Join Lewis Hamilton for a live Q&A session on BBM Channels!

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2014 06:21 pm EDT

If you have some questions you've always wanted to ask Lewis Hamilton, you might finally be able to get some of them answered. The MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS BBM Channel is hosting a live Q&A session with none other than Lewis Hamilton himself on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 14:00 GMT. You will of course have to subscribe to the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS BBM Channel in order to gain access so be sure to add them using channel PIN C00011785 or scanning the barcode.

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Join Lewis Hamilton for a live Q&A session on BBM Channels!


I'm sure that one has been asked GAZILLION times over from people getting flustered when they actually do get to ask him a question, lol.

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"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

May I suggest watching an F1 race? Or a few. Nothing wrong with just observing, and let others ask the questions.

I have actually watched a few. Like I have said before I think it's cool. Just don't know what kinds of things people can sincerely ask, maybe "aren't you glad you get to turn right?" (jab at mascara fans)

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Two in sprint cup, Watkins glen and Sonoma, there has been talk for a while to adding a third to the chase. Three races in nationwide series, Road America, Watkins Glen and Circuit Gilles Villaneauve in Montreal.

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I probably would ask Lewis some BlackBerry questions...Have you been able to see the new BlackBerry Passport? If yes, what are your impressions of it? In addition to asking him...What do you think about the sounds of the new F1 engines? Do you think they are loud enough/high-tech sounding enough?

From watching/listening on TV...the cars are too quiet in my opinion, which takes away part of the mystic of F1.

Murray Squire Marr

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Lol I think it's cool and all, but I don't really know where he fits into my strong interest in BlackBerry. Maybe if he was a hockey player...

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Well considering BlackBerry isn't doing so well in NA, maybe hockey wouldn't be the best sport for BlackBerry to represent. They sound be doing something with cricket in India or something

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See! This would be much more interesting to the BlackBerry enthusiasts :D chatting with Kevin and bla1se would be much more entertaining

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More wasted money on pointless marketing. Now that the french madmen like midget left the company, why do these partnerships continue? Last time I checked Mercedes major supporter of Apple's Carplay, another fuck you to Blackberry on a long fruitful "relationship".

I have yet to see a single partnership that benefited Blackberry.

No Carplay is not QNX based, Carplay is iOS but works in conjunction of QNX based in dash infotainments.

In simple terms, Carplay and QNX talk to each other but are not the same person.

I can imagine you are happy with the energy recovery system compared to the the old kinetic energy recovery system?

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This is one of the most significant years of Lewis' carreer- loads of questions to ask to do with his inter team rivalry and driving the most dominant car in f1 for a long time!
I can't believe blackberry aren't capitalising on the dominant success of the Mercedes team this year! Blaze/Kevin need to have a word with somebody in blackberry's marketing department!

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Totally agree, all like now blackberry should be milking those commercials with Hamilton on airways across the spectrum. Lack if marketing is one if blackberry's major underpinnings

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i think BlackBerry are under utilising their association with Mercedes at the moment. this year Mercedes are having an incredible season so far and giving the logos plenty of exposure. maybe the slogan should be "BlackBerry - built to keep you moving, and winning!" ?

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