Jim Balsillie Confirms Storm 2 To Reuters

Storm 2 Coming...
By Adam Zeis on 5 May 2009 04:28 pm EDT

We pretty much knew this was solid news, but on Monday RIM's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie made the news "official" during an interview with Reuters. Balsillie said that sales of the Storm are remaining strong, and with the next generation storm RIM hopes to continue to stay strong in the consumer market.  No specs, release date or any other news came along with the announcement, but at least we know it's coming. When more details emerge we'll be sure to give you the scoop. If you have any requests of what'd you like to see in Storm part deux, drop them in the comments. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Jim Balsillie Confirms Storm 2 To Reuters


dear RIM...fix storm I before you go on and make storm II


Storm I user from day 1

Ohhhhh God. You dont know what you just started. lol.

I personally just want them to build on what was already a success with the Storm 1 (which gets 2 thumbs up IMO). Don't do anything crazy like taking away surepress and adding a sliding keyboard!

Storm 1 was innovative. IT HAS A HUGE FANBASE REGARDLESS OF THE OTHERS WHO DON'T PARTICULARLY CARE FOR IT. You did well, RIM, dont let us down by making this device a stranger to current, happy owners.

All I ask for is a screen that clicks consistently without "paper behind the battery" or screw adjustments; more memory; and a fix to the dust issue.

Even if nothing but those things change, I would be happy.. although I always like to see cool new designs as well...

Wait, what? Didn't the Storm JUST come out? Doesn't it still have issue with most of the Blackberry apps and require some OS optimization to function as well as other devices?

@A previous comment -- I wouldn't take away sure-press, accelerometer, or the land-scape/portrait mode. But I would certainly hope for the addition of a slide-out keyboard. It's what could make the Storm more then an iPhone clone.

Though I understand I am biased in that I find pure touch-screen phones to be substandard devices. I had a Glyde and tried a friend's Instinct. I have never regretted leaving them behind.

First off I would LOVE to see WiFi on it. I go all the time to a starbucks, on campus, and just at home where my wifi is very powerful and the service on the phone is alright, but doesn't stand up to the power of the WiFi near by.

The second thing would definitely be a better OS, RAM, or processing upgrade, whichever of the three makes the current storm run so slow with everything. It seems to be a powerful gadget, but it is SO SLOW!!! Speed it up PLEASE!

Third, I know this will probably happen, but it never hurts to give a great phone a even better camera. I love the one on here, but a 5MP would be even better :)

Lastly this is a personal thing, but I for some reason would like the idea of a trackball or a actual keyboard on the phone... make it still a touchscreen, just maybe add one of the two to it. I think without the trackball/Keyboard look, it is not a blackberry. I would be perfectly fine settling for one of the two. It would make web browsing so much easier on the storm if there was a trackball on there.

Anything else would just be perks upon a already good phone. The service is good, the capabilities are outstanding, and showing off the phone is the best. But the #1 issue is making sure the phone is FASTER!!!!

Why wouldn't you ask them to change a Smart Two-Four into a Mini Cooper?

The 5mp camera was obviously a bit tounge-in-cheek. Maybe a 2mp or so. But the rest are simply features the other BB's have and hell even most other smart phones.

If the Curve has all of this, then all the Storm has is a larger screen. Big screen but no functionality is no win in my book.

This is what the Storm 2 should have:

Critical items:
1. Larger screen with higher resolution.
2. Faster processor.
3. WI-FI
4. No dust issues under the screen (although I have yet to experience this).

Not so critical items:
5. Improved browser.
6. Higher resolution camera.
7. Make it lighter.
8. Better external speakers (they are not so bad already)

I love my Storm, but if #2 had these changes, I would upgrade at full cost.

I really think that Storm 2 will be the iPhone killer, but that's iPhone 2.0, and not the new one coming out this summer. Time will tell how those will compare.

You can still make the screen bigger. If you can reduce the unused part at the bottom of the screen, and increase the screen size at the expense of the ares where the physical buttons and ear phone are. You can still make the button the same size.

I got the dust under the screen (I for some reason am around a lot of dust a lot). I thing a lighter phone would be cool too! Its good, but it sometimes seems not bright enough or it doesn't get bright when you want it to... it seems to sometimes have a mind of its own (the lighting, not the phone lol). And the upgraded external speaker would be much appreciated. the current one is okay, and loud, but it is very sketchy, especially since it has all the media capabilities it does... I lost my headphones, so I use the speaker sometimes, and a lot of the times it'll be fine for one song, and then the next one will hurt my ears so bad I have to turn the thing off!

Oh yeah, one more thing since mentioning it,


Jesus, if you were in a life or death situation and your phone was turned off and you needed to use it, you would be completely screwed!!!

Ummmmmm... Howbout:
1. Options
2. Screen/Keybard
3. Backlight Brightness/Backlight Timeout/Automatically Dim Backlight


This is what bugs me about ppl complaining about the Storm.

I would like to see a better camera. 2mp is ok, but the picture quality is terrible. I'd like the phone to be a little lighter too. It feels like a roll of quarters. Oh yeah, and fix storm I. The OS is better with the leaks, but I feel bad for the other 1.5 mil people that don't know about them.

Didn't I just wait in line only a couple of months ago to buy this on release date?

I don't know who is calling the shots here, but someone is forgetting a couple of things.

1. Don't abandon loyal users. I been holding on to this thing ONLY because of my anticipation of an new official update. I'm so glad a battery pull application managed to release before new official update.

2. If this is truly happening and VZW does not release an official update before the end of the month. I'm going into the store, demanding my money back and UPGRADING back to my curve.

3. VZW.. So what are we taking away from this? Don't pressure a company to release an unfinished product and THEN take your sweet ass time fixing it. No one is helpful in the store and the only thing that you have been able to do for me is switch it out for a new phone which I returned immediately because the colors were off and yellowish.

I'm completely fed up with this phone. Yesterday I decided I was just playing myself by holding on to it. Yes I know there are unofficial LEAKED versions of the update, but I shouldnt have to do this.

We've given VZW ample time to release a new update..

This new phone is a smack in the face. I'm not sureprised though.

AT LEAST iPhone is constantly being updated, the applications work and there are tons of them.. And that is not to say anything back about the BB. I love my BB.

But unless someone fixes this s***, I will lose SERIOUS amounts of respect for both companies.

This is not how you treat loyal customers.

Here is what RIM needs to do to make a come back (no particular order):

1. Wi-Fi B/G/N
2. Bluetooth 3.0
3. Webkit Browser + Gears for Offline Support (So important, big reason I returned my Storm)
4. Trackpad
5. Mobile Fingerprint Sensor for Authentication
6. Built in 16GB Flash Memory
7. Mini & Micro USB ports for charging (Even though the EUC is pushing micro for the standard. A lot of U.S. phones are pushing Mini USB)

I wouldn't mind seeing a slide out, full QWERTY keyboard and a smoother functioning touchscreen. Other than that I had no complaints about the Storm 1. I just miss having an actual keyboard. The option would be nice.

I am not asking for much I love my storm and have had it since the day it came out. The only two things I would like to see is.

1) a trackpad like they are showing on the new 8520

2) Wifi Just to shut up those $#@ I phone users ;-)

I don't have too many problems with the current phone. Here are the things I think would be nice to have in the new version though:

1. Wi-Fi (seems everyone already hit on this one)
2. 5+ MP camera
3. Much more application memory
4. Generally faster
5. Better browser (may not be an issue if Firefox for mobile devices comes out by then)
6. Compatible with the LTE network that will be coming soon to take advantage of the faster data
7. A coupon for a discounted upgrade to everyone who bought the current Storm. We put up with all the problems, why shouldn't we get something for our troubles?

Ya know...it was a choice to get the current storm or any phone for that matter so why should you be entitled to get a coupon to get a discount?

Will that theory work if I brought a jaguar and then an ungraded version came out the following year...I get a coupon also, right?

A Jaguar... really... that was the best example you could come up with? A few hundred dollar device or a $30k+ luxury car?

Also, notice I said a discount without specifying an amount. Why couldn't it be even a $25 off coupon just for being a loyal customer? Places do that all the time.

I bet if you went back into that Jaguar dealership, they'd give you a little better deal for coming back to them. Plus if anything didn't work properly on the Jaguar in the first year, it would be covered under warranty anyway.

If a new updated jaguar comes out the next year they don't need to give you a coupon. In fact, you would already have the coupon, sitting in your driveway. Someone goes and gets a storm 2 isn't just gonna keep the old storm for joyrides. Should be a trade-in policy here. Come on jarmor, use your head a little bit, or have you never actually thought about buying a new car?

the storm 1 is such an troublesome gadget i think all storm 1 users should be able to get a discounted price on the storm 2!!!! ive been close to throwing this thing out and getting a new WM6 based phone so many times! the people that DONT comlain about this probably dont need a PDA. this coupon idea should be extended to telus users too! lets not forget about Canada RIM! remember your roots ok?


Everything the Storm already has PLUS...
Wi-FI - A absolute MUST! (Do you hear that Verizon and RIM?)
Flick scrolling
Threaded IM
More robust processor
More RAM
Better camera
More stable OS upon release
and yes...
A slide out qwerty keyboard!

Give me those things and I may never need another phone.

WOW I currently have the Storm and i still think its a great phone even with its minor glitches...im glad there's a new generation coming soon cant wait to see all the improvements that will come....MIGHT HAVE TO GIVE THE HUBBY THIS ONE AND UPGRADE, LOL

The Storm II should basically be a PS3 with a 42in High Def Screen. No Trackball cuz the controllers have the little joysticks and make sure you leave some HDMI ports on the side in case i want to hook up to surround sound. Oh and put a fridge in it so i can keep my beer cold.

Love my Storm....I sleep with it!

the addition of a keyboard. IMO, a touchscreen phone should be fully touch screen. If anything, make the typing easier or better, decrease the distance between the sensors on the touch screen, whatever you have to do to make it better.... but please no slide out keyboard. IMO, again, that's what all the other BBs are for.

I also disagree with the removal of the accelerometer. No way, keep that. Its also what makes the Storm... well,.... the Storm. Improve the OS to make it more responsive.

other than that, upgrade away!

Of course RIM is coming out with a Storm 2 at some point...its only one of their strongest selling devices (3rd most used device in the US according to recent study, iPhone was number 2 and Curve #1). I'm very close to RIM and its confirmed the Storm 2 will remain roughly the same style (no QWERTY). There will however be a hybrid (touch/QWERTY) coming out around Q2 of next year... I think that will take over the market for sure!

Uhh... you know things get outdated in time. I'm a Storm 1 user, but I also look forward to the Storm 2. And I love the current Storm.

You shouldn't be surprised, especially since the Storm has been selling as well as it has (beaten only by the Curve and the iPhone). When things sell, new iterations follow:

Win 95 -> 98 -> 2000 -> ME -> XP -> Vista -> Win7
PS1 -> PS2 -> PS3
Xbox -> 360
iPhone -> iPod Touch
enV -> enV2

How about just making it a Storm 1 that works the way it should have from the beginning? A novel idea, huh?

Other than releasing an operating system that works. A slimmer Storm would be cool, it fit's into my pocket kinda well but it is a little on the thick side. Also maybe ease down on the flash with the camera, I always seem to blind anyone I am trying to take a picture of at night.

I'm with verizon and they need to fix the first storm before coming out with a storm 2!
No OS update still!

Still another who says no slider. In combination with as Surepress screen technology that would probably make the phone even thicker and heavier. Don't do it! Make the screen press more consistent over the full screen area. Add a lot of app memory. Reduce the weight a little - even though I want it to still feel substantial.

This is a brilliant phone but there r some changes that would improve it. change the texting screen to look more like beejive i don't think i've seen a better platform then theirs. If not then allow us to change the font and background color w/ out themes. WIFI please. I know VZW rocks but so does my fiber optic at work, let me bang off that for a while. A media player that plays wma divx. This would make it a lot easier then converting everything. Also, I own a Verizon cell store and sell this phone every day, the biggest complaint is from the ladies in here. They say that w/ their nails they cant press the screen properly so if you can make the screen both press and touch only you would win the best of both worlds. Lastly don't change too much its a wonderful product as it is and designers don't need to go to far out for it to make it better. It was a home run to begin w/.

just increase the app memory....why have 1 gig of on board memory only to have so little for apps....

If RIM decides to keep SurePress(hope they do) then please fix the issue with dust catching along side and under the screen. Rubber along the openings or something.

Also, another thing i would like to see is a more interactive interface. I know RIM wants the Storm to be unique and unlike its competitors, however the iPhone and HTC devices have a very nice interface with fast processors. This is what I would really like to see improved. If they can get a faster and cooler interface, Im all game for the Storm Duece. :)

I am on my third 1st Generation Storm due to dust issues. While developing the Storm 2 make sure to come up with a solution/design to prevent dust particles from creeping in under the screen. The gaps around the screen being uncovered are a terrible design flaw. This issue alone if fixed will make me want to buy a Storm 2 without a doubt (HD Screen, better camera, and faster OS wouldn't hurt either hehe)

No More Sure Press. It doesn't make typing more accurate just slows you down. Also make the phone learn your typing habits to be more intuitive and predictive to the user. Currently the user needs to learn the phones characteristics and interface is kinda quirky and unpredictable.

The least "JIMBO" can do when it is finally released is give a complimentary one to everyone who brought the 1st gen STORM in the first 6months of its release!! Considering the drama he put us blackberry faithful through when he released this sub par product!! I love my storm...but we deserved a better product right out of the box. Dont yall think so??


i mean you knew you were getting a first generation device and "jimbo" didnt force you or gave you no other choice to get the device so the drama was self inflicted in my opinion. Every employee knew not to jump on getting the storm until after the dust settles but its the gp who wants to look cool at all cost...

deal with it!

OLED 3.5 inch Screen - with Sure Press
Tighter fit for dust elimination
Slide out super thin qwerty - ala LG Versa type of thiness
5MP Camera
Faster Processor
Please oh Please stop leaving us with 30MB free space - lets fix that.

I wanted to add - that overall - My Storm really is great.. I am running .141 and frankly - except for a little sluggishness on occasion, and the classic BB memory leak - this thing really works well. I also have a Iphone 3g - great phone - but unfortunately its on the wrong network. Obvious I know. As a communication device though - the BB is simply a superior product to my Iphone. The Iphone is certainly easy to use and more polished - but the BB is just a better actual phone.

I only care is very stable 5.0 OS but I don't worry about anything else as long I don't do anything stupid like downloading leaked OS updates or using other carrier's os update. my storm ( 1) will be fine for many months.

Its all are business. you don't just see it for RIM, but every company does that. Here are some examples:
Iphone -> Iphone 3G
Windows Vista -> Windows 7

In big businesses this is very normal. There is always a product immolates for another product. Which is good. Storm one came out in a small box just to see how famous it gets, and how people accepting it. onside to make some money. And ofcourse when RIM sees all these peoples good feed backs it goes for the big shot.
They made tones of money on the first storm. Now they will complete their product and call it storm two.
don't get me wrong. I will be the first one to buy the storm two when it comes out. :D

Take everything the new Iphone will have and make it better then add new inovative features. Make the screen a bit bigger, HD, Dolby Digital speakers with ringtones you can hear in crowded room like the Nokia N95, mini sub woofer, video and keyboard projector, fingerprint scanner, magnetometer, Flash based UI, make the phone look BADASS.

First of all i would like a FREE or very discounted UPGRADE from og storm to storm II.

Wifi is a must.

please release better and smoother looking games/apps.

perhaps a 5.0 megapixel camera or better = )


its disappointing to find out that instead of releasing a better OS for original storm users (since day 1 storm user myself) RIM has been just trying to find out how to make more money from us and other people by releasing an even newer storm.

Give me a break, yeah thats exciting if your new to the blackberry. But all of us Storm idiots who bought one and got taken and not even one decent os update. Yeah whatever...
and now this oh yippi Storm 2. If vz gets the I-phone here I come.

5MP or better camera (that's super fast and a flash that won't turn people blue or make them close their eyes in all my pics)
A real fast OS (I mean lightening fast)
Faster scrolling (maybe flicking)
A real fast accelorometer
More screen resolution
The ability to play movies (or a better way to convert them)
Tighter fitting screen
8 or 16 GB built in memory (Maybe even 32 GB)
A cooler stronger life battery
A built in screen lock


You really expect us to believe a story confirming a Storm 2 quoting someone named Jim Ball Silly? Come on!!!!!

I'm very excited about the Storm 2. I'm hoping it will be released on a GSM carrier like AT&T first, but regardless, here are the 2 most important things for me:

1. Silent Typing. I want to type without always "clicking" and if this means losing the movable screen 'button' them I'm all for it.

2. No Thumb Strain. Again, clicking that click screen makes my thumbs and grip get weary. I'd like to be able to type a lot without my thumbs/hands getting tired.

One last thing. I'm a fast typer. On a real keyboard like the Curve (I prefer the separated keys to the smushed together ones of the Bold), I can type very fast. But on the Storm, I seem to be slower. I'm not sure whether it's the software that can't keep up, or the action of a harder screenpress versus keypress, or the double-action of the highlight and then press mechanism, or what ... but I can't type as fast on the Storm. My thumbs can hit the right virtual keys fast enough, but it just doesn't work out as fast.

Once the OS is cleaned up, I'm happy about everything the Storm offers (More Device Memory Please!), except the typing experience.

For those of you complaining that your Storm I doesn't work as intended and are pissed RIM and/or Verizon are doing nothing about it, contact me. I'll gladly trade my perfectly working Pearl for your "crappy" Storm.

Doh. Of course they do this. I should have waited to buy this. I guess its time to sell my Storm while the demand is still high.

As a current Storm owner, here are a few things I'd like to see on the Storm2:

1) Faster processor! The device needs enough horsepower to keep up with user inputs. Maybe software revisions could help, but there is simply too much lag.
2) WiFi
3) Seal the gap between the screen and phone body. Too much dust can get in there.
4) Stabilize the screen so it doesn't "float" left/right and up/down when pushing on it.
5) Installation of apps on the memory card. I know this isn't Storm specific, but I feel it is worth mentioning.

I'd like to see:

1. Faster Processor/more RAM
2. The ability to play more than one sound at a time
3. Compatibility with Storm 1 apps
4. Threaded SMS
5. A quicker reacting screen that doesn't make typing so slow. Or get rid of SurePress completely. Or the option to switch between the two.
6. A larger screen that doesn't wobble
7. Ability to download apps onto memory cards
8. A thinner body design

Must have the click- screen feature..or it would'nt be a storm. Duh!!

Better Camera maybe.

Wi-fi obviously.


hard to improve a winner...

I love storm BECAUSE it's a Blackberry I do like the fact that it's more "buisness" oriented compared to a iPhone because it's still a BB in the end. I don't want to be given the new storm for free but some sort of discount would be nice for current Storm owners to upgrade, hope it falls on a year so I at least get something, Verizon just needs a better BB selection...

I would LIKE...

>WIFI WIFI WIFI - VZW network isn't bad but with WIFI everywhere it's stupid not to!
>Threaded SMS - is hard to automatically send one text after another?
>Larger screen(least fill out the space the current storm has available that blacked out)Don't make the phone bigger just fill out the current real estate a little more
>A trackball but more so a Optical one would make text selection and navigation MUCH easier compared to the .75 and although slightly improved but still cumbersome .132 method.
>Camera's just fine just make video better
>FIX the dust issue i'm just about ready to call about it
>Flick scrolling
>MORE APP MEMORY-tired of trying to conserve every little bit I can so it doesn't bog down.
>A quicker and more reliable OS
>I do like sure press just make the screen more sensitive to where your Finger is and more responsive and typing WILL be easier.

Just be nice to have some more support on the current storm before the abandon ship, I had a Helio Ocean 1 before the storm and it was a awesome phone design wise bust the entire 1yr plus I had I never once had a OS update or any support at all because the NEW one was in development, just don't want to see that happen to us.

RIM...please, please, please get rid of surepress...or at least give me the option to turn it off. A faster processor, more on board memory for installing apps, a better perhaps OLED screen, and a slightly thinner phone. AND PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIFI

I'm a fan of the storm, but I would like to see some upgrades for the storm II:

1) Ability to allocate more memory for applications
2) A trackball (I miss that great feature)
3) WiFi
4) A slide or attachable QWERTY keypad
5) A faster processor
6) Less freezing
7) A trade in program for those of us who have weathered the storm to date

1. Get rid of the tactile touch screen; with few exceptions it has been a failure.
2. The touch screen must be more responsive; The same touch screen as the iPhone or Motorola Krave would be excellent.
3. Include a small detachable or attachable (depends on how you want to look at it) keyboard for more vigarous typing. Unfortunately the only blue tooth keyboard on the market (Freedom II) is too unreliable and difficult to connect to the Storm.
4. Provide continuous audible alerts, like most cell phones, until messages are acknowledged.
5. Need more "Go" or "Send" buttons on top where needed.

Just make sure you keep the "surepress" screen and it has to have the LATEST OS available. Can work from there.

PS. Don't forget the WiFi! or else!!!

Yes, the release of a Storm 2 is cool news, and I'm sure the phone is going to be great. Although, I have had some minor problems with my Storm, that I originally purchased back in November of last year, (I was one of the guys waiting outside in the cold to get my hands on one). For the most part, I love it. The phone is reliable, and with a regular backup to desktop sync, I'm golden.
A 5mp camera would be amazing to see on the new storm 2, and possibly more application memory.

No click screen it dramatically slows down typing. Would love to see a better spell check in regards to the key board(if I push T but meant to push R the phone should be able to tell).

hmmm still no official os, lots of problems, and unhappy people...now their thinking of the storm two? shesh talk about abandoning the people! blackberry is losing it....if verizon gets the iphone this year its gonna run the storms a$$ into the ground :) and i doubt it will get wifi...verizon is to money hungry to have anything compete with their data service or let people run voip.

i would like to see an OS that i am still waiting to frickin down load for 6 months! besides that, wifi and and optical trackball like the g-1 would be great.

I love my Blackberry, but i am disappointed with RIM if they release another storm so soon, especially if they haven't fixed the issues with first one. All the customers who invested into the storm deserve a working somewhat stable phone before they ditch it for a new "STORM 2"

I'm new to the Blackberry world with my Storm but I must say that this is probably the most embarassing moment for RIM. While I love push e-mail access, nothing else about the Storm pleases me. Its a disappointment and should be dropped. Bring the Bold to Verizon and if people want a touchscreen get an iPhone. RIM has shown how it CAN'T write consumer-oriented software to save their lives. Storm 2 couldn't possible change that. Sorry!

I agree with a lot of the ideas that people want but I dont agree with the qwerty key board, its a full touch screen.
I dont know why everybody is complaining about the camera and a prettier lookin screen, that look and work like a f-n charm already. Lets try yo focus what the device really needs. The most obvious is the OS just simply needs to be better, more ram, anf WiFi on the phone. The media center I think is great I dont know what you other people are complaining about, if you want louder speakers turn on a damn stero, its a phone not a fuckin alpine. I think with these updates on the Storm 2 would make this the iPhone Killer for sure, and I hope it does b/c i hate the iPhone.

I WANT A 4" SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
256 dedicated to app memory.
Up the processor speed while you're at it......

I'd like to see a stronger vibrating feature. I can barely feel the storm vibrating when a call comes in and miss calls all the time because of this. The Pearl I had before the Storm had an awesome vibrator.

Teh Storm is as solid as they come already, but maybe these addition which already compare to what has been written.

2. Trackpad
3. Minimum of 8g flash memory
4. App World pre-loaded
5. Slightly longer/slightly thinner
6. Keep metal battery cover
7. Great OS

Otherwise, the Storm need not change a thing.

Hmmm...everything has already been mentioned. Here are some more descriptive details from someone who works as a cellular sales rep and deals with these phones on a daily basis:

-for the love of God and all that is holy, PLEASE remove the sure-press keyboard. It was kinda cool and inventive, but in reality its annoying, problematic and troublesome. There is nothing wrong with typing on a solid surface ie: iPhone. There are too many problems associated with the touchscreen on the Storm right now - some screens don't push in enough, some too much, the screen isn't sealed and is prone to getting dust inside. Oh and don't even think about putting in a sliding keyboard...that would remind me of an HTC and would be like taking a step backwards in technology. Touch screens are the way of the future - but dear Jebus not a clickable one!

-flick-scrolling. Do you KNOW how much the cool factor would increase if you made the scroll flow like on the Samsung M800?! C'mon RIM - listen to the people and add this feature on please and thank you!

-allow for the icons to have an adjustable opacity so that we can choose to see through them or have them solid. My HTC P4000 had that option and I would love to see this incorporated into a Blackberry.

-you need to improve the amount of time needed to turn the phone on. My Storm has gone from 2 minutes to 6 minutes depending on the OS version.

-increase the memory so that my free memory doesn't dwindle down to nothing by the end of the day.

-pump out some kick ass gaming apps for the next Blackberry - PLEASE!!! We have no gaming options anywhere near comparable to the iPhone...






Why all the YELLING? I read nothing from people who are too ignorant to take off ALL CAPS when they type.

I love how some people are bitchin' about a slow OS when not only is the .141 update avalable on Crackberry...THEY GIVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS TOO!

But I really wouldn't mind seeing....
1. Bluetooth 3.0
2. A Snapdragon or Tegra processer
3. An 3.5" AM/OLED screen
4. A tighter fit to stop the dust from coming in
5. An OS built specificly for the Storm. As much as I like Verizon, they shouln't touch a BB OS!
6. Prep it for easy LTE conversion.
7. 1GB of RAM and ROM. No sharing. It's doable on a Snapdragon.
8. A slide-out QWERTY isn't a deal breaker, but if RIM can make a really thin slide out for landscape and leave portrait typing for the touchscreen...
9. Snapdragon can handle an 8MP camera and 720i video recording
10. Keep the expansion slot by the battery. But once LTE takes off we're gonna need 8-16 GB of flash memory (apps are gonna be heavy!)

...that's my 2 cents. I doubt any of these things'll make the final product but it's good to dream right?

Ok - So I have been waiting untill May 22nd so that I can upgrade to the storm. I am a current Alltel customer and Verizon said that I could upgrad to the Storm when I had 4 months left on my Alltel Contract.

I have been obessing over the Storm since January and Knew I had to wait untill this date.

Now I wonder if I should wait for the Storm 2 or go ahead and get one now? Hmmmm... Ok thought about it... I will get one now!

Ill tell you all what I would LOVE to see. I JUST bought the freakin' Storm 1 and im sitting here listening to the talk of the Storm 2 not a month after I buy it and within the YEAR that the Storm 1 is released?!?!?!? W.T.F.? I would love to see an option to upgrade to the Storm 2 when it does hit and NOT at full price! Come on RIM this really throws the Blackberry Storm users under the bus who just bought the thing and have to patiently endure the bugs while Verizon and RIM sit on their butts and take their precious time to release an official update to fix them all. Come on RIM you need to make some sort of allowance for us who just bought the Storm 1 to have the Storm 2 thrown in our face.

Well I hope like hell that they treat us current Storm "total wipe your butt with us first round suckers" right by giving us a break on the cost of upgrading.

The things I would love to see on the new storm are obviously a better smoother running os, wi-fi, and for gods sake a FLASH PLAYER.

I'd like to see a screen that is sealed so dust doesn't get underneath. So annoying. Also wifi, but that's a given.

...Or at least at a serious discount. Most of us Storm I VZW people just renewed for two years, and getting the NE2 discount won't happen. Don't rush the Storm II. make it complete before releasing it. Fix Storm I first. i personally love my phone. Too bad there are aren't many free apps. Certain apps should not have to click to use....such as the calculator. it's a pain to use.

for business, Wifi is a must. in our office, there are dead zones (no windows and concrete building). with the wifi, we would at least get email and calendar updates from our BES.

Yes, I have a request I'd like to see in Storm part deux... I'd like to see a substantial trade-in credit for my Storm part un. I think RIM owes me that much for essentially paying them for the privilege of beta testing their device, which clearly wasn't ready for market.

I am getting a blackberry in 2 years after my contract is up on my new phone.....I cant wait 2 get one and if the storm II is good and better than storm I......im getting that...

I hope there is a huge price break for current Storm users to upgrade to Storm 2 for sticking with it after the long wait for the MR2 upgrade that has not showed yet. Seriously, even now it operates as if it was a prototype. I am surprised for the patience on the users, if it did what it is supposed to do in a fairly responsive normal way it would be a good product. It also lacks wifi and lots of things are very awkward and hard to do. I got it 2 month ago and I still feel I´m walking on a string with it. Slow drunk accelerometer, freezing at least once in a good day plus I can wait for 10 minutes for a download to find out it can not be opened. Also, sync compatibility with different platforms should be standard in this day and age. Just the tip of the iceberg!
Recently read a long unofficial list of fixed problems for the new upgrade and it included less than a third of my list of bugs.
Sorry don´t want to sound negative but I believe this are all true and fair comments with the idea of a positive outcome on new products.

So, it looks like the Storm 2 will be release about a year after the Storm 1. That's the normal smartphone timeline.

Is a portrait slide out keyboard and wifi asking too much?

i think by now we all know that the storm is still slow when browsing i feel me as well as alot of other blackberry users think it should have wifi access so boost browsing speeds also there should be some sort of flash player too so you could browse and play videos online thanks

If they change the HARDWARE to take advantage of the almost unused 1gb of on-board memory rather than changing the SOFTWARE OS to use it with an OS upgrade I am going to be one pissed off Texan! The capabilities of the Storm-1 have been relatively untapped so far due to nothing but patches to an OS that belongs to last generation BB's. If they give up on a Storm-1-specific OS and make a hardware change that requires all of us to buy different phones way before our contracts run out I'm going to go ballistic!!! Frigging Verizon is still stuck on OS .75 for Christ sake! Do they seriously think I'd throw my .132 Storm in the trash and PAY THEM for more hardware when they never supported this one beyond the day-one sale? RIM better look long and hard at their vendors before they release a new device. I think they have no idea how big the exodus from Storm-1 users will be to an iPhone and they won't sell a Storm-2 to most of us either. Just my 2 cents. I have no idea what they are planning but RIM is no Microsoft and even Microsoft can't get away with this crap!!!