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Grab your Passport!
By James Falconer on 19 Jun 2014 01:42 pm EDT

It's official. The highly anticipated BlackBerry Windermere device will be known as the BlackBerry Passport, according to BlackBerry CEO John Chen. The announcement came during today's Q1 earnings call, and the device is due to be unveiled this September at a launch event in London.

Personally I think the name of the device is spot on. It's about the same size as a Passport (so wide!), and the name should resonate well with business travelers.

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With that, if you'd like to get in on some great discussion, our BlackBerry Passport Forum is filling up fast. And while we're at it, the anticipated BlackBerry Q20 aka 'Classic' is the topic of much chatter too. Be sure to head over to these forums and add your voice to the conversation.

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Reader comments

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But it's too wide. I need hands on experience to decide whether or not it's a solid buy. And God... please give us a next gen Z10.

via CB10 - CH(s): (C0012477B , C003B32E9) - OS 10.2 Rogers

That won't happen anytime soon because they aren't really trying to compete with Samsung and apple right now. I would really like a next gen z10 as well but I don't expect one at all.

Posted via CB10

So then what is this mystery fill touch device he already me tinned before? I'm guessing a Christmas present.

Posted via CB10

I want a flagship Z10 phone to. but the same size with bigger screen. There is enough space left for a bigger screen on the Z10

I think BlackBerry is going big all the way, Passport is a two hands phone for typing and that's is his place in the market. Phones are getting bigger to win market share, Iphone Is too strong in that size of a phone and too mature to try to win against him on a head to head competition. Even Samsung got bigger on his GS5.

Posted from my flagship Z30

Yep don't like it. I don't like big phones. I don't know started the concept that bigger phones are cool. It's not. It needs to fit in my pocket. Not a purse. It's just stupid. But meh, if there aren't other phones types coming out with the Z10 size then I have to use that. No other choice. But if my Z10 is better then the big phone ill stay with mine. And I know a lot of people don't like big phones.

I had the same opinion one year ago, I even found my Z10 huge compared to my Torch and curve, having used cellphones since the Motorola came with a hand bag and a cord handset I watched in amaze as they became so small it can be hidden in the palm of the hand. Now we are going backwards. But I took the plunge and got the Z30 and I'm not going that small anymore.

Posted from my flagship Z30

What do you mean by small. The screen or the phone. And that's what I'm talking about. The Z10 has the ability to have a much larger screen at the same build size. I want larger screen but stay the same size as the Z10. It could be a little wider. But longer is enough. If you look at the Z30 and if you open it up you will see that there is so much space wasted. I ask myself why is the phone so big. If they are afraid of safety because of a sudden drop make it out of better plastic or it shouldn't be made out of plastic.

Small like in the bold and torch, but screen size on the Z30 is the best for reading and browsing. And battery life is heaven.

Posted from my flagship Z30

+1 on the next generation Z10. And if they could make the battery life better that would be superb!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

Physical kb. big screen, wow, bye bye Z10 in Sept. gonna have my passport and with the new OS hopefully able to use most android apps by this September

World's first QWERTY widelet!

The name "Passport" definitely helps explain the design, and makes it a little less shocking.

But still not my personal style though. But I'll reserve full judgment until I actually try one (hope they appear in stores, not just online)

(and yes I know I'm not first, and no this wasn't meant as a "first" post anyhow lol)

Posted via CB10

I would like a have bit more info on the type of material used and the build quality of this device to really comment. I would at least hope it is as good as the Bold 9900, in terms of the build quality. We have a winner if BlackBerry can make it happen.

Posted via CB10

I'm not a fan of the name, but I don't have a problem with it either. I understand the concept and It looks like a great device.

Posted via CB10

Kevin started a post about the name just 4 hours ago! Why do we need yet another one really? Sheesh!

Careful! BlackDroid in action!

I think the name is great and the pictures of John holding it are much better than the renderings but what is BlackBerry willing to do for advertising. You can have the best ides in the world but it won't matter unless people buy it.

Posted via CB10

They definitely needed to break into the market of users who enjoy having a larger device. So I think thatched is smart. Just not my thing.

Posted via CB10

I love my Z30 but at times wish I had something a little bigger. The Passport looks just right. Looking forward to this device!

Posted via CB10

Kevin, when do we have a winner in the "win a future device" contest? Me likey!

Posted via CB10 via the BlackBerry Q10!

I will get it, sine staffers love their keyboard, but I'm more interested in the new all touch. Fallen badly for keyless BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

Blackberry need to advertise these devices and push them hard don't just release them and leave it at that promote promote them they are worthy of that.

Posted via CB10

I love it. Looks really.. The Business. This is what I want to see from BlackBerry. Not being followers. Instead, doing things the BlackBerry way but still keeping up with what the current tech level is. I love BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

Agreed although if BlackBerry removed the keyboard and added more screen in its place, they'd have a nice BlackBerry 10 tablet. A 7-inch screen in a tablet that can use all the BlackBerry PlayBook accessories including the magnetic charger and BlackBerry Leather Case with Bluetooth Mini-Keyboard. A 128 GB RAM, 128 GB storage plus micro-SD card slot with cover like the BlackBerry Q5. Native apps all the way!

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

It's perfect. The Passport didn't even look that wide in John Chen's hands. Brilliant name. 10.3 is going to be so bad ass too. BlackBerry is back bitches. :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Fantastic looking device. And if the rumoured specs are correct, it's a Beast! Can't wait to get one. I'll keep my Fantastic Z30 and have the Passport. I still feel BlackBerry is a Niche device, and everyone that sees my Z30 it's wow! Same with this beast....

Posted via CB10

Imagine being at the airport and the immigration officer asks for your passport and you respond by saying "which passport would you like". :)

It's all great news and I'm liking the look of the new phones, but without advertising, no one will know anything about them. So far I've seen ads on the telly for iPhone, Samsung galaxy and a windows phone, and I hardly watch TV. So when 10.3 hits are we gonna see some ads showing how we can't live without the new devices and how they can enrich our work and play time?

Posted via CB10

I am really interested at participating to this contest. The BBY passport sounds great. I have had BBY dince the early beginning. I will not change for an IPhone. My lates purchase is the Q10, I still use the Bold 9900 and the Playbook. I would like to add a new device to my coolection of BBY

I'm glad we are moving away from those pointless alpha numbering system. BlackBerry  needs to distinguish itself from its competitors with nice beautiful names that don't involve weird numbers.

Ok I'm bring too brief about my point here but.. classic and passport... good names ;)

Posted via CB10

The name is fine.. the device sucks.. who the hell is gonna be able to type on that bazaar keyboard? We waited all this time for this? Omg.. really...5" device has to have a slider keyboard like the classic.

This thing looks like a old school beeper with a color screen and a Wtf.. keyboard. Your kidding me. Right!

Posted via CB10

Um dude you are insane. It looks bad ass. It's unique and super powerful. That's what people said about the Galaxy notes size and it's one the the top selling devices.

It's wider which I love, sleek, and a beast on specs, and has a combination of touch and physical keyboard. Not to mention it's crazy secure. Get a classic if you don't want the size. I on the other hand will get the Passport.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Definitely a weird device. But remember when the sidekick was the coolest phone? That look strange. Maybe it will sell to someone.

Posted via CB10

There must be a reason for the Passport, John Chen's not stupid enough to release a hand-set DOA.

However though, I am going to take a closer look at the Classic as consideration when my contract is up in the Z30.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Not a 100% sure, but I thought I read that it's geared towards the medical industry. This sort of makes sense with their investment on NantHealth, the medical tech company.

Maybe, medical professionals prefer the Passport's aspect ratio.

Posted via CB10

Hoping BlackBerry passport(probably q30) is powered by "Nvidia Tegra k1" processor with 3.5 or even 4gb of ram running on 10.3 with 64gb inbuilt and expandable to 128gb........coz "k1" perform best at tablets now its time for passport(some says a phablet and some says a phone). #BBfanboy.....:)

I'm not sold on that keyboard. Why can't it have the Q10 keyboard with a large screen?

Posted via CB10

I'd be interested in trying it out. There will be a learning curve with this new configuration.

Posted via CB10

It all depends on how the new keyboard feels. It sure looks different. Who knows, maybe it is a revolutionary keyboard that makes typing faster and more fun. If so, I don't mind buying one despite the odd size, but I hope they make the unlocked ones available off the bat from Shop BlackBerry.

Posted via Z10

It would be awesome if it's true about how the keyboard recognises swipe gestures. That'd be so cool.

Posted via CB10

"Passport" to all the good things that BlackBerry has to offer. Great name for the new device.

Posted via CB10

I think is a great name if the point is trying to reach travelers and businessman who are always on flights and need communication and security.

Posted via CB10

Can someone explain how does the keyboard work without the 'alt' and 'shift' or even the 'sym' button? I can't get my head around it.. it'll be a new BlackBerry experience? Hmm interesting..

 BlackBerry Q10

App developers need to consider the shape of this screen when making apps. But I feel that most are designed for the S5 and iPhone shape. So more than likely android apps will still be a bit hit and miss.

Posted via CB10

When you get older screen size is a must since the eyes don't function like they used too. I can't see anything in text on my wife's Iphone buy my Z30 is perfect. I know somebody will say get glasses but I'm still in denial and I love bigger screen.

Posted via CB10

As I said before, the BlackBerry Passport looks like a Windows Phone on steroids, or worse like a PlayBook that was molested by a Q10...

Not interested.

Having said that, I hope it is a big success for BlackBerry and that it sells really well!

If you want to talk, bring on the new all - touch BlackBerry devices, the brethren of his Z10 and Z30!!!!!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Personally I think the phone is ugly. It will not sell in America. Way to wide, keys are ugly. I want blackberry to make a slider phone like the z10 with a keyboard, now that would be awesome.

Posted via CB10

I Think its beautiful. Slightly regret getting a two year contract with my q10 only a month ago.

Posted via CB10

Keep your Q10 in good shape. Someone will give you good value for it if you decide to get something different. I actually purchased mine used on here. Practically in perfect condition when I got it and I've been happy. ;)

I'm intrigued and excited about this device. Has a large screen HD screen and a keyboard that is capacitive. Has it all in one nice looking package. Go BlackBerry!

BlackBerry had lost its creativity long back. Passport is dead before arrival. It seems to me, management wants to kill hardware division by making this kind of ugly design.

Posted via CB10

Word Docs, PDF docs, PowerPoint, youtube, email, photo edits and movies from BlackBerry World...that BlackBerry Passport is a must have for me...bring it, bring it...woo-hoo

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

I think it's brilliant, I prefer using my phone over a computer or tablet. This is a great middle ground. It's definitely different from any thing out there at the moment and that in itself is a positive sign that they are innovative.

Posted via CB10

I love my Q10 because full touch screen aren't really my first option when it comes to phones with that said sometimes I wish the screen on my phone was bigger but now that I saw the Passport I think my Q10 will have to take a break. I love the OS on these phones & let's hope this new device helps the company to get some needed success :-)

Posted via CB10

Somebody asked me today why I chose BlackBerry over Iphone. My response was the keboard on the Q10, Docs to Go, saving documents and changing them on the fly, etc. I do give up my itunes, facetime, etc...but that's what my Ipad is for

Posted via CB10

I hated the passport when I first saw renderings, now I'm totally fascinated by it. Being so wide and thin I think it looks like the most powerful device around and I'm definitely getting one