Justin Bieber wanted to be BlackBerry's brand ambassador

By Adam Zeis on 5 Dec 2013 02:42 pm EST

There are plenty of former BlackBerry employees that have much to say on the recent state of the company. It seems that they each have their own stories of what may have contributed to BlackBerry's decline -- some of the latest having been compiled in a piece from The Globe and Mail.

In addition to stories of Jim Balsillie saying BlackBerry didn't need to advertise and Mike Lazaridis not seeing the need for a camera in devices, BlackBerry also may have missed a huge marketing play in none other than Justin Bieber.

It's no secret that former BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben didn't really change the face of BlackBerry. He had a grand plan for a Superbowl commercial that was more confusing to consumers than anything, and he also had a hand in bringing on Alicia Keys as Global Creative Director. While Alicia Keys was hugely recognizable across the world, she didn't bring much to the table for BlackBerry. They sponsored her tour and her album was plastered over BlackBerry 10 screens, but the partnership didn't pan out in the end and we haven't seen anything from her in months. 

Vincent Washington, who was senior business development manager at BlackBerry from 2001-2011, noted that BlackBerry had missed a big marketing opportunity. Apparently Justin Bieber had approached BlackBerry and wanted to be their brand ambassador, but the response was "he's not going to last."

One thing we missed out on was that Justin Bieber wanted to rep BlackBerry. He said, “Give me $200,000 and 20 devices, and I’m your brand ambassador,” basically. And we pitched that to marketing: Here’s a Canadian kid, he grew up here, all the teeny-boppers will love that. They basically threw us out of the room. They said, “This kid is a fad. He’s not going to last.” I said at the meeting: “This kid might outlive RIM.” Everyone laughed.

Love him or hate him, the Biebs is one of the biggest names there is and would have made for a great brand ambassador for BlackBerry. He used a BlackBerry for years, he's Canadian, and the ladies love him. What more could you ask for?

Instead of Justin Bieber, BlackBerry got Alicia Keys. Maybe BlackBerry should have snatched up Bieber, said we'll Never Let You Go and they'd have One Less Lonely Girl. 

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Justin Bieber wanted to be BlackBerry's brand ambassador



Even that I dislike his music and personality, I really think RIM was totally fucked up in their minds. Idiots.. BBRY was a bunch of idiots.

It works like in mathematic: minus multiplicated with minus results in plus.... Idiots of marketing/business with an idiot of art/mankind could provoke a positive result in prominence....

Damn!! Missed out! I'm not a fan of him, but this could've been a huge opportunity!
that the embassador?
Can still be

No offense to Alicia Keys but Bieber have a better chance.. the youth!! That's where it's at!!

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Actually, I think they made the right call, though we'll never know for sure.

Bieber would have attracted attention, sure, but not all of it would have been positive. He's got enough "baggage" that he might have actually turned customers away.

Drake would have been awesome, though.

For 200K and 20 devices it was dirt cheap and Rim had nothing to lose. It doesn't work out No big deal it would have been very cheap marketing.

Nothing to lose? I disagree. Thunderbuck is right; you don't hitch your reputation to a public figure who is so widely reviled as the Bieb, no matter how many people do like him.

What year was the proposal...Hannah Montana era---cute/alongside Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus era---wannabe OG/slithering out of a Brazilian brothel?

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I have no idea what device Bieber use, but I doubt they loose cash over it. And I do think more people buy that device because Bieber use it (I mean, there is a reason why celebs is given devices as a marketing strategy). BBRY/RIM is in no position to turn down a dirt cheap offer like the one Bieber gave them. They (truly) had nothing to loose. Sure, Alicia Keys is a more PG13 friendly choice, but has it been the better choice? I doubt it.


Drake? The reaction from 90% of the planet would be who's that? People may not like Bieber but at least they know him.

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did you seriously recommend drake over JB? the point of getting Justin would have been to capture the new generation of customers still deciding between iphone, BB, android and windows phones. while drank is a rapper and would not have served any audience BB wanted, Justin would have hit everyone. Not to mention Bieber is a HUGE business kid now. you should check up on some recent news of his and see just what hes been up to and his spending.

I doubt that and Drake is a half Jewish and Black RnB singer /rapper which would do quite well than beeber.

$200k and 20 devices sounds like an offer more realistic for when he first broke onto the scene. He would have been promoting OS 7, not BB10.

Even so, imagine him telling all the teenage girls out there that they could chat with him on BBM (and no even BBM Channels). They could have used him to promote BB10. The marketing avenue for BB could have been huge. And they could hit that all so important teen market for phones.

Exactly. As much as I am embarrassed Canada begot this kid, so many of his fans would have bought what he's selling.

Yes they absolutely could/can. As much as I detest the lil bugger and in light of all the executive pay outs (millions), if the offer was valid, they should have taken it. Also knowing what the kid drives (I realize he's not that young) I'm surprised that he would ask for so little.

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Actually if it was in 2009 or 2010, that was when teens were huge into BlackBerry for BBM. Therefore his desire to come on board at that time makes sense.

Little did anyone know RIM would be slow to release their new OS then neglect it in favor of material excess, and that Beiber would create a bad name for himself.

Guess it wasn't meant to be.

Jeez how did they miss that?!? I'm not a fan of him but you cant fail to see the attraction he has on teens and the teen are the future consumers...

Exactly!!! They wanna keep marketing to the same old crowd and then, have the nerve to complain when they get the same old results.

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It's a lot easier to get them when they are young then to convince them to switch later.

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I'm wondering though. If BlackBerry is superior and teens are who to win over. Why can't teens already see that BB10 is better for them. Why are they sticking with their Home Buttons? Is it for a dream of one day working at Google?

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Because android & iPhone are more flashee then BlackBerry

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Love the product they sell, but boy do they seem to keep pushing opportunities away.

Considering his objectionable conduct this year including spitting on some fans, starting a London concert two hours late, and pissing in a bucket on the street, the partnership would have been disastrous. Definitely not the ideal brand ambassador for a company looking to regain its former glory in enterprise.

But the article displays exactly how much BlackBerry's upper management is out of touch with reality.

We need smart marketing, prominent in store presentation, immersed sales people including education and sales incentives.

B's. BlackBerry has gone past that structured plan. For marketing anyway. They need something a whole lot more aggressive. Bieber would have been a perfect match. Teen market, trendy market, Canadian origin. Every ambassador comes with their pros and cons. His pros definitely outweigh his cons by a ton. Pissing in a bucket my a**. Ha

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Thank you. He is an ambassador of no one but himself. Hind sight and all but I think this would have been one more disaster for the company. I hear half his twitter followers are actually bots and his concert sales have tanked since his visit to a Brazillian brothel. BlackBerry should not have tried to look cool at all. Frankly, for me BlackBerry is so not cool that's it's the coolest phone out there, they need to use that angle not flaky professional celebrities.

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Problem is, BB isn't in the business to sell phones to albertaslim, they're in the business to sell phones to anybody and everybody.

Like it or not, he would have helped move inventory.

My point was that it is a double edged sword. Bieber would be losing them sales at this point. And BlackBerry's downfall is that they tried to half-ass compete in the 'anybody' market and got burned badly. Bieber was going to stop this? That's laughable. They are a niche player now no matter what people want and I seem to be part of that niche. So explain to me how they aren't making phones for me?

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I highly doubt Bieber would be costing them sales right now, BB's sales suck lol. How did you come up with such a definitive conclusion?

Would Bieber alone stop the bleeding right now? Of course not, but things aren't as black and white as you make it out to be, his name alone would help mindshare in a segment dominated by Android, don't kid yourself.
You're basically saying unless an initiative will turn the company around 100%, it's not worth doing. That's what laughable my friend.

My point is you and I alone aren't going to keep BB afloat, Bieber's name would help move inventory and keep BB relevant in a certain segment of the market that it's not even a player in right now. For a company at that size, success is a combination of many different activities and this would have been a win for BB.

Bieber "spitting on some fans".
BlackBerry spitting on its loyal user base.

Bieber "starting a London concert two hours late".
BlackBerry's infamous "coming soon".

Bieber "pissing in a bucket on the street".
BlackBerry fumbles launch of BlackBerry 10 in front of the media (and the world) in New York City and causes CrackBerry Kevin to prematurely cut his ponytail. No Blackberry 10 smartphones until April for you America.

Wow!! BlackBerry and the Bib to have a not in common.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

He's here (Australia) at the moment on a tour. We're actually thinking of deporting him. Graffitti, drugs, bad behaviour = bad boy no-one but tweens want.

On his rise, it would've been a great way to market to the young people. Now he's on the descent part of his fame. It was a long 15 minutes, but it's coming to a close.

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I totally agree with you. They should have at least taken the risk. Then again, they aren't exactly in the position to experiment since their stocks dropped below 6 bucks.

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Although I'm not a fan, he may have brought more attention than Alicia "Who"!?

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Say what you want about Justin Bieber but he would have boosted BlackBerry 10 sales. Especially to the younger demographic.

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At least people would know about BB10 and would decide for themselves what they wanted. Right now many people don't even know about BB10.

As a marketing tool, that would be a great idea but a disastrous idea as a brand ambassador. I'd just use her to do sexual commercials to create more buzz lol.

He'd be like 'Berry, 'Berry, 'Berry, OHHHHH! Like 'Berry, 'Berry, 'Berry, NOOOOO! Like 'Berry, 'Berry, 'Berry, OHHHHH! I thought you'd always be mine, mine...

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So many missed opportunities. If Bieber can sell perfume, I'm sure he would have been able to sell phones.

I don't know why they don't get people who actually use their phones to market them. Like Lewis Hamilton or Usain Bolt.

Because they aren't big enough. Outside CB, I'd never heard of Lewis, and Bolt is distant memory for most these days. We need someone with morals, but is in the spotlight.

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Everyone in the UK has heard of Lewis Hamilton - that includes people who know nothing about F1. He is very popular here. Everyone knows who Bolt is too. Either of them would have been great in UK.

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And in parts of the world where F1 is big. In the US they have idiot cricket (baseball) and redneck car racing (NASCAR), so naturally they prefer not to know what goes on in the rest of the world.
Flamebait? Never!

Marketing sells phones, end of story. Apple is the master at convincing people that they make hardware that you just can't do without. Thinking that celebrities can't contribute to the marketing aspect is not smart.

I wonder why so many companies use Celebrities??

Don't think he would have been right for all markets, but I see plenty of preteen through young adults using smartphones....

Agreed...at 200k he was a steal...Should have just used him in teenager program commercials without isolating business class audience...

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Alicia who??? When wad that last time we saw here and BlackBerry in the same sentence...even if he was a "fad" you had everyone locked to BlackBerry for the remainder of their contracts.

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Blackberry would have lost whatever reputation it had left in the market had they hired beiber. Besides, white teenage girls will get iPhones regardless what phone beiber endorses

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One of his fans was getting bullied. Beibs told all his fans to text the bully. 44 million texts hit that kids phone in a day. yeah the guy has no leeway at all with his fans. yeah and that white teenage girls remark is borderline racism.

Ouch 44 million texts. That's a ridiculous amount of text to get. His phone probably went up in instant combustion.

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"Besides, white teenage girls will get iPhones regardless what phone beiber endorses."

And old white guys in boardrooms with private jets and yachts will never really be in touch with the general market that those white teenage girls live in anyway.

See what I just did there...?

It is also reported that the Beatles offered to pay BlackBerry $600mil to advertise for them.

BlackBerry replied "no thanks, Frank's our guy!"


Why don't that go back and offer him 5 million ? With Justin Bieber, Blackberry might actually be a threat to Apple.

You don't see the opportunity still? It's all about branding and rebranding. That's how you survive at the top. Constant and continuous improvements and accepting change dude. He won't be a teenager anymore very soon and can start embracing a more smart productive look with the BlackBerry brand.

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Please don't. If Bieber becomes brand ambassador then I quit using BlackBerry.

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Yep, it`s true. Whether you love the Biebs or hate him I bet all his beliebers would`ve bought the 10 version just because he was the ambassador of the brand. Even though I don`t like this kid, I agree that he would`ve been a much better choice than Alicia (whom I adore). It`s all about MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING and this kid knows how to do it whether it`s good or bad publicity, LOL! Another bad decision from these ¨execs¨ at BB headquarters. The Biebs would`ve kept the brand alive, just look at how long he`s been going with his crappy music, hahaha.

Maybe Chen realizes how good it would be to sign him up ,and think about Lewis Hamilton ,bringing theses two together would make sense. I'M sure Bad Boy would love to take a tour around the track in the Mercedes F1.Funny how this hit the wires ,Where's there's smoke there's fire,I hope!!

I guess if the biebs were on bb10 since day one, then realize 'wait a minute you don't have instagram on your launch ? The biebs must have instagram' *asks his 44 million fans to text / email facebook to bring it on on bb10*
Apps gap problem : solved!

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Nothing personal. Just business. Well said

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Hopefully not. He's got a very bad reputation and sucks. People hated him when he showed up for a concert here in Turkiye.. Totally might ruin the image of Blackberry. Give him a Playstation..

Only person you should have gone to was Miley Cryus, she would lick the z10 (at the time) and no one would shut up about it.

That would be marketing...

Copying the Ciccone marketing plan to the letter. Worked for Madonna, might work for her. Pity Lady Gaga is so much better at it.

What a Catastrophic marketing miss.

What they required was a three marketing approach.

1- enterprise. - Use Vivik
2- Prosumer. - Use Gadway
3- Consumer - Use Beibs

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I think girls would buy BBs (assuming some kind of Beiber exclusive content or something), but it probably would drive men away. But since things are so dire anyway, probably couldn't be much worse. I think if they had a separate product line (like a BB Curve) that could be distinct from what prosumers and enterprise users want, that'd have been best. Unfortunately BB screwed up when not making a BB10 variant for 1 GB of RAM. If they tried to get BB10 on the PB while developing it for the Z10, they could have some cheaper devices out there that would fill that role that WP is using to gain market share.

You have a point about driving guys away, but I'm thinking all those teenaged girls on BBM might have pulled in more teenaged boys than their disdain for Bieber

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While I don't listen or like his music he would of sold hundreds of thousands of phones to teenage girls. A market BlackBerry no longer has.

Sent from my Z30

I highly doubt it. It's often the parents who buy the iPhones on their contracts as their teens are not of age. They're gonna make a decision partly on what works best for their family, not be influenced by what a punk celebrity endorses.

That made me chuckle....if I had my way, all my kids would have BlackBerry's. Justin Bieber would have far more sway in a teenaged girl's phone choice than her parents, by far.

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Well I didn't thought it that way, you are right but don't you think the kids will request let's say a Bieber Phone for birthday or Christmas and we the parents would have to be kind of flexible on that... still you are right, the final decision is in the parents at that point but it could be the other way also, what side have more power I don't know (hope we the parents are still in command of our homes)

They missed the mark. Even if he was a fad, he had and has a huge fan base that would have gladly latched on the BlackBerry brand as long as he did.

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Huge irrational fan base, that would have bought BlackBerry devices, and probably attacked anyone ridiculing the phones because their hero endorsed it. But yes...bought BlackBerry devices.

As more and more of these kinds of stories come out, it's harder and harder for me to support this company. Companies deserve respect and loyalty when they earn it through innovation, bold moves and business masterstroke. Blackberry seems to have been run by absolute buffoons and the only reason they were at one time so big, was that they had no competition...

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How was Alicia Keys any better? I don't like this guy either (at all,) but if you want to talk issues, did you know she got involved with her current husband, producer Swizz Beatz, while he was married to another woman?

Finding a squeaky clean celebrity is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

It's a shame how she was underutilized by BlackBerry. A very odd arrangement.

His latest issues don't hurt his "brand" and his fans couldn't care less.... kinda like those of "us" with BlackBerrys, the brand is terrible yet we're still here hoping they get it together

Posted from my 6230

Don't care for Bieber but he would have brought some of the younger generation over especially if he has a BBM channel. BlackBerry needs to focus on the younger generation and the business person at the same time.

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Sorry, but BlackBerry was correct in declining this metard from representing my company. Yes, my company. Kid is an idiot and I for one would have stopped using BlackBerry devices as soon as this goof became a spokesalien.

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They could give him a special edition just like the Porsche one ,2 top brands ,but I bet the Bad Boy ,will come to realize more profits.

Bummer, he would have been a good score, now he probably won't have anything to do with BlackBerry.

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No matter what people think of the kid, he's got millions of fans. I'm sure tons of them would have seen him with a BlackBerry and wanted one as well. His fans worship him and belieb in him lol they might even believe in BlackBerry. I for one think it would be an amazing opportunity to market the phones to the teen demographic. If BlackBerry would pay him a couple million to advertise it would be money well spent. Remember how much they paid TH to let her sink?

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Yea at that time it was a definite steal. Now 10 million would be a steal considering their current state

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As much as I think Bieber would be positive for sales to the teeny boppers. It would hurt the business rep. The Alicia Keys hiring has been a disaster at best. She hasn't done a damn thing promoting BlackBerry other than take the cash and run. She couldn't even help redesign the music app?

I'm still surprised BlackBerry hasn't capitalized on using Drake, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Morgan Freeman, Usain Bolt, Justin Timberlake, Manny Pacquiao, Jose Bautista or some famous businessman or politicians who already use the devices and don't need convincing to help sell it. Seems like a no brainer.

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He has the most followers of anyone on Twitter. $200,000 was a massive steal to gain access to his 48,500,000 followers. Even if he is a fad they could have ridden the wave until he fades. Thankfully Frank and Thornsten ate gone.

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Get DRAKE. Big canadian star and taken more serious than bieber. If diddy can make ciroc what it is today so can drake.

Red Zed 10

1. Update the Z10/Z30/Q10 hardware to something current (Snapdragon 800 or 805). Recompile QNX.
2. Upgrade BB10 to or equivalent to run Android 4.2.2 or better.
3. Get.William.Shatner.

I think the timing is crucial with someone like Justine Bieber. I still think it's a bit late to utilize his fame when BB10 was launch earlier this year. One Direction will be the better choice when it comes to capitalization the right timing on teen pop sensations. Alicia Keys is just neither here nor there.

that's not a missed opportunity. that's dodging a bullet.

kanye, jay-z, or drake would have been better. the only advertising i see right now is on CBC newsworld "this program is brought to you by Blackberry. find the blackberry 10 device that's right for you" lame

As much as I can't stand this kid, if they made the deal there would be millions of teenage girls with bb10 in their hands.
Then the boys would follow.
BlackBerry would have been cool again.

AND BBM would have crashed! (that's a good thing) all he had to do was pass out his Pin like candy and watch the masses join BBM to chat with him. Then bring in a celeb friend. Basically, do it like Nike did with the "old man" street- baller. Where it starts out with beiber then, add Alicia Keys or someone that draws in an audience. Let me stop, I don't work or consult for these jerks. They're killing off a legend

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

They can be cool again,never say never,get this young man on board. You know he is going to make movies soon,just like Elvis did.Maybe he'll live longer,I hope.

Hate that little shit but he would have done better. The teens would have bought a BlackBerry right away.

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Little shit is fine, no stool softener needed, big shit like BlackBerrys present state can hurt like hell

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Hell ya, why not. What was BlackBerry thinking with Alicia. No offense, but hey stick Canadian, just in my new series being developed for mobiles :)

Not being a Bieber Fan, I wouldn't liked him being BlackBerry rep, but the commercial and advertisement would have been intense with him rocking BB and then BB10, the young people that BalckBerry want to attract would have jumped right in the boat ! It's really a shame to let good opportunities to attract a new audience is laughed at, now we see who's laughing !
Also , what is this ridiculous statement from Balsilie, BlackBerry doesn't need advertisement ?! That's exactly what BlackBerry lacks ! Advertisement! Here in Belgium and in Europe in general NOBODY NEVER SAW an BlackBerry AD ! How is this possible? ! Here BlackBerry has quite some potential but they don't care about customers here in Europe (other than UK). I feel as a belgian all left alone, I try my best to make BlackBerry known here ! But everyone says , BlackBerry has new phones? ! BlackBerry made a tablet? ! It's a three year old device and nobody knows of, that's really a shame ! With a strong advertisement campaign BlackBerry could have done a good come back with BB10 , but no quite as ever no one knows that BlackBerry has new devices !


I'm not even sure why he wanted to endorse BlackBerry. In the six pages of pictures I flipped through none were of his using a BlackBerry.
Perhaps someone could find one if they delved deeper.
Kinda feel dirty now for even Googling his name.
200, 000 grand and 20 phones? Seems like he would be getting the better part of the deal.
I don't think his teenage fans would've stuck with BlackBerry for long anyhow.
I have teenagers and almost every app in their and their friends phone BlackBerry doesn't have or is getting 'soon' teens are not the patient.
If anything once they found out what BlackBerry didn't have I IMHO think they would've really spread the word that BlackBerry 'sux'.

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You may be right but with JB getting the youth to get BB10 the big names might have gotten on board a whole lot faster. App gap may have been closed without .apk
If the demand was there the $ would have been there, the apps would have been there.

Keys was not the answer

A quote from my hard core apple friend when Keys was announced!

Just get the phones out with a good OS and market.

Sad! but I have to agree. The boat was missed.

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They would have access to chat with Bieber in his BBM Channel, not millions but a lot of teen girls would have bought a BB just for that.

Have u had any problems with My Q10 is my only phone and I don't want to lose any functionality.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

I would be one of the people that would have gone to Android or Iphone.
Do you really need a person like Beiver to promote the BB.
He is a fad, the way he is going his career is going to be over in a few years.
STOP PUTTING IS BABY FACE PICTURES, get the recent one about him wearing overalls

That would been a perfect fit as he would help fill the young demographic market BlackBerry is so weak on. That's incredibly stupid move by BlackBerry if this story is real. And he approached them basically willing to work for peanuts? Insane. He might outlive BlackBerry even (sadly). As an American I don't even know who Alicia Keys is other than she's a singer. What a flop. She doesn't even use BlackBerry device. And oh yeah a camera is totally unnecessary for a smartphone (really? ). These stories make me want to cringe. Epic waste of opportunities.

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That sucks. I hate that kid, but he probably would have sold lots of phones to the kiddies.

I might have had to miss out on BlackBerry though...


Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Funny, you're so emphatic but this is not even subjective. BlackBerry is hurting right now, so clearly they DID NOT make the right call. There's a reason why everyone can not be lead... when you let personal feelings get in the way of sound business decisions, you have already lost.

They made the right call. BlackBerry may be hurting, but they have the business sense not to be as desperate as some of you are. Good move on their part. Beiber is not the answer.

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Sounds like it was an emotional decision rather than an educated one. That management style has contributed to RIM's troubles to this day. Look no further than the billion dollars of unsold Z10s.

I don't like the kid but this they should have done.

You can pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead hands.

It's not too late, gave him money, a bbm channel and ride him on tv with ads and marketing, I truly believe that if BBM needs to be a company by itself, Justin Bieber needs to be a part of it, the rest will fall in place !!!

Good for BlackBerry or not, if Bieber's a "prosumer", well f*ck me, I'm really at a loss what that term means!

I think a lot of people are seeing this decisions as a "no brainer" that Blackberry missed. However, based on what is said there, it looks to me like this was proposed waaaaay before he was the huge success he is now.

I don't know that lots of companies would have been enthusiastic to sign up this kid when he was just starting to hit.

That said, he certainly would have made Blackberry the cool phone to have for the pre-teen set.

Oh wait. Pre-teens don't buy phones. Their parents do. ;)

It would have been a golden opportunity for a Canadian company to partner with a "hometown" kid. A complete and total missed opportunity no matter how you look at it. And the arrogant and dismissive manner in which it was missed speaks volumes. All these people saying they would not have stuck with BlackBerry if Bieber was aboard, I call BS....I am certainly no fan of his, but I wouldn't have been the target market anyway....

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No way should BlackBerry ever use a celebrity of that caliber to endorse a Business type phone ever. BlackBerry needs to stop relying on any one person to fix the mistakes, take responsibility and move forward. Get out the software updates and transition the company to a prosumer without celebrities.

Keep The Faith

Shut up! They should have done Alicia Keys and Justin beiber together. I'm frigging pisssd right now. Alicia Keys for the older users. Beiber for the younger users! Fack! How did they miss that!?

From Zuri my Z10.

As a shareholder I give a shit about making money, any way it takes.Different markets don't worry me.It's the bottom line that counts.If more people want a BB that makes the whole company able to produce better products.

Although I'm not a fan of him, think about all the pre-teen girls who would have gotten a BlackBerry because of him. We could have had Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and other apps like that...

A huge opportunity missed.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

BB probably cannot afford him. I'm sure his handles would not want him associated with BB now, he has a great image, to his fans, BB does not.

Who they should of had if they were going to use anyone, should have been someone like drake! He just became the raptors ambassador and just signed with air Jordan. And I heard he is or was a hard core BlackBerry user! But how about BlackBerry getting the OS updates out to everyone like apple does. More apps, and get your supposed flagship z30 to everyone not just verizon here in the US. When are they going to start selling them on the Web site

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I agree with the Fad statement. He's a kid, and would be useless as a brand ambassador with his history of drugs and recreational activities.

BlackBerry has a broad demographic, but Just in Bieber isn't what I would ever want representing them. My stomach turns at the idea.

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Sorry Justin, just leave these things called responsibly to adult who's got them, not asbo

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Hire him already! MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think I posted a comment about this about a year and half ago here on CrackBerry. It was just too logical of a move, but of course old RIM didn't do logic.

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