Kanye West treats Jay-Z and Beyonce to brand new Porsche Designed BlackBerry P'9981

Porsche P9981
By Jared DiPane on 3 Apr 2012 12:45 pm EDT

It appears as though Kanye West got ahold of the fact that not only does CrackBerry Kevin have a Porsche Designed P9981, but Miss CrackBerry has one as well. In an attempt to dethrone them from being the most awesome BlackBerry-carrying couple around, Kanye went ahead and purchased a P'9981 for his good friends Jay-Z and Beyonce. While recently out in London, Kanye apparently sent his driver over to Harrods to grab a pair of these high-end devices for his pals as a nice surprise.

It's nice to see the P'9981 landing in the hands of more users even if it's mostly celebs) and maybe this will inspire the Ferrari PlayBook to become a reality! :-)

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Source: The Sun 



I think that I'm happier with my 9900 than they with their p'9981


Awesome~!! i hope you get your os update kevin.


You know, the market for luxury/premium/designer stuff is actually reasonably healthy these days. If RIM has a product that's a success in that market, who are we to snicker at that?

I mean, Nokia is now trying to unload Vertu, in part because there's a whole load of expensive value-add that goes with it. The P'9981 seems to follow a much more sustainable business model.


I'm sorry Kevin and Ms. Crackberry, but wouldn't the over $4000.00 go to better use at donating to a food bank for those out of work and just need a little assistance in these trying times. No bling can satisfy your more knowing that a struggling working class family can hold on for that extra month or two, which could make all the differance in their lives.


You must live in the US, as do I, if you lived in Canada you'd know that every Canadian pays enough in taxes to be able to buy this kind of stuff guilt-free.


The Canadian government called, they want half of those +'s

El Platanero

I don't know why RIM doesn't reach out to them for marketting. Imagine a commercial where Kevin and Ms.Crackberry are walking down the street and are sporting their phones. Kanye runs into Kevin and says "no way". Breaks out to his limmo driver and next seen you have Jayz and beyonce walking down the street with the same phones. Jennifer Lopez runs into them and says "nice.". Ok maybe not Jennifer but you get the idea.


That's interesting considering I saw a pic of Beyonce several weeks ago with the Porsche BB.


In a commercial for Rocawear, you can see Jay-Z has Bold 99xx. Saw it during last nights NCAA National Championship.


why are you guys pushing the Ferrari Playbook? It is nothing but a normal PB with a vynil red stripe around and a horsie splashed somewhere on it. Oh, and the price tag will be 10 x the normal price.


this is one ugly phone

El Cid

Looks pretty much like a circa 1970s calculator with fancy colored graphics display. I'd pass on this design/form factor. I'd love to see that concept slider that was posted here a few days ago turned into reality, that was a gorgeous form factor and design.


Hey Jay and Beyonce, the 1990's called and they want their "future phone" back.


That's what you would buy if you had too much money and not sure what to do with it.


guys i have replaced 12 phones of blackberry, bold 4 9900 ... P9981 is also suffering from same problem as mine - KB29474 ... the money which spent on replacing 12 phones.. is around 1000$ .. hate blackberry ... the problem still hasnt solved, m gonna shift to i phone on next replacement..


Here in Nigeria , almost 2/3 of the youths make use of blackberry phones..its a thing of pride here because the higher the phone the more respect you get from people around.I know about 12friends that make use of the blackberry Porsche.and they are not celebrities..here in Nigeria it costs abh 318,000naira ($2000)..we have a very big market (blackberry)..even street hawkers have wht we view as the least phone (a curve 2).9900 is everywhere ...pls Kevin I think Nigeria has the largest BB market in Africa n prolly top 5 worldwide.




Right cause thats gonna help the brand...consumers are all over this one...lol

RIM lost..