Join us live at 2pm ET for the CrackBerry Podcast!

CrackBerry Live!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jul 2013 09:58 am EDT

OK CrackBerry Podcast fans... you've BEEN ASKING US for regular weekly CrackBerry podcasts, which I always promise we'll do and then fail to deliver, but now we're going to make it happen for really realz. It starts today, at 2pm Eastern, and you can join us live for all the fun.

We've switched up our podcast platform to make it easier for us to run these shows. In the past we were using a Skype platform to pull it all together (seriously - we had six laptops sitting at Rene Ritchie's house that we'd all dial into, and he'd splice the feeds together and produce it while recording, then have to render and upload after... PITA). Now we're using Google Hangouts to run the shows. We can get these babies running easily on our own, so can do them whenever we want... even with ten minutes notice on a whim like we did our last show. 

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YOU CAN JOIN US ON AIR: The other nice thing about switching to Google Hangouts is that it's really easy for us to bring guests onto the show anytime. That means YOU. We want to dedicate a portion of the shows going forward to get more of the BlackBerry and CrackBerry community onto the show. Just make sure you have solid bandwidth, a decent microphone and webcam and a Google + account. From there all we need to do is shoot you our hangout link and you can jump on. On today's show we'll bring onto the hangout a couple of people who are in the chat room who want to join in. Get ready for it!

As always, we have lots to talk about. See you soon!

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Reader comments

Join us live at 2pm ET for the CrackBerry Podcast!


Full House... Me, Adam, Bla1ze, Umi, Simon, Michelle... and maybe some guests from the chat room. Hoping Kris Simundson can join us for a bit if he can get the gear and time to join in (can chat on 10.2).

Once the podcasts are recorded, they're immediately available on youtube. And then at that point we'll yank the audio from the file, and get it up on our standard audio only podcast feed. so they will be there.

The CB community really needs this podcast! The members of this community are waiting for any glimmer of hope for BlackBerry because management has done nothing to rally the troops. Loyalists are once again dissenting.

Not Bla1ze, please! Whenever he talks, he just repeats what has already been said, rarely has anything insightful to add. Same with Adam come to think of it. I think Kevin keeps the "team" around just to make himself sound good.

P.S. I dare Bla1ze to not wear a hat!

I was listening and it was great hearing/seeing you guys discussing BB stuffs and all. Hope I could butt in next time.

And I think Google+ is a bomb. :) First longest time spent on Google+. LOL


Please put podcasts on your video feed too. I prefer the video since you use visuals like the last podcast.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!