Kanye West Loves His BlackBerry... And Pays The Price!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Oct 2009 11:16 am EDT

If only Kanye would have said the words I Love My BlackBerry before Spike Jonze slapped him for not being able to put away his Curve, this could have been a real contender in our I Love My BlackBerry video contest. This is a funny behind the scenes clip and is a bit of good viral marketing for their latest video We Were Once a Fairytale, but what I want to know is... has something like this has ever happened to you for real? I can't be the only one out there who's had to endure a slap or two for paying more attention to the BB than the person you're talking to (seriously hope the gf doesn't read this post or I'll have to take one more).

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Kanye West Loves His BlackBerry... And Pays The Price!


What would make this video even funnier if it was Taylor Swift talking to him and then slapping him......Now that would have been FTW!

i love kanye...this was funny...also the video "we were once a fairytale" yeah it would have been great if taylor was in the video but this was shot over the summer.

Yea i never got slapped but ive had girls snatch my phone right outa my hand casue they were mad i was on the phone and not paying attention to them....oh well they shouldve had more interesting things to talk about if they wanted attention haha

yes so true happens all the time...one time my gf literally hid it from me one of the biggest fights we ever had becuz of that

Kanye is a premadona spoild brat yea I said that the wussy (substitutet that word)
Needs to grow up and be a man and stop acting like he had a hard life!

It so hard when you mom has a doctorite and you grom up in nice neighborhood! He acts freaking emo!
I wish he got slapped for real!

This is good to www.kanyethis.com

Apparently your are worse then he is because last time I checked, he knew how to spell...Good luck with that though

every race baiting white person gets run through the dirt but this joker shows his true colors and it me thats "butt hurt"... sure...

Oh sorry yep my wife has had a conversation with me I didn't hear due to the blackberry! The couch sucks!! :)

Had an argument and broke up with a girl a while back. One of her issues with me was that I always message people back on my Bold straight away, even if we were watching a film or eating food or something!!! "You message Are-Mad, you get Are-Mad" was my response....o well, plenty more fish

People need to seriously get over the incident!!! Get a life and move on..he's got more money than me, you and HER!

let it go!

wth does the amount of money he has, have to do with the incident? i never liked the guy anyway.. not my type of music, and not my type of individual at all.. taylor swift aside, i'd feel the same about what he did, had he done it to any singer, male or female, black or white, or any other race you can think of.

how bout we talk about how awesome beyonce was for giving swift the stage? how bout we mention this isnt the first temper tantrum he's thrown at the VMA's? what he's kanye? he has money? that gives him a right to be an jerk?


before it was cool to hate him..long before the Taylor Swift incident. That charade just reinforced my belief that I was was right in my thinking.

I didn't care much for Kanye for starters. But what he did to Taylor Swift was rude and disrespectful. And after that incident, it's already affecting him. He was set to go on a World Tour with Lady Gaga and the ticket sales were so bad, they had to cancel the tour. Lady Gaga is doing her own tour now and is selling out. Kanye is a jackass, as what Obama said.

Kanye has been a strong supporter of Obama from the racial perspective, and I wonder if he did that to Taylor Swift in retaliation for what the South Carolina Congressman did to Obama during his speech to Congress. The SC Congressman yelled, "You Lie", to the President on national TV. Of course, it was a white congressman from the historical racist state of South Carolina. So, what does Kanye do, he interrupts a white girl's speech on TV, then yells at the audience that they lie, because Beyonce, a black woman, should have won. I don't think it ever was about Beyonce winning anything. It was Kanye retailating for the Obama speech interruption. That Congress incident happened in recent weeks before Kanye's outburst. I don't think Kanye realized how classy Beyonce is; she is not the type that would find that funny or appropiate.

oh, and it doesn't matter how much money someone has. if they're a d-bag, they're a d-bag. money doesn't define the person.

If Kanye ever does a Blackberry commercial I will dismantle my Blackberry with a hammer a chose another phone. Blackberry or not, why the hell are you promoting this on your site. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Yep I believe I will be an android man if he does I won't support him in any way!
I agree a douch is a douch and that is all!

Ye' does have a sense of humor. Why wouldn't he? Oh that's right b/c of the "Swift incident". Get over it. Take the video for what it is. Funny.

For me its not the swift thing! That was just more icing on the cake of despicable acts from that ass hat!

@jerseyred that was good!

Yo Kevin! Imm’a let you finish with your post, but Matt Damon yelling at Adrian Grenier was one of the greatest fake viral videos of ALL TIME!

It's gonna be a HUGE effort to get back in the majority of the public's good graces but that being said this was HILARIOUS! and yes I've suffered the same fate on some dates - but oh well I'm just awaiting my crackberry queen lol

Geez some of you in here need to a grip on reality...i mean he made himself look like an idiot at the MTV awards when he dissed Taylor Swift...but holy moly come of you have taken it a bit too seriously.

I suggest ya'll take a step away from your keyboards and go outside for some fresh air.

Some really childish and pathetic comments in here.

Anyhow back on topic...great to see Kanye with a sense of humour...

Kanye is a racist puke.

He tried slamming MTV for being racist on the night they were dedicating the music awards to Michael Jackson...

"George Bush doesn't care about Black People".....Remember when he said that? George Bush told those people 3 days before the storm hit, that it was coming.......

Kanye is a douche nozzle.

Look at Bush's actions (or better yet inaction) with regard to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He screwed up royally. New Orleans is made up mainly of lower income African-Americans and they were left stranded with no help for days. Also, I can't remember what politician said it but stated of the Katrina aftermath that it was a "clean slate" for developing...meaning that they could finally get rid of the lower class people.

he got the chris brown

this is one of the funniest momments, no wait South Park burning him with his gay fish song is the funniest moement =)

Most people dont give a fuck about the taylor swift incident. He is who is he is, if your just gonna be a hater then hate on.

In fact if anything good came out of that VMA fiasco is the new "imma let you finish" meme

What does me being liberal have to do with anything. He obviously doesnt give a shit about anything anyone on here says, and as much as you might not like his character he makes music that appeals to his crowd...seriously shit is so overblown.

He's outspoken and just doesnt give a fuck. Is it better he keep it under control? Probably, but then we all know what to expect from people...see how the media loves to antagonize T.O. cause they know he'll say something.

But like i said, keep hating i guess he must be doing something right for you to keep wasting your time saying stuff about him.

There are a lot of immature haters on here that like to hide behind their computers and bash Kanye but wouldn't have the stones to say anything to his face.

I don't agree with some of the things that Kanye has done, the Taylor Swift incident being one of them. He was rude and insensitive but he saw the error in what he did. Give him that much. You may not agree with some of the things he does but he is a gifted artist. A little too cocky and outspoken, yes but he is human like the rest of us.

kanye is one of those people I have had to separate from his music. Yep, I like a few f his songs, but the guy has some serious issues and is a an embarrassment to the human race. Forget the Taylor Swift incident...that was merely the most recent stupid stunt in a long line of them pulled by this retard. Go Kanye...make yo mama "proud!" LOL!

Yo, Kanye! I'm happy you love your Bold and imma let you finish reading your emails, but I just want to say that the Bold 9700 is the best BlackBerry out there!

He doesn't deserve to be using a BB? Are you serious? lol. I didn't know someone had to be given the green light to use one. I'm sure there are worse people that use BBs..lol.

ok, i'm gonna chime in one more time here. i would love to tell him to his face to f*#k off. i really would & if i had the chance, god help me that would be the first thing i say.
i'm from chicago & grew up not far from where kanye grew up. i use to love the fact that he spoke out about chicago & how he said what was on his mind. i liked his music. but the fact is, politics can play a part in what people think about eachother. he acted like a d-bag 1 to many times. how many times does he have to let his true colors show & then say he's sorry till people realize, HE ISN'T SORRY. it's funny he got bitch slapped in the video yes. but it's annoying to just see someone who believes they're above everyone else.

example, i slap you in the face & say i'm sorry. then i slap you in the face again & say i'm sorry. then i do it again & again & again. am i really sorry? no and neither is he.

you wanna know why kanye is the way he is? go to the west side of chicago then you'll see. he's a product of his own environment. the people there are ghetto & just straight trash & so is he. so you wanna understand? go there & then you'll see.


So just because Kanye comes from a "ghetto" or "trash" part of town makes him the same by association? Are you serious? People are what they make themselves to be not based on what area of a city they live in.

I agree I would love to tell him to his face!!!

And I'm sorry but what ghetto did he come from the upscale ghetto right? You need to have a rectum caranium extration before speaking!

Ah, that would've have been the perfect Wildcard pick for the Iluvmybb contest! It's cool seeing a controversial entertainer like Kanye getting knocked down for using his Blackberry. For entertainment purposes though, it would have been hilarious had it been Chris Brown talking to him and taking a swing at him after being ignored! :-)

I bet 99% of the idiots that hate on Kanye so hard for the whole Taylor thing never have and never will buy a Kanye West album and have never been a fan to begin with. So all the "i'll never buy another album" bullshit is pointless. Get over it, people have done far worse and your collective tears STILL wont stop this man from selling millions of albums and filling up stadiums. So keep crying on the interwebs, while he's sipping on champagne in first class.

Too many weak minded sheep on this board. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

He's a no talent hack appealing to the mental defects.

Fuck kanye and fuck crackberry.

I didn't get slapped but would have if I wasnt in my car. I almost rear ended a large Tahoe SUV while texting today. I swerved into the other lane a little when a cop was driving by in the opposite way in that lane. (seriously)

I almost get in a few accidents pretty much every day while texting on my storm. I also constantly run off the road a little while texting because the storm requires two hands to text in landscape mode.

....and I'm very thankful for the rumble strips on the side of the highway.

Are you serious?!?! So every day you are endangering someone else's life because you are texting!? Stop texting while driving IDIOT!!!!!

Haha That was pretty funny. Kanyes pretty good, and Taylor Swift is pretty lame IMO. and btw Kanye likes Fish Sticks

His little stunt did exactly what he intended it to. It stirred the pot and got his name plastered everywhere. In fact he just popped up on my shuffle.

This was supposed to be a humorous piece of entertainment. It baffles me how it suddenly became the battle of the races. It doesn't matter where he grew up or how much money he has.It doesn't matter that he made a complete fool of himself at the VMA's. Although what he did to Taylor Swift was tasteless, bad publicity is still publicity! He's got his name in your mouth regardless, doesn't he? And it doesn't matter if our 1/2 black president was rudely interrupted by a white person..yes, I said HALF black, his mother is from Hawiia! I'm white, AND from the apparently well known racist state of South Carolina, and I voted for Obama! Oh gasp! Guess we're not so prejudice after all! In fact, I have a 9 month old son whose daddy is black. People need to stop making generalizations and take the video at face value.. It would have been funny regardless of who it was on the receiving end of the slap!

Can't believe I would post to this thread b/c its Kanye, but he's such a loser...and for those that talk about how much money he has...Perez Hilton has more money than all of us too, but so what? Its just a ploy to get ppl to think he's a normal person b/c he's got a BB addiction...I'm not fooled, and hope you aren't either.

kanye is off the chain, he is the music worlds dennis rodman. and when his next cd drops it will go platinum if you like him or not. the only reason people felt bad for taylor swift is because she is sexy as hell not because she is a nice christian girl.

on many occasions my wife has Stormed out (pun intended!)or started yelling at me after asking me a question and my response indicated that i was to busy browing the web or playing sudoku, or downloading ringtones, or etc... she's never actuallly slapped me, but i am sute that i am getting closer each time, lol!

i think i was one of only a few posts that even responded to Kevin's suggestion about if this happened to any of us. God, some people are itching for a fight no matter where they can get it. i suppose if it had been george bush, you people would be boycotting the site, lol. grow up and find some political hack site to bitch on