Jim Balsillie Gets Closer to Moving Coyotes To Canada

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jun 2009 04:16 pm EDT


ESPN has reported that Jim Balsillie is "one step closer" to moving the NHL's Coyotes from Phoenix to southern Ontario.  We reported back at WES that Balsillie was looking to buy the Coyotes and move them to Canada, and was even asking for community help via makeitseven.ca

After a hearing in a US Bankruptcy Court yesterday, Balsillie stated:

"However it works out, the issue of a relocation fee, while a new development, does move us one step closer to bringing the Coyotes to Hamilton."

Current Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes wants to sell the team to Basillie for $212.5 million, and both want the team sold and moved without waiting for NHL approval.  Balsillie says he also wants the deal done by the end of the month, so I guess we'll see what pans out from here.  Check out http://makeitseven.ca for more info.

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Jim Balsillie Gets Closer to Moving Coyotes To Canada


Yes it is. If you were unaware, Jim Balsillie is the Co-CEO of a little company called RIM who makes Blackberrys. Therefore, it is related.

Sadly probably but as an American I have learned to stop caring what other people try to think of as sports. ie basketball.

Hockey is the most exciting sport except for a couple things. 1. being Bettman's lack of hockey knowledge is both laughable and annoying that he has that job.

you only listed one :)

Bettman is a good commissioner.
Not great but good.
Have we had any scandals? No.
Other than a few isolated stick incidents has steriods been a problem? No.
They were the first pro sport to have an abuse treatment program, etc.

He has done more good than harm, IMHO.

Bettman is a pathetic Commisioner. Does whatever his boy David Stern does in the NBA. Renaming the Conferences? What was with the North America VS the World All Star Game thing there? Expansion? 32 teams and 16 make the playoffs? I only have to be in the top 50% to make the playoffs? about 6 NHL franchises should be shut down. Phoenix, Columbus(freakin Columbus!?!?!), Florida, Nashville(F*&KIN NASHVILLE!?!?!?) Dallas, (since Minnesota got a team) and Tampa Bay. Carolina should be put back in Hartford. And Peter Karmon-ass should be drawn and quartered. After he is sued in court for lying and falsifying his intent. Lying scum bag.

No scandels? Oh thats right. Bettmann just lets a thug by the name of Todd Bertuzzi skate and play in the NHL. No big deal. He only ended the career and changed the life of another player forever. Im sure that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have ended careers by getting the homerun... Nevermind. Id rather have steroids in my game than a guy who DELIBERATELY INJURES another player permanently. The NHL has its own problems that are different from MLB and other pro sports leagues. Due to their lower TV numbers its easy to see why these are sort of swept under the rug and not known by the majority of the public. I would rather see every player in the MLB shoot HGH into their body everyday and play that way vs what Bertuzzi did. Unacceptable. Claude Lemuiex was a thug. But to my knowledge he never ended a career like Bertuzzi did.

The only North American pro sports league to lose a season. That's not something you put under your logo... Or maybe this: The NHL; We've had 3 work stoppages in 13 years!!!

The NHL is far from squeeky clean.

That being said. Lets go Rangers!!!

Excellent Post

You forgot to mention "Boots" Del Biaggio. The guy ran a freakin ponzi scheme to get the money to buy Nashville. He is friends with Mario. Another team owner who lies to get his way. Bettman obviously shows favoritism to meet his agenda. Hell Craig Leipold was able to sell Nashville and buy Minnesota inside a season.

Maybe NO big scandals on the ice like other sports BUT their is some backroom stuff going on.

Also little gary and colon DO NOT and WILL NOT hold refs accountable for their actions NO MATTER WHAT. How can you let a team play with too many men for 20 seconds and NOT call a penalty. Ok fine they missed it even though video proves otherwise but how come the League WILL NOT address it? Hell their suspension rules change by the day and the team. Pathetic.

...possibly the millions of people that attended NHL games this season, and the millions more that watched it on TV?

This has got to be the worst post I have ever seen on CB. Is there really nothing more going on in the BB world that you have to post this?

Really? Is it the really the worst post ever? I guess you are a new reader to CB because it is not the first time a Phoenix Coyote post has been made. Oh and I guess you NEVER saw the many posts about a people that have NO business being celebrity no less a contributing person to society that just happens to be an absolute moron blackberry user. ie hilton, lohan, etc.

Again as others have said if you do not like the post MOVE ON. Scratch that. I am going to post on the next topic that is related to any phone that is not a storm and that is not a verizon wireless related post. Because it is irrelevant to me BUT it seems smart for me to say AT&T is the worst carrier how does this have anything to do with my Verizon Storm.

...But it's the fans in Phoenix that pay the price in the end.

Frankly, I never thought that hockey in Arizona made much sense, but I guarantee that if the team was anywhere close to competitive they could have picked up fans. Sadly, they've been losing money for too long and it seems that relocation is ultimately inevitable. If I had to predict, I'd say the Coyotes are still in Phoenix for one more season just because the logistics of moving the team before the start of next season would be incredible, but that will be it.

A hockey franchise or any sport;s franchise for that matter should be able to sustain a fan base WIN OR LOOSE. Chicago has maintained a fan base even though the owner was an idiot. The Flyers were in LAST place 2 seasons ago and were still #7 in attendance. Teams like Pittsburgh and Phoenix have more of a fair weather fan base which can and will hurt your bottom line.

If phoenix wasn't competitive (they were in the beginning btw, they should have been able to keep fans.

Well duh there is a coyote logo on a blackberry in the post. Oh and your blackberry purchases go to RIM, which in turn go to Jim's pocket which in turn purchases a bankrupt hockey team. There it is related.

Friday night- Go Wings.

For the rest of the time Go Flyers

Pittsburgh and Bettman cheat.

Carry On.

you have to think about it on a grand scale and the effects it will have on RIM as a company. people do these kind of business transactions for a purpose.

212.5 million is cheap for a major league franchise. Good luck to him and Ontario.

Great Stanley cup finals this year.

According to little gary it really isn't that much (btw, little gary is a liar. According to others as soon as he moves the team the value will be above 300million quick.

As for the SCF- NO the officiating is atrocious.

Good riddance. I live in Phoenix and nearly all our sports teams suffer from poor management. This team has been lackluster since they moved here from Winnipeg and has let the fans down time and time again. They get a beautiful facility to play in and they still suck. At least the Cardinals got to the Super Bowl after getting their new facility. Even with "The Great One" coaching the Coyotes they still lack basic fundamentals that any minor league team possesses. I hope they go and we get another more deserving team.

well first off i agree that this has nothing to do with
blackberry and secondly, there's still an NHL??! but seriously nobody watches hockey or even cares..

Do people ever read, listen and learn. If you are not interested in why the NHL and Blackberry's are related, then move to the next post. Because you have no clue about hockey, try avoiding the subject. Lastly, there are many of us blackberry users who also play the great sport of hockey and have no tolerance for the type of comments you just made.

I love it when useless A-holes come here and post about "what does this have to do with Blackberry"

Learn a few things before you speak.

I would have to think that a team in Hamilton would hurt attendance in both Toronto and Buffalo. Not sure this would be in the best interest of the NHL.

Buffalo Maybe. Toronto not so much. Toronto from what I am told is 1. over priced. 2. impossible for a non season ticket holder to get tickets.

Everyone has to remember 2 things. LA has 2 teams and NY has 3 teams.

NY has:
1. a team that is horrible year after year- islanders
2. a team that has a low fan base (low attendance and 15k at a SC parade- devils
3. a team that blows hot and cold- rangers

Actually California has 3 teams, Anaheim, Los Angeles and
San Jose. So Ontario definitely deserves a 3rd team. Toronto will always sell out. There's still a long waiting list to get Season Tickets.

To all the posters who trashed hockey and Jim Balsillie, you guys don't deserve to own a Blackberry. Get a life!

I meant the area of NYC has three teams. And LA (Not California) has 2 teams. 30minutes apart.

And to the poster that thinks Phoenix will get another team if they loose the coyotes I wouldn't bet against it but it is going to take a long time. San Jose may have lost the golden seals but they got the sharks a LONG time after that. They loose the coyotes and the NHL will pay the operating costs for Jim to keep the team in glendale for 1 year and I would bet that you will not see NHL hockey in the Phoenix area for at least 10 years. And that is only if Bettman is still commisher which is not looking good for him by the day.


I guess he was sad that HIS model team was getting their a$$es handed to them.

There's a hockey team in Phoenix?

I lived there for several years on the west side and I never knew that.

Go Jim Go!!!!! I truly hope Jim finally gets an NHL team in Southern Ontario this time. Third times a charm eh! If it wasn't for that idiot Gary Bettman, we would've had a team in Hamilton last season. Idiot Bettman should retire already and they should hire Wayne Gretzky as NHL Commissioner. Anyway, I'm praying this happens!

GO RIM GO!!!!!!!!!!!

GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself. LOL

Hi fellow CrackBerry Users and Abusers!

First, I lOVE my BlackBerry, but I also love hockey!!

Believe it or not, there are other things that matter, and to Canadian sports fans, hockey is one of them. And we are also very proud of how well RIM (the manufacturer of BlackBerry) is doing.

Good luck Jim Balsillie, and let's "MAKE IT SEVEN."

- CB

Besides the hard hits and fast pace, you don't play directly with your hands or even run or jump. You need to learn how to play, not just be tall like basketball or play once a week like football. Besides in every other sport you can barely touch the other players without getting fined. In hockey you can punch someone's lights out and that's all part of being the stronger team.
Watch out Pens gonna win it all on friday!

Or you can punch a player in the ball$ being the third man in in a fight and NOT get penalized.

my screen name says it all, go wings.

Who is going to pay the fine if the move is done without the NHL approval? Will it be a startup cost for Hamilton?
Seems ridonculous all around.

Also why is it that people need to be haters? I personally don't see some sports as true sports..so I don't watch them. Simple as that. There are always the pot stirrers on the forums..never fails.

What fine? The relocation fee which is not even in the NHL bylaws. It is only suggested that the relocated team pay a fee as a sign of good faith. That is way the Devils paid the Rangers and Islanders. There was no law saying they had to it was just good faith.

If there is a law now than it is new and we all know how much the NHL likes changing the rules as it will benefit them. Cough Malkin suspension.

Thanks for keeping us posted on this. Yes, it's not BlackBerry news, but it's somewhat relevant due to the co-CEO connection! Either way, some of you need to relax!

Save our Jets! Save our Jets!

Ok enough is enough! It's one thing to not care about hockey, but to make the same comment about Canada is way out of line! If you don't care about Canada, then don't use Blackberry's anymore because it's owned by a CANADIAN COMPANY!

Not only is the BlackBerry "owned by a Canadian company," but our beloved BlackBerry was INVENTED by a Canadian, that is, Mike Lazaridis, who is the FOUNDER of RIM (Research in Motion). He is also the President and co-CEO of this great Canadian company. Jim Balsillie is the other co-CEO.

Just so you know.

- CarBob

My husband and family have been Coyote fans since they moved to Phoenix, and the minor league team before that. As a BB owner and Glendale resident, I've been more aware of what has been happening to our local team than even my husband who likes hockey more than I do. The Crackberry Nation keeps us up to date on topics more than Storms and 8900s, but Palm Pre, iPods, and what's happening in Winterpeg. I care about the loss of the Coyotes, and so do the many businesses that built up around both the Coyote and Cardinal stadiums.
I'll be sad to see the dogs leave, and I personally don't mind news that isn't always on topic. Except the Paris and Lindsey sightings--you can keep those out.

Does anybody have an issue with Hamilton only being 40 miles outside of Toronto and only 70 miles away from Buffalo? I don't think it would be smart to have 3 NHL teams with in 110 mile drive. Oh and for you Canadians that's 66.67 km from Toronto and 116.67 km from Buffalo.

I say move it to London. That way it's right in the middle between Detroit and Toronto........ and still just down the street from Kitchener/Waterloo

Wachovia Center and Prudential Center are 90 miles apart? That would be 4 teams close together. Having a team is not going to hurt toronto. little gary likes the idea of another team in s. ontario what he doesn't like is Jim Balsillie.

There is a group that wants to build a 30k seat arena 10 miles from air canada. Would that hurt a team 10 miles away that has many years waiting list for season tickets.

I heard about it yesterday as well. I bet Gary Bettman had something to do with it. It's a real shame. This is Jim's 3rd attempt in trying to get another NHL team in Southern Ontario. I think he might just give up and not bother anymore. I hope he doesn't because we need more NHL teams in Canada! Winnipeg definitely deserves a team again. After all, the Coyotes was the Winnipeg Jets.