John Mayer is back on the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jul 2008 10:08 am EDT

Talk about a cell phone swinger. I'm pretty sure in the last 12 months John Mayer has now gone from a Curve to an iPhone to a Bold to a Curve and yesterday was spotted once again using the BlackBerry Bold (I wonder if his is buggy?). Good choice John...Bold is Better!

John Mayer with a BlackBerry Bold

I gotta tell ya, John Mayer with a Bold is fine and all... but this week we've lost the battle in terms of celebrity smartphone sighting. If you're a male gadget geek, you gotta head over to and check out this Meagan Fox/iPhone 3G pic. Be careful not to get drool on your keyboard.

[ via CBS ]

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John Mayer is back on the BlackBerry Bold

15 Comments came out last week, and came out this week, the OS is still not finalized. And two months ago, was extremely buggy with radio issues to the point where it got really annoying talking on the phone with people.

obviously they said "hey we gave it to you for free so you can show it off and get people excited about it, not so you can use your bug free curve, which we also gave you for free"....that's my version and i'm sticking to it...

I could care less if mayer uses a razor? in regards to how he obtained one so early if you zoom in on the picture u can see just a miniscule dribble in the corner of his lip from going down on a blackberry exec. lol jk (all celebs are tools)

Thanks Kevin, but please more warning next time on the dangers of drooling on the keyboard! lol!!

-10 guy points to Kevin for noticing she had an iPhone... Or noticing anything about her other than her at all. Taking professionalism a little too far there...

John Mayer is actually doing a BlackBerry sponsored tour right now. i saw the ad in USA today. he's holding a curve in that one.