Join us in the #MobileFit month Fitbit Group Challenge!

Fitbit Group Challenge
By Sam Sabri on 30 May 2014 02:51 pm EDT

The month of June is all about getting #MobileFit. We have a lot of great content lined up across iMore, Android Central, CrackBerry, Windows Phone Central and Connectedly that will highlight the intersection of fitness and mobile technology. There's also going to be a lot of fun had by everyone involved. We also invite those of you with a Fitbit activity tracker to join our community challenge. Details on that after the break.

Fitbit Group Challenge Prizes and Rules

Fitbit Aria

We're giving away a Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale to the three individuals who are on top of the leaderboard at the end of the month. We're also giving away one extra gift Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale randomly to someone in our Fitbit group. That's right, four prizes for getting #MobileFit with us!!!!!

In the group you can view steps, miles and active minutes for members. We'll be picking the top three in the steps category. The random drawing Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale will be given to an individual in the group who isn't in the top three. You need to be at least six years old to participate and this is open to anybody! We'll ship the scale to Timbuktu for you.

The Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale is an awesome complement to your Fitbit activity tracker. It's a connected scale that works over your home Wi-Fi network. It will analyze your weight, body fat percentage and BMI. Stats are automatically synced with your Fitbit account. The Fitbit Aria can track up to 8 individuals in a household. A very nifty connected gadget to go with your Fitbit.

On June 1st, this Sunday, the competition starts. We'll keep that group public for seven days and will make it a private group when the clock strikes 12:01 AM on the 8th. This way no ultra-marathoners join the group a day before the end of the month and instantly end up on top of the leaderboards.

Don't have a Fitbit? Don't worry, we've got tons of other giveaways planned for the month that you can participate in.

Hint: Head to the Connectedly forums and check out the #MobileFit section. Become active there and good things will could happen.

Are you in our Fitbit group? Tell us which Fitbit you're using!

Reader comments

Join us in the #MobileFit month Fitbit Group Challenge!


B entice if fitbit actually worked (syncing with the phone). I feel like I'm living in the dark using this with a bb

Posted via CB10

Though the Fitbit doesn't sync with your device, it's still a great product. I'm sure many of us are on a personal computer everyday. Just use the sync dongle for now.

That's what I do. No official/unofficial way to sync with Windows Phone. So I use the dongle and sync at my PC. I feel your pain!

I love my Fitbit Zip. Have had it for over a year now. I do wish it could sync with my BlackBerry but I still love it.
Looking forward to the challenge for the month of June. I know I won't be any where near the top but I'm still going to do my best and will have fun.

From my totally Awesome Z30

I'd love to enter this, but I won't be. Not only do I run, but I also spend an equal amount of time biking and swimming every week (triathlete). Sadly, the Fitbit will be useless to track biking and (especially) swimming :(

The fitbit is a fairly useless device, its mostly a gimic. Since when does the number of steps you take, translate to any meaningful measure of fitness. To be useful this device would need a gps, in order to obtain velocity data. Also, a more useful measure is to track fitness is heart rate, how have they not included that? Right now this is simply a fancy pedometer from the 90s.

Posted via CB10

Check out the Garmin Vivofit, it is what the Fitbit should be. While it doesn't have GPS, it does have an optional HRM. It syncs without a dongle as well. Only need a BT enabled PC.

Not sure if it can be made to sync on BB10 yet. Will have to play around when mine actually gets here.

The Fitbit does do a fair job of tracking basic fitness if you don't cheat. I hit my 10,000 step goal every day for 3 months straight. It kept my weight pretty steady and ensured I didn't sit anchored to my desk all day. I believe that is pretty much what it was really designed for.

What I dislike about the Flex is that it only has lights, no number display and it's a pain in the butt to remember to charge it.

Posted via CB10

Well dammit! I pre-ordered my Fitbit tracker but it's due to be delivered right around the end of June!

Got a fit bit and a bb10 phone... obviously they don't work together but why not join our competition.

Lol... I've had a Fitbit for years, disappointed that z10 doesn't support it.

Posted via CB10

I love this time of year. Thanks for doing fitness month again. It was fun last year and I am looking forward to achieving my goals. #MobileFit

No way in hades am I going to buy a fitness monitor that doesn't work with my BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Why can't we make it more open?
What I mean is why can't we add gpx files from endomondo, runtastic or Cascarun and estimate the calories lost??? would make it more exciting since not all of us run and walk most of the time...

You can actually sign up for a Fitbit account without owning a tracker. You can log miles walked or run manually.

Posted via CB10

The main problem with any fitness tracking device is that it is not a truly accurate device. My Fitbit is great for walking and everyday movement tracking, not extremely accurate, but it does remind me to keep moving. If it is used for a contest, it easily can be used to cheat. There is no way to tell if you have actually moved the distance it has recorded, or if you have just worn it on your dominant hand and have the sensitivity at the max. Also any type of vibration causes mass steps to be recorded. I left mine on last week while building raised bed gardens, at the end of the day it had registered over 74000 steps, my daily average is around 10000. Just saying, I don't trust it other than to give me a general sense of what I have done during the day. I'm using it in conjunction with myfitnesspal to lose weight. It works well for that. As long as you don't include the Fitbit calories as part of your daily allowances. Good luck everyone.

Posted via CB10

Nike doesn't work with BlackBerry, fitbit doesn't work with BlackBerry. Jawbone doesn't work on BlackBerry. I'll stop because it's just annoying BlackBerry can't get us these services.

Posted via CB10

I have UP by jawbone works great with my BlackBerry z30

I did a video. Yes I know the video sucks. But you could see jawbone works. With BlackBerry 10.
Here is the link

All you need is to sideload or use snap to download the app. Would be nice if they had BlackBerry app.

Posted via CB10

I wish there was an app for BlackBerry devices since I'm using Fitbit and it sucks always having to synch my tracker by using the laptop.

I've been using it for about six months now and it is useful. Problem is I have to get my fat ass back into an exercise routine albeit a moderate one...

I'm not yet mortally obese, meaning I can still see my dick and my toes...but getting winded simply by going from the bed to the toilette is not a good sign...

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