Job placement assistance available for former RIM employees

Research In Motion
By Michelle Haag on 4 Jun 2012 10:56 am EDT

It's rumored that layoffs are coming in the near future at Research In Motion, with some estimates putting the number of employees to be let go in the thousands. While layoffs are painful for everyone involved, they are often a necessity as companies evolve, as Chris Umiastowski explained last week. Luckily, the people facing the job cuts will have some resources available to them to help assist in transitioning back into the workforce. Communitech is a not-for-profit organization that supports technology companies in the Waterloo Region, and last year when RIM went through a round of lay offs, they were an integral piece of getting a lot of those people back to work.

"Most of those people who landed other jobs stayed in this area and were hired at large tech companies such as Desire2Learn, OpenText and Com Dev International", said Karen Gallant, senior director of talent networks at the association, although mid-sized and smaller firms absorbed former RIM employees as well. Communitech received $100,000 in provincial funding last year specifically to support former RIM employees through its “TechVibe” recruitment events, online job-search programs, learning workshops, entrepreneurial boot camps and individual meetings. "People looking for work had skills ranging “across the board,” and included software developers, project managers, organizational development workers and human resources personnel", Gallant said.

Though Research In Motion hasn't specified the timing of the layoffs or how many people will be affected in the Waterloo region, Communitech is prepared to help anyone requiring assistance with job-placement when the time comes.

Source: TheRecord

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Job placement assistance available for former RIM employees


As soon as I saw the photograph my thoughts were of a tombstone and flowers left by the grieving family. Even the photographs reflect poorly on Research In Motion. RIM needs a PR representative and a better agent.

Um... Thus announcement does not meet the sensationalist headlines criteria of most media outlets. Maybe if the photograph included black roses at the base of the Research In Motion "tombstone" the media would have jumped all over the story. HEADLINE: DEATH SHROUD HANGS OVER RIM --- sorry my mind slipped into "journalist mode."

I think this is great that RIM is doing this for their laid off employees. Saddened that they are having to do this.

I hate to see this happen to any employee. It really does leave a bad taste in one's mouth but at the same time I am if it has to happen I am proud to see RIM working and trying to help the employees put out in the cold. It speaks good of the company