Prominent investment group Kahn Brothers increase stake in BlackBerry by 80%

BBRY on the stock market
By Simon Sage on 14 May 2014 01:08 pm EDT

Prominent investor Irving Kahn has increased his firm's stake in BlackBerry from 250,000 shares to 450,000. The Kahn Brothers group generally invests in unpopular stocks, and BlackBerry certainly qualifies. Seeing as Irving is 108 years old, he probably has a pretty good radar for companies that will ultimately make it in the long haul.

BBRY stock is currently sitting at $7.38 on Nasdaq, which is up from $6.48 six months ago, and down from $15.25 a year ago (and obviously down from their 2008 peak of $147.55). At such low prices, it's no surprise to see investors interested in BlackBerry, though one would hope that they would hang on when (or if) the company makes its turnaround. Of course, Fairfax Financial remains the biggest stockholder right now.

How many of you guys are BlackBerry stockholders? Have you heard of the Kahn Brothers before? Anybody else thinking of investing with the stock prices where they are?

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Prominent investment group Kahn Brothers increase stake in BlackBerry by 80%


Should have bought them while they were still 8 lol u were late.

Paragrapgh 2: Fairfax still "reminds" should be remains?

While buying the at 8 compared to 11.80 is better, why should he have bought them at 8 ... would still be losing at this point...7 or 6 would be better...?

Exactly, if you believe in a company then add more when the price is lower, otherwise, just sell and move on.

I held a few shares from last year, and recently added more. I never risk what I can't afford to lose, and I am patiently optimistic on this one.

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Best comment on investing thud far in this and many threads here!!

Dollar cost averaging kids.

I have two shares bought at $8. Will load another $200 tomorrow.

Shot from

Perfect time to buy, already have my broker keeping an eye on bbry to get me a good price!

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I like the stock at this point, although I'm constantly wondering where marketing is on this one in NA. I think design and engineering and bringing the goods but not marketing. I'll buy more once I see marketing kick in.

I want to invest but I don't know where to start. Where do I buy shares from?

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Qtrade Investor, BMO investorline, Scotia iTrade, RBCdirect invest, TD Waterhouse Questtrade (Canada)
Etrade Fidelity Scottrade TDAmeritrade among others for the US.

If that's your first question on this topic then I first recommend you to inform yourself about the stock market and the risks involved, No offense pal, just for your own safety...

Otherwise long for the long haul in BBRY...

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Is there a lower limit to how many shares a person can buy in Blackberry? (not sure if I worded that properly)

Good to know as I know nothing about it at all. We do some investing stuff with ScotiaMcLeod but thats as far as I go :) so I'll keep it in mind. Thanks

I'm actually going to pitch my investment club about us buying a bundle based on MDM and the regulated industries security outlook. These guys are also my scotch club -)

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I am a shareholder as well and have been for a few years. I am in for the long haul. The future looks bright and I am excited in the direction BlackBerry is going.

108 and still overseeing stock purchases...??? Really???

I don't think I would want any of my $ invested with this firm...and I am really glad this man is still living and hopefully functioning nicely.

I just can't imagine(even the founder of a firm) a person @ 108 years old making any client based investment decisions, this HAS to be a typo/error of the man's age or a mistake that he is still making the right firm's investment decisions.

Murray Squire Marr

108 is probably close to him being the oldest living person on the planet at the moment, if not the oldest...which means that his age is most likely incorrect.

Murray Squire Marr

I'm still incredulous...I would have to see a live video of him talking about business and investments and the happenings of THIS year in order to believe that he is even remotely involved in the firm's investment decisions.

Murray Squire Marr

Prominent investment group *KAHN* Brothers increase stake in BlackBerry by 80%

Fairfax Financial *REMAINS* the biggest stockholder right now.

I guess increased THEIR stake by 80%,

Anyway I had my Uncle (big into stock market trading )
Buy me 100 shares @ $ 8 am killing it at the moment :-)

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I bought at 15.x$, when bb10 was about to be released, because, knowing that QNX was at its core (THE reference Masterpiece RTOS), I'd bet RIM would just bomb the mobile market for its intrinsic security and for its outstanding performance, even on modest hardware devices compared to the existing competitors.
The other thing I was pretty sure about, was that very soon, the best and most techy savvy manufacturers (Sony and Nokia for sure) would have adopted bb10 finally dropping the creepy, ubiquitous mediocre bloated & vastly overestimated analdroid platform.
Too naively indeed!
Unbelievable... then Rim changed its name into blackberry... and that to me was the biggest mistake ever (QNX was the key, not blackberry)
Good to know that the masses of tech zombies are resurrecting with, of course, no valid technical reason, but because somebody from the economic world thinks now the time has come for bb to be awarded as cool!
Shouldn't maybe wait a bit more... for better biorhythms, or better astrological convergence!?
Still patiently waiting for the inertial resurrection, good luck for your business anyway

Former shareholder, made about 25% ROI last year, then got back in at $10.50 holding long term this time.

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108? Retire already, buddy! What's the point of being rich if you work until you die?

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Maybe his work has kept him vital. There are many stories of recent retirees going belly up.

Vice versa, maybe his age has caused him to go senile and his investment is foolish.

I choose to believe the former.

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I have (just looked) 1160 shares - 600 of which were (after the 3:1 split) purchased at $2.05 (which my wife will on occasion deride me for not selling out at the maximum). The remainder I've purchased in the hopefully realistic hope that BBRY will return to something resembling its former glory days, in the $8-11 range. Now, if I could get my hands on my IRA holdings (which would be possible were I to be separated from my about silver linings), I may well split half of that into BBRY, thinking that it could make me a millionaire by the time I need to be.

I'm not a stockbroker, and won't pretend to be...and I did see a comment that "I don't invest with money that I can't afford to lose", so not everyone's a neophyte in that respect. But I do have to comment on some of those who want to invest in BBRY because they love the company. That's nice, but it has to be said (not that I'm guilt-free in this respect, since I held on to my RIMM shares because I like and believe in the company) that in order to profit by investing one should consider the likelihood that it will be more valuable later....whether measured for a short-term or long-term is, of course, another issue. The reason for this is because even if one has a sentimental attachment to a stock (looking at myself once again) it really doesn't matter, since most investors get into, and out of, a security with absolute dispassion, and will take you for a ride, whether that's up or down. The fact that the Kahn Brothers is upping its ante in BBRY is a good sign, but they could be wrong, too. Just sayin'.

I have 1200 shares I purchased when it was at 14.5 per share. I never heard of this company. I'll hold on until the day I retire which about 12 more years. I always add more shares whenever I have some extra money.

I bought 100 shares at $60 when news came out about them buying QNX and they said they were releasing a tablet. After the PlayBook fiasco, I bought more at $40.

I continued down the rabbit hole - bought shares when the co-CEOs left the company, bought shares before the BB10 release, etc.

Altogether I have about 400 shares. I'm looking to buy another 100 in the next couple of weeks.

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You have the high tech vision... unlike the Wallstreet people driving the big numbers low tech economy involution today... we must face it.
QNX rules for us... but its hidden behind the BlackBerry branding...
Well see what happens next. Good luck for your investment... we're More or less on the same track

I bought at7.50-8.00

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I have around 4125. I kept adding from 9.25, and lower, still long, BlackBerry will be back to 15 by end of year 2014,
Be strong and stay strong

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Hmm $1000 investment now millions to come in 5 years? Or an oh well I lost a $1000?

In squircle we trust.

I have some at $8.50 and some at $6.15. I'm not too worried. Just wish I had jumped when it went to $18 for 1. Day!!

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We're long BlackBerry with a little over 1,000 shares bought at from $13 and change down to about $8.

Death to short sellers.

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