John Chen makes quiet statement about where BBM could end up next

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2014 03:36 am EST

When it comes to news surrounding BBM, there was plenty of it coming out of Mobile World Congress but it was a rather off the cuff comment made by BlackBerry CEO, John Chen that caught my attention when he was asked about the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook and whether or not it changes the strategy for BlackBerry and BBM.

No, not really. We have always been working on putting BBM on every phone there is. You can even argue on every device there is, even beyond a phone. We believe the world is going to go a machine to machine world. Even at the Qualcomm booth where we have the QNX car, you should go take a look at the dashboard. And we definitely want to put BBM into the hands of enterprise. It's secure, and there's features we can give them that they need.

That comment is open to a lot of interpretation but it fuels the notion that BBM will be coming to the desktop yet again as we've seen from some previous leaks and unexplained appearances of the Enterprise software, BlackBerry Blend. With the QNX mention, it also opens up the idea to implementing BBM in automobiles and more. Who knows? Maybe the next time you visit the hospital, even your hospital bed could have BBM built into it. 



Was kinda hoping for BBM desktop today in a way. Soon I hope

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Whats in the Dashboard? Did anyone go look?

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Karan Mohal

From what I recall at CES (if its the same thing) the QNX system in the car let you display whatever is on your phone's screen (menu, app, website, whatever) onto the screen built into the car's dashboard. The neat part was that you could interact with the dashboard's touchscreen and it would control the phone..


Yup! That was it

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I didn't knew that. That sounds good. Thanks.

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This could've been the idea the whole time. A central device that powers all the screens around it.


Even better with qnx powered devices is that they could combine into a virtual device using qnx transparent distributed processing. If the car display was using qnx, and the screen extension was built like screen share in bbm calls, then they are using tdp already.

The benefit is that the apps don't even need to know all the peripheral details. Imagine something like your camera app suddenly being able to take pics from your car rear camera, simply because your virtual qnx device suddenly has a third camera. No new app development required. The car became an extension of your phone, and it's apps.


I think there are more important issues to solve first....

This picture is from right now, this person lives in the US

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Had the same reaction from a Microsoft sales rep in the States. Hadn't a clue.


I think it's next time typo

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After seeing the video calling in a qnx car it's clear that is the future. .. bbm video and voice is way better than skype and viber.

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I think it's extremely important that they get QNX in mass manufactured Ford, GM, Fiat.....more the number of people that use it, better would be the rate of adoption.

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+1. Let's see that Ford announcement.


++ include other cars too like toyota and Honda

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You missed the important quote to that question.

John Chen: "John Chen doesn't make mistakes"


Why is that ominous..?


Mistake in headline, my bad yo.


To me that is a smoke-screen to hide the fact that BBM has failed to ramp now it is cross-platform - to still be at 85 million suggests that interest has come and gone.

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But did you get John's statement about the quality of users in BBM vs WhatsApp?

85m active users. A lot of BBM users are active users that spend a lot of time on the platform, higher average apparently than the WhatsApp interaction.

So 85m vs 450m, it's not just in the numbers.

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WhatsApp's figure is NOT active users.


Where are you reading it is still at 85 million?


I believe this has been stated by the company.

Do not forget that they have announced 40M NEW cross-platform BBM users since BBM-X launch.

So even if the native userbase dropped by half, that's still 80-85M.

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I think Chen mentioned it in the Live Blog, and he described it as an active userbase with high involvement / time spent.

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Yeah, I'm not going to say that my experience is representative, but I only managed to boost my BBM list from 1 contact to 7 contacts since BBM went cross-platform. That was several months ago. Since then I could not convert even a single user.

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A solid users base of active users is worth more for monetization that a fleeting herd running after the next trending social app!

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Mine is about ten people larger than it was when BlackBerry was in its heyday. I've got my coworkers using it so we can track our inventory real time using lists in a group.

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I have grown by 15 and just think if every user grows 10 new contacts that's a great number

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I mean is there more than 10 people you need to have personal contact with in a day? (not business but personal). I have 36 bbm contacts now but I use 3 daily and another 4 weekly and maybe total 16 user contacts a month.

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Pete The Penguin

I agree.

Chen has already said he'd 'recommend selling BBM'.

I don't like where the company are heading.

Fiddle Deedee

That is if a ridiculous offer was made.

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Good to see BBM isn't going to sit still with all the whatsapp news!

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It has only got BBM more limelight...

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Whatsapp's sale will only renew BlackBerry's vigor to make BBM a better app!!!

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jojo beaconsfield

@rustedteeth7860...You got it!!!


This is why I believe BlackBerry is bound to make a comeback hopefully. BlackBerry is not done yet :)

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Sexy Girls In Yoga Pants.

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"Sexy Girls in Yoga" interesting XD

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The famous Channel...

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Hospital bed with BBM built into it? I'd like to see the use case behind this one...

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I guess you can chat with your nurse, tell the nurse you want water or a fluffy pillow.


And then you can see if she read it or not


Let's not talk about going to the hospital...

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We have always been working on putting BBM on every phone there is.

Of course I even on my BlackBerry don't get updates in Russia........

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BBM in the hospital, sick people will BBM all day. That I like.


I believed once BBM will have the desktop version it could equally compete with FB, Google+, Twitter, Instagram afterall BBM is doing all of these already. The only difference is the consumer base for now but we are there already with this 85million. The only problem I am seeing right now is the regional restriction of bbm video and bbm call as it is not available in Dubai for example. I am still wishing the success of blackberry on whatever plans they have.

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Karan Mohal

Regional restriction may not matter; from what im told, other similar services are restricted in those areas as well; no facetime in dubai either...

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How about the PlayBook?

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New one wouldn't hurt in an enterprise lineup, even if it's a Foxconn one.

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Its on the desktop already.


BBM could be cross-platform and multifunctional, e.g. desktop.

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I speculated BBM in cars when the Ford Sync article came out.

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The should build a desktop o/s built on QNX. Get rid of windows fatware

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They should...

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Lol. Adding Glympse to your car's navigation system would be fun to see. And easy and safe for handsfree calling/messaging.

But with all the talk of BBM platforms, when will we start getting one single account (cloud) instead of separate IDs for every device.

Synchronisation is the keyword!

BlackBerry 10 signed.


Very true, "single account (cloud)" would be very nice indeed.


This is the way to go. Enterprise & security focus, and support for as many platforms as possible. The question is, though, will they be fast enough. Seems like all these new things take forever to become real at BBRY. Understandable, it's 1. not easy and 2. they let a lot of people go. However, the market demands innovation to become available quickly......


Every device? What about the PlayBook? It's blackberry device!

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BBM in cars and hospital bed is just going to be sssiiiiccckkkkkk!!! pun intended


I see what you did there. ;-)

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


Just don't get sick to the bones it's just like tax pains because there's no cure for that ;)

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Patrick Pierobon

This is news that is good! Thanks!


Simply Awesome, and seeing how BBM is the best messaging service in existence, it deserves to be available everywhere. Who won't want the most secure platform that is NSA Proof.


BBM is a great all round messaging platform, with just a couple extra key features it could be the ultimate communication tool!

So let's share the BBM love and get people to try it out, so far everyone i've met loves it!

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Give me BBM on my desktop/laptop ASAP!! Skype is freaking making me pull my hair. So many drop video conferences and the image quality is so terrible at times I can hardly make out my clients' faces.

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Skype depends on three factors, Internet Connection speeds, Camera Quality and Computer Processing Power. Fix those and it will work perfectly.


Unless BlackBerry upgrades BBM's encryption mechanism, it's not very secure. I'd rather have OTR on top of Jabber.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...


Right now there is a massive value-add offering on BBM. For enterprise clients, they now have the option of an EMM/MDM/BYOD offering that can cross-platform to BB10, iOS, Android and now Windows/Nokia X phones having end-to-end secure messaging and all the added features using BBM. Introducing BBM video and voice might be able to cut down costs for video/teleconferencing. Right now, BB10 to BB10 BBM video is best of class. I was able to do a lag and jitter free BBM video call from a beach in Australia to North America on a 3G network. My friend felt she was there in Australia. If BlackBerry can get this up to speed on other platforms, you've got a best of class do-it-all communications app. Having some of these communication features built into a desktop offering and integrated in a QNX enabled car will go a long way and a great option for consumers. Privacy and security will be ensured per user rather than have it compromised using something like Whatsapp (that is even more likely to violate privacy now that it's owned by Facebook.)

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BBM on everything, PS4 XBOX TV's
Effing eh

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Need that ultra-cross-platform messenger.


What about keeping the same pin??

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This is definitely a good news; even BBRY stock is rallying.
The best is yet to come.

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BBM is potentially the killer app for BlackBerry even after the Whatsapp acquisition by facebook because they are planning things even the mighty facebook can't match. If we see BBM turn into a major M2M player. Arrive at the hospital, pay the QNX powered parking meter with BBM money from your cars dashboard right after you put the vehicle in park. If they pull off things like that in areas QNX already has a strong presence, BBM will be a virtually indispensable part of peoples daily lives.


Bbm money!!

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graham bowers

The difference between Facebook /whatsapp, and bbm, is that Facebook is a data mine, claiming ownership to everything you post, and no doubt whatsapp gives up too much user information, bbm is much more secure.

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This "You can even argue on every device there is, even beyond a phone." Mr. Chen, bring it to your own non phone device. we have been waiting for years now. Enough Talk, make it a reality!


BBM everywhere. Channels are the future. Subscribe people.

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BBM in my car, I'd love that!


BBM for now, for everything and forever.

Pete The Penguin

Once Microsoft merge the code base of Windows Phone and Windows RT (which is what BlackBerry are waiting for) and IF BBM makes it to the Windows RT tablets, then it's highly likely a version of BBM will be released for tablets running full Windows 8.1.

Unless there's someway to prevent BBM from running on desktops/laptops running Windows 8.1, I'd suggest we could potentially see a desktop version (for Windows) by year end.

To truly compete with Google Hangouts and skype, BlackBerry would need an OS X and Linux version too.


I like JC...a business man who is about actions, and less bs I hope!

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Let's just replace that OnStar button with a BBM BlackBerry logo. :-)