This Just In: New Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pics!

New Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pics
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2008 01:15 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Storm coverage keeps pouring in. Following up on Kevin Byrne's screen captures, LordObento just posted these marketing shots of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm in the CrackBerry forums! Check out another image after the jump. Getting excited??? 

New Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pics

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This Just In: New Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pics!


... more and more every time I see new pics. I hope the Verizon logo stays on the back, and doesn't make it's way to the front of the phone.

... like we'll be using a charging cradle with this bad boy. The battery cover seems to show a slip button for the cover release with no charging terminals. IMHO, "LAME" :||

That doesn't mean it won't have a charging cradle. It's just now rather than having contact points, the cradle will have a USB plug.

I hope the phone does have a flash. I take a lot of pictures with my phone and it would suck for me if it didnt have a flash. In other articles I have read about the phone it says it didn't have a flash. Also its interesting it has an icon for SMS and another for messages?

Well, this picture clearly shows a flash. Also, if you read the Verizon PPT, it lists a flash as well.

What do you mean? You can ALWAYS have an icon for SMS and another for messages. Go to messages- options-General options-SMS and Email Inboxes Separate.

So, all in all, I'm very excited for this phone. One of the MAJOY concerns I have is this: How the touch screen is. Not responce or size or gestures but how it's actually assembled into the phone. Will it be like the iPhone where it's a piece of glass that's flush against the body of the phone? Or like the Dare how it's plastic with the screen recessed a tiny bit under the body of the phone? Or, god forbid, like the PPC-6800 where the screen is mushy and there is a bevel because the screen is so sunk into the phone?

I'm really curious about this, and I think it will be somewhat of a deal breaker for me, as I'm sure others.

Gee whiz, why dont you just nick pick the crap out of the thing. I mean the device hasn't even been released yet, and you are picking the thing apart piece by piece. Why don't you just wait like everyone else and see for yourself when the device comes out. Patience my friend, PATIENCE!! Let RIM do their job, you know they will get it right. Look at their past products for example. They have all been flawless up to this point. That should be good enough, I know it is for me!!

"Let RIM do their job, you know they will get it right. Look at their past products for example. They have all been flawless up to this point."

Uh, not quite.

I upgraded my phone back in July, and I got the BlackBerry Pearl. So did a friend of mine. As far as the phone itself, I liked it, and liked the stuff it would do. However, there was a software problem with the phone, where it would randomly start deleting all my messages and call lists, even though I had the settings on the phone to save them FOREVER. My friend called Verizon's tech support, and they told her that we could download a software update, but that wasn't guaranteed to fix it, and that they had been having a LOT of problems with the Pearls. He advised her that the best thing we could do would be return the Pearls and get another device entirely. I did, she wasn't able to because she had already cut the proof-of-purchase off her box to mail in her rebate.

That doesn't sound flawless to me.

I work at Verizon wireless and to this day we still have customers coming in telling us that there is something wrong with their blackberry because after a while it will start deleting their messages, call logs, and such. I blame this problem on RIM for not educating employees that sell their products about this blackberry behavior. This problem is seen mostly with the pearls due to the small amount of internal memory. One way to remedy this problem once and for all is to get a memory card. Yes, that's it! What the blackberry was doing prior to the memory card is normal. The phone will start deleting things to keep itself running.

Like every PDA, blackberries will eventually slow down, but it is the only pda that will delete things on its own so that it doesn't get bogged down and starve itself of free memory.

Tips on maintaining Blackberry memory:

1. Delete cookies, cashes, and history, from the web browser.

2. Go to Options>Security Options> Memory Cleaning:
Enable the cleaning and set the blackberry clean up the memory automatically or you can just hit the menu button to clear everything at once. This will clean out the clipboard,caches, and other things.

3. Clear out the Blackberry log: while holding down the alt key hit the letters LGLG. hit the menu key for the option of clearing out the log.

4. Do a battery pull once in a while to clear out the blackberry accumulated temp logs/files. * Download "SoftReset". A program that resets your phone with out having to pull out your battery.

5. Buy memory card, install it, and set it as a default to have the pictures you take stored to the memory card. You may notice now you will be able to take videos once you do this.

Hope this helps

When my phone was deleting my messages and call lists - DAILY - I HAD a 1GB memory card in it, with everything defaulted to save to the memory card. I had a microSD card from my previous phone and reformatted it for the blackberry the day I got the Pearl. And the phone still did that. I was having to remove the battery at LEAST once a day.

I ended up returning the blackberry and getting the LG Chocolate 3, which I have had absolutely no problems with - yet - and hopefully won't. I had the LG VX8300 prior to my upgrade, and was very happy with it the two years I had it. I think I'll stick with LG's.

Wow wow wow !!...The photos just keep getting better by the day :) I like the shiny look to it. As Kevin siad on the last podcast it does look very much like the Javelin shell, the back certainly does, so if its that size this will be a real winner :)

I wasn't nit-picking it, it was just curious.
Since the screen (as on any all touch device) is the most important part, I was just stressing that it will take a pivotal role as to weather most people will be like it or not. Personally, I know this phone is going to ******* rock!
And I'll agree with you that RIM is an incredible company and has always made great phones. I've had two blackberry's so far and have tried Palm and WM devices and I've had little to no problems with both of the BB's. (As for the others, I'm not even going to begin)
I'm super stoked about this. Also, since I'm a employee of Vzw, I'll get to play with it first, so I'll let you know how it is once we get it in inventory. :P
Also, does anyone know what all this 'click-touchscreen' business is all about?

Sorry about all the typos and grammatical errors. Writing this between customers, I lose track of my thoughts.

Have "patience" some of you ignoramuses say. Rest assured that "RIM will get it right."


Coming more than a year too late, the Storm with its mushy-mushy, clicky-weird screen is no iPhone killer.

Instead, it signals the death of RIM's leadership position in the smartphone market.

Yes, the already converted——either current BB fanboys and/or current Verizon customers——will try it out. But it will not take market share away from the iPhone.

Instead, it will only broaden the explosive appeal of the iPhone worldwide once the iPhone come to ALL carriers in 2010, including Verizon.

Then watch Verizon do to the Storm what ATT is doing to the Bold —— kicking it to second- or third-banana status as it coronates the Verizon iPhone.

Wake up, people!

Analysts at Deutsche Bank and RBC have both DOWNGRADED their ratings on RIM after playing with the Storm. Even at $70, they say the stock seems likely to decline even LOWER yet.

That's even LESS money for RIM to use to "get it right" in its constant delays and batched rollouts while we continue to get our "patience" tests and the iPhone gains market share not only in the consumer segments but enterprise——RIM's core.

As one analyst notes: "RIM finds itself in a heavily-hyped product transition, and has already failed to meet self-imposed deadlines for its new products. Moreover, this is an especially inauspicious moment to effect the transition" against the likes of Apple.

As for the iPHone: "With zero debt, Apple will be able to capture market share in a way that would be fundamentally impossible for other companies of lesser means."

RIM, which just saw $15B —— billion! — disappear this past week, is one of those companies of "lesser means" gambling big on unproven new products in consumer markets it doesn't dominate like enterprise.

Watch RIM slip below $50 by next spring.

For anyone who paid attention to the RIM stock drop, it was because of earnings issues and NOTHING to do with this phone at all. go back to your iphone little boy, you obviously have BB Envy haha.

So I assume then, that you've actually felt this "mushy-mushy" screen? I mean, you must have since you know exactly what it feels like and how it works. I can't imagine anyone making a statement without firsthand knowledge of the subject, and only going by speculation and rumor. That would just be silly. So I know you have your facts straight and there is no bias or opinion in your statement at all. Thank you for your insightful look into the downfall of the Storm, that you clearly have so much experience with.

...Epic fail.


I'll tell you what. When I get the phone, I'll type something out on the screen just to test it and see how it is. Then I'll Copy and Paste it into a text message and send it to you. Then I'll take a video, and a picture with the 3.2 MP camera, and I'll MMS it to your iPhone. Then you can figure out how to get the annoyingly hard to remember ID and password onto the website.

Actually..I'll make it easier on you. I'll just go to CVS, take out my removable memory card, and just print the pictures over there. That way I can just mail you the pics instead and save you the trouble...

I comment with hard data —— market valuation slides, RIM's own projections, the company's continued deadline misses, and murky prospects about new phones —— and the response is typical iPhone hating invective.

For the record, as those who know me on these boards, I'm a BlackBerry fan and Bold one, in particular.

I HAVE, however, played with the screen being used on the Storm, and all your ignorant vitriol doesn't help the BlackBerry cause.

Neither does the Storm, which was my point, backed by facts —— not screenshots, spec sheets and iPhone hatred.

That's OK. I've heard you people before. Back when RIM was at $148 and I predicted the massive slide after playing with the Storm screen as it came to be——but not, in full disclosure here, the final assembled handset. I just know the mush-click-mush feel and don't think people will like it.

Neither do the analysts and others who have actually played with the full handset device. It's the STORM that's the toy, guys, not the iPhone. The only BlackBerry that anywbody including RIM execs take seriously in RIM's core enterprise market is the Bold and, to a lesser degree, the Javelin curve.

The Storm and Pearl Flip are toys in the minds of RIM's own execs, fodder for the masses who are beguiled by the iPhone. Yet you people here act like the Storm is some iPhone killer and dump crap on a true BlackBerry fan for emphasizing the obvious.

Which is this, and what I've been saying:

RIM got cute with iffy offerings this fall, not one of which delivers the "ultimate BlackBerry experience" we all want, and instead split key features among difference devices: a decent camera here, a mediocre one there; 3G here, none there; WiFi with this one, none with that one, etc.

All the while, RIM had the technology and the money——much of it since wiped out in its stock selloff——to deliver a true iPhone killer.

But, oops, they missed, counting on fanboys here to genuflect before anything BlackBerry and spit on anything iPhone.

You get what you ask for.

I think it's time we asked for a helluva lot more from RIM, starting with the respect to offer the device the company is capable of offering in a timely manner while there's still a company with at least some capitalization to do it.

RIM at less than $50 next Spring after the new phones whiff. Count on it. Mark my words. Scream and insult me all you want. I've heard it all before.

But I've been right EVERY call I've made in recent months.

The numbers don't lie.

If you really want to raise a stink, why don't you watch very closely to see which RIM execs are dumping their company shares.

Maybe they know something down the pike that you don't.

still talking that bull shit, i see you still need to shove that apple up your ass. Maybe you should try 2 or 3, because how that iphone raped you... im sure they'll fit

If you actually read his post you would realize that you're just backing his argument. "spit on anything iPhone" which is your basic attitude judging by your comment, he's completely right and you just made me believe him. He brings valid points.

Mods please delete all of David R.'s comments. He's clearly not a phone fanboy but rather some sort of analyst/broker who is trying manipulate RIM's stock price. Thank you.

I would much rather see an honest post than some twisted fanboy perspective on a phone that looks near identical to the "piece of crap iphone" that you so readily shit on.

The main diference between the Storm and the iPhone is that the iPhone doesnt work very well. Apple is still trying to make it work with patches that make some bad things worse, the iPhone was a flash in the pan, returns to AT&T are at an all time high, I wonder why?

If the whole market wasn't in the crapper right now, maybe your rant would hold some weight.

David, have you seen Apple's stock during that massive drop by RIM.
RIM goes from about 140 to 70.
In the same time Apple goes 180 to 110.

I don't see your point.

ATT's exclusive on the iPhone is 2012 NOT 2010 like the writer implied. Thats over 3 years away. The iPhone will be old hat by then and there will be hoardes of devices between now and then. I myself will probably have another 2 or 3 devices before 2012. So if you want to sit around waiting...go ahead. I have cleints that have iPhone G3's who I've deployed and setup with their exchange servers. I tried to warn them about ATT's serivce in the NE. They didnt listen and they ALL regret leaving Verizon now. I told one of them it sounded pretty bad when he was talking to me on it and his reply was "dude its beyond bad....its were right."

Personally, I had or have used ALL of them iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry. I have to say the Blackberrys are pretty cool. Although Windows really integrates nicely if you are using a Windows network at work.

IMHO the Iphone is a POS. I tried one a friend has and texting is way to hard to do. I personally love the seamless functionality of RIM's BlackBerry devices, but I can probably say I wouldn't purchase the Storm. If I wanted a touch screen I would get the Iphone. Blackberry in my opinion works flawless with the QWERTY keyboard. If you're one who thrives off having the newest and coolest then go for it, but I think many will wish they stuck with a BlackBerry with QWERTY.

Bro, not everyone is trying to 'take down the iPhone'. RIM is just trying to make a good phone. Get your head out of your *** and stop thinking that everything is a ******* competition. Don't get me wrong, I love the iPhone; it's a great piece of technology. But did you ever think that RIM is just trying to make an all touch device for the **** of it? They have been talking about this for years are far as I can remember... If you really want to get into semantics, Apple ripped of the LG Prada from years back. And LG probably got the idea from the Apple Newton from like ****** 1992! It's a vicious circle and everyone is *********** each other's idea. Chill.

You make good points. See my second rant above. I will chill. But understand my passion comes because I LIKE BlackBerry and not because I'm some iPhone fanboy.

I do have an iPhone, along with my BlackBerry, and instinctively prefer my BlackBerry. But I am getting increasingly worked up because the iPhone is increasingly able to handle the business side of my life.

As more and more people prefer to carry only one device with them, however, I fear it is the iPhone, however inferior on many fronts it may be, that is fast becoming that "one" device versus the BlackBerry.

And my new Bold, which I love, still can't be that one for me, so I also have an iPhone. Meanwhile, I can't see the Storm being my all-in-one for personal and business use, can you?

Thus my hot head about what I perceive to be RIM's botched rollout of devices. And, no, I do not believe for a second that RIM has been working on these devices for years and years. If so, then I'd REALLY panic at such a long product development cycle.

The boys in Waterloo got caught flatfooted by the iPhone's success and stunning inroads into enterprise, however shaky at first. Then they spent too much money coming up with the wrong devices on the consumer side to take on the iPhone and in the process are dilluting their brand.

Here's the math: One Bold business device and three new consumer devices. Anything wrong with that picture?


How about one killer SuperBold device for business and one iPhone-killing consumer device instead of three so-so ones?

That's all I'm saying.

I do hope you understand that I am not an iPhone hater. I actually owned an iPhone for 7 months and loved it. My previous post was only to point out that the iPhone has its flaws. Every phone does. I can't say anything about the screen, as I've never used it. And if it is horrible, then I probably won't buy the phone. But other than that, it looks like a pretty decent attempt at competition for the iPhone.... I mean, it's an all touchscreen blackberry. A touchscreen phone, that has all of the capabilities as all of the successful blackberries before it.

So we shall see.

And in terms of shares dipping.... How many times have Apple's shares dropped significantly because the iPhone wasn't meeting the expectations of certain groups of people. I saw Apple's shares reach about 200, then drop down, only to start rising again. I don't doubt that RIM can accomplish the same thing. Just wait for the phone to be released, and see what consumers think about it.

No phone can please everybody.

Look, both phones have flaws, they all do. I'm a business user. I could care less about the phone even having a camera. Might use it once in a blue moon. The iPhone doesn't cut it as a business phone. The keyboard is not adequate for e-mail use. It's a huge improvement over double-tap for texting, but it doesn't compare to a Blackberry QWERTY. Will the Storm's touch keyboard compare? I don't know. I suspect it will be the best touch keyboard ever made.

You all assume touch equates to consumer use, but I'm looking at this and the HTC touch pro, plus the Bold. My PDA sits on the dash of my car during a long commute. If I had touch, making busiess calls to contacts would be a breeze. It does have some business application. I expect the Storm to be a business phone first, consumer second. The iPhone is the other way around.

So let's see how well the Storm works.

I have a 8703e and a 3GiPhone. While pretty and easy to use the iphone is far from an all in one for me. For one, there is no phone to phone messaging such as BB messenger, were you can share almost anything from contact info to vids. I did not know how much i'd miss this when I started using the iPhone. even though i dont have a cam on my beery now, getting pic messages that i had to go to the internet to get is so annoying i stopped looking at them. The main reason I got the iPhone was the syncing between my Macbook, mobileme, and iPhone. Yes it works and is cool, but Google apps on my BBerry also will sync with gcal, contacts, which in turn syncs with my ical and icontacts. While I like both, I see the Storm being a better all in one device, because of the BBerry OS (maybe because I know every nook and cranny of it?) The iPhone simply doesnt allow for communication as well as a BBerry.

With each comment I fell like you and I are starting to build a common ground. I completly agree with you with he "all in one" needs.
As far as 'developing' for years on an all touch device, perhaps my verbage was incorrect. RIM had filed for patends a year or two back for an all touch device and there were even drawing-board scematics of it available at the time. They might not have actualy 'developing' the device for that long.
Example, Apple Computers filed for patends about a year to 18 months for a 'portable, hand-held gaming device' as well as their designs for a 'd-pad', 'analog joysticks' and other stuff related to standard videogaming devices. Have they come out with this yet, no. Will they? Who knows. Compainies file for patends all the time and don't always make them shortly after, or even at all.
Gibson Guitars even filed for patends on an 'electronic gutiar simulation device with guitar shaped controllers' back in the 80's and now their sueing Harmonix over Guitar Hero. Companies are ******* weird.

Who gives a ****? I could give a rat's ass about a "share". **** this stupid ass speculation, enjoy the pictures, and talk **** when the phone actually drops. If this phone is *****, I wont get it. That's it. I don't feel obligated to get it just because I've fell in love with BB. I don't own one now, and if the Storm disappoints, I'll be walking around with a Curve no mater how old it is. Hell, my new 2 year contract extension will be over when the VZW iPhone drops which would be perfect anyway.

I'm excited just like I was with the iPhone....Is that a crime?

"Who gives a ****? I could give a rat's ass about a "share". **** this stupid ass speculation..."

Wow...Just save yourself some trouble and go to college. You might learn something about equity and why a "share" might be important to its company. Maybe you won't sound as ignorant as you do. And if you did go to college, you might want to get a refund.

Ok first off, Analysts at Deutsche Bank and RBC have not demoed the device. Also, although RIMM's stock is down at the moment(which most companies are) RIMM's Net income in Q2 is up 72% from a year ago to $495 million, and Q2 sales is up 88% from a year ago as well to 2.58 Billion. Considering the market today, theres no big mystery as to why stock is down. As JB mentioned in the keynote 72%(or 75) of the market is flip. A completely untapped resource for the company. Also, the Storm does NOT have to kill the Iphone. It simply needs to get a share of the market, in which it definitely will. You may have not cared for the Storm, and other people won't like it as well. But let's not go so far as to say it will be a bust. I'm currently using a 9500 and I've had plenty of people tell me they are looking forward to this device, and the few that have seen it, totally love it. I'm not saying it will outsell the Iphone. But it doesn't have to, and that's where everyone is getting this wrong. RIM, with the new flip, Bold, Javelin, and Storm is covering all of their bases. They need to keep the customers they have, and gain new ones. With this new lineup of devices, it looks like that will not be a stretch.

Excellent points!!! It is basic Economics. I live in a city where there was a Kmart first then a Walmart within a mile of each other. They just built a Khols next to the Kmart. Sure Walmart would have liked to have put Kmart out of business but as long as they can grab some of the customers to and make a profit they are happy. Now a full fledge clothing store with household goods is right next door wanting a share. MOst companies want to be able to compete first control second. Rim I feel is no different.

I have a VZW 8830 and I can't wait for the Bold, Javelin, and Storm. My daughter has a Pearl and would probably like the Pearl flip or Javelin (high school). The fact that Rim is providing phones for what people may want is a sound strategy. How many people decided against the iPhone just because it was a touchscreen?

What I want Rim to do is come up with the a way to persuade those consumers who are adamantely against Blackberry's name to cross over. My wife has a LG Dare and refuses to use a Berry. I am fighing the good fight trying to convert her but she is stubborn.

That is what I keep thinking about all of this too. I have personally never used a iPhone, however I do like the touchscreen devices, but for me to change a provider just for a phone, IMO would just be crazy. I love BlackBerry's and have since I first got one. But for real, what it all boils down to is that if you like the iPhone then stick with it, if you like BlackBerry's then stick with that. Yes the phones are cool and can be used great for business, IDK about iPhone because, never used it. I do know the BlackBerry can be because I use mine for business all the time. I am very stoked about this phone coming out because I like it, it looks cool and I like BlackBerry's oh yea and I am on VZW. But for real who cares if it "kills" the iPhone or doesn't just use which ever one you like. Also for the guy that comes in here bashing the phone, that is just dumb, your coming to a topic about a phone that is coming out and everyone is talking about because they like it and yet your going to say something negative?????? I mean come on would you go to a football teams locker room and tell everyone they suck and their going to get the crap kicked out of them????? LMAO!!!! Anyhow, thanks for letting me share and I can't wait for this phone to come out, because I think that (I) will like it!!!!!

Ok...I'm just throwing this out there....

Has anyone heard about the economy lately? It's in the crapper, and has been heading there for a while. RIM stock is probably down because of that as well.

I'm not a market analyst, just a grad student who watches the news....

What some don't seem to realize is there are people like me that will buy the Storm & don't care if its an iPhone killer. Why does everything have to be an iPhone killer?

I want a Blackberry that has better web, better document editing capabilities & that great exchange integration. Its a plus if it plays an mp3 or is able to play a video. Even better if it has a camera. The Storm looks like the Blackberry I have been wanting.

Do I care that the iPhone has a slick interface? No. Do I care that the iPhone syncs with iTunes & can buy songs remotely? No. Do I care that the iPhone plays videos well? No. I think those are all great things but they aren't the business centric features I have been waiting for.

I think the iPhone is great. I also expect the Storm to meet my needs whether it beats the iPhone or not (I don't expect it will). I am happy Verizon is getting this phone. AT&T sucks in my city.

Why so much hate?, If the Iphone meets the needs of those who like it..GREAT!, if the BB storm will meet the needs of those who buy it..GREAT!. Its not like when the storm is released and IF it sells more than the iphone Apple and ATT are going to tell their users "welp, it was a nice run everyone, but we must all use storms now because it sold so well...sorry". And if the storm does come in as a flop, well, no one will buy it and we will all go about our lives :P

a friend of mine works for verizon and they've already started training on them. she says it's amazing and that it's going to be released 'soon. very soon.'

Can all the people who are talking **** about the blackberry's please get the **** off this site? This site is for blackberry addicts, not iphone fanboys. So go rant somewhere else and see if people will care.

Wow Peeps!!!! We all get that you have the ability to voice your opinions. But give Kevin and his site some respect. Storm/iPhone, Ford/Chevy, Broncos/Redskins, but there is some crazy language flying - Were always going to have differences and opinions. But I say give respect where it's due.

Peace out.

What i love is the fact we are arguing over two operating systems that are neither the way outdated Palm OS (that i have continued to use) or the Windows (push a million times to get some place) Mobile OS.

As stated finally through all these comments, BOTH phones are cool, but just have some differences. I love all the new phones i see, and of course want a phone that has everything i want with the carrier that i want. But of course, if they did that then i wouldn't need to replace my phone and they wouldn't continue to make more money since i wouldn't need to buy a new phone and all their r&d money would be wasted expenditures.

Now i must say for Blackberry the one thing that i have seen (Apple too, now that they opened up a bit) is all the third party developers that have started making their programs for Blackberry devices. That says they also see a future growing with Blackberry and know there is money to be made for their efforts in changing their program for a new OS.

For me personally, i can't believe that finally Verizon will be one of the first to have a great phone that comes out on the market. Over the past few years i tried to switch from verizon to sprint and at&t, but found by far verizon to be the best carrier in my area and most areas i have visited. I have hated verizon only because they are months, if not years, behind the other two carriers with new phones. But now, if they are smart they will continue this trend, i am able to get a very cool new phone as it hits the market, WITH VERIZON! Wow, as i never thought i would see this day in my lifetime. If Verizon is smart, now that everyone knows their coverage is the best in most places, they will get the new phones as they hit the market. But then again, having one carrier dominate is not a great thing for our prices and innovation.

So last, speaking of innovation, both Apple and Blackberry users should love the competition. Why? Because then both companies will try to make their future phones even better to not lose market share to the other and to gain market share from the other. Competition is usually good for us consumers.

When is this phone finally coming to Verizon? I'm still in my 2 year contract with a Treo, but i'll pay full price without hesitation, as long as the keyboard is easy to type upon and doesn't make me constantly have to backspace for corrections.

David R... I see what you are saying but I think you are missing the point this phone. RIM does not need to try and take out the Apple Iphone. They have been in business for years and if you look around, you don't see execs pulling out an Iphone to look into their email, you see a Blackberry. An Iphone is an Ipod Touch that makes phone calls. BIG DEAL. Do you copy and paste, send pics, video and so on. If you do, then you do not have the Iphone.
You may have missed a lil' news that Steve Jobs said. Did you know that they are already talking about a 3rd generation Iphone. YOU KNOW WHY. It is because it still does not do what a Blackberry does and will not do it. I think yes, it is a great IPOD, but I do business. I cannot see myself or others pulling out a music device to try and make it work. IT WONT!
I think you are against RIM and will only have it your way. That's fine, but even if the phone comes out and doesn't sell to the hype (maybe because they don't advertise way ahead of time like Apple did) RIM will still be strong. Blackberry still outsells Apple and will continue to do so!!

All this talk makes me want the Blackberry Storm EVEN MORE! I love Apple products, but as one commenter mentioned earlier... It's just an iPod that makes calls. BB's do so much more! SO MUCH MORE! And nothing anyone can say will make me think otherwise. Bravo RIM! You're an amazing company. Keep up the good work! I'll be buying one THE DAY they're released. And if you want a great, business class/consumer friendly touchscreen device... You should by the Blackberry Storm too! The Blackberry Storm is NOT AN IPHONE KILLER... It's in class of it's own.

Jeez, sounds like some guys in here need some Mydol pills. It's a phone people. It's not world peace and it's not the cure for cancer. If you don't like the phone, great. If you do, then more power to you. The fact that people would spend so much time typing such long winded posts is clearly a sign that they have nothing better to do.

Why don't you boys exchange numbers, call each other and bitch on your own time instead of making people like myself scroll through your mindless banter to get to the real meat of the comments.

Get over yourselves and untwist your panties.


I do agree with most of the things you said, but this is a blackberry site with blackberry fans so of course they will defend this phone. They should! It has many more features than an iPhone, and has the reliability of a blackberry! Way to go RIM!

As someone else has already said, this is a BlackBerry-centric website and, with that, you will tend to get folks commenting their opinions - good or bad. While I agree some folks may go overboard with their comments, but consider your own comments:

"The fact that people would spend so much time typing such long winded posts is clearly a sign that they have nothing better to do. Why don't you boys exchange numbers, call each other and bitch on your own time instead of making people like myself scroll through your mindless banter to get to the real meat of the comments."

No offense, but, you are taking an equal amount of time scrolling through and reading each comment. Who is wasting time here? Comments are typically "mindless banter" - one must learn to deal with it and ignore it and move on instead of replying to it.

Maybe, if you ask nicely, Kevin can program in a FILTER button to cut out all the "mindless banter" so you could fill your time-wasting with something better.


BLACK Verizon 8830WE for sale!!
Yes, I swapped the crappy Verizon-silver case for a Black keypad and case.

This phone looks awesome! I can't wait for the Storm to hit!

Did anyone besides me notice the Qualcomm logo on the back of that unit in the picture? It seems funny to me that the back panel with the Verizon logo would be off color with the rest of the unit. Just something that stuck me as odd.

It appears that the Storm 9500 runs the same network connectivity as the BOLD (with the exception of WiFi). Could I get an unlocked 9500 and run it on AT&T's 3G network? If yes then all I have to do is decide how badly I want WiFi

As much as I love this site, I don't view and post in here to receive stock qoutes and tips. No secret that RIMs stock fell, but here's a true tip regarding RIM; everytime they release a new product the companies stock rises to leaps and bounds. Normally they would introduce one, maybe two new products per year, they have several products that will positively saturate the market and cover all customer bases. Iphone has the consumer market locked down, but the enterprise following still belongs to RIM. Until Apple cuts into that, singing their high praise is usless. Enterprise vs Consumer market; Blackberries can do what and Iphone can do, and Iphone can't do what the Blackberry can do. By the time 2010 rolls around, Iphone may not be the giant that it is right now. There are too many other devices on the heels of the Iphone. Blackberry has a serious cult following with many devices to choose from, the Iphone has a fadish following that will grow tired of having only the choice of gig models and what is Apple gonna do when all of their batteries begin to internationally fail at the same time????

I see I need to leave another post.

First, kudos to all the great arguments against my rants, especially the most important one: BlackBerries do NOT need to kill off the iPhone to make this world a better place. Amen to that. But they DO need to be better than what we're seeing come out this fall, as good as they are, and I'll explain shortly.

Second, I am not some broker or RIM analyst. I'm a BlackBerry user and fan who put my money where my mouth was after posting my concerns about the new product rollout and dumped my shares weeks ago near the top at $148. And I got crap from fellow fanboys simply because I've been calling RIM's stumbles correctly. I also have said I see RIM at $50 by the Spring. Based on another 6% slide in the stock this morning —— it's at $66 — we may get there even sooner than I feared.

Third, the stock price IS important, because its slide destroys actual working capital and borrowing leverage for RIM in its development of new products. RIM is spending a lot of money on the Bold, Storm, Javelin Curve and PearlFlip, and the market is basically saying that as good as they may be, they are not enough to make up for the now $17 billion that RIM has lost in market value. Yes, stocks go up and down —— Apple being a case in point —— but RIM is not Apple with several product lines. It has just one product like in several form factors. So it has less wiggle room, especially since Apple has a bigger warchest and no debts. And none of the new BlackBerries, even if they're more successful beyond our wildest dreams, is going to restore $17B in market value for RIM.

Fourth, the iPhone IS important to the extent is eats into RIM's marketshare. Yes, it's great we can MMS and record video and shoot photos with 3.2 megapixel cameras (on only some models coming) and blah, blah, blah. But Apple isn't standing still and will be adding these features as well. Do we care if we don't buy an iPhone? No, but consumers do. And if they figure iPhones will eventually have all the features BlackBerry users brag about, and can have them with just a software upgrade and not a hardware replacement, well, that makes it more likely that iPhone's position will grow.

Which brings me to my main point behind all my diatribes that have generated so much vitriol: It's not that RIM SHOULD be producing better phones, but that it already CAN produce better phones and has chosen not to in an ill-advised "marketshare landgrab," as it calls it, into the consumer arena.

Perfectly understandable. Poorly executed. And we, their true fans, suffer delays and half-baked phones. Are Bold, Storm, Javelin and Pearl Flip crap? Far from it. Each offers a nifty new feature or upgrade or form factor. LOVE the Bold. And to be fair to RIM, each model attempts to be optimized to their respective initial carriers.

But the key word is INITIAL carriers. In two years the iPhone will be everywhere on every carrier. At that point we may discover the Bold, Storm, Javelin and Pearl Flip have had very short lifespans.

Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe RIM is brilliantly executing a two-year "transitional" product line-up to keep people at their respective carriers from jumping to ATT just for the iPhone, and then within two years come out with the SuperBold for business users and a true "iPhone killer" —— and please remember that it is RIM that has been throwing that term around, or rather letting others throw it around for them —— for consumers.

And then I'll eat my words and tip my hat to RIM for its genius. It's just that I don't sense this is a real strategy. It all feels like a stop-gap measure, a throw everything against the wall and see what sticks ploy.

Hence my apprehension.

But, hey, let's see where things stand at Christmas. Hopefully a lot better for RIM and for those of us using the new BlackBerries. More important, let's see where things stand next Spring after the big rollouts and RIM reports the hard numbers.

Meanwhile, instead of hoping for the best, we should be demanding better from RIM. At the very least, we should certainly expect them to be more responsive than Apple to its users, right?

Thanks for your responses to my previous posts. Some were nonsense but a lot were spot-on and shifted my own thinking to let the devices speak for themselves and let the chips (or rather shares) fall where they may.

I'll be coming from an old Treo so this thing will be a major improvement. Even if this isn't as polished as the iPhone it will be more than what I have now & it will be on the great Verizon network.

So sorry to throw another log into the fire, but this article from Electronista really capture the frustration that led to my diatribes.

Namely, that it's not the iPhone I'm worried about, or even any shortcomings in the new BlackBerries coming out in the weeks ahead. Rather, it's the attitude of RIM execs toward competitors and, ultimately, US the fanboys.

According to this take on the earnings call last week, the primary reason RIM isn't giving us the "ultimate BlackBerry experience" it's capable of delivering——and instead piecing out various upgrades across a number of handsets——is that it really sees no competition from iPhone et al.

Pure arrogance, folks. Pride comes before the fall.

WE should be the ones shaking RIM up, not stock slides and analysts and the competitors at Apple,e tc.

And, you know what? Based on what I've been seeing lately on the forums, we are. Bravo. You can love your BlackBerry and still press RIM to do better without being called a turncoat or iPhone-lover.

Here's the article:

Friday, September 26th

RIM has "head in the sand" vs. iPhone

Needham and Company contributed to a steep decline in Research in Motion's share price today by warning investors that the BlackBerry creator is likely going to perform below expectations in the near future. Analyst Craig Bisagna notes that while RIM is secure in its business sales, Needham sees the company's dismissive attitude towards competitors in a financial conference call Thursday as overly optimistic and unrealistic.

The iPhone 3G and the HTC-made T-Mobile G1 are likely to boost awareness of smartphones, Bisagna says, but are too directly pitted against the Curve, Pearl and other BlackBerries to avoid competition.

"We continue to believe that the company has its head in the sand," the researcher says on behalf of Needham. "It’s delusional to think [Apple and HTC] won’t cut into BlackBerry sales as well, especially in the consumer market."

Bisagna explains that RIM's recent success has largely relied on the limitations of its competitors rather than any particular strength. Most of the BlackBerry line's rise has been driven by home users and the Pearl in particular, but for most of this time has only had to compete against unsuccessful Windows Mobile hardware. RIM had the home-oriented smartphone market "pretty much to itself," he says.

The iPhone was only a non-threat through the absence of full-speed 3G access and a too-high pricing, according to the report. Both have since been taken care of, while the developer appeal of the T-Mobile G1 is also cited as a potential factor. The G1 is also priced inexpensively for its feature set at $179 on certain contracts.

Multiple new BlackBerries due for the fall, such as the Pearl Flip and the touchscreen Storm, are said to potentially help RIM but aren't guarantees that Apple, HTC, and others won't affect BlackBerry market share.

The conference call held by RIM followed a mixed but ultimately disappointing summer quarter report from the company, which saw earnings spike but phone shipments fall slightly short of targets set out by investment research groups. The quarter was the first in which RIM had to compete against the iPhone 3G but only saw limited competition as the Apple handset shipped midway through the three-month period.

That back looks like it's "rubberized", is it? You know the one thing that I wish they did with this? Is that they would make it charge like the Curve does, through those two copper nodes on the back rather than the way they did it. I hope the charging port doesn't break off like I've had on 3 8830WEs already. It'd be so much easier, I mean, they can do it on one model, why not ALL models?

That back looks like it's "rubberized", is it? You know the one thing that I wish they did with this? Is that they would make it charge like the Curve does, through those two copper nodes on the back rather than the way they did it. I hope the charging port doesn't break off like I've had on 3 8830WEs already. It'd be so much easier, I mean, they can do it on one model, why not ALL models?

Its a black stainless steel battery cover. There are rumors of a dock using the mini usb connector meaning it will likely dock sideways. I would like to see the device charge using induction (no connection terminals) but I don't think that's going to happen.

I've never had a mini usb port inside a phone break on me That would be frustrating if it happened to you 3 times. I like the mini usb for charging & data transfer. When I travel its nice to carry only one cord & be able to charge my eReader, RAZR, Blackberry. I wish my iTouch didn't have a proprietary connection.

Steel commented on what I was saying. NOT the copper points on the MiniUSB - Now MicroUSB. I mean charging on the copper conduction points like Steel said. That'd be nice.

But if they do develop a charger that you can sit the device sideways on and it'll slide into like that, I'd get 3 of them!

I hope that this comes out for sprint as well....

It will boost sales for them big time.. Then again sprint is so behind with the new units it will prob be out 6m after verizon launches!

this phone is all gloss and so is the iphone......ladies and gentlemen wait for the Nokia E-series touchscreen handset next year and than we will talk.

this phone is all gloss and so is the iphone......ladies and gentlemen wait for the Nokia E-series touchscreen handset next year and than we will talk.


Honestly what a stupid concept. We're talking about what is available at the moment.

"Screw the Storm, wait for the Storm 2 due out in 2010. It's going to be so much better."

Sure let me just sit on my current phone until then, thanks. The useful life technology wise of a phone these days is about 12 months, 2 years is stretching it.

There's always something bigger and better in the pipeline.

Has anyone heard if the ringer is goin to be as bad as it was on the 8830 if so im not buying it there is nothing worse than not being able to hear your phone ring when its right next to u!!!

Sit on the E71 baby.....or is it too hard for u to sit on.....maybe ur used to sitting on cheap plastic.....i think nokia has given enuf to sit on till next year.

Nokia was the pinnacle of cell phone technology..... 10 years ago..... I'll admit the 5800 looks pretty cool... but nothing they've done in the past couple of years as really "wow-ed" me...

I don't doubt that they can come up with something good. The E71 looks sleek, but again, doesn't "wow" me...

Everyone has something that they like. You've got your Nokias. Some people have their iPhones, other people are waiting (im)patiently for their Storms.

We can leave it at that.

You're right that the iPhone will hit more carriers as time goes by, but the main thrust of its growth will be international. I expect that the iPhone will remain a very popular consumer device, as the iPod is. However, Apple's overly proprietary approach will limit it, as it has the iPod. No corporation will want users installing iTunes to sync their phones. The Apple keyboard isn't very good for heavy e-mail either. Microsoft dominates the corporate installed based globally. On the e-mail side, what isn't Exchange is Lotus notes. Nobody in corporate America is using Macs for anything other than video/graphics related work. RIM has minimal threat to its core business users from the iPhone. But phones like the pearl are popular with consumers, and it may take a hit there.

RIM's biggest problem with corporate users is the cost of running a separate Backberry server. I'm at a Fortune 250 company that used to be all BB. We're moving to WinMo devices, which are much less expensive to support. Plus the carriers charge more for a BB plan than a regualr data plan, that's another hit. Meanwhile, on a global basis there are WAY more Symbian phones than WinMo, BB and Apple combined. I would not be surprised to see Nokia acquire RIMM.

I was kinda hoping for something like the bold but with touchscreen and still has the QWERTY keyboard. Obviously it has way more functionality than the iphone but it just seems like they tried too hard to make an iBerry.

I love the storm and want one. However, typing is the key. I am a heavy email user and the touchscreen worries me.

I have tried to type on the iphone and it was a disaster. I admit with time it would get better, but I can type 30+ words a minute on my BB now with very good accuracy. I wonder if I will ever be able to do that on a touchscreen.

I cannot wait to read reviews on real wold use, or even better type on one.

Its a Blackberry - its all about the email first!

BGR is reporting that Apple and Verizon are negotiating a deal for an Iphone on Verizon and will be announced at MacWorld 2009 in January. WOW. Now we can have either one by this time next year.

David, once again you are talking stock and how important it is. Considering that RIM only makes cellular phone and Apple makes cellular and computers etc... this is a VOID argument. You are comparing a corporate company against a single stand along business. So stop with the stock talk because if you were business as you claim, you would know this. In addition, Iphone is an IPOD. Get over it. Go post your pointless blogs on THEIPHONEBLOG.COM!

I was very excited to hear of this phone & to see the pic's
the phone looks awesome & what features it has.
I have been a Verizon customer for going on 9 years now.
I am up for an upgrade & was waiting for this phone to hit the market, but now to find out that they have spent all this time to make it impressive to the public with all these features & not to include Wi-Fi is a total waste of my time & there's.
The lack of one feature (no Wi-Fi) changed my mind.
With my work profession in the IT field of wireless networking I need that feature to run down AP's (access points) that is a big plus & needed feature for me.
"Well maybe not Verizon, but the Canadian's that made it."
I know if Verizon can put out a phone like the XV6800 & the Samsung SCH-i760 that have Wi-Fi they could have added this 1 feature.
Very nice looking phone, but sorry the missing Wi-Fi killed it for me. As being a dedicated customer for this many years
it’s getting old of waiting around for the rewards of my devotion to Verizon. I may have to look else where's for my needs.

.. Officially, the pricing has not been released. But in a VZW employee meeting today; executives announced that everyone would be VERY Pleased with competitive prices Verizon will release for the purchase of the Storm !!!! Its definiately coming before Thanksgiving.