Jobs in Motion launches on BlackBerry and Android

By Bla1ze on 26 Sep 2011 03:46 pm EDT
Jobs In Motion

Well, here is a blog post I never thought I would be writing. A new app has just been released to both BlackBerry App World and the Android Market that allows you to search for jobs within Research In Motion. Jobs In Motion is the name of the app but it wasn't built by RIM specifically. The app was built by All The Top Bananas which is actually a UK based job search site but it's apparently a RIM sanctioned app.

Either way, with the Android App Player coming for BlackBerry it does make sense that RIM would be in support of an app like this one showing up. Surely, they'll need Android developers on board at some point and offering them jobs could be one way to do it. That said; we asked Phil over at Android Central his thoughts -- and he decided to do up a video for us all. You'll find that, past the break.

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Jobs in Motion launches on BlackBerry and Android


Kinda what i was racing for, to beat that 1st comment. yes i am 27 years old but still couldnt help myself. i am pretty sure at one point last year there was a site RIM put up so they obviously had a sense of humor at the time

Actuallly, I wasn't referring to you, your joke was quite hilarious and was the first thing that popped to my head when I read the tite. Phill's jabs on the playbook and RIM were quite annoying.

Phil really is tired. His words we clearly pronounced without his usual accent. ;-)

Phil I am really sorry that RIM does not have the executive job opening you were looking for. You would make a great addition to the RIM staff. Seriously, I am not joking.
You have a great deal of expertise in marketing and image management. 2 areas RIM desperately needs help with. Also your insights into the android arena would be vary valuable to RIM engineers and managers. I encourage you to continue apply for employment with RIM.

Boy the guy on the vid, makes me want to stick with RIM and Blackberry even more. What a total A-hole and not just because he's laughing at RIM but because you can tell what a total tech geek he is. It's a wonder the grease didn't drop off his hair and fall on the screen. :D

Why is it that bloggers on other sites are so anti-blackberry? I mean what is the deal? Is it insecurity(no pun intended)? Would Kevin go an mock Android or Nokia....I don't know...maybe he would? Kind of childish...

I remember when he flipped off the iPad 2 while comparing it to the Playbook at launch I think. So I think its a fanboyism thing and its a normal behavior with tech geeks.

that's a better vid, leave it to Crackberry to put up a verison that mock's RIM. Yeah Crackberry where to go for BB hate! :)

You know I was actually going to post a thread about this on 09/22/2011.
The title was going to be somewhere along the lines of, "I found out what RIM has been doing all this time!". Then I saw that youtube link I found, and it wasn't made by RIM. Then I really thought was wow... Even developers think RIM needs help with its employees.

Why is Phil always a dick? I think Kevin should fire him and get someone running android central that isn't a jerk and always complaining about having anawesome job.

Wow even RIM sanctioned apps are for Android before TabletOS.

And yes Phil is a complete tool who hates on RIM as much as possible. He shows the same type of class we see from the Android A holes on Crackberry every day.

tried the app on both android and BlackBerry devices... its embarrassing for RIM, such low quality of work for BlackBerry app. I'm ready to bet that the app was made for android (one can notice an effort there), and then just to have something in BB app store... things were thrown together on blackberry with recycled work.

@maxb1ack The creator doesn't look like RIM. Allthetopbananas sounds more like a hoax app or a fun app. Might give it a look in a minute.

You need to go into su settings and turn off the notification option. Will make your screenshots more professional.