards

I call the laptop please!


NEVER EVER be afraid of flying. ALWAYS always be afraid of airports. The pilot will never lose your luggage. Dude, lost mine many times. I sympathize.

Would LOVE an extra Playbook and/or PC laptop for my 6 yr old. If you're feeling generous toss in a Z10 case for Daddy (me).

(waiting with an aching heart for my Z10 in California)


i want the flip purple bb thingy :)) pretty please.


Playbook, or some stickers

mario jr

not sure if i see a 8900 if so that! if not pearl flip. bbcb 4 life , bb crackberry, bb contract breaker


LOL Kevin what don't you come up with? And all I'm asking for is a nice Z10 case for my wife's Z10, and please let me have a couple of those bumper stickers for my work car. If not the case than how about that awesome white 9700 those are solid phones, love em.


I'll take a PlayBook please


Is that a Torch in the middle? I would love to play with an all touch blackberry before I make my choice between the z10 and the q10. I have always had the keypad blackberrys (tour,bold). Even if I could borrow it for a couple of months it would help in my decision. Thanks for the opportunity.


I'll take the Playbook


Hey Kevin, I love how often you guys have contests and giveaways. Awesome! Anyway for me it would have to be a Playbook or a Torch/BOLD 9900 if you have one. Preferably the Playbook :)


A Playbook sounds good to me! But I would be glad with anything!


Laptop all the way, could use one.


ERMAGHERD! This is awesome!

I'll have a PlayBook please!

Oh, and one of those CrackBerry.com stickers would be nice to put on my car's back window :)


I'll be happy with that white bold down there on photo!

Najam Khan

Can I have the Bose computer speakers? :D

Najam Khan

Can I have the Bose computer speakers? :D


haha... this is insane! However, if I MUST pick.. the playbook would be amazing


I'll take the laptop please!


Let me see.

Tell you what Kev, I'll make a short list, and if I win just pick one of them (and perhaps hand deliver it to Steinbach?)


Speakers (with the dock please)

if one of those older BB's is a bold (97xx or 99xx), sure.


I'd love to have the CrackBerry stickers and the Bose computer speakers.



ide take that little bluetooth speaker off your hands! :)


White Bold 9900 PLEASE!!!! unless you have a Z10 secretly hiding in there.......

Thanks Kevin!

Glen Litwiller

Blackberry bluetooth speaker, Glen


A 9900 Bold (either black or white) would be nice for me to get started on Blackberry. I have been using a featured phone since retirement. Physical keyboard is what I am used to. Q10 is on my wish list.


That is really lucky! I'm glad you got your luggage back. I'll take the Z10 Case if you don't mind me! :D


I'd be happy with a couple of the BB/CB stickers. Happier if they came with the speakers or a PlayBook!

Emmanuel Malho

Aiming for the 9000 or the Storm2!
Oldies but coolies!


A Playbook please..... Mine was stolen a month ago on the bus and i can not afford a new one....


A white BB9900 for my son or a Playbook please


I'd pick the laptop! Thanks Kevin!


I'd be happy with any one of those stickers! :)


If that is an I pad under the mac book charger I'll take that. If not my girlfriends laptop is dying and she could use the acer one.

I also see the same case mate case I am using. Lol. I don't need that anymore lol.


I would like a playbook please. ;)


CrackBerry or BlackBerry Spark stickers would be awesome.


A Spark Sticker or CrackBerry Sticker Please? Thank you! :) And I will give you a haircut if you ever have to be in Calgary and need a trim-up...


Give me the extra playbook and I will pass along my old play book to my wife...of course I will tell her that it's free because of Karma!!
Can't wait until BB10 and new OS for my playbook!


White Bold please! :D


Kevin's got a FULL backpack! - YWG Airport is slow at the best of times, let alone their "new luggage system that is supposed to be quicker...and losing your stuff is chaos!
Did your lost bag atleast make some travel of its own? :P

A Playbook would be nice, as would maybe a 9900 or 9810 device, or speaker dock!
Heck if there is a 9860 in there, that's sweet too..



I would love love love a playbook! I have a alienware lappy...would love the playbook to tromp its place in my heart! *Grins* Glad to hear the good Karma...and that you're payin it forward troll slayer!

BlackBerry NATION!


Definitely a Crackberry.com sticker!!!

...and if it's attached to a Playbook or 9930 then I'll put it to good use too ;-)


I could use a laptop!


Stickers!!!Planty i need , for car with CB logo/web adress and some logo star Blackberry
Please :)


I would love to get a Z10 hard shell case if you had that in there or a PlayBook. But if you pick me anything you send over would be great.


bb style for me!!!!! =)