Kahel by Pootermobile brings style and serenity to your BlackBerry device

By Alicia Erlich on 22 Sep 2012 04:20 pm EDT

For those of you theme lovers out there keeping track, The World of Pootermobile has been hard at work not only porting over their popular premium themes to OS 7, but designing some fabulous BlackBerry Jam Americas wallpapers for your enjoyment. As for new themes, there hasn't been one announced in awhile but I'm happy to say that the wait is finally over! Kahel is their latest creation and offers stunning graphics to make your display pop!

Kahel mean orange in another language and the color strikes just the right chord. The shade is not too bright that it overpowers the other elements but not too light that it doesn't stand out against the lovely scenic background. If you prefer your own favorite selections then do not fret because it is wallpaper friendly. From the moment you activate it on your device this is an eye grabber you will not be switching off of any time soon.

Kahel - Be Bold


  • Default OS7 layout
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • Custom icons
  • Media player skinned

Pootermobile has packed in as many details and goodies for you aficionados as he could without the folders being hidden (including a skinned media player). Personally, I love the subtle splash of color when you scroll up to the top banner and the custom icon set. Overall these icons give your device a great look, are one of my favorite sets, and include additional native ones for OS 7 (i.e. Bridge, NFC, Compass, BlackBerry Protect, and Documents to Go). Kahel flows nicely from one screen to the next and features custom fonts on the minimalistic homescreen. Perfect for all seasons and occasions, this one will garner attention wherever you go.

This theme is another solid offering for your BlackBerry device and I would expect no less from Pootermobile. His themes are always crystal clear, stylish, and easy-to-use. I actually find this theme to be very relaxing, especially after a long stressful day at work. You can own Kahel for your BlackBerry 9100/05, 9300/30/50/60/70, 9650/70, 9700/80/88/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 6 and higher. Be sure to grab it today at the link below for $1.99.

More information / screenshots and to purchase Kahel

Reader comments

Kahel by Pootermobile brings style and serenity to your BlackBerry device


Thank you for your comment.

Just a question, have you contributed to the BlackBerry community in any way? If so I'd be happy to have a look.

Yeah, the one posting the stupid non-contributing comment. Pooter does put allot of time and effort into their themes. Go elsewhere if you don't like it.

There are many, many people who enjoy using themes on their BlackBerry smartphones. I'm sure they respect your choice to not use themes, it would be nice if you also respected them as well as the developers who put in a lot of time and effort to provide them. :)

I stand by my statements. It would be nice if you didn't cyber bully someone for not agreeing with you or your post.

@Pootermobile I would like to thank you for making your work available to BlackBerry users. I do not personally use themes on my device but I do like to look at what you and others have to offer. May be someday I will see a theme that I just have to have.

Hey Skoal712 thanks! I like that you appreciate people work :) hey in the meantime you can download some of my wallpapers from my site ;)

Don't stop,.. The best of BB world is coming!! BB10 can"t wait to see what you do with what goes beyond the average software and hardware!! Keep up the good work, i have bought your themes and enjoy your expressions! Thanks Pootermoblie! Only thing is,.. whats the name mean?? thanks!!!

Leave the OP alone... he's actually right. Think about it... no matter how many new "themes" you try, it always ends up being the one or two faithful themes. Most just screw up your icons, drain your memory and otherwise waste your $1.99. Better off buying a Tim's coffee. That said, I do use the "Freco" theme from Pootermobile. The best of the worst for sure.

LOL! Sorry about that....your theme is actually solid. No memory loss and no funky icon issues. I should have said "just the best".

Lol thanks I can see why you don't like themes becuase of the folder bug in custom layout. Either way if there's something wrong with any of my themes let me know.

I have always loved Pooters themes. Everytime a new one comes out I purchase it. He takes time to think of creative ways to dress up our BlackBerrys and I thank you.