John McCain, Inventor of the BlackBerry?? Not!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Sep 2008 03:22 pm EDT
John McCain, Inventory of the BlackBerry?

So I have to address this because it's making the rounds and in the past hour I've received about 50 emails from people wanting me to blog it...

A McCain staffer claimed that John McCain's committee work helped create an environment in the telecommunications industry that allowed for the creation of the BlackBerry. Political reporters, sensing a sentence longer than 6 words, shortened it to something they could understand, "McCain [...] claimed [...] the creation of the BlackBerry." I have no comment either about the gaffe or of the underlying politics.

What I will say is, well, sometimes it's nice to be Canadian. I bet the boys in Waterloo, Ontario, the actual creators of the BlackBerry, got a chuckle out of this too. Try not to get crazy in the comments on this one, folks, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled *actual* BlackBerry news shortly.

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John McCain, Inventor of the BlackBerry?? Not!!


That right there is funny. I don't care who you are that's funny.

If the media is involved I never beleive it.

I'm sorry but I found that friggin hilarious...
Kool Aid is our sacred elixir. Kool-Aid is to black people what spinach is to Popeye...

This is almost as funny as when they hinted that Sarah Palin had foreign policy experience by virtue of the fact that she lives in Alaska, which is within 'meters' of Russia...She also claims she once shot a bear on the border of the Alaska/Artic Circle...Atta girl

But I bet a blackberry is the single newest piece of technology that he's had to actually learn to use...Or his aide for that matter...They said it cause they use it...

someone used some cut n paste on this picture.. using Dumbcains head on a different body!!!! Him and his wife look like walking corpse.. If he doesnt know how to email why n the world does he have a blackberry.. Should have gotten himself the first nokia ever!!!

Just like saying Obama is qualified to be presiident. What an Irrational response to a reasoned intelligent response to a question.

If you believe McCain's staffer said McCain helped create the Blackberry, I've got a FANTASTIC presidental candidate for you! His name? Why Obama of course. You'ld have to be a fool to vote for Obama or believe this story.

You apparently only read a third of that post. Nice job, making a generalized statement about a body of people when you haven't taken the time to make sure you know what you're talking about. Typical republ...oh, never mind.

Yes, I read the original post. My comment was in response to the crack pots here and in the general media who chose to ignore the original post and do nothing but bash the irrational statement that the press pervurted from the entire text. Look at the posts following mine. They bash McCain and make fun of him for an injury he suffered at the hands of an enemy. How BIG of all of you who have participated in this act. Way to debate the facts of the (non)story.

The facts are this. The staffer held up his communication device which happened to be a Blackberry. It could easily have been a Nokia or Motorola device and explained that McCain helped with the legislation which enabled the further development of the mobile telecommunications industry. He DID NOT say McCain "helped to invent the Blackberry".

See, I do know what I am talking about. Do you?

He cant even send email.. hmmm wasnt that the main function of the blackberry when it was first invented? Republicans would say anything,.. do they know how to tell the truth?

I am also surprised to see his arm near his ear.
When that Creep was rubbig his arm on Palins Daugther and Son in Law, I nver thought he would be able to move that far. He may not even use a Balckberry.

When I read this I laughed so hard. Its funny they can actually sit there and said he made the blackberry like there are not millions of blackberry users who know who made the blackberry. This has been the campaign of lieing thats all the Republicans have done thus far.

now this is ya brain on drugs thinking u invented da blackberry, whats next u gave bill gates da blueprints for windows....GTFOH..LMFAO!!! OBAMA OR DIE!!!

PS:how i wish Sarah Palin will release da bb bold *psyche!!*

Learn to type proper english what are you on? Like crack or something derr derr?

Independent or you're just an idiot willing to follow one part.

"What I will say is, well, sometimes it's nice to be Canadian. I bet the boys in Waterloo, Ontario, the actual creators of the BlackBerry, got a chuckle out of this too."

The arrogance of such a statement does not reflect well on Canadians. I guess us idiots to the South deserve no credit for the internet, microprocessors, integrated circuits, radios, and other enabling technologies behind the BlackBerry, not to mention the huge market.

If McCain actually claimed credit for the BlackBerry, he would deserve ridicule. But he made a legitimate statement that was badly twisted for political reasons.

The United States developed many of the underlying technologies behind the BlackBerry, but Canadian innovation took it to new heights. Let's give credit where credit is due.

OMG. if you don't see the humor in this post then I think you're the ignorant (not arrogant) one. Story was posted in the humor section after all.

Pretty sure everybody knows where credit is due. It's a blog post, not a textbook on the history of the world.

I forgot!! Let's see...Semms a tit for tat item...Al Gore's comments on his creating the yah think ??? What's next?? Let's see...Al Gore was reported to have said that the movie, "Love Story" was about Tipper and him....What movie fits John McCain?? Groucho Marx in "Duck Soup"? ?????

McCain is such a freakin' liar, it's amazing that anyone still listens to him. If you lie enough - like he has - you lose all credibility. Just like his buddy, Bush.

Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Your asinine remarks are almost expected here since there are so many liberals...I mean socialists...I mean communists. What the hell is the difference, anyway?

When I first read this story, I had to read it several times to try to figure out where they got "McCain claimed that he invented the BlackBerry" out of what the McCain staffer said. Then to see the ignorance spread across all the BlackBerry fan sites as fact was quite annoying. I'm glad I can rely on to interject some common sense.

Thanks Kevin!

Gore claimed to have been an integral part of the creation of the internet. Now a staffer of McCain's makes a more diluted but similar claim for wireless devices like the Blackberry.

They are both right.

Without the rules and regulations set by the government, neither of these things that we use every day would exist in their current form.

Example: A couple decades ago, you couldn't buy a telephone. You had to rent it from THE phone company. Add a phone that wasn't one of their's and you could loose your phone service. My oh my how things have changed thanks to government regulation/deregulation. Is this the same thing? No, but it does serve to demonstrate how pervasive government decisions are in how you live your life.

Can you use all the features of your Blackberry EVERYWHERE in the world? Remember all the crap going on in India not so long ago? Would the Blackberry have existed without the U.S. Government? Yes. Would it be as successful and in use here in the U.S.? No.

Take a look at all the technology around you and think for a minute how different your life would be if it wasn't there or there in some other form. You might realize how fragile your current daily routine really is.

EDIT: Kevin, good decision in staying out of the middle of this one and and letting folks flame away. Kudos to you for acting like a grown-up, I wish more folks would give it a try sometime.

That pic is just a photo op, it's a dummy phone, everyone knows that mcsame still uses one of those rotary pulse type phones....

McCain deserves credit for the contribution to the Blackberry, if it wasn't for him helping Bell invent the telephone we would not have the Blackberry...Thank you McCain, but I'm still not voting for you...Princess Lea got my vote!

You all suck. every egghead CNN-watching-thinks-they-know-so-much retarded one of you's.

You got one guy, explaining to everyone how the comment was taken out of context. Yeah, thanks, none of us knew that. We are fucking stupid morons and you are the smartest monkey alive.

Then you got this other jerkoff explaining how rules and regulations work and how the politicans help pass these rules and regulations. yeah, thank you too. I dropped out of school in the 4th grade and have no clue how this thing called a government works.

Shut the hell up. Your explanations are about as elementary as knowing what letter comes after B in the alphabet. Because some people find humor in it and make jokes, you get all bent and have some inexplicable need to explain the obvious and insult everyone's intelligence.

God... the only word for people like that is 'bitch'.

It amazes me that would fall into the trap of releasing such an interpretively skewed Political Article, and make no mistake the article does have a political undertone whether funny or not. It risks the progressive loss of respect of those readers and supporters that come here for "Blackberry" news, info, and merchandise and only that!

Sensationalism, which wreaks of a site barely trying to survive, not one who is on top of it's game as I thought was, such sensationalism will only harbor safe haven to the poorly read, non-advertiser supporting following that will just loiter here because who thrive on an outlet for their overabundance of unspent anarchy creating energy.

I won't listen to Hollywood Celebrity political opinions, poorly shrouded disparaging comments in respect to American Presidential Candidates is something many of us aren't interested in and frankly we don't give a damn who our Blackberry website guys would prefer in the White House either!...

I sincerely hope will revisit a format of higher standards in their postings and keep their political interests at home, and I don't want it at my favorite storinghouse of Blackberry news, info, and products...

I'm disappointed that the Admin of this site himself chose to post such a stretched untruth. The staffer never claimed McCain help create the BlackBerry. He said McCain's service on the Commerce committee helped deregulate the mobile communications industry, and that is true.

Quoting CNN, "Pressed to provide an example of what McCain had accomplished on that committee, Holtz-Eakin said the senator did not have jurisdiction over financial markets — then held up his Blackberry, telling reporters: “He did this.”

“Telecommunications of the United States, the premiere innovation in the past 15 years, comes right through the Commerce Committee. So you’re looking at the miracle that John McCain helped create,” said Holtz-Eakin. “And that’s what he did. He both regulated and de-regulated the industry.”

The full story:

Oh, and no, Obama didn't invent Kool-Aid, but he sure knows how to serve it well.

"OMG. if you don't see the humor in this post then I think you're the ignorant (not arrogant) one. Story was posted in the humor section after all.

Pretty sure everybody knows where credit is due. It's a blog post, not a textbook on the history of the world."

Don't insult someone's politics or religion, and then be surprised when they become upset. Calling me ignorant doesn't help either.

If it was humor, it'd be funny to people other than those with an irrational hatred of John McCain. This "blog post" belongs on a liberal political web site, not here.

"OMG. if you don't see the humor in this post then I think you're the ignorant (not arrogant) one.

If it was humor, it'd be funny to people other than those with an irrational hatred of John McCain.

In other words, If I you don't see the humor if it was humor. Huh? WTF? be Canadian. Our politicans may not be all that exciting...but they make way less stupid comments than the americans...

Somebody YouTube "Talking to Americans" and it'll just prove my point

McSame and Failin say they did everything! Why doesn't he take credit for the creation of the Earth too!?! God knows he's old enough to have been helping God do whatever it is those right wingers think he did