Join conference calls easily with ConfCallHelper

By Alicia Erlich on 13 Nov 2011 05:10 pm EST

Have you ever dialed a conference call from your device and then realized you don't have the access code handy? For those times we receive invites not generated from a meeting organizer or from a BlackBerry device there's ConfCallHelper by thinkomatics llc. It simplifies the process and lets you join all your conference calls whether you received the dial-in instructions by email or calendar invite with just a click of a button. It easily lets you select the phone number and access code from an email or calendar event and then dial both in one step. This a great app to check out if you're on the go and need to join a conference call.


  • Can auto-start with booting up your phone and run in background
  • Integrates into your inbox and calendar by adding an entry to the menu of calendar events and inbox items
  • Automatically tries to select the phone number and conference code for you
  • Includes an instruction video

ConfCallHelper is only $.99 from BlackBerry App World for OS 4.7 and higher and comes with a two week fully functional free trial.

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Reader comments

Join conference calls easily with ConfCallHelper


Well... the official Blackberry Mobile Conferencing is only available in US and Canada.
There are other countries where Blackberries are used too...

The ConfCallHelper app provides more functionality than the standard BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing. E.g. you can choose between multiple dialin numbers, it allows you to dialin even if teh number recognition fails, it supports different mechanisms of entering the pin (with star, etc)