Jermaine Dupri praises the BlackBerry Torch

By Adam Zeis on 17 Aug 2010 11:02 am EDT

It looks like Jermaine Dupri is a big BlackBerry fan ... notably a Torch fan. At the start of the above video, he comments on the abilities of the Torch and Wifi music sync while talking down the iPhone. It also appears that he's much like Kevin in that he won't adopt the Torch full time until it becomes available in white (like his Bold 9700). Very cool stuff. Check out the beginning of the video to see the man in action.

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Jermaine Dupri praises the BlackBerry Torch


Who doesnt know who JD is.....??? Come on people its 2010..JD has been out for quite some time now...anyways why is everyone focused on dissing should be concerned with the phone he has in his hands....The wifi music transfer ability is so more usb cords for downloading music...Yippeeeee...but instead of a White Torch can the girly girls get one in PINK!!!! I would be the happiest girl in the world!!

I understand if you don't listen to his music, but why the dis? He's promoting a product we all love (Blackberry) and use. Let's support Team Blackberry instead of knocking it down, no matter who endorses the product.

He got it right. The Torch can snyc iTunes over WiFi and the iPhone or Touch cannot. And if you sync your podcasts too they end up in the podcast app so they update on the Torch without having to sync with iTunes anymore. Win!

This dude is "promoting" the phone/brand that all (most) of us love and you all are playing the "who is he?" card? You all know exactly who he is, so grow up.

This dude accomplished more in that 7 minute video than most of us do in a lifetime. This cat's making million dollar deals with his Torch while you all text your retarded cousin about pizza night.

But, we had pepperoni and Spicy Asian wings from Pizza Hut. Honestly, I don't know who this guy is. I'm 37. And never was cool, even at 23. But, if he helps out RIM then I'm all about me some Dupre.

Lol @ everybody that posted the "in english?" comments. Get over yourselves please. Anyway, this is an amazing feature. #teamblackberry

People are so ignorant. He basically just gave you some information about the phone and you diss him... smh... anyways, the Torch looks nice in hands. I wonder what it is capable of.

Jermaine Dupri is a respected producer in hip hop and has been around since the early 90s. He's not a thug and is one of the nicer guys in hip hop. Just because you guys don't like his music or he's too "urban" for your liking, doesn't mean you should bash the guy. Blackberry and its supporters should embrace the promotion of its product from the entertainment industry to reach out to a younger/hipper demographic. Not just middle aged corporate white guys like Blackberries you know.

Thank you for taking the time to educate the narrow minded users who see a Black man with a BB and their first thought is to make a negative response. Crackberry usually has knowledgeable users who offer witty and useful comments. An idiot is born every second and the proof is in the comments. I don't understand why people would flame him even though he's giving people what they want. A closer look into the phone so you can salivate and decide if you want one. I wish people would have class when they are behind a keyboard but that would be asking for too much.

Plain and simple...they're basically jealous of his accomplishments, and the fact that he was able to grab a Torch without having to wait until his upgrade rolled around.

He use to roll with Whodini! If I'm correct, he was a dancer for the group Whodini.

...Have Bold Will Travel~

PS: I'm waiting on the 4G Version of the Torch with a faster processor, my next phone will be 4G capable! Preferrable,...LTE!


If this was an honest review of the Torch it would be different but it wasnt. He was gloating about 'livin da life yo' and 'see what I got yo' and then subjected everyone to a boring interview about something not even relevent to BlackBerry. This video wasnt intended to promote BlackBerry. He simply gave a quick...what is it that they call it? A 'shout out'. Isnt that what rappers are famous for anyway? Name dropping in order to associate themselves to bigger things.

Dont be so quick to assume that people posting in here dont have money Milly. You have no idea who the other CB members are or what we do.

I don't think Adam was trying to say anything more than Jermaine Dupri gave a shout-out to the new Blackberry and one of it's features at the beginning of the video.

Say what you want about the guy but it's obvious he's into music and he likes BB enough to do what he did at the beginning of a video that's not about Blackberry.

I understand and know that already but what i meant really was, he's making money and not caring about your thoughts... leave the guy alone.

Jermaine has little Mini-me's running around that he gets the big check for. He wasn't that good of a rapper, and now he punishing RIM with his words FOR Blackberry...I'll pretend this never happened and stick with Drake who writes all his raps on a Blackberry (he has several of them just in case 1 goes down)

Drake will never accomplish more than JD has in his career. JD built is foundation from the ground up while Drake had to have Lil Wayne's wack ass co-sign him first before people decided to listen.

If you idiots read the comment he don't have the phone he tested it. The post are right, he's a has been. First it was Jadakiss and now this dude. Is this the best they can get to promote their phones. What about some current celebs. As far as the iPhone, was there a line for the storm with a slider, I mean the torch. Lol. Nothing rim Make will ever compete with the iPhone. So stop comparing the elephants to flies

Ladies and gentlemen,

Opinion - a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty.

Some like iPhone, some like Torch, some like Droid.

This is a world of option, just pick YOUR best phone and enjoy it.

You can't make me switch to an iPhone from my Storm. You know why? Because that is MY choice.

Let's have fun in this world of mobile phones. Geez...

same ignorant remarks from the tea party jerks. has a very diverse and talented user base. welcome to planet earth.

People like you who espouse diversity and free speech are the first to bash groups like the Tea Party Movement that don't fit into your liberal, narrow-minded view of the world. So typical!

Adam, you should have just chopped out and showed only the first minute of this video! now you got everyone confused and arguing over a video! lol

only on crackberry!

What...In...The...He** does this have to do with a Blackberry? Are you really trying to tell me that because Jermain Dupri endorses a Blackberry that I should get one!?! I hope this is not a blackberry promo. My opinion of the company just dropped after watching this, totaly irrelevant.

As much as I like the humor of people who speak in urban ebonics. Seeing him sport a BlackBerry is much easier on the stomach than seeing Snooki with one. Its also cool to see someone in the music industry sport a BB for media use over the iphone-which you would think iphone or ipod. I guess RIM may actually be stepping up their game from just its amazing email server. HEY J.D., WHEN YOU FINALLY DO GET A WHITE TORCH I WILL HAPPILY TAKE THE BLACK DEVICE OFF YOUR HANDS!! ;)

Man! Some people are extremely ignorant! Expand your damn mind! Most of you are stuck in some sort of dungeons and dragons world!

People are really going crazy over this. Who went crazy when Kim Kard-ass-ian was shown with one? it was the best thing ever then. It just showing that more people than just us "civilians" use, love, and will "show some love" to the devices that we all(or most) at crackberry also love.

It aint hard to not write something negative when you don't approve of something. Just saying.