Jessica Simpson still loves her CrackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jun 2007 04:53 pm EDT

With BlackBerry sponsoring the John Mayer tour to help promote the new BlackBerry Curve, the mobile world has been waiting to see if in the wake of their break-up Jessica Simpson would leave her BlackBerry in favor of another mobile device.

The answer is in, and it seems Jessica is sticking to her trusted BlackBerry 8700. These photos were taken in Hollywood on June 15th as Jessica was leaving an Italian restaurant. And it seems in addition to her BlackBerry 8700, Jessica managed to score one of's limited edition t-shirts. Only 20 of these bad boys have been made to date! Other than the one I kept for myself, I gave the rest away at WES! I guess somebody must have passed one on to Jessica - good work! It looks great!   

Jessica Simpson with her BlackBerry 8700 and CrackBerry T-Shirt

Jessica Simpson in her T-Shirt

Maybe it's time to get more t-shirts made up! Anybody want to pre-order? You can check out our T-Shirt proofs after the jump! T-Shirt Front T-Shirt Front T-Shirt Back T-Shirt Back

We're thinking about getting our next line of shirts made up soon! I like the logo on the front, but the back is open for suggestions. Leave it blank? Put on a catchy slogan? Post your comments and give us your suggestions of what you would want to see on CrackBerry Apparel!

We'll try and figure out all of the final sizing, colors, pricings, graphics, etc. over the next couple of weeks.  Shoot me an email at kevin at if you want to be put on the waiting list so you can be first in-line for buying a T-Shirt.

** UPDATE ** Apparel & Gear is now Available through Cafe Press. Click Here to visit our Apparel & Gear store, or you can find it on the very bottom of the Accessories Menu.

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Reader comments

Jessica Simpson still loves her CrackBerry


Perhaps a contest should be held for a catchy slogan. The winner could get a free t-shirt?

sanity is the playground for the unimaginative

....members had access to this sort of stuff. We were all talking about this months ago as Navilyn said....

I dont want to become a celeb to have to get these :(

Hey guys.

I just found this post and I'm definitely interested in purchasing a shirt. Is there going to be any CrackBerry offical merchandise coming out????

The shirt is a must-have, uniform for all blackberry users. The front is awesome! The back could say something like:
"keep it crackin' with your blackberry" or "a socially, acceptable addiction" or "wheres yours?" (as in "where is your blackberry?"-something along those lines. A shirt promoting the site with a catchy phrase on the back is absolutely fantastic! People would want to own a blackberry just to have a reason to wear the shirt. Colors should be navy w/ white, white w/ orange, yellow w/ white, pink w/ white and brown W/ orange.
Please out me on the list for a shirt, whatever the design is. Thanks!