Join the Virtual Learning Centre Hangout, leave a comment here, and win a TELUS BlackBerry Z10!

By Simon Sage on 6 Feb 2013 12:12 pm EST

Watch the Reply: The live event is now over but you can watch the replay above to learn more about the BlackBerry Z10. Jump to the 12 minute mark to start, that's where the action begins. 

TELUS is hosting a really great Virtual Tour of the BlackBerry Z10, showing off some of the big features of the new device. TELUS has a bunch of these Learning Centres across the country, helping folks get the most out of their shiny new phones. Head to TELUS to book a one-on-one appointment. 

Win a TELUS BlackBerry Z10: TELUS has graciously given us a BlackBerry Z10 to give to one lucky reader. We unboxed it, and now you can win it! Leave a comment for your chance to win! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

Reader comments

Join the Virtual Learning Centre Hangout, leave a comment here, and win a TELUS BlackBerry Z10!



I've been a BBY lover since the Telus phone rep convinced me to head down the the retailer to check out the Pearl. I can't wait to get my hands on the NEW Z10. Looks amazing.

Please pick me for a new Z10 from Telus! I have been waiting FOREVER for this phone to be available.

Please crackberry consider me for the win.. I love BlackBerry and am obsessed with the new z10 device! I want it soooooo bad but can't afford it, got the bold 9900 not even a year ago.. If I won I would give my bold to my Mom so that it still gets good use! ..pleeeeeeeeeease & thank you!


I would love to win this ,although I would probably give it away since I'm still 2 years into my contract for my 9810. I would make sure it went to converting an isheep though!!

Torch 9810 -- Playbook 64GB

Telus?...i thought they were called Clearnet..that's how long i have been with this great provider..and now for them to be the provider of a Z10? would make a lifelong customer....
E- even happier
C- could it be me
S- sounds to good
T- to good to be true
A- awesome
T- time will tell
I- incredible
C- can't wait to see

I would LOVE a BlackBerry z10! I am with Telus too, but am not up for an upgrade right now! I was playing with it and it is amazing.

I have been with Telus for years. I went to the Chinook Center store in Calgary (Lower mall) and they had an evaluation unit that could show the keyboard and nothing else.

I already knew the keyboard was amazing. Unbelievably AWESOME!

The Evaluation unit they had was locked to have no sim card ability.

Bad form for Telus. So much for a learning center. Also Koodo Mobile had no demos either.

Best Buy Mobile had nothing and Fido had no marketing materials. I got more INFO from the Wind Mobile Dealer, and they don't get phones "possibly" till later this month. They were very helpful.

I was very excited to even feel and touch it... drool... Although i am jonesing for the Q10 more...

Hey Crackberry ... Thanks for the opportunity.

Hey Z10, please find your way to me in your sexy form factor ... :)

Tried a bunch of Telus stores. Nobody would give it to me outright. Even waited in line the morning of and got rejected. This would be amazing!

Count me in. I need this very bad since I left for Android over BB recently and want to come back soooooo bad.


Been waiting for my Telus Z10 to come in but think I'm out of luck. Looks like they are all backordered. Can't wait to get some of the BB awesomeness!!! Yeah for Crackberry!!

Since I work in an office FULL of Iphone users an have been a Telus/Clearnet subscriber since 1999, I need together hooked up with a Z10, PPPLLLEEEAASSSEEE

Anytime now. Already ordered a case but no Z10 yet. Crackberry please help me place a Z10 in my new case. Thank you

I'm already on Telus...been with them since 2000. Well...Clearnet in 2000 but Telus bought them that same year so...a new z10 for Telus would be amazing!

Telus is great. I've been with them almost forever (back before Clearnet in Ontario became part of Telus). I'd love to win a Z10.

Please pick me!! I love the white but I'd love any Zed10 ;) @Telus has the best customer service ever (they even reply to tweets!).

please pick me i have no way to afford my device in the far future let alone short future.

bills bills bills and not enough income to pay them allllllllllllllllllllllllll its depressing i need something to cheer me up.

Liking my husband's Z10, as it does all the things my old torch struggled with. Time to maybe make my way back to BB. The iphone was fun, but its time to get serious again!

I would love a BlackBerry Z10 to replace my combo of Galaxy Nexus & BlackBerry 9700 that I walk around with on a daily basis.

Oh, I would really love this! I've been with Telus for 6 years now and I can't upgrade until November (unless I pay hefty fees). It would be so nice to win the Z10. It's hard to not be a bit jealous because I sell cell phones at a retail location and I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Ace. lol

I'm an old crackberry addict and well have left the nest to go to android for the last few years. Would be nice to get the zed ten. I couldn't wait till January to upgrade and got the note 2 from telus. Perhaps I could win.

My family and I are already on TELUS so this would work out perfect! No need to unlock it or anything!

Oh how i wish i had a z10, all the other smartphones would be beaten, just need some BB spice in my life, rocking either biz or housewife, c'mon crackberry pick me please! A BBZ10 would be the bee's knees

Count me in! I want to show this neat and wonderful 100% Canadian made Z10 to my brother who is now living overseas and using Android.

I've got one for my hubby already but he won't let me play with it too much. Now I want one for myself! Please

Please pick me! My wife's 9810 is being buggy as all hell and I'd love to give her something awesome for Valentine's day! I had to sacrifice my 9800's battery to give to her so she'd have enough juice.

That guy was very good! I wish all the staff in the stores could be that knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the Z10!

Wow, I could use this as I am not eligible for an upgrade but really, really want this phone. Telus is my provider.

Alright Telus. Been a oyal customer for 12 years. Time to give me some love back as I've given you thousands in love.

Hey guys,
I know we don't deserve to receive anything for free, but when the opportunity is here, I cannot stop not wanting to participate!
I really want to try out new Blackberry, especially the new ones!
I hope you can manage competition with the smartphones, don't give up! As long as you don't give up, it's a process, not a failure.
I hope always see new improvements and products from Blackberry, we need you!