Jersey Shore's Snooki makes another bad decision and accidentally posts her PIN on Twitter

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jul 2010 10:01 am EDT
Snooki CrackBerry

This week Snooki of 'Jersey Shore' fame made yet another bad decision as she posted her PIN on Twitter. Word on the street is that it was an accident, but her BlackBerry apparently "blew up" as loads of her 310,000+ followers sent her BBM requests. She promptly ditched her old BlackBerry and grabbed a new device (maybe she upgrades from the Tour to the Bold?) but I'd love to know just how many requests she got before the swap. While it was kind of an impromtu BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test, it's something that I wouldn't wish upon anyone. As Kevin has proven in the past, relentless BBM requests can kill your device, and I'm sure poor Snooki had a fit as the requests came pouring in. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Source: TMZ



Dang those are large!!

Her eyes I mean. ;-)

Plazmic Flame

I looked at some pictures to find out who she is.... she's not fat, she's what some people would call "thick". You say fat as if her gut hangs over her belt or something, which it doesn't. If you can't handle those types of ladies, it's okay bro... unless you're a jealous woman. lol


Makes me want to get a different device!


You can just back up then reset your phone and you will have a new PIN. It's annoying but I've had to do it a couple times and request all my BBM contacts again.


Huh? You sure about that?

Steve Rizla

Do not post nonsense if you do not know what you are talking about.


He's confused. Like snookey Your pin is unique to your phone


Your partially right. While it won't change your PIN, resetting your phone WILL change you social security number and home address.


Resetting your device does NOT issue you a new pin. However, you don't need a new device to get a new pin. You have to call your wireless carrier to have a new pin issued. No different than calling your phone company to have your phone number changed.


Wrong again. Wow, you guys and your info.


I find it very entertaining!


does that really happen?
resetting your phone and it generates a new pin?


Resetting your phone does not give you a new pin, pin numbers stay with the device


@Joerogan and @danawhite have done that. They have spoken about the requests they have gotten too.


@danawhite posted his work phone number the other day... Rogan did the same thing with his cell... WTF!


accidentally? so her fingers just typed randomly and it happened to be her PIN?

Adam Zeis

Heard rumors that she was trying to tell someone how to show their pin typing "mypin" and accidentally sent out her own PIN.


oh i see. lmao that's too funny


"Accidentally"? More like she needed to do something to give herself some publicity...


Yeah, I'd hit it, with a baseball bat


I'm with you cribble! Lol

Rapid Dr3am

I'd hit it...with 10 crowbars!


in her defence, she might not want the millions bbm followers... but how do you "accidentally" post her pin?


Stupid is as stupid does


Is "mypin" part of autotext? I've used it for so many years I forget if I manually entered it. She may have typed "mypin" without a space and it resolved into her device PIN.


yes it is part of autotext. go in there & look..


You can just back up then reset your phone and you will
have a new PIN. It's annoying but I've had to do it a couple
times and request all my BBM contacts again.

Dwl hahaha!!!!!!!


Notice the header here folks: "Joke of the day"


Getting past her boobs, which is no easy feat, this does raise an issue.

I am considering changing or deleting the autotext entry on my BB. I might delete it altogether, or just make it a longer string that I am less likely to accidentally enter.

Can we protect individual contact entries? If so, then I could put my pin into contact.....


How do you "accidentally" post your PIN?

People should be fined for being stupid.......



It really is in fact easy to do it accidentally. If she was writing a tweet and intended on saying something like, "Hey all, I will only give My Pin to those who......" and instead types "Hey all, I will only give MyPin to those who...." she will in fact send out her PIN on twitter as "Mypin" will auto translate to the actual pin number because of Auto Text having an entry for doing just this.


Mine does that in txt messages, not in other apps. Didnt think it was possible....but oh well.


Interesting, I thought it would do it on almost any app. I know on mine it will do it in memo, ubertwitter, tasks, calendar, etc.......


i got her pin lol funny ass grl


When I actually watched tmz yesterday they said she got a new phone they never said anything about her pin resetting I dvr it everyday.


I wonder if her new phone is a BlackBerry or if she moved on to something else.


That's a good ? Probably who ever paid here more to flash there phone around on tv. I'd imagine she stayed with  as of now though


who cares? shes not talented and shes not cute.

shes not even famous.


really don't care about her pin or what phone she has.


True she is lame but apparently her name did get our attention enough to read this lol Jwow on the other hand I would


c'mon...first a stupid TV show about brainless partiers in Jersey, then an obvious boob job, now "accidentally" posting her pin? Attention hound!!! She's just pissed that Lindsay Lohan is on CNN about to get thrown in jail.


She, and that whole cast, are disgusting...


It's Jersey Shore....Does anyone even care?!


Everyone on jersey shore are bunch of losers.


if she got a new device, i still don't understand why my PIN messages to that PIN are delivering... that phone must be active somehow.. send a PIN message to 30F4FAA5 (snooki's PIN that she posted on Twitter) and it will deliver... WEIRD. maybe she didn't get a new device, maybe she kept the old one and just said she got a new one..?


Pin address what this friend?


that girl is a moron first of all, and second, who likes watching a bunch of degenerate italians make fools of themselves?


add anti-virus to your phone if you add her cause u know shes infected with something


ahahahahahahahahaha :)


Even if it is somewhat BlackBerry related, it must be an exceedingly
slow news day for this shallow, self-absorbed cow to land on the blog page.


she was having a d'ooooh moment!! Maybe the air in them tings went to her head!! and no wiping ur bb does not give u a new PIN!!! u have to change the device in order to obtain a new PIN....


i think shes badass so wat her pin?


I never knew it was under my autotext. And I've had a BB for like 5 years. Thanks CB nation!


I think it’s funny that people on here have nothing nice to say about Snooki. If you don’t care, then why are you commenting? Obviously you are all bored with your lives and care enough to know what she does w. her pin, whether it be accidental or not. Oh and P.S. she is NOT fat at all, it’s called not being a 00 and only eating one carrot a day then throwing it up b.c it’s too many calories. Get a life and grow up. Kthxx ;)