Join me in welcoming back to the team our enterprise mobile expert, Craig Johnston!

Craig Johnston
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2014 01:19 pm EST

Long time readers of CrackBerry will know the name and voice of Craig Johnston. Going back six years to February 2008, it was Craig Johnston who co-hosted CrackBerry Podcast Episode 001 with me. Craig was active on our podcasts for several years and occasionally would drop a post here on the blogs, imparting his immense knowledge of BlackBerry's history to our CrackBerry audience. Remember, Craig has been in the enterprise mobile space since 1999 and was a user of the original pre-BlackBerry device, the RIM 850.

Over his years working in enterprise mobile, Craig has managed BIG mobile device installations —we're talking over 40,000 users — and today is working as Enterprise Mobile Strategist for NTT Data. When he's not doing that, he's likely working on writing mobile device-related books, of which he's written 13 to date, or playing with wearable tech, his new addiction (he's also a Google Glass Explorer).

With BlackBerry's new leadership team making it clear that enterprise will again play a big part of the BlackBerry story moving forward, I wanted to make sure we're staffed up to cover the pertinent topics around this area accurately and with authority. Craig was more then happy to oblige to my call. Expect to see a couple of stories from him each week. And once he's in the groove on CrackBerry, you'll likely see contributions from him pop up on our other Mobile Nations sites.

On that note, please join me in welcoming Craig Johnston back to the team!! Between his stories here, you can follow him on twitter and instagram at @ibanyan. And for nostalgia's sake, I recommend you go listen to CrackBerry Podcast Episode 001 again. Lol. It's... **too** funny.


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Join me in welcoming back to the team our enterprise mobile expert, Craig Johnston!


Me too. I miss him on the Podcasts. I've recently been listening to all the CrackBerry podcasts from beginning to end at work. Thought I would start over and have a better understanding of where we came from and how we got where we are today.

Listening to the beginning of the soundbites has been quite entertaining lol.

Also, I had never realized how the "CRACK-Berry dot com" mp3 was created. Funny that it was a mix of Craig and BlackBerry put together.

"Kevin, the world's most fabulous man! Deep, and penetrating. "

Well it's finally happened, a story about BlackBerry security breach........ well android fans, just keep downloading the apps........

Blackberry security and android don't mix.

Should never have let this happen, but who cares, right?

Catapulted from my Z10.

I care ,up until just recently, I never ever had a problem with my desktop,now that I experimented with android I have problems with BB LInk,It's called RIM TUNNEL SERVICE,it just drives me crazy,I checked the web and there is a solution ,I have to download something from Russia to get rid of it?????I'll keep on trying to find another solution, maybe here I'll find something.

Knew it would happen. That's why Android Runtime should be optional and not come pre-loaded

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It will be nice to have him back on the podcasts too. Always enjoyed his views & opinions on BlackBerry, which seemed to be against those of the rest of the Crackberry team. Glad to see him back.

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It would be very welcome to see more enterprise-related articles here on CB, so I'm really glad Craig is returning!

...otherwise known as the VOICE... welcome (back)! He's someone we need to hear in the podcasts more often. When he speaks you can sense the authority.

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Excellent. Always found CrackBerry plugs the leaks when it comes to anything BlackBerry.
Great step towards maintaining that.

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Good to hear. Now we can get more information for the prosumers. I really need some info on the Microsoft365 & BlackBerry. A good tutorial would be nice. Look forward to your editorials. Welcome back!

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Welcome back! Looking forward to reading your articles.

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Glad to meet ya Craig! I'm a BlackBerry philosophy major somewhat myself...or I think I am lol! Welcome back! I look forward to learning from you as I do the whole Mobile Nations!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Wow! Great job beefing up the CB staff. I look forward to gaining greater insight into the challenges and opportunities BlackBerry faces with its reborn focus on Enterprise.

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Welcome back, Craig! It's been a while and hopefully you'll sit in on some podcasts.

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First Simon, now Craig. This really is shaping up to be a big year!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

It's so weird, last week I was just thinking where has been Johnson been. I remember hearing about the book he had or was working on and then disappeared from the podcasts.

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it was cool! ( speaking about 1st podcast) Actually this is how I became podcasts listener. Now of course I listen bunch of other however I always remember that it started with crackberry. Glad to hear that Craig is back.

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Welcome back ... it may have been a long time and you may need to collaborate with Sith Apprentice on some new BES10 findings.

Either way glad to have you back and I "pray" to see more enterprise focused articles on the crackberry headlines related to BB10, BES10, QNX Cloud, and M2M/EEM implementations, partners and how BB is working to implement services/products and contractual agreements with their clients. I want the whole anchelotta!

A Crackberry superstar from the attitude era returns home... too bad the site is PG now

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Security leaks with Blackberry, my Z10 full of infections/viruses. Never thought this will happen.

Welcome to the android world, blackberry

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I remember a Craig from the early podcast days, so yeah. Welcome back sir. You must surely love blogging and podcasting better than sleeping, but I for one am glad that that's the case!

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Thanks everyone for your warm welcome. I look forward to contributing to Mobile Nations once again, in this enterprise capacity, which spans all mobile devices, and different device security mechanisms including MDM, Dual Persona, and trends like BYOD, BYOA, etc.

Welcome back sir! Though a reintroduction with Google Glasses on...not a good idea...

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