Joke of the Week: What's the difference between Android owners and BlackBerry owners?

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 May 2012 09:15 pm EDT
BlackBerry owners have credit cards. :)

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Joke of the Week: What's the difference between Android owners and BlackBerry owners?


Blackberry owners are stereotypically older and more wealthy than the stereotypical teenage android tech geek...

And credit cards means wealth? lol, I do get the joke though.

"Stereotypically" is right on!

I give you that...

Is that an attempt at a 'joke' from Kevin or a typical Canadian snobbish remark? As a BB fanatic, I am ashamed and saddened at the remark.

Reading this thread I see you all would fit right into the US Congress.

Torch 9810 on AT&T
Playbook 64 with OS2.0

not going to spent 1475 euros on a phone that i am going to use only till october or christmas. . .ensure it will run bb10 and i am in^^

so true.

For the people who don't get it, android owners almost never pay for apps. android owners always go for the free ad supported app. On average BlackBerry app makers make $100,000. That means BlackBerry owners pay for their apps. Since they pay for their apps that means they have a credit card. Or PayPal account, can you paid for apps on your phone with PayPal account? I only have a playbook so I don't know how the phone works.

Is that why RIM shares dipped down to an 8 year old low yesterday after the so called demo that was supposed to inspire?

Yes because share price is the only measure of success. Not the 77 million people who have BlackBerries or the countless influential people who still only use Blackberries.

Clearly you're the one that is unable to comprehend the stock market..does the fact that share prices fell to an 8 year low right after biggest RIM announcement in years sound like positive news fanboy???

have you seen any thriving and successful company that everyone is excited about and wanting to invest in it to have its shares drop to 8 year lows???? didn't think so, sheep.

if you'd like to understand how the stock trend of a successful and one with future should look like, take a look at apple's portfolio (and no I don't use iphone).

So are you trying to say that Apple has always been thriving and successful? By your statements, I can only assume that if you believe that if a company looks like Apple is right now then that is the only proper measure of success.

The falacies that you present is that RIM is unsuccess with Blackberry and thus has no future and that Apple has always been as successful as it is right now and will always have a future. Both are completely false.

The truth is RIM simply isn't AS successful as it has been in the past. Dropping stocks are an obvious reflection of this. When RIM goes belly up and the company ceases to exist to make Blackberries, then you can say that they are no longer successful.

As far as Apple goes, there was a time when they looked similar to RIM. "No one" wanted much to do with them and "everyone" was more willing to use other products esspecially after having gone through a time of major success. Then they released the iPod and everything began to change for them again and they began a nice upswing which led to them being as successful as they are today. They had made mistakes, but continued to be smart and persistant. Your comments lead me to believe that you don't think others, especially RIM, are capable of the same kind of upswing.

As a final note, have you forgotten that these are tech companies we're talking about? Tech companies are notorious for being volatile. They go up and down all the time because technology changes ALL THE TIME. What's cool and amazing today won't be cool and amazing tomorrow. You make it sound like Apple is some company like Pepsi or something who have is no real need to reinvent themselves constantly because people know and trust that they'll make the same product from now until the end of time. As long as they keep with current fads and trends, Pepsi will always be successful. If that's what you think then I have news for you: If Apple or anyone else tries to continue to make iPhones and the like forever, they'll find their selves out of business eventually.

Like I said, tech changes and so do the products based of it. All tech companies will go up and down until the day they go out of business. RIM isn't out of business yet so they still have a fighting chance.

Joke of the Week: What's the difference between Android owners and BlackBerry owners?

We have to wait 3-6 more months for our next gen phone :)

RIM prove me wrong. send me a half baked device so I can test it until the official release is out :)

just imagine RIM would release a new phone every three month. . . and declare your old one as high-tec-rubish which will not run the latest system and will not run many apps. . . thats what android does. . . very uncool. . .at least if you are hocked to a contract and are not able or willing to buy a new phone like i do as soon as I can buy it from where ever for what ever it costs. . .

Android users simply don't want to pay for an app, I don't get how Android has so many developers when users are so cheap (In general). I guess dev tools are such pleasure to use that ppl just want to develop for them. Hilarious joke BTW

Oddly, many Playbook users decry the lack of 'free' apps. Angry Birds for example, has many PB owners upset because Android owners can play the game for free with ads, but those with Blackberry's tablet must pay to play.

I think the joke might be refurring to the fact that BlackBerry users make up more than 80% of the total NFC payment system compared to any other platform

BlackBerry Bold 9900
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Whats the difference between android and blackberry users?

We will never get an OS that is called Butter Pecan!

Socal, the trendiest place in the world. Wonder why Android is so popular there... Hmmm, oh yeah, everyone in this god forsaken state is trendier than the last.

the joke is making a stab at poor people. thats whats going on. most poor people are going to take the best they can for as little as possible, where as rich people like to gloat about how much they paid for something.

since BB7 is failing so hard, and RIM (and its fanboys) are betting everything on BB10, one of the few arguments left for BB users is to resort to "my apps cost more".

what a stupid, biased, ignorant thing to post.

btw bb apps tend to suck if you didnt notice.

agreed. I think the joke is on blackberry really...not only blackberry has crappy and limited number of apps but the users have to pay top dollar for them too... among other things RIM related now even the insults are failing.

What's thE difference between Blackberry forums and Android forums?

Blackberry forums slag off other OS's. Android forums don't care about Blackberry.

However, Blackberry users don't TROLL Android forums. Instead Android users come to Blackberry forums to slag Blackberry. If they didn't care they wouldn't comment on any Blackberry forums, news articles, blogs etc.

That's so funny and true. My brother has a Galaxy S II and no credit card, while I have one and a Bold 9780. He's older as well...

This post reminds me of the typical "generalization" jokes that use the word "All"

And it did build the morality around here. It makes the poor BB user like myself feel empowered for having a credit card. "Hard work, Dedication" Floyd Mayweather Jr. voice

But, W/e bring on BB10.... Can't wait!

The best thing about a joke like this is how quickly it reveals the Android trolls. I'll truly never understand trolls... Let's see, spend my day posting hate on sites dedicated to products I don't care about, or go out and enjoy life... That's a tuffy! That's why I really wonder sometimes if there actually are paid trolls out there. No matter how much I dislike Apple for example, I'll never go to an Apple site and post hate... that just seems to be a truly "crazy" thing to do.

I 100% absolutely agree with this. In fact, I've never even considered doing so - I can barely do this on iBGR!

So true. I have personally never considered going to an Apple or Android forum to post a bunch of hate that provides zero discussion. This area is for BB users who actually like, or at least respect, the brand. If people want to bash, they can go start a thread in the forums of their own device.

Because your credit card bill for your Angry Birds Space purchase hasn't been generated yet :)

Android users get the dumb down version for free. Now that is what we call debt free :)


...Even funnier as a blog title! I'm loving Team BlackBerry's new energy! Awesome guys! Keep it up!

Funny! I don't think anybody with a sense of humor was offended. The people posting negative comments should lighten up a little bit.

I don't find this kind of joke funny. Generalizations always leave out detail. Android is the only other platform I would switch to.
The Android platform is innovative, open and the top of the line droids are powerful and backed by Google. That is powerful stuff.
The reasons I'm with BlackBerry is that (well besides the fact that I absolutely love BlackBerry) is so open that they have no way to protect themselves security wise. No gatekeeper is dangerous in this world. only pushes gmail. It never ceases to surprise me when sales people try to sell me an android device and don't know this. I don't just have a gmail account. My business accounts don't push on android and that is where all my FLASH traffic goes.
3. no one on the planet makes better keyboards than BlackBerry. And I love BlackBerry keyboards.

On the other hand they have powerful, fast, awesome media capabilities, and many more things that frankly we would like to have. Just being honest. It is a question of priorities for me.

Lets not fight with the android folks. After all, we enjoy having some of their apps in our ecosystem. Instead, lets unite against the apple/price fixing/app blocking/sue happy/tax dodging/people exploiting/back room dealing scum of the earth apple freaks.

BlackBerry owners (like me) have a lot and a lot of
patience waiting around LOL
And confidence because we've been laughed at for years and we didn't care.
Better eye sight because the BlackBerry screens are tiny

Let's not over think it people! All it's saying is Android is toy for kids who don't have credit cards, and BlackBerry is for the more mature crowd. Is it completely true? No; it's using a stereotype to poke a bit of fun Android. Seems appropriate given the nature of this site. Don't like it? Move along...and relax a bit while you're at it.

Wow. A dying platform cracking jokes at the most popular platform. Interesting.

And by interesting I mean sad. Too bad jokes don't magically increase sales.

Maldroid is an apple rip off, now thats interesting. I can shop with my BB without fear of you know, the obvious. My sharp crisp screen isn't over saturated and I can see it in the sunlight. I know you're here because you can't wait for your new BB10 device, because you know this is not maldroid central.

Wow all these comments and nobody actually listens to the podcast.

If your going to bash or try to figure something out guys at least do your homework. They said it like 4 times on the last podcast.

Let me First say that I am in no way offended by this comment/joke.

But I would like to say something about how Crackberry has turned recently. When I got my first curve I came to Crackberry for all the help and great stories and reporting on Blackberries.

However, it seems recently that Crackberry is seemingly run by college freshman trying to be cool.

Having a "pre-porn" pic on the main page, Kevin "crapping" on an iPad, and now this silly joke making fun of Android users. Chris U. giving a VERY misleading headline about what Tim Cook said. This was a shock because of all the times that RIM fans complain about bad reporting and misleading headlines. I am sure there are more examples but these are four off the top of my head.

It seems that as Crackberry has grown, it would have become a little more business like and it appears (at least to me) that it is going the opposite way.

I know Blackberry fans have taken some shots recently, I am just not sure that should mean that Kevin needs to act like he is pooping on an iPad.

Ok my rant is done.

Oh my first thought was android user are the only ones who can use google wallet, so therefore BB user still have to use credit/debit cArds until our NFC is useful. Uh it was a ok joke...

LOL seriously?? Is this what BB owners are now reduced to? PLEASE. People are abandoning BB because of the lack of apps, the awful EDF camera and the general lack of innovation. Plenty of my friends, co workers and colleagues, professional and not, have left BB for Android and iPhone because of these reasons. These include professional TV news personalities, app developers, business owners, military, stay at home moms, teenagers, etc. I currently have an Android device and have spend over $100 within the past month on apps with a CREDIT CARD as my payment method. Try harder next time Crackberry

You know CrackBerry is blowing up when one joke causes this much controversy! It is actually great to see all the Android and iPhone fanboys show up our BlackBerry site! You guys just can't keep away from BlackBerry news and talk! That says a lot. :) Keep thriving CrackBerry (and BlackOnTrackBerry)!

That's not even true.. Isn't about who has credit card or not, you should say who is dumb enough for pay for a free app. Is funny like reporters or wanna be reporters on this place don't get tired of play mental games with people in here... The only reason you use your credit card is because bb people don't have a choice, so I don't see how ya can even brag about that, that's dumb

Here's another difference in Android owners and BlackBerry owners. 700,000 Android owners have malware infested phones. Zero BlackBerry owners have malware infested phones. Maldroid anyone?

Wow I wonder why all these Apple and Android lovers come to this site. :p never have I once thought of signing up for an Apple fan boy site and post about how it sucks.

I have always been so lost on that. I guess people who find entertainment in going to forums and sites dedicated to products they personally have no personal concern about are also those that find entertainment in things like peeing on the walls of Walmarts. I just don't understand.

Android owners have an OS from a company that will still be around in a year.

For all of you theoretically rich Blackberry owners that don't get it, this punchline is a vague way of saying that your phones suck and that RIM is on the fast track to nowhere just like Web OS.

Here is another difference between BlackBerry and android, BlackBerry doesn't copy everything apple shits out!

It is often said the one's with the most success have the most critics. Troll away, it only strengthens the hold BB has on you!

More to the point, we need credit cards to pay for the apps we get spanked for where Android owners get them for FREE!!!!!!!

To all android fanboys, welcome to our blackberry site! BTW, I would rather pay $1-3 for apps instead of ad supported apps.

The free apps on Android that I had were litered with ads. I paid for those apps just to get rid of the ads but also to support the dev if the app was a good one. I have NO issue spending money on quality apps! Android users generally just want free, hacked and sideloaded stuff.

One out of every two Android users are the types of douches that pirate 99 cent apps and b*tch when it doesn't work or isn't "any good." One out of every three shout about freedom and open-source but are giving their money to Google, whom may have the most asanine and inverse idea of privacy and ownership policies known to man. One out of every four troll forums dedicated solely to BlackBerry preaching their gospel or directly insulting people but fail to break the loyalty of a real BlackBerry lover.
Praise "Bob"

The trolls hang around because when BB10 drops they don't want to miss out. They already jumped ship once and want so desperately to return. Along with the fact that they have nothing in their lives that seems interesting anymore. I have only a few android users in my closest group of family and friends. Those that have left BB went to android for a short time, but soon realized that it's os is plain and full of malware, often causing problems and making their mobile experience frustrating. Most of them went to ios. Those that have stayed with droid I find, have become the ultimate fanboys. Even going as far as purchasing tablets of the same os that are clearly inferior to most others on the market. They often attempt to impress me with their "free" add filled apps.

The sad truth is that many of the droid bots are on the fence and are only waiting for the Rimpire's secret weapon to arrive later this year. Many a trolls will become turncoats. Not to worry , though we may bait you in and place you on a list, we will welcome you back with open arms. Oh wait your still here.

I get the joke Kevin but I think you hurt some of the trolls feelings.

Shortest post on Crackberry EVER?

And, this is bullshi*, especially in RIMs fastest growing market, Indonesia, almost nobody in comparison to the population has a CC (or even a savings account).

The difference between Android and BlackBerry? ..... Around 70% market share! (Or if you compare OS7 with Android4.0: "7" is 3 above "4" but "4" has an lead of 3 years above "7")

Since when market share reflects the auality of a product?!? If only that was true we would all drive Mercedes. Grow up.

My due has an irony content! And something selfcritical... And of course there is a context between productquality and market share: mass-taste is always wrong! Look at everything where mass-taste could decide about reality: primitive talkshows, political selections, market share of products... This world wouldnt be in this constitution if mass-decisions where intelligent!

LOL look how easily Kevin exposed the women in here. I wouldn't even be surprised if he did that on purpose to tag the trolls... I don't get how something that wasn't said directly to you can hurt your feelings, get you upset and make you take it personal lol. I also agree with the point that it's rather interesting how users of a different device will come here to b*tch... PLEASE atleast try to be half as "cool" as your device and maintain some form of composure.

That is the LAMEST thing I've ever heard here on Really? In a time now where anyone who has a job or an allowance can go to thier local carrier and get ANY device for $199.00 usually. THIS is why BlackBerry is suffering such a huge downfall in the USA. When the BlackBerry was 1st released, it attracted people who knew it was a huge successful corporate device, and made them feel like they had some "Bling" (BlackBerry devices where often used by drug dealers to text "securely" and had a following among African-Americans who percieved having a BlackBerry to being a "Playa" or a "Pimp". Speed up to 2012, and the world of smartphones is entirerly different. NOW you have choices. iphone, at least 3-4 top notch Androids, even a Windows phone or two, so this whole elitest bull**it about a BlackBerry being a device for "Successful People" is like a fat guy in his mom's basement in bragging about his city winning the world series in 2008...and they haven't done crap since then. Grow the hell up...jeesh.

It's a JOKE people........lighten up....... God knows RIM's been the butt of the jokes for the past year so we might as well have a little fun as well......

What you guys consider trolling by android and ios "fanboys" is actually folks who like following this soap opera that you call RIM.

And be careful who you call "fanboys". After seeing your ceo's awkward reveal of bb10 and trying to trick everyone into thinking bb is for "professionals", Kevin's stupid rant on how bb is for people who "like to get things done and making money" (that one still makes me chuckle), and now this lame ass joke, you guys are quickly becoming a breed of fanboys who are in denial.

BB is now trying to become everything that you guys have bashed the competition for, and now you are having a circle jerk over the possibility of being more like the competition.

An ignorant joke like this makes me unsubscribe from your RSS feed.

It's not that I don't have any humour... but it definitely doesn't belong to a news feed. I wouldn't mind reading something like this in the forums - but here? Really?
I'd have expected better.

For anyone interested...I had a Sprint Curve 8330 and then upgraded to a Bold 9930 ( I HAD a upgrade due in 2010, but passed, seeing that RIM put out lame a** devices then) I LOVE my Bold 9930, and really want RIM to succed, But really, to everyone who has a BlackBerry...RIM screwed up, and we are now in the basement, STOP thinking like it's's NOT! iphone & Androids are kicking RIM's ass all over the USA. RIM...JUST make a damn device that can compete against the competition.

OK...I will explain again...I got a Curve 8330 and I loved it..then I got a Bold 9930 and
love it better..but again, RIM has been dicking around the last 2yrs and really not producing a WOW device. My Upgrade is June 2013..and I will 1st give the current or soon current RIM device a chance...but I am a consumer! not a friggin' RIM stock holder or employee..if? you are neither? then why the hell would you just be so friggin' loyal to an outdated OS?

You know that the iOS is still the iOS when it was first created right? If you are a consumer you won't even feel anything new in the iOS, if you are developer you can say it has changed a lot.

From my experience the reason why I still have my BlackBerry is because it help me keep all my work done easily. Even with or without apps the BlackBerry is still a BlackBerry, but if you remove your all the 3rd party apps in iPhone or Android devices it's just a plain phone not a smartphone.


Well maybe RIM need to start selling to people without credit cards, cos other companies are sure doing a lot better than RIM.

Hahahaha. So true. I just typed this and only touched 11 keys. (otherwise I just touched the words my PlayBook chose )

I have both an Android phone and a Blackberry Playbook, but I don't have a credit card. I have a prepaid debit card, though.

I don't get it, it's not about bad sense of humor. It's about respect and I think is pathetic to praise BlackBerry against other platforms because all BlackBerry means is dissappointment (except for the PlayBook OS) smartphones are crap compared to what iOS and Android offer: getting connected that's bulls**t the only reason most of the people who still has a BB is because of BBM that's it, Google Play has 5 or more times the Apps in Appworld which are not quite impressive.

Oh come on. Size doesn't matter. It's about how you use it. I'm sure you have all 10 million apps loaded too. Lol. (All in good fun)

Until I logged on to comment this thread had a Google ad every ten comments. That pays for the free apps that are also filled with more ads. I'm BlackBerry for the long haul. Every company has its ups and downs. I'm not bailing just because a tv commercial said I should switch. Not every iphone or DROID comes with a hot guy and a puppy. Honestly people relax. Life is short. If you have ditched BB, that's your own fault for being a dumb sheep in the herd.

Via PlayBook
Hanging on to my 9950 (yep 2 years old and still cranking away!) til I can get a BB10.

Again with this whole BS of "Sheep"? I HAVE a better BlackBerry than you (a 9930...pretty sure RIM hasn't made a "9950" I assume you have a 9650 Bold) and i'm not a "sheep", but I am a CONSUMER! meaning, I have money to buy what I want, when I want...and if? RIM has somthing I want in 2013, then I will buy it, otherwise, I wont. bottom line...give me what I want.

i meant 9550. the last one around i am sure....and yes you do have a better phone than I. I am very happy for you.

Hey Kevin...there you go! Instead of "The Rimpire Srkes Back" (which if you noticed, it hasn't) Run back to Waterloo and shout, "Give Me What I Want!..or? I Won't Buy it!"

Being a current 'Android phone + Playbook' user myself, I have so far purchased one Android app and ten Playbook apps.

Not that I suddenly became a 'cheap user' when holding my Android phone. It was only because I refused to use Google Checkout. I paid for that one Android app using Paypal at the developer's website then sideloaded it.

BTW, my next phone will most likely be a BB.

I'll dare to say it as a previous wireless, android users are ghetto...HAHAH, no offense, sad, but true... although thanks to sprint iphone also is becoming :p

I get it. If you notice. Apps on androids owners are free. The same apps we blackberry users pay for are free on Android devices. Why? I don't know. Haha

As the owner of:
-A Bold 9650
-A BlackBerry PlayBook
-A Galaxy S
-An Asus Transformer
-2 credit cards

I have to say I don't get it. Maybe I need more coffee. Maybe it was just supposed to rile up the fanboys on either "side", maybe Kevin was just still intoxicated from the week.

I sincerely wonder though, regarding the accusation that "all" android users "refuse" to pay for apps...(BTW, I've got quite a list of paid apps in my Google Play account - If a developer puts out a quality app that does me a service, I've got no qualms about paying for it. 99 cents is nothing*)

But I sincerely wonder (not as a flame), if the shoe was on the other foot, would BB "fanboys" be so excited about paying 2.99 for an app they could get for free in AppWorld? I ask this based on the blog post announcing the release of Angry Birds Space for the was filled with qvetching about "why should I have to pay 2.99 for an app that's free on android".

In other words, if BlackBerry developers routinely offered free, ad-supported apps alongside a paid, ad-free app, which would do better? Again, I've got nothing against supporting a good developer. I've bought several apps that have free alternatives from the same developer, but the app is good enough that the developer deserves support.

But I begin to wonder if all this "us BB users LIKE to pay for apps, while those android sheep always try to steal apps and refuse to pay for them" isn't just so much posturing and patting oneself on the back.

Anyway, that's probably too heavy for this early in the morning (10:30 Central time on a Saturday morning is EARLY). I'm gonna go have some coffee and bacon.

*When I say paying .99 - 2.99 is nothing I mean it. I've been using electronic organizers since the days of Palm/Handspring and back then, it was nothing to have to fork over a good $20 if you wanted a good third party app like DateBook 5/6 (anyone remember that? It totally rocked!)I know I sound like an old person ("when i was your age we had dirt to eat and we were thankful for our dirt!)

Coffee won't help you,what you need is a sense of humor. And aLl you guys saying "i dont get it"- you all got it. All too well :-)

Oh ok...gotcha! Glad you can figure me out through teh interwebz...all I need is a sense of humor.

Actually my sense of humor is just fine, thank you. But I guess common sense doesn't mix with "fanboy" humor. Seems lately around here, a person can't like multiple either have to be in the Android "sheep" camp, the BlackBerry "We are professional rich people making millions of dollars with our Curves" camp, or go around calling people "iSheep".

Maybe it's because I use both platforms but I still fail to see any "humor" in the original post. I used the same Discover card to pay $2.99 for Angry Birds Space on my Asus Tablet as I used to pay $2.99 for Angry Birds Space on my BlackBerry PlayBook. Not sure what the difference from using my Android tablet to using my BlackBerry tablet. I was willing to pay the same amount for both, and didn't "refuse to purchase" as some people above like to imply.

Anyhoo, I'll stop trying to insert logic and common sense into the rampant fanboyism (from multiple camps) around here.

Up to now I've thought, that are only germans like me are humorless, ever worrier, world-pedagogues and poltical correct until we bite the dust. But I have to face the fact, that jokes with a cynism, irony and sarcasm content could provoke "german manner" in every country of the world... ;-)

I don't particularly like this joke, but it DOES happen to be a reality (in my observations of friends and acquaintances.

The reality is that Android has been giving phones away for a long time. Of course dumbphone owners would be getting them and switching to them rather than buying a BlackBerry. Again this is all from observations from the world around me.

I love my BlackBerry and understand the joke, but don't particularly like it.

What's the difference between Android users and Blackberry users?

Android users don't have to do a battery pull every few frikkin hours, they don't have to wait an age for websites to load up. They don't have to shrink an OS just to make it run smoothly, they don't have to look on a tiny screen with a pathetic resolution. They don't have to bitch and complain about the lack of apps provided to them. Its pretty rich of Blackberry users to diss Android, when they're not in the position to diss any platform but their own because Blackberry is not even the joke of the week, but the joke of the 21st century. And before anyone calls me a troll, I'm a blackberry user and I regret every minute choosing a blackberry. Can't wait to upgrade next week :D..the first thing ill do is throw this piece of crap in the bin!

And when u become a total droid next week you'll realize that you hate your phone because you have to force close unresponsive, bland, malware filled apps All the time. But not to worry, you'll get a new device like every month due to the shabby hardware. Roll forward to Nov.-Dec., BB10 rolls out and your left trolling the android forums, lost once again. :-(

I totally agree! I'm a traditional blackberry-user and brand-addict, but (beside the fact, that I could laught also in context with political-incorrect and tasteless jokes) Blackberry isnt in the position to critizise (or laugh) about other products like android. RIM should be lucky, if there name will still known in 2015! If BB10 wont ROCK the android and iOS-world, everybody will laugh about RIM and there incapability... We will see!

I don't get it.

Are you trying to say Android users are poorer because they don't possess credit cards?

Credit cards suggest to me that BlackBerry users buy things on credits, and cannot afford to buy things with their own money...

Also, try telling One X users this!

And finally, considering BlackBerry is trying to gain as much share as they possibly can with the respective Curve models, perhaps it's not very funny to make a joke about people having less money on a BlackBerry site today? Your average BlackBerry user isn't the corporate millionaire that some people here seem to think they are, it's more likely they are a teen with a Curve or a working man from a developing country.

It seems that, like RIM, their fans are also stuck in the past.

Firstly , WE've established that RIM is not in the most successful financial position.

Secondly no other device has the originality of that of Blackberry! BB will always be (to me personally ) the most awesomest OS ever! Although I don't have a bb any more (which I deeply regret) I see lots of potential in RIM, if they can use BB10 to get back out there and be a real competitor to Apple and Android(etc) they may be able to regain there popularity wich it had several years back. Now when I say be a "real competitor" I mean they should offer functions/features that the leaders in the smartphone industry offer, not copy them (like the whole Samsung , Apple episode) but be original yet offer the latest in High-Tech features.

Ps. BIS is a major opertunity !

Why RIM still exist? Cause its increase sale in india and indonesia. Why we used bb ? Because its bbm only. The rest specs u can find it far below apple and android

After the BGR rant last week it seems Crackberry is doing to all it can to follow their footsteps and lose whatever credibility they had left...its now no more than a mouth piece for RIM unless they are massively delusional which I suspect is unlikely

The funniest thing is that this post only has 1 sentence (excluding the title) but earn 180+ comments while well written post like "Five Important Observation from Black Berry World 2012" only has 150+ comments :P