New Jim Jones song asks Whats Your BBM?? [NSFW]

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jun 2011 09:59 am EDT

If you managed to get Swaggberry out of your head already we have another BBM song to implant in your mind for the day. This time Jim Jones asks What's Your BBM? No fun video to go along with this one (yet!), but the tune is pretty sweet and you'll most likely be singing this one for the rest of the day. The song speaks on the fact that many just want to use BBM - "don't text, don't call me honey" - and not SMS, email or phone.

It actually makes a pretty valid point in the process. As my buddy Anton Wahlman pointed out recently, many "a-listers" really rely on BBM for secure conversation and won't be switching away from BlackBerry anytime soon. Since they don't have to give out their actual phone number or email address, giving out their PIN for BBM only to people they want to talk to is a pretty solid solution. Users obviously have the ability to approve or decline requests so as opposed to having anyone who wants to call or SMS, BBM gives you control over just who can contact you. Hit the video above to check it out. The video does contain some foul language so its pretty much NSFW.

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New Jim Jones song asks Whats Your BBM?? [NSFW]


I am very disappointed, the quality of the lyrics is sad,

I'll admit I haven't been a big hiphop rap fan since the mid 90's so many this is the quality that is standard now. but come one the chorus has no hook, "whats your bbm" repeated over and over isn't catchy,

but I'm glad they like Blackberry enough to be trying to make music about it

It wasn't considered "Hip-Hop" then, was just good old "Rap music",...nothing more,...nothing less!

A lot of this new spit their spitting is wasted time,....IHMO!


are u kidding me????????
that was a pid for lyrics song. blackberry cant compete, not introducing any new phones and needs to keep the buzz up somehow....... hmmmmm.. "oh i got it lets pay a hip-hop artist to make a song, that should keep our customer base"....... stop it with the music and put out some damned phones already!!!!!!!!!

Um... Almost positive RIM didn't commission this song (or any others, for that matter). With that logic, you'd say any of the many liquor brands mentioned in almost any rap song about the club life were commissioned by their respective companies. Only, they aren't (recall the whole Cristal fiasco). Is it so hard to believe that celebrities and music artists can be fans too?

@DeRussett.. if you're listening to this, or Jim Jones in general, and expecting to hear deep lyrics or compare it to real hip-hop, you're looking in the wrong place. There are diff kinds of rap just like diff kinds of rock, people just can't seem to recognize the differences as clearly as metal/alternative/punk/etc.. you wouldn't listen to Korn and make a judgement on punk-rock would u? no cuz their diff sub-genres within the rock umbrella... so by the same token we shouldn't say Jim Jones represents hip-hop... especially when people like Slaughterhouse, Fashawn, and tons of other up and comers do that just fine...

I agree it was nice to be able to hear the good stuff on the radio in the 90's.. but you're right now the radio is flooded with bullshit pop-rap (seemingly a new genre on it's own) so you have to dig for it but HIP-HOP is alive and well.

and on topic, as far as the song goes, it's not thought-provoking but it's actually not bad.. it's got a couple nice lines and it is probly the best BB-related song I've heard so far...

just got a refurbished bb bold from verizon my tour took a crap in like december of 2010 had a contract renewal so 1 penny alright trackball went so i hope the trackpad is better great song by the way what is jim jones bbm
he twitted and then now he's bbmin whats next droiding? haha just kidding i love bb but i wish the keyboard wasn't so small and i am glad they did the trackpad because the most time my trackball lasted was 6 months keep it up bb i will never stray from you best phones ever

Where are we in the comments? Am I supposed to claim it's not Jim Jones or am I supposed to say that rap music is no longer in a "golden era"?

I miss Run DMC, Public Enemy, 3rd Bass, Kool Moe Dee, DJ Magic Mike, EPMD, Tribe Called Quest, and probably another hundred or so....