JetBlue, Yahoo and RIM Plan FREE In-Flight WiFi

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Dec 2007 02:48 am

WiFi coming to JetBlue

Cool! It seems that JetBlue, Yahoo and Research in Motion plan to offer free, in-flight, WiFi web connections for laptop computers and advanced cell phones. RIM made the announcement yesterday.

The service will apparently allow passengers to access customized Yahoo mail and Yahoo instant messenger services on their laptops or to access corporate e-mails on WiFi enabled BlackBerrys. According to a spokesperson for RIM the first JetBlue flight offering the service will be on December 11, on Flight 641 from New York to San Francisco.

I hope this proves to be an indicator that RIM is going to start putting WiFi in more and more BlackBerrys - right now the only modern generation Berrys to have it are the BlackBerry 8820, 8320 and 8120. I think WiFi has now become a smartphone must-have... it should be included on every BlackBerry released from now on. Too bad I never fly JetBlue. Airlines....are you reading this?

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...when they've been telling us all along that those "electronic devices" mess up the planes eletronics, doesn't it? Was that conspiracy theory about them just wanting to drive business to those expensive in-flight phones right after all?!?!


valid point mj!!! I would be interested in hearing any informed input on this as Im certainly no expert in this field.