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Jan 29, 2016 BlackBerry more than doubles the number of shares they intend to buy back
BlackBerry today announced the company had received approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange to increase the maximum number of common shares for repurchase. This increase will take the total number of common shares BlackBerry can use as an alternative to dividends to 5.8% of the public float. Continue Reading →
Jan 08, 2016 John Chen confirms commitment to BlackBerry 10, updates coming in 2016
Following the recent reports that BlackBerry was all but abandoning BlackBerry 10, John Chen has cleared the air on the company's stance regarding the operating system. Continue Reading →
Jan 06, 2016 BlackBerry clears up the misconceptions surrounding John Chen's compensation
Chances are if you keep on BlackBerry news, you will have recently read the report put out by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) that claimed John Chen was the highest-paid CEO in Canada with total earnings of more than $89.7 million in 2014. At the time the report was issued, it seemed a little off in regards to how that number was established and as such, we chose not to post it, because we didn't believe it was an accurate representation. Turns out, we were not the only ones who felt this way. Continue Reading →
Dec 18, 2015 Looking behind the numbers: BlackBerry's on the right track
All great changes are preceded by chaos. That's a quote from [Deepak Chopra](, and right now, it seems fitting for BlackBerry. It's certainly no secret that BlackBerry has struggled for the past few years, and everything surrounding the company has been chaotic, but for the first time in a while now, it would seem as though there's a change in the air. Continue Reading →
Dec 15, 2015 John Chen speaks on the great encryption debate and where BlackBerry stands on it all
BlackBerry CEO John Chen has taken to the company blog to discuss the great encryption debate and where BlackBerry stands on it all. Continue Reading →
Dec 04, 2015 BlackBerry to announce Q3 Fiscal 2016 results on December 18
BlackBerry has announced that it will report its Q3 2016 fiscal results on December 18 with a conference call and live webcast. Continue Reading →
Nov 17, 2015 John Chen named as one of Canada's top 50 most powerful business people
BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been named by the Canadian Business website as one of that country's top 50 most powerful business people. Chen was placed at number 27 on the list. Continue Reading →
Nov 16, 2015 John Chen talks Priv's role in BlackBerry's future success in new interview
BlackBerry CEO John Chen spoke in a recent CNBC interview about the role of the [Priv](/blackberry-priv) in the company's future success, a return to profitability in 2016, and more. Continue Reading →
Nov 07, 2015 John Chen confirms 'we have a range of products after this' in interview with Fox Business
In a new interview with Fox Business, [John Chen](/./john-chen) has confirmed that the company has 'a range of products after this.' Chen also talks about the current state of the company, the importance of privacy and much more. Continue Reading →
Oct 23, 2015 Here's what John Chen said about the BlackBerry Priv and its commitment to privacy
BlackBerry CEO John Chen has posted a quick note on the company's blog about the BlackBerry Priv, which officially start pre-orders earlier today His main topic was that he wanted the Android-based Priv to be highly secure to use for people who want privacy features. Continue Reading →
Oct 12, 2015 John Chen set to appear at Techonomy 15 conference
Each year, since 2010, Techonomy Media Inc. organizes their annual invitation-only thought leadership Techonomy conference and attending this year will be BlackBerry CEO, John Chen. Continue Reading →
Oct 11, 2015 Watch the full replay of John Chen's interview from Code/Mobile
Just in case [John Chen's follow-up comments on the Inside BlackBerry blog](/john-chen-clears-air-regards-comments-made-codemobile) were not enough to clear the air for you, you can now check out the full replay of his interview from Code/Mobile. Continue Reading →
Oct 09, 2015 John Chen clears the air on some of his comments made at Code/Mobile
Taking to the Inside BlackBerry Blog, John Chen has now cleared the air surrounding some of his recent comments made at Code/Mobile stating that he feels some context may have been missed from the interview. Continue Reading →
Oct 08, 2015 John Chen discusses Priv, the future of BlackBerry 10 and more at Code/Mobile
Sitting down with Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried at the Code/Mobile conference in California, BlackBerry CEO John Chen discussed a number of topics including the first Android-powered smartphone from BlackBerry. Continue Reading →
Sep 30, 2015 BlackBerry kicks off leadership interview series with Chief Security Officer, David Kleidermacher
As part of their new BlackBerry Leadership Interview series of webinars, BlackBerry will be sitting down with David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer on Thursday, October 1, 2015, for an hour to discuss a wide array of topics followed by a live Q&A session. Continue Reading →
Sep 25, 2015 John Chen offers up a closer look at the Priv by BlackBerry
While we've already got a look at one hands-on with Priv by BlackBerry smartphone, the latest one is a little bit more special. Why? Well, because BlackBerry CEO John Chen himself decided to go ahead and show off the device to BNN's Amber Kanwar. Continue Reading →
Sep 21, 2015 BlackBerry CEO John Chen on what's most important for any business
Now that the [Waterloo Innovation Summit]( has wrapped up, we starting to see some clips from the event posted to YouTube. Continue Reading →
Sep 18, 2015 Highlights from John Chen's fireside chat at the Waterloo Innovation Summit

Highlights from John Chen's fireside chat at the Waterloo Innovation Summit

As we noted previously, John Chen hit the stage at the Waterloo Innovation Summit on Thursday to sit down with Cary Burch, Senior Vice President of Innovation for Thomson Reuters for a Fireside chat to discuss a number of topics. As there's no video posted yet of the event, we've decided to go ahead and just pick out a few highlighted quotes for everyone who wasn't able to attend.

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Sep 16, 2015 BlackBerry CEO John Chen to speak at the Waterloo Innovation Summit on September 17

John Chen

The Waterloo Innovation Summit, a partnership between the University of Waterloo and Communitech, to bring together the top business, academic and policy decision-makers from the Waterloo ecosystem is now well underway and there are a number of Fireside Chats that have been planned from September 16 through September 18. Taking part in one in alongside Cary Burch, Senior Vice President of Innovation for Thomson Reuters, is BlackBerry CEO John Chen on September 17 at 11:00-11:45 EDT.

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Sep 15, 2015 Leaker that hurt BlackBerry stock price sentenced to five months in prison

BlackBerry Z10

Remember back when BlackBerry 10 launched and Detwiler Fenton claimed that Z10 devices were being returned in unusually high numbers? Well, as we reported back in February via a report from the Boston Business Journal, James Dunham, the former chief operating officer of Connecticut company Wireless Zone, was arrested for secretly selling confidential sales and product information to the Boston financial firm, ultimately causing BlackBerry's stock price to fall 7 percent in one day. Now, U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock in Boston has sentenced Dunham to five months in prison, five months of home confinement after his prison term plus, he'll be required to pay $76,000 according to a new report from Reuters.

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Sep 11, 2015 Reminder: BlackBerry to announce Q2 Fiscal 2016 results on September 25

BlackBerry to announce Q2 Fiscal 2016 results on September 25

As expected, BlackBerry has now announced they will be reporting results for the second quarter of fiscal 2016 on September 25, 2015. A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 8 am ET, which can be accessed by dialing 1-888-428-9507 or by logging on to the BlackBerry investor site.

A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 10 am ET by dialing 1-647-436-0148 and entering pass code 3790672#. The replay will be available until 10 am ET October 11, 2015 and of course, we'll be covering the event through a live blog on September 25, 2015.

Aside from the obvious reasons of getting to know how BlackBerry is doing financially, this earnings is only one day off from marking the one year release of the BlackBerry Passport which was initially revealed on an earnings call back in June. We're not saying he will, but maybe John Chen will feel nostalgic for that date and tell us some more about the BlackBerry Priv slider. Here's to hoping because if he doesn't, he's bound to get nailed with questions in October about it.

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Sep 08, 2015 John Chen to talk cars, phones and more at Code/Mobile in October

John Chen to talk at Code/Mobile in October

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, will be speaking again at this year's Code/Mobile in October. Chen joined the discussion last year as well to talk about the status of the company, and that the turn-around was tougher than he expected. This year, the discussion topics are said to include talks about QNX's performance, progress on the company front, as well as more on the handset business.

The Code/Mobile conference will be taking place October 7-8 in California.

Source: Re/code

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Aug 28, 2015 Watch the replay of John Chen's interview with the Churchill Club

As we mentioned earlier, BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently sat down with Rich Karlgaard at the Churchill Club breakfast to discuss a wide array of topics from business transformation to cyber security to the emergence of the Internet of Things and where Chen sees the greatest opportunities for technology innovation and growth.

As expected, a lot of that discussion surrounded what's going on with BlackBerry and how John Chen is leading the changes there. The interview is about an hour long, so be sure to set aside some time to check it out. Want to cut the fluff? Skip to 33:10 and 53:30 for the good parts where John Chen discusses whether or not BlackBerry is building an Android device.

Thanks, James!

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