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Dec 06, 2016 BlackBerry to announce Q3 Fiscal 2017 results on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
Keeping in line with their Investor Schedule, BlackBerry has now announced they will report their Q3 Fiscal 2017 results on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016. Continue Reading →
Dec 01, 2016 BlackBerry sets up new European operations in Maidenhead
BlackBerry now occupies three floors of the Pearce Building in the town centre. Although no official announcement came from BlackBerry about the operations, Maidenhead Council did send out a press release welcoming the company. Continue Reading →
Nov 10, 2016 John Chen discusses Trump election and BlackBerry's plan to release one more in-house QWERTY phone
Ever since BlackBerry announced their plans to end all internal hardware development and outsource that function to partners, there has been a lot of focus on the rumored last 'in-house' BlackBerry due to some mixed messages surrounding the possibility of its release. A new interview from Bloomberg with John Chen clears the air on the matter while also discussing something else that has been on the minds of many, the implications of Donald Trump's election. Continue Reading →
Oct 25, 2016 Marty Beard discusses DTEK60, BlackBerry's overall software strategy and the Enterprise of Things
As part of the DTEK60 launch, BlackBerry COO, Marty Beard sat down with Christine Chen to discuss the latest newest member of the DTEK series, BlackBerry's overall software strategy and the Enterprise of Things. Continue Reading →
Oct 19, 2016 BlackBerry kicks off new ad campaign to spread the word about their software pivot
Ever since their Q2 Fiscal 2017 earnings report, BlackBerry has been busy pushing the message hard that software is the new BlackBerry and to help further spread that word, the company has now kicked off a new ad campaign using print and digital online ads through the the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Continue Reading →
Oct 03, 2016 John Chen discusses the future of BlackBerry devices
BlackBerry CEO John Chen and his execs have been busy talking to the media to ensure the message surrounding BlackBerry's latest strategic developments are clear but looking to add even more to the conversation, BlackBerry CEO John Chen headed to the BlackBerry's company log to lay out a post titled 'The Future of BlackBerry devices' Continue Reading →
Sep 29, 2016 John Chen: It's the start of a new chapter rather than the end of an era
Looking at the headlines and comments from people following the announcement from BlackBerry that they would end all internal hardware development of BlackBerry handsets and will be outsourcing to partners from here on out, one common phrase used to describe the situation has been 'end of era'. BlackBerry CEO John Chen doesn't see it that way at all, though, and prefers to view it as the start of a new chapter as highlighted in an interview. Continue Reading →
Sep 28, 2016 John Chen: BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard will live on
Despite BlackBerry getting out of the business of making handsets, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has plans for devices with the iconic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. Speaking to Amber Kanwar, John Chen confirmed it will continue on and BlackBerry will be selective when managing the brand. Continue Reading →
Sep 27, 2016 Reminder: BlackBerry to announce Q2 fiscal 2017 results September 28th
Keeping in line with the date on their investor events calendar, BlackBerry has now announced they will be reporting results for the second quarter of fiscal 2017 on September 28, 2016. Continue Reading →
Sep 26, 2016 Watch the replay of BlackBerry CEO John Chen's interview from the Empire Club
If you weren't able to catch BlackBerry CEO John Chen's interview with Amber Kanwar at the Empire Club of Canada as it was live streamed, no matter. You can now catch the replay of the discussion. Continue Reading →
Sep 25, 2016 BlackBerry CEO John Chen set to speak to the Empire Club on Sept. 26
Established in 1903, the Empire Club of Canada is recognized as one of Canada's oldest and largest, more important speaker's forum and on September 26, BlackBerry CEO John Chen will be sitting down with Amber Kanwar there for an in-depth discussion. Tickets for the event have already sold out but it does appear as though at least some of the conversation will be live-streamed. Continue Reading →
Sep 15, 2016 BlackBerry COO Marty Beard: We're not letting one product or idea define us
BlackBerry has been ramping up their company messaging to let folks know there is way more to BlackBerry than just their handset business. Another prime example of 'fighting' that mindset has come from Marty Beard, BlackBerry's chief operating officer, in response to a recently published article on Huffington Post titled 'Don't Let Yourself (Or Your Kid) Be The Next BlackBerry'. Continue Reading →
Sep 14, 2016 BlackBerry software recognized by Gartner for Critical Capabilities in High-Security Mobility Management
As noted by BlackBerry's Chief Security Officer, David Kleidermacher in a new post on the Inside BlackBerry blog titled 'BlackBerry Software is our Business', Gartner recently awarded BlackBerry with the highest score in 6 out of 6 use cases in its Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management report. Continue Reading →
Sep 08, 2016 BlackBerry announces they have completed their debt restructuring
As a follow-up to their earlier convertible debentures announcement on August 26, BlackBerry has now announced they have completed the redemption of all of its 6% unsecured convertible debentures. Continue Reading →
Aug 26, 2016 BlackBerry announces redemption of existing convertible debentures and issuance of new convertible debentures
Following the halting of BlackBerry stock for pending news, BlackBerry has now announced the redemption of existing Convertible Debentures and the issuance of new Convertible Debentures. Additionally, BlackBerry also announced that it has entered into an agreement with Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited and other institutional investors who will subscribe for 3.75% unsecured convertible debentures of BlackBerry on a private placement basis for an aggregate subscription price of USD$605 million. Continue Reading →
Aug 24, 2016 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sends BlackBerry shareholder lawsuit back to lower court
A lawsuit brought against BlackBerry by shareholders alleging that BlackBerry and its executives knowingly misled investors about the sale performance of the BlackBerry Z10 in order to artificially inflate its stock price, has been kicked back to a lower-court judge for further review in light of what plaintiffs claim is new evidence. Continue Reading →
Aug 23, 2016 BlackBerry's software business continues to grow with new customers in Australia and New Zealand
Momentum builds in Australia and New Zealand as organizations choose BlackBerry's cross-platform solutions for multi-OS EMM, secure file-sharing, and networked crisis communications. Continue Reading →
Aug 18, 2016 BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against BLU Products in Florida
Following their filing of a patent infringement lawsuit against Avaya in Texas, BlackBerry has now initiated two patent infringement lawsuits against BLU Products, Inc. in Florida. Continue Reading →
Aug 10, 2016 BlackBerry certifies first Global Platinum Solutions providers for Security and Mobility Services
BlackBerry today announced the first wave of Platinum achievements for partners as a result of the renewed Enterprise Partner Program for solutions providers. The program was launched in May and with ISEC7, GFI, GENOA and novalink, already four global partners are now ranked in the top tier level. Continue Reading →
Aug 09, 2016 INPS chooses BlackBerry's BES12 to securely manage its multi-platform mobile fleet
BlackBerry today announced that In Practice Systems Ltd (INPS), a leader in unique medical software for primary care and the wider healthcare environment in the UK, has upgraded to BES12 to securely manage its multi-platform mobile fleet. Continue Reading →
Aug 04, 2016 BlackBerry announces normal course issuer bid for convertible debentures
"We intend to take advantage of our strong cash position to repurchase convertible debentures in order to reduce both our interest expense and potential future dilution of our shareholders," said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry. Continue Reading →
Aug 02, 2016 BlackBerry files patent infringement lawsuit against Avaya in Texas
Looking to protect their patent assets, BlackBerry has initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against Avaya in Texas. In the suit, BlackBerry alleges that Avaya Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara has infringed eight of its US patents pertaining to various mobile communications technologies. Continue Reading →
Jul 21, 2016 Watch John Chen's keynote from the BlackBerry Security Summit 2016
If you were not able to catch our live blog to follow along with the BlackBerry Security Summit, BlackBerry has now uploaded another portion of the event following the release of Rudy Giuliani's keynote. This time around, BlackBerry CEO John Chen's keynote from the BlackBerry Security Summit has been posted for all. Continue Reading →