The Joy Of Tech takes on the BlackBerry PlayBook -- again

PlayBook Launch
By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2011 10:59 pm EDT

Here we are on the eve of the BlackBerry PlayBook launch and we figured we'd toss a little humor into the mix by posting up the above comic from the folks over at The Joy of Tech. This of course, isn't the first PlayBook comic they've done but this one adds a great twist on some of the most current events happening with Research In Motion.

The reviews are out, the forums are filling up -- and most importantly people are buying BlackBerry PlayBooks despite some of the negative (deserved or not) criticism that it has recieved. Let's face it - the above comic hits on current events but it's not totally accurate by any means.

Plenty of users out there were chasing after the size, the specs and functionality the BlackBerry PlayBook offers long before they gave thought to how many apps it will have at launch. Fact is, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a new venture for Research In Motion but it's also something everyone can enjoy -- not just BlackBerry users. To enjoy a BlackBerry PlayBook you don't need to be a BlackBerry user, as is clearly shown in the CrackBerry forums. So get in a laugh from the comic above, then get to the store and buy a PlayBook. You know you want it!!

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The Joy Of Tech takes on the BlackBerry PlayBook -- again


I love how people think you can't do anything on the PlayBook without having a BlackBerry. I'm convinced it's Apple behind spreading this lie.

Yes I'd happily pay each of the authors of this comic $500 if it turns out they didn't own an iPad... I think my money is safe!

Having held the thing tonight I'm pretty sure the Playbook will be big in Business. I used my friends' iPad and they strike me as good for sitting at home, but on the go it's Playbook all the way, also book reading.

In a way I feel it almost doesn't compete against the iPad, not sure what you think Kevin, since you own both. can't do genuine email, you can't schedule a CALENDAR event, you can't edit a contact...

You have a bad-ass web browser in an awesome little (perfect-size, I say) device. But until they take off the "gotta have ablackberry" dongle for software ALREADY ON THE DEVICE, then these criticisms are totally valid.

I mean, the contact app is ON THE PLAYBOOK! You just can't USE it without a blackberry in yer' pocket. Yep. In hindsight, you should definitely have the option. Sooner or later, I'm sure they'll correct this. But right now...

RIM made a move that's unpopular with most reviewers, and the CFO (Sorry, forgot the gentleman's job title) made a fool of himself in the interview. These two criticisms are fair play.

I call these valid criticisms. Now, before everyone attacks me as a hater, or biased, or whatever, I love my (3rd) blackberry, and was fairly excited about the Playbook (though I find the whole idea of a tablet in general fairly...well...useless? redundant? but the playbook would have been the best of the lot). But to say one is biased because they admit some design flaws, or to not be able to see both good and bad does not make you a hater.

Really. I don't see how one can reject the dongle charge with the Playbook. Unless you want a wifi web browser that kicks ass...


And so it is... I love my BB but the specs for the Playbook are just far behind on competitors... RIM get your specs right and don't force me to walk around with a BB and Playbook in my pocket to Bridge connections... and drain my batteries like a tsunami.... It's to grazy for words!

Hi @helloinbali,

Douglas from RIM here. The PlayBook’s specs either meet or surpass the competition. Its BlackBerry Tablet OS enables full web access, including millions of Flash and HTML5 sites, as well as true multitasking with apps running at full speed – not suspended – in the background. PlayBook has 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz dual-core processor. Its 1080p multimedia capability includes a 1,024 x 600 high-res display (higher pixel density than iPad 2) and 3MP/5MP HD cameras (front/back - again, superior), enabling full HD videoconferencing and video recording.

Hope this helps to clarify.

Douglas, RIM Social Media Team

of course its apple ... who else lol - they got nothing with out blackberry showing them what needs to be in their products. case and point they didn't even know enough to have copy / paste on their own lol

Or.... you must have an IQ of minus 150 to think you can do your email without a BB as "behind" buddy of the Playbook... Come on people it's just a nice cadged for now not worth the money... Tell me what you can do more as say the Xoom or Ipad?

LMAO that was funny. I love blackberry so fans hush and dont take this comic too seriously. jeeeez i think this was in reference to Mike's BBC interview

Playbook can kill ipad 1 and 2, from every angle, that is why among all the tablet out there, playbook is the only tablet that is receiving such BAD reviews and articles. Apple is afraid of Playbook, it is too obvious.

Don't you think your a bit over-hyping the Playbook? I live in Blackberry World (Jakarta Indonesia) where Bb is number one, however i hear everybody saying the same... And a BB and a Playbook in my pocket? Noooooo Wayyyy!

The Blackberry looks so angry in the comic haha, my blackberry makes me happy. It gets slightly retarded when it's low on memory..but nothing a battery pull doesn't fix haha

Can't wait to get mine and bridge it to both my blackberrys (work and personal). I'll now have one device whick can leverage either existing company or personal data plans .. sweet .. best possible solution for me .. nothing wrong with a chaperone who is paying the bills ..... I can forsee RIM having the last laugh with the PlayBook and also laughing all the way to the bank, as they say. Go PlayBook ....


I LOVE THE COMIC. That is so great! It will become a classic.

Some people don't understand. I have an iPod ( NOT AN iPad) and the iPod has Wi-Fi. I take it many places (always on holidays) because it is portable. Wi-Fi is growing. Don't be crazy and spend money on another internet contract. It's not need with this PlayBook.

Starbucks, Williams, many McDonalds .... heck ... go ANYWHERE in downtown Hamilton ... and it's everywhere ... FREE WI-FI.. so the 3G and 4G contracts is not needed. I have a BB so, whenever I need to use the net, it's there.

Anybody know where I can get the cable that hooks from my PlayBook (the one that I am getting tomorrow) to my giant TV ?

Yeah yeah it's all free those WiFi hot spots... You have also one free WiFi hot spot at home, let me guess... StarSucks gave you one?

O .... and BTW.
You know those headrests infront of your seat when you are sitting in an airplane?
A 7 Inch tablet would be the perfect size to fit into that spot.

Hummmmmm .... now don't say that you heard it from me .... ok?

And it's a matter of time before the waiters and waitresses start carrying one of these around to enter the orders on, right?

I will wait and see if the Playbook has better app support for countries outside USA/Canada, if the support is the same as the phones, I wont be wasting my money.

I love my BB Torch, but my only regret about switching from my iPhone is how many apps don't support carriers outside USA, I know a lot of apps on Apple are CR*P, but if if approx 75% of their apps are a waste of time, that still leaves 4-5 times more apps than are available for BB.

If BBM became available for other carriers, I would swap my phone tomorrow

"There's no such thing as bad publicity" ...... That BBC interview couldn’t have come at a better time.

Does anyone with a Blackberry - like all of us - care that those without a BB might be slow to realize the advantages of the Playbook because they have the wrong phone?

+1. Well said. Not that there aren't advantages, etc. etc. etc. But "they might be slow to realize the advantages" seems a wise comment to me.


Yes because the market is much bigger than just fanboys so the negative publicity regarding the BB bridge will hurt sales.

I love what I've seen with the Playbook so far, it doesn't matter if it is missing some apps at launch. For me, I have my Bold, so the bridging is great and besides my main email is through by BB. And throw in the HDMI and being able to use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with it makes it that much better than the IPad 1 or 2. Then finally, the size, maybe a touch smallish, but better than that big, almost bulky device of the IPads.

SOunds like more Crapple loving nonsense seeing how EVERY tech site and magazine gives it glowin sad that Crapple fangirls have to resort to this

I'm sorry blackberry its not you! its not me! its your co-ceo Mike and his direction of where he wants to head with the company!
I will have to wait for a 4g playbook and maybe a duel camera phone before i make my next blackberry purchase. RIM your falling before the times. there I said it ok
I feel a bit better :)