Jennifer Lopez + BlackBerry are a winning combo in Wisin & Yandel's new video for Follow The Leader

Jennifer Lopez Follow the Leader
By Michelle Haag on 8 May 2012 03:04 pm EDT
Several times in the past we've seen BlackBerry smartphones make appearances in Jennifer Lopez's music videos, as well as in paparazzi shots and her new show Q'Viva!, leading us to believe that she's a long time fan of the platform. The latest video by Wisin & Yandel called Follow the Leader features Jennifer Lopez, and the opening scenes of the video show all 3 singers using Twitter for BlackBerry on various devices. First a white BlackBerry Bold 9900, then a blue Curve 9220, and finally a Verizon branded Bold 9930 all make an appearance. Of course, the version of Twitter for BlackBerry they are using isn't very realistic as it was obviously enhanced for the video, but it's awesome to see nonetheless.

Interesting to note, the video was shot in Acapulco, Mexico where the government was all too happy to provide whatever extra security and the like that was needed by the singers. The State Secretary of Tourism, Graciela Báez Ricardez, said the video clip will help reposition the image of the port. "The music video will be seen in many countries and millions of times mainly by young people who will make decisions on where to go to take a vacation soon," she said.

It seems that every time we post a music video or other form of Celebrity Sighting, there are always comments wondering why we should care about such "trivial" things. If you take a look at the screenshot above, you'll notice that in less than a week from the video being posted on Youtube it's gotten almost 5 million views. That's a lot of views, and since all 3 performers are using a BlackBerry in such a prominent way during the video, it's sure to have some influence on their audience, not unlike the influence that Ricardez mentioned above regarding tourism.

Take a look at the video below, and leave a comment letting us know what you thought! Thanks for sending this in BoldWorld!

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Lots of BlackBerry love in the beginning!


Does anyone know how to get the white Bold 9900,. I am on AT&T and i want that now!


Don't hate me, I have one and it's purty.

RIM has discontinued it. It's no longer listed on their site and when stores are out of stock they are done. We got the white 9900 on our EOL list a couple of weeks ago.

Personally I think it's a mistake.


What's that ring? Does it come preloaded on the S American models? If it's not a standard BB ring they should have used one!


JLo performing at BB World 2013 FTW.


that white 9900 is so sexayy


Jeez...after seeing that atrocious piece of trash I'm kinda embarrassed to have BB. I hope nobody associates me j-lo or whatever her name is this month. Hopefully she won't be involved with BB10.

Michelle Haag

Wow, really? Not only is she a BlackBerry user, she has also been named the most influential Hispanic performer in the United States. She was voted #1 on PEOPLE's Most Beautiful list of 2011, she is the highest-paid Latin actress in Hollywood, advocates for human rights and vaccinations, and is a supporter of Children's Hospital Los Angeles.  (These are just a few things about her from a long, long, long list of why she would be a great celeb spokesperson for BlackBerry.)


DAMN. Michelle knows her sh1t!


You forgot, successful. ;)


LOL! servo just got served by MH! xD


Not really, I don't find her attractive in the least and her success is based on "hipsters" who go for that sort of thing. Different strokes for different folks. I understand why she's popular and all that. She's just not popular to me and find her to be annoying. Just my opinion on a particular celeb. No big deal.


Hipsters? Last time I checked, latin music and reggaeton were not part of the hipster menu. They are more into iphones and alternative bands.


Wowww! I am 58 and really like J-Lo. So now I'm a hipster! lol lol lol lol sorry- can't stop laughing!


Hey servo:
I'm not a J-lo fan of any kind, but those are my tastes and mine alone. Obviously, she has an enormous following in both english and latin america and I wouldn't dream of dismissing her influence because I don't particularly like her style of music (I thought the video was pretty cool though). If she is willing to lend her name to the BlackBerry brand, then I for one am more then happy to appreciate her efforts. One question: are those tats for real?


Like I said, different strokes for different folks. For me personally I find it embarrassing to own a phone "endorsed" by her. Then again I'm not a fan of celebs in general so I suppose I would feel the same way if it was any celeb.


Unfortunately, a good percentage of people in modern societies place a great deal of importance in what their favourite celebrity does, or has. I think the younger set drives this more then older people do, but there's nothing new about that. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and celebrity endorsements is the marketing departments way of putting that old adage into practice. Do I think people should take a more practical and logical approach to their purchases? Sure I do, but I also think a lot of people want a little pizazz added to their purchase and if it gives them a little more joy, well nothing wrong with that either. I don't see J-Lo as doing anything bad by her endorsement and I'm fairly certain most RIM employees see it as a world of good.


very well said. thanks.


I'm not big on her tuneage,
But, you can't buy this kinda pub.
Companies pay fat stacks to have somebody, anybody, hold their product in a movie,
and this booty-licious ,insanely popular, babe,
is featuring, loving it,in a music video sure to be seen by millions -if not more.
So, who cares if I don't like the tune?
It sounds a lot like money, if you listen close.


I'm not big on her tuneage,
But, you can't buy this kinda pub.
Companies pay fat stacks to have somebody, anybody, hold their product in a movie,
and this booty-licious ,insanely popular, babe,
is featuring, loving it,in a music video sure to be seen by millions -if not more.
So, who cares if I don't like the tune?
It sounds a lot like money, if you listen close.


pretty crap song.
pretty insane parkour!


An NSFW warning next time, please?


Did I miss something that was not safe for work?


In some workplaces (mine included) displaying images of scantily clad women is considered harassement.


Not a fan of J.Lo (cant stand the fact that she cant speak spanish correctly). But I think its a great opportunity for Blackberry as J.Lo has a lot of fans and she is one of the most beautiful "Latinas".

Good to see Blackberry get some damm marketing going.


Great.... Ole... Ole!!!!


Nice views, nice phones, awful music.


That's how the commercials should have been. Not stars telling you about how they use the phones but incorporating the phones into into the action while they do what they do best.


Nice ass...I mean video...really nice video


J Lo looks great in the video.

Thanks for the post Michelle


Latinos! ;) Not a fan of urban music but this video made me proud of owning a 9900... :$ Wanna play? ;)



Just a couple of words about J-Lo in this video: perfect tan. =)

Oh, why can't I find this video in the VEVO app? Heh


Just watched the video again in the VEVO app, nice video, and damn , i just cand stand people who dosent respect other peoples preferences in music.


@servo... I think you are just mad because never in your life you will bang a sexy Rican mami like j -lo, I'm sure you will find a answer to defend your point and I won't be surprised if you even use some anti racial comment, just to finish...Michelle forgot some facts,Jennifer isn't just some random successful singer and actress.. She is only the second female (not just in the Hispanic world but overall ) actress who had a number one spot on billboards and number one Hollywood ticket seller at the same time!!! Not just me talking garbage, just do some research, you should thank god such a successful actress still have love for RIM on this times, RIM isn't the only option out there like back in the early 2000 's

Michelle Haag

I honestly hadn't realized even half of how successful she is until today, on top of the charity stuff which is awesome as well. Also, as I write this, the views on Youtube alone have reached 5,051,113.


And it was just published on May 3, 2112! Those are amazing numbers.


mad? im not mad at all...did my comment somehow come off as mad? i don't know about anti racial but i can definitely say i have absolutely no desire at all to "bang a sexy Rican mami like j-lo" because in my opinion she is not sexy. im sorry if the fact that i am not attracted to j-lo offended you.


Blackberry is a huge hit in Latin America. Popular shows on the Latin networks always show actors/actresses with blackberry's. I have yet to see iphone or android pop up.

The other day in one of the popular soap operas "Por Ella Soy Eva" they had the playbook. This show is aired across latin america. So clearly the audience is there.

Jennifer Lopez is extremely popular but Wisin Yandel have a massive following in Latin America, Central America, PR, DR and even Europe.

So with blackberry in this video, you better believe this will reach the masses.


do u think that is actually jlo jumping round like that?


Nice - everyone is communicating on BB's, but that's an interesting version of BBM? Is it a pre-released version with a new interface?


A really good music video! and with the white blackberry bold 9900 inside is cool to see


which is the ringtone, when they get notifications ??

anger 3

whats the notification ringtone at the beginning