Jump, fly and dodge your way through Despicable Me: Minion Rush

By DJ Reyes on 17 Oct 2013 11:57 am EDT

I love Minions and Despicable Me: Minion Rush finally landed on BlackBerry 10 and it has been a whole lot of fun playing it. Already, we're seeing tweets of scoreboards being shared on Twitter and the game is on to get to the top position. The aim of the game is simple. You run through Gru's lab or residential area collecting bananas while avoiding obstacles. Every now and then you'll have to face villains, such as Vector or the girl scout who had cookie's stolen from her (from the movie). At the same time, there are other Minions pitted in many places during your run. Try and knock them off the track and be despicable to them in order to increase your multiplier level.

There are small missions to complete, too. Like 'Perform 20 Despicable Actions in the same run!', 'Ride the Fluffy Unicorn 50 times', 'Defeat Vector for the first time' and so on. You can skip some missions by using your tokens but I'd much rather achieve them by actually doing them. Better sense of achievement. Every so often, before or after you complete a run, you are offered power ups in exchange for bananas. These power ups then become available for you to catch during a run so you can use them. So, far I've have managed to use the Mega Minion, ride the Fluffy the Unicorn, use Gru's rocket and also a banana vacuum. These are just some of the ones available.

It is a tremendously addictive game that keeps me wanting more. There are also costumes that you can get buy using tokens and bananas, too. They do cost a lot of tokens and it may mean actually spending some dosh in order to get most of them.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and is free to download. So, there's no excuse not to download it, unless you don't like Minions but who doesn't love Minions? Check out the video above for a quick game play demo. Mind my small mistake, due to my excitement I called it Minions Rush, instead of Minion Rush.

Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush for BlackBerry 10

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Jump, fly and dodge your way through Despicable Me: Minion Rush


Maybe because it has in app purchases? To actually play the game, and complete missions, and play in all the environments, it doesn't seem to actually require purchasing anything, though.

I did a quick run through of costs though. It looks like you can earn one token every day. Completing challenges can earn you a total of 380 tokens. There are 41150 tokens worth of unlockable costumes. The largest in app purchase you can make is 6000 tokens for 50$. It would cost you 350$ to unlock everything, or about 112 years of play.

It's a great free game, but Gameloft seems to have difficulty knowing where to place the decimal point. You'd have to be a moron to spend any money on this game intentionally.

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Actually, you can get up to 5 tokens free per day. But you'd have to play A LOT and it's still ridiculously stingy (to the point of being useless) compared to the cost of items.
On Android and iOS, you also can use TapJoy to get free tokens if you're willing to install and try other games. That unfortunately is not an option for BB10.

I'm using an STL 100-1 Z10 I experience some amt of lag in the game. Is anyone else facing the same issue?? It's not all that smooth I wish it was graphics n game play are brilliant

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only lag (if you call it that), is a bit of graphical glitching on the intro of the residential level, the game play is smooth thou for me so far

I get lag on occasion in residential too, and bad enough that the game doesn't respond to my swipes.

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Anybodys tilt (gyroscope? ) over the top sensitive with this game. Any slight tilting sends it right the other side. It's weird. :(

"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)

Well most games are heavy battery consumer. I hope they also have the version for playbook coz it is more fun to play it in a big screen.

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Love this game, but it drains the battery hard if you play for any length of time. Hopefully with some future updates they'll fix that.

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Couldn't download from app world kept saying error installing application at about 95% complete

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My 11yr old played it this morning after I downloaded and did not want to give me my phone back. He loved the game!!

I love the game! I just won't get it on my phone because of how much memory it uses...355MB!!

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Having some battery issues there on Q10 with the game closed and also after a reboot. O.o. Apart from that the game is awesome! ;)

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I love thick game. My son plays it on his ipad. There are also free gifts you can get with it too. Just Google minion rush free gift codes. You get about 5 different gifts 2 are taunts, 1 us a costume and 2 are useful for your mission. I LOVE this game!!!!! :D

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I've been trying countless times to sideload this baby and now it's finally here. Sweet.

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It lagged on my phone especially on start up. Kids say graphics are then iOS version. They say it's a little glitchy.

Drains on the battery and my phone freaked out yesterday after downloading it in the morning. Having issues with BlackBerry maps navigation; contacts disappeared after a reboot eventually reappeared.

I deleted some apps I was using to free up space.

Love it! Plays smoothly! Yay, Minions!
one question...any special keys/taps/etc. to actually use items during play, for example vacuum I purchased with bananas?
Thank you for the review and the tips in your other post, Adam!