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Jump Birdy Jump comes to BlackBerry 10 - A must have game

By James Richardson on 22 Feb 2013 02:59 pm EST

We covered Jump Birdy Jump when it arrived on the BlackBerry PlayBook last year and I was overjoyed to see it crop up in BlackBerry World for BB10 recently as it really is a great game. The 'Built for BlackBerry' game is the perfect example of how gaming is now fantastic on BlackBerry. Gone are the days of us being years behind our buddies on iOS and Android. BlackBerry 10 is giving BlackBerry users just what they want.


The concept of Jump Birdy Jump is to get your bird through a selection of obstacles to your sweet heart. Along the way you must collect stars. Get them all and you will be rewarded. Sounds simple doesn't it. Well, it is to start with but then things get a little tricky. Making your bird jump is achieved by using a kind of catapult style movement. You pull down from the wire he sits on and you are given an indicator line to show how much power and which direction the bird will jump. Hitting walls or obstacles will kill the lovely bird and you will be sent back to the start of the level.

Jump 1

The game play is smooth and chilled but it can get pretty hectic. Graphics are absolutely fantastic in Jump Birdy Jump and it really is a joy to play. In my opinion it is just as good as some of the more well known games such as Angry Birds.

Jump Birdy Jump will set you back £1.50/$1.99 for BlackBerry 10 and it is money well worth spending - trust me.

Features of Jump Birdy Jump include:

  • 70 challenging levels (more coming soon).
  • Original characters (I mean, have you ever seen a physics-based game starring birds?).
  • Simple game mechanism.
  • 0% cats.
  • Secret stuff you'll never find. Or maybe you will. We'll see.
  • Adorable artwork.
  • 100% fun for everyone.


I used to play this back on my ipod touch!! great little game


you guys need to find good free games more often


Sorry, we aren't going to be SCAMMED.


This is a great one.
How many stars you give it James ?


Thanks for the review :)
For anyone interested, I've got a thread in the forum about Jump Birdy Jump:

You'll find some more video.



Bought this for the Mrs PlayBook and she just loves it. It was 2.99 when I bought it though.