Just how easy is it to port applications to BlackBerry? It took PineLake Communications an hour

By Adam Zeis on 7 Aug 2012 03:03 pm EDT

In case you were still wondering just how easy it is to port and existing Android app to BlackBerry 10, here is another great example. PineLake Communications, makers of Cubifice, say it took just one hour to port their Android app to BlackBerry. Using the provided BlackBerry toolkits, they were able to make a solid BlackBerry 10 version of Cubifice and deploy it in BlackBerry App World with very little effort.

As noted in the video above, when originally released on Android Cubifice had approximately 15-20 downloads in the first few days. On The PlayBook the app had over 500 in just two days. Pretty crazy, right? Add to that the fact that Cubifice is ready to roll for BlackBerry 10 and you've got a pretty good equation. Check out the video above to hear what the folks at PineLake had to say about the process.

Source: BlackBerry Dev Blog

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Just how easy is it to port applications to BlackBerry? It took PineLake Communications an hour


this is awesome indeed gives so much hope for stuff when it shows RIM really is changing for the better on helping devs come out with things to make it happen for apps on their devices.

Too bad the follow up wasn't "So, we decided to look into Native development and decided that QNX offers much more than Android. We're dropping Android."

Damn. That is crazy. Copy, paste, right click - send to BlackBerry, done. Wow. Loved the dig at iOS.


Irrelevant if it is not presented with a desirable indicator of revenue and profit margin, in simpler terms: In order for Netflix, Skype, et al to jump onboard, RIM has to either pony up the right amount of enticement money, or absorb via contract part of the cost that would be incurred to get these done.

What part of 'A business is in the business of making a profit, or else it goes bankrupt' do you guys not get?

A few downloads for Android for the first week. Hundreds of downloads on PlayBook for the first week.

A 100x ROI for 1 hour of work seems to be a no brainer for any business.

The issue with Netflix and Skype goes beyond logical business.

If it is so easy to port apps to the BB plattform, why are Instagram, Skype etc not doing it?

It is his/her hypothesis, it cannot be classified as a theory because... Don't they teach those basic principles and their idiot-proof differences at US and Canadian schools any more? :) LOL...

For the love of god... I hope SOMEONE from RIMM is paying attention to this story and will incorporate this into their marketing efforts.

Though they obviously have partnerships with competitors. Partially because of previous arrangements that they are carrying forward, and partially for market penetration.

Don't get me wrong, RIM's new platform (BB10 PBOS) are great for developers, and likely the most thought out mobile OS out there right now _IMHO_, but....

This title needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Porting an 'application' and a game are two totally different things. Porting an OpenGL game to a platform that supports OpenGL isn't the same as porting a CoaCoa app to .Net, or Java (I know these aren't mobile specific frameworks, but I am not sure if iOS calls their widgets coacoa, or what). The only 'porting' would be the hardware access code, like making sounds, user input, vibration. Graphics, AI, effects, collision, etc. would remain largely unchanged.

The point is, porting something like facebook or Audible would take significantly longer, even though they may have similar number of lines of code, and may even require a re-write.

...I remember one of the developers at BB10 Jam showing how quickly (and I think the guy said he hadn't coded in a while too) basically got their app over on the PB and dev alpha more or less over night...

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dear fellow crackberry addicts, spread the word on twitter and FB. let the world know how solid our playbook (QNX) is. ive done my part.


I hate to be negative but perhaps the reason for the low download numbers on Android is simply down to the fact that the app isn't that good? I downloaded it (it's free), played it, thought meh and un-installed. When you have such vast numbers of apps being released each day, you gotta have something that stands out. At the moment, the PB app world isn't that full but if and when it becomes so, surely the developer is going to have the same problem again!

Ported? No.
Packaged for emulation? Yes.

If it was ported, I wouldn't expect to see it run in the android emulator.

I'm sorry but did anyone else catch this? "Using the provided BlackBerry toolkits, they were able to make a solid BlackBerry 10 version". A "solid" Blackberry version!?!? come on all this tells me is that we're still going to get watered down second rate apps, it's like saying "your the best understusdy i've ver seen, but not ready to star in the play." pssshh! over it, anyone want my TORCH 9850?