Jim Cramer Goes Bold on RIMM Stock!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jul 2008 02:08 am EDT

Jim Cramer on Research in Motion Stock! In Wednesday's episode of Mad Money, Crazy 'Ole Jim Cramer went Bullish (or is it Boldish?!) on Research in Motion stock, issuing a buy Buy BUY!!!

It turns out the price on shares of RIMM have gone up every time the company rolls out a new device, and with an incoming wave of product releases due in the months ahead (Bold, KickStart, Thunder, Javelin) right now is the time to take advantage of RIM's relatively low price. He doesn't think the iPhone is an issue for RIM's value... he notes that carriers get better ARPU out of BlackBerry device sales, which in a saturated market is what it's all about, and furthermore thinks BlackBerry smartphones are every bit the "babe magnet" that the iPhone is. Amen Jim.

Click this link to watch the full 9 minute segment and you can draw your own conclusions. My take? While I don't offer stock advice, I will say it's nice to see that Jim does his homework... what's that video playing the background?? It's our BlackBerry KickStart Hands-On Video Review! Sweet :-)

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Jim Cramer Goes Bold on RIMM Stock!


But he's right about RIMM Stock going through the roof as they get ready for the BOLD launch...Mobile E*Trade on my "Crazy88" here I come!

After the stock fell through the roof in June and with all the upcoming product releases (thanks to crackberry.com of course) is why I own RIMM too! Booyah!

After watching that, I might have to sink some money into RIM. Did anyone catch that he once referred to the BlackBerry as a "CrackBerry"? Nice references to the upcoming KickStart and Thunder (or whatever the name is today) too.

He also talked about Qualcomm which was mentioned on the recent podcast (either Dieter or Craig was talking GOBI by Qualcomm).

Time to free up some cash from some dying stocks and invest in RIMM and QCOM.

To quote Jim..."Buy Research In Motion NOW!"

Just remember, this is the guy who told people that they were idiots to sell Bear Stearns, 3-4 days before that fine company went down the tubes.

He's an entertainer, not a financial advisor. I'd take anything he says with about a pound of salt -- but that would only be the case if I could stand to watch the guy's antics, which I can't.

i think it would be a smart move, nice to see the crackberry playback in the background....interesting Qualcomm was mentioned...SD Qualcomm HQ!!

Thats pretty cool how your video got some national air time. RIM stock does rise when the products go out, so he may be giving some real good advice despite the economy continuing along it's downward spiral to recession.

Jim has made alot of money in his time on Wall Street. He does not trade personally anymore except his Charitable Trust stock trades. All the profits go to charity. He is more right than wrong as I have watched his show and read his books for some time. He does extensive research and provides an educational and crazy show. He is not a 'stock pumper' and will be right on this one. I have an 8830 on Verizon and anxiously await the new awsome product launch cycle.

Well duh? Haven't we already known to buy shares in companies like RIMM and AAPL before a product launch and then dump it off after? Those type of companies are easy to make money off of. Buy it low before and then sell it a few days after the launch and walk away with a nice wad of cash

It's been shown that he's been beaten by the market year after year... he talks out of his ass, and his record proves it. Case in point: he advised people on his show NOT to dump Bear Stearns stock. Nuff said. If you want to do yourself a favour, do the exact opposite of what he says. Chances are, you'll end up making more money.

Most people here agree that Cramer is a fool. He's a dangerous financial influence. His Bear Stearns and housing advice is the tip of the iceberg that is the Cramer mess.

Jim is the man, he knows exactly what he's talking about and anyone in the stock game should look into the RIM stocks, I know I am

I know this isnt the first time that CNBC has used a video from Crackberry. I remember many months ago when the Bold was announced for AT&T that Crackberrys's Bold video was also shown as well, when they were talking to the CEO from RIM!

i love how everyone talks about how the i Phone is so great but as Jim says in the video that blackberry has 13% of the smartphone market while apple only has 5% so all the talk about the i Phone killer blackberry itself is an i Phone killer seeing as apple has yet to surpass us in the sales percentage.

If the iPhone was priced the same as any BB, iPhone sales would leave BB in the dust.
I don't see any lines of people waiting for a Curve or any BB phone for that matter.

Well just getting into the stock market i have been watching RIMM and i would say its right up there with Apples stock if not a bit better...

I'm going to keep watching it :D

Yes but that's are dumb ed down world we live in today.

It's sad in a way but yes people watch way to much network news and don't read anything for them selves anymore.

Ok, so those of you that are arguing that Jim Cramer knows nothing about stocks think that it's a BAD IDEA to buy RIMM right now? Are you PSYCHOTIC!?!?! Do yourself a favor and bounce over to etrade right now and check out what RIMM did in 2007 during the Curve release...

I don't care if he's always right, or gets a couple wrong (Bear Stearns). What I care about is that he brings to light what is only logical rationalization. RIM is about to put out alot of new products AND open up to TWO new markets within the next 6-8 months (touchscreen and flip phone). It would be a bad NOT to throw some money at RIMM right now....

CrackBerry is the BOMB!

Very energetic man in that video.

I hope that August IS BlackBerry's month!

Jim you are the best stock picker ever! In my tradition.

Now that RIMM is 40% below your buy point, is it time to double down? If RIMM was a good buy at 120, it is an incredible steal at 70!!!!