Just how strong is Gorilla Glass 2?

By Bla1ze on 10 Jan 2012 08:15 pm EST

Corning's new Gorilla Glass 2 is stronger, slimmer, and better than ever and they've taken the time to demonstrate this live at CES 2012. After having a volunteer break a few different types of glass and unsuccessfully attempt to break the original Gorilla Glass, the host had his assistant show that it can withstand at least 121 pounds of pressure (just shy of the breaking point of the glass). Corning wowed the audience when a piece of the what is now 20% thinner Gorilla Glass 2 was also able to withstand 121 pounds.



Don't believe the hype. Here's the legacy of Gorilla Glass:

it's all marketing. :)


Well they better add Gorilla Glass to all new Blackberrys.


Hardness is what prevents scratches. GG flexes, which mean it will most likely scratch easier than hardened glass.


Gorilla glass prevented scratches. I'm sure GG2 would also do just as good.

The Me

You didn't understand the comment of the person above you.

Having something resist breakage by folding is nice, but it means it will scratch easier. That is because hardness is what it needs. Take a piece of soft metal VS hard metal, hard metal might crack when folded VS soft metal which will just bend, but hard metal will not scratch VS soft metal which will scratch easier. That is hardness of the object.

Not sure about this but Diamond is super hard, but not tough. It can be chipped quite easily (not that easily) but scratched is a whole other story.

Get it?


they need a drop test in a probabilistic fashion of how cell phones fall to the ground. Nobody plans to flex their cell phones like that. The PCB wouldnt be able to handle that.


I'm pretty sure there are coatings out there to resist scratches and smudges. Which is all GG needs to be a complete package. Hopefully they do have that figured out.


Now I would like to see a real life drop test done by somebody who is brave enough. Suggestions include: 1 ft, 5 ft, 10 ft, 25, ft., 50 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft. (easier, average height, 1, 2, 3, 4 story building drop test onto both grass and concrete/pavement).


It may scratch, but thats ok. I'd rather it flex and NOT BREAK. I can buy a screen protector to prevent scratches. The flex is good as will allow the phone to be dropped and not shatter the screen.


So why is this on CB frontpage? Will there be any phones or tablets featuring Gorilla Glass 2 announced soon?


who knows, its beats an advert trying to be an article post.


Maybe the reason that they put it on their front page is because they are trying to get a message to RIM. The only thing that annoys me about my 9930 is the fact that they didn't use GGlass. This phone smudges worse than any phone I've ever seen. It constantly looks dirty and I'm constantly wiping off the smudges from the touch screen. It is super annoying...
Please RIM, put Gorilla Glass on your BB10 Phones!!!


what s stupid test. This was most un impressive because i dont believe that people find themselves in situations where they are directly applying force to the center of their cell phone screen what we need to see is a drop test of epic proportions.


why not invent a Gorilla glass that is elastic. they can call it "G-flex" or something. basically a glass that when put under stress, it will bend while still having the strength to not break when a device is subjected to a normal day to day fall. so pretty much do a feasibility test by dropping the device from standard heights and one from the top of a building (if say someone accidentally drops their phone from the top floor of a mall or workplace). ensuring that the test device is falling at the identical weight of the intended device. they could also line the glass with a chemical that reacts to a small electric current which at the press of a convenience key on the device the glass will mimic a protection screen. if this comes about will make the Motorola droid razr maxx the ultimate smart phone. and i would like some royalties as well. :-)