John Mayer Gets His Own Blackberry Bold?

By Adam Zeis on 15 May 2008 10:20 pm EDT

John Mayer

Apparently John Mayer is trading in his Curve for a new Blackberry 9000.  A blog on appears to be legit.  I definitely dig the fancy packaging, and couldn't help but notice the AT&T banner.  Apparently being famous really does have its perks - Jennifer Aniston in one hand and a shiny Blackberry Bold in the other. 

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John Mayer Gets His Own Blackberry Bold?


Kevin awesome! You have sold me just hope the phone is within my budget and VZW offers before 20XX?

I was about to purchase the curve for mothers day I have had the 8830 since they came out. My only reason was the camera I had no compliants with my 8830. Now I have a real reason to upgrade.

For phone cases I found an excellent provider case mate. The only case that protects but yet is still fully functional. Check them out if you have not already.....

Again you are awesome!

I popped into my local AT&T store yesterday during lunch to get a cover for my VZW Curve, since the VZW still doesn't have anything for the curve, anyway I asked the rep when are the getting the Bold, not thinking he will say anything, "June 15" he replied. $299.99 with a new 2 year contract. I will have to wait and see, very interesting.

with John Mayer that RIM or someone gave him a phone that is not ever for sale yet. Realistically they should give Kevin a full use device in exchange for their engineering sample. After all Kevin promoted the heck out of it with his week long review last week.

John is a phone whore. Didn't he perform @ the launch of the original iPhone? I'm pretty sure I saw him @ the keynote address.