Jerry Seinfeld Rants About "BlackBerry People" On Letterman

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2010 05:39 pm EST

It wasn't too long ago that good ole Jerry Seinfeld was dissing BlackBerry's, BlackBerry People and iPhones in an interview with Conan. It was funny stuff. I guess so funny he brought the "BlackBerry People" rant back recently on Letterman. Funny cuz it's true :)

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Jerry Seinfeld Rants About "BlackBerry People" On Letterman


Is this guy even relavent anymore? I never cared for his comedy and felt like the rest of the cast made his show.

HE JUST used the same routine on the Conan o Brian show!! Comon, Seinfeld, you can do better than that...

TI was funny the first time i saw it, but people watch tv and they remember. YOU just did this routine on another channel!

Bored with the pop tarts, I pick up my Tour to check it at the EXACT moment he says "Oh, I know you Blackberry people are here,Im suprised your even paying attention to this." I burst out laughing!

i was just about to say the same thing about the blackberry people comment, however id love a pop tart right now :)

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

I wonder if he'll develop this a bit more to include Obama and his BlackBerry addiction.

David Letterman's extortionist just pled guilty to one count of attempted grand larceny in the second degree. Robert Halderman was just sentenced today to 6 months in jail, 5 years probation and 1,000 hours of community service.

I LOLed after this because I didn't realize that i was actually like that because I was so oblivious to the world around me as I use my BlackBerry. :-)

Funny stuff. Jerry's comedy style was always different and didn't always agree with everyone. BB are a part of culture though. I take mine to bed every night.

Huge Seinfeld fan here...have seen him perform live several times. Great bit on the BB. My wife totally appreciated it.

That was a great comedy bit about BBs. I enjoyed his TV series so much when it ran and also the syndication, that I bought all 9 seasons of Seinfeld on DVD.

It was funny, but didn't deserve the pandering applause it was getting.

Also he's spot-on about the rudeness; though I usually see this far more with iphone people than blackberry people. Could just be a local thing though.

There should be some sort of etiquette video made about how to (not) use your mobile while in someone else's company. When I use mine I try very hard to be subtle about it, if I do at all.

Gee guys, lighten up........this is comedy.

It was really funny......
......and besides, its all TRUE......LOL

Now its off to bed with my BB.......

Of course, BB & iPhone people are easy to pick on since they are actually the dominant demography out there.

But I wonder if he would do the same against MS if the context was different since he got massive amount of money for those stupid advertisements.

At a quick glance I thought the title said...Jerry Seinfeld rants about BLACK people on Letterman. I guess its a Seinfeld show thing

Never could figure out why everyone loves Seinfeld so much. I never thought he was funny. Still don't. His show was stupid, and so is his routine.

I never could understand why everyone loved Jerry Seinfeld so much. I never thought his show was funny, and his routine was boring.

Seinfeld is cracking a few jokes that happen to be true and we're going to act like we're offended? Lighten up. the bit about holding a magazine in front of you and reading it during a conversation really hits home!!

Is it 2005? Hasn't this "gag" been done a million times by other comedians for years?

I mean WTF? Did he just realized BB's existed.

FAIL for not being remotely original.

That was probably one of the most unfunny routines I've ever heard, worse than an amateur at an open mike night.

Okay that was kinda funny, don't know why people get worked up about this cos it's true. Before I got a blackberry I used to make fun of people that had them and all the stuff they did with them, and now I'm one of them. Kinda poetic. So some people need to take a chill pill.

I meant to send it in so you guys could repost it. But seems he did this similar skit a year ago. This one was more refined, the other I seen prior was like the start impromtu version.

None the less Jewrry cracks me up!

Even the term "CrackBerry" is dated, this behavior has been typical will ALL Smart Phones for many years now. I only acquired my 1st BlackBerry in December, my behavior is the same as it was on my previous Smart Phones, nothing unique to a BlackBerry user compared to the addiction of an iPhone, Android, WinMo, SideKick, or other Smart Phone user.

I'm not so sure how well his new show is going to do, but he's a funny guy. This was funny because most of it is true.

I am a BB user huge, but am not rude ! I see many who are though especially when I am trying to assist them. If they want my help then don't be on your BB or any phone for that matter. That is just rude.........