Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Android Runtime improvements are coming with BlackBerry 10.2.1

By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2013 05:26 pm EST

Given the past few days and some of the leaks we've seen, this might sound a bit obvious but finally, the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Android Runtime improvements will be arriving beginning in BlackBerry 10.2.1. If you're wondering how exactly that helps you out, well this particular update brings hardware acceleration while improving the overall compatibility of the runtime and add support for many highly requested features and APIs within the Android app player. In short, Android apps on BlackBerry will run a lot smoother and there will be support for more features in those apps:

  • Android Native Support: Android apps that use shared libraries written in native-code, such as C and C++, will now be supported on BlackBerry 10. Support is limited to the recommended system headers and APIs as documented by Google. Headers and APIs outside this scope may not function correctly.
  • Bluetooth: Android applications using Android Bluetooth APIs will now work on BlackBerry 10. Bluetooth Low Energy for Android is planned to be supported in a future OS release. As a reminder, Bluetooth LE is supported in the BlackBerry 10 Native/Cascades SDK.
  • MapView v1: Applications that use MapView from Google Maps v1 API are now supported using OpenStreetMaps. Support for MapView v2 API is being planned for a future release.
  • Share Framework: Android applications that register with the share framework in Android will now also appear as share targets on the BlackBerry 10 share menu.
  • Spellcheck: Applications that use text input can now leverage support for spell checking and correction, and the ability to add words to the BlackBerry 10 dictionary.

Additionally, a new Beta release of the BlackBerry Tools for Android is forthcoming which will better support developers looking to port their Android apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform along with a new BlackBerry 10.2.1 SDK OS so that developers will be able to start testing and submitting their applications to BlackBerry World.​

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Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Android Runtime improvements are coming with BlackBerry 10.2.1


I'm willing to compromise and I'll happy with 4.2 as long as we get headless app support across the board. By that I mean for both native and side loaded apps.

At least that way I can get all the necessary notifications I need without having to open apps and refresh them / keep frames open! That would TRULY make this device a dream.

Yes that would be awesome. Not a fan of active frames. Wish the weather app and other apps could update without even having to launch it. When launched obviously you than get the full program running

Gotta consider battery drain and performance.
Not sure we should be supporting side loaded apps headless.

They should go native

Yes native and you also get the option to choose if you want that app running in the background and etc.

Not that I I wasn't expecting this but would've been a nice gesture if they atleast released an app version for the Playbook. This was my last hope for anything regarding the Playbook and I'm sure many others too and since that's been also killed (Go Figure) it's time to purchase a brand new Nexus 7 2013 and be done with BlackBerry for good. Not trolling just what I feel as a fooled (by blackberry) day one Playbook owner.

While I'm not disagreeing that BBRY doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to promises, I dare say in this case (I have 4 PBS in my immediate family and 3 others in my extended family) that your feeling of "being fooled" in this circumstance is unfounded as BB10 didn't even exist when you bought your PlayBook. Don't get me wrong, BBRY should do right for those that bought a BBRY and beef up the PB OS once it gets BB10 to a stable state...but it isn't like BBRY promised you BB10 before you bought your PB and then never delivered.

Posted via CB10

I know they didn't but what I was trying to say was that I happy until they opened their mouth about BB10 coming to the Playbook and promised something they weren't even sure of delivering which which got my hopes up and stopped me from selling it at great price and then later killed mine and also many others hopes of ever seeing GOOD Android apps on the dead PBOS app world. And because of that I've decided to not purchase another product from them again.

While I do agree, I don't see how settling for an inferior phone would prove anything.

That is, assuming you like BB10 better than the alternatives.

Android is inferior to BlackBerry? Please enlighten me on how u came to that conclusion. The only upper hand blackberry had in the consumer market was bbm and they gave that away which many found it stunning. What u said is simply an opinion and isn't a fact. Don't worry, I once was a hardcore blackberry fan too until I got tired of their constant bullsh*t. Android does improve with every update so I'm currently not missing out on anything blackberry is offering. But I will say BB10 is good and miles better than the crap they had before but I don't think it's good enough to bring back lost customers like myself and lure Android and iOS users and their sales prove it.

Wow! Easy there! He said "assuming you like BB10 better than the alternatives"!

Under the assumption that "you prefer BB10 better than the alternatives" then it follows that, FOR YOU, Android is an inferior phone (FOR YOU). Do you understand?

This is false logic. The fact that newer hardware exists is not a reason to throw away older hardware.

Are you really on that much crack that you didnt think a new version of BB10 would overpower the Playbooks hardware ? I didnt even have to whip out the microscope to know what was going to happen. Dont buy a nexus , get a sony Xperia. it doesnt suck.

No Crack,Rob Ford got all of it. What I am saying is that asking anyone with a Dev Alpha device with 1 gig of ram and see how crap it runs when you try to open anything on it. 1 Gig of ram isn't enough for this OS. Why cripple it just to upgrade PB users. A newer PB Quad core version should come out.

I think this is the way to attract devs to come over while at the same time retaining what essentially makes BB10 so great IMO. If we could expand on this and continue to plug in BlackBerry services with the equivalent Google Android services this could be really great for the OS

Posted via CB10

Man do they need a swift kick where the sun don't shine lol.. I commend you my good man, I'll be checking my disqus from time to time after visiting BGR

It is/was but it was never FULLY supported. These are further improvements for hardware acceleration and performance

this new update is sounding better and better every minute. Big question now is when will BB roll out this update for us folks to chicken poop to load up a leak?

Looking at their past android dev roadmap, I'd say November + 5 months until a carrier pushes out an official update. This update is huge, native support with no apk conversion will open doors.

Anybody know what the current runtime on the official supports? I was under the impression that it already ran them?

Posted via CB10

It says improvements, not release, you would not improve it if the current 10.2 didn't have it :) meaning 10.2 does have 4.2.2

Considering how many androids are actually on kit kat i don't think that's gonna matter much. Probably as many bb10 as Nexxus 5 out there

I'm gonna be waiting very impatiently for this leak to happen.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

I'm curious to better understand what real compatibility MapView v1 will bring; if most apps (4.2.2+) use MapView v2, we would still missout on somethings. Also, I'm guessing this is independant of the Google Play Services, which would limit the functionality of Google Maps, as we can currently experience in sideloaded versions.

The android runtime is 4.2.2 on 10.2 now.

If you read the link it says these are enhancements to the current runtime and not that 4.2.2 is new.

That's not what he said. Read the article.

And the comments.

It's improvements to linking certain Google APIs to what BB10 has.

Posted via CB10

To be fair, I did have the headline wrong but the article was right. Just proves not many folks read BEYOND the headline but whatever, we all knew that anyway lol. :)

If I'm not mistake the article is still incorrect at implying hardware acceleration is coming in this update.

That was with 10.2 wasn't it?

I had thought that 10.2's runtime already came with hardware acceleration as well, so it's a surprise to hear acceleration listed as an "improvement".

Some people really don't read or have problems understanding English.

As some else posted above.

We have 4.2.2 in 10.2 that was just released. However this update will bring enchantments to the version we have which didn't seem to have everything unlocked and functioning inside the runtime.

I too was under the impression that our version in 10.2 had hardware acceleration active.

Posted via CB10

Lol! Sorry, but I have to point out your (probably due to auto correct) error, just because of awesomeness. I now want all my BB10 versions to be enchanted! I can see it now: "BBOS 10.2.1 Now Enchanted!!" :)

Posted via CB10

Seriously? Haha IT'S THE SAME!. The term "unlocked" has nothing to do with the version (4.2.2), this just means that some compatibility features are currently limited, probably to ensure apps work best in the current versions of the BB10 platform. With 10.2.1.x, we would have something close to the unlocked versions (assuming it could still have some locked/unavailable features) out there, making sure the majority of apps made for 4.2.2+ are as compatible as possible.

let's see how much it will work......m waiting....... for it coz m suffocated wid this blackberry......

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I don't wanna sound too optimistic, but the more BB will be on par with the Google Apps, the more it will help them to gain popularity. BB could be seen, in the future, as a value added secure device for android users.

Yeah. It's funny, because Android is essentially just becoming a feature on BB10.

Imagine they could implement iOS runtime too, and Windows!

Soon Android and iOS will just become apps in BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry just entered the big leagues. I will get the leak os burt man once the official one drops. BlackBerry wil be a rising power. Is a smart move and one that should have been made long a long time ago. Keep the android runtime as the core and build the rest of BlackBerry 10around it. Like samsung keeps stock android and touch wiz is build around it. Well done black berry

Posted via CB10

Sorry for the typos guy. Doing too many things at once and really excited to try this new os

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What app is it on the picture? How can I install android apps directly from BB10 and not by using my PC?

BlackBerry has to get the 4.2.2 runtime working perfectly before they release 10. 2.1, or there will be hell to pay in the SP and the press.

They also must get the update out fast to keep people interested, as this will be the hugest release yet.

Go BlackBerry!

+1 Agree 100%.

This is probably the biggest x.x.1 update in the history of operating systems :)

Posted via CB10

Just be an android already and dump bb10.
Pretty much there now anyways. Just like the new call screen soon!

No way, the BB10 UI is excellent. Android will be used just to fill the app gap and to have some of those essential google services like chrome, google maps, google drive etc. Android UI is just too cluttered and cumbersome!

You my friend are part of the reason few if any people want BB devices anymore. You've become just like those Isheep fans that do not see anything but Iphones.

Android KitKat is way beyond anything on BB's Os. but then why waste the time trying to talk, right ?

Wait....I'm still confused....
Doesn't the current 10.2 update already have hardware acceleration for Android apps?
Or are there different levels of hardware acceleration that the can enable?

It's the greatest! In 6-9months you people who don't leak will understand the joy!

Posted via Q10 using CB10

Somebody needs to figure out a way to allow installing android apps right from the phone. Then BlackBerry needs to pay a zillion dollars on a real marketing campaign showing this capability along side the Hub. I want to see at least 2 commercials for BlackBerry during the walking dead and for 4 weeks. Also they need a commercial every hour during prime time TV and a full 30 seconds at least during the super bowl. (I'm talking us TV of course). Do all this by Christmas and BlackBerry will be back.

No one likes iOS 7

Sent from my z10

Somebody needs to figure out a way to allow installing android apps right from the phone. Then BlackBerry needs to pay a zillion dollars on a real marketing campaign showing this capability along side the Hub. I want to see at least 2 commercials for BlackBerry during the walking dead and for 4 weeks. Also they need a commercial every hour during prime time TV and a full 30 seconds at least during the super bowl. (I'm talking us TV of course). Do all this by Christmas and BlackBerry will be back.

No one likes iOS 7

Ummmm that's what this update does. Once you download the app store from phone browser you just use the andriod app stores to dl and install the apps. I got 7 major apps doing this


Posted via Q10 using CB10

Ummm, speak for yourself - Other than the color scheme I quite like IOS 7 - imo it is a dramatic improvement over IOS 6

Yeah, ever since the 4.2 updates most of my apps are worse.

Lots say cannot connect to Internet... I know it is probably something unrelated.

Then the others just take forever to load up.

Posted via CB10

Has anyone noticed the photo showing a direct Instagram installation onto BB10? And how that neuters Blackgrann and igrann?

Posted via CB10

I have Instagram side loaded and the iGrann beta. I chose iGrann because it's a better feeling app to use. It suits me more than the official android version.

Posted via CB10

Rollout 10.2.1 by Christmas and I'm gonna bake a blackberry pie for Christmas dinner ... hahaha
So any rumour on the official release?

In marketing front, they need to air a good commercial during Sunday or Monday Night Football cuz Americans love NFL and US is where they need to gain markeshare ... Go Canada in Sochi... hehehe

They will still find a way to mumble from the sidelines, under the bridge or wherever those losers gather.

CB10 - Z10 -

I just wish BlackBerry would unlink itself from the carriers for software updates. I'm sick of waiting on Verizon to update my phone. I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it. Lol.

More like selling your soul to gooooogle. If android takes over BlackBerry I am out! F O gooooogle and die!

QNX posted via CB10

I'm so excited for this update

Can anyone confirm Netflix and other top apps working better on leaked 10.2.1? My Netflix side load has worked great since day one but it could be a bit faster

Posted via CB10

As awesome as this is, I have to see it as seceding. BlackBerry is realizing that the native apps aren't coming, so they are unleashing the runtime. I'm loving the new Android power, but I pine for the BlackBerry 10 to be the unleashed part.

Posted by Z10

It's all about ecosystem.. I think BlackBerry has finally realized this and has reasoned with it. It's to late in technology for an ecosystem to give birth and grow (as far as I'm concerned) so this is a great way for BlackBerry 10 to get the apps it needs. All they have to do is make it more functional (added support for API's), make it simpler (direct download APK) and make performance equal to or greater than the competition (hardware acceleration)

I think Berry is on the right track finally, I just hope they don't run into any problems to do with licenses and the use of other systems

BTW as far as hardware acceleration goes, will this update improve upon the 10.2 runtimes speed? If so, this will certainly be beastly!

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One thing that everyone is missing here that was not mentioned is how much benefit this will provide those who already have an Android and want to try BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 devices will be the first devices on the market with cross-platform app support. This is pure genius!

Posted via CB10

Well if you want your app to perform the best you will want it to be native so I would think that matters.

The better question however is it worth it cost wise to develop a native app if the Android version works well enough.

Posted via CB10

Valid point, but I think if enough people start clamoring for an improved experience, the dev will listen.

Posted via CB10

It is in 10.2 so I won't see this until at least next year. See I'm in a little market called the US.

Posted via CB10

awesome, maybe all those games that would run perfectly fine but don't (because no touch screen response) will work now.

It seems to be that BlackBerry is focusing more in ports than pushing for more native apps which is sad but it is better if the overall app and environment is kept, I like the way I do things in BlackBerry 10 so I hope this isn't compromised

Posted in a Z10 Quintessential

Agreed. I don't see BlackBerry as merging towards full Android, or anything silly like that. It seems that they are indeed pushing their ideas (see latest OS leak), and thus, are carving a path of their own.

I think they are just buying much needed time (for native Apps/ecosystem to mature), for relatively little effort. Smart.

More support for side loaded subpar apps for Android! Better than nothing I guess...Sorry just getting bitter over the awesomeness of cascades and the lack of native stuff.

Anything is better than nothing...

I hope we can run apk apps or Android apps smoother then before....i hope it will be the same experience as Android......thats the only thing I want in bb10....smoother experience in android apps...I hope that...and I hope os10.2.2 or 10.3 come with android runtime 4.3 or 4.4 for smoother and faster experience.................................................. and I'm waiting for BlackBerry jam 2014 too......

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I hope something big for developers in blackberry jam make them develop apps for BlackBerry 10 easily and faster....because I hope blackberry world contains more native high quality apps in the near future ....i love blackberry 10 native seems like a high quality ios apps are good but not good enough when we talk about the talking about the applications not games...because games doesn't matter if it is high quality or not....we open the game to play it

Posted via CB10

I've noticed this too, Native BB10 apps are smooth and high quality where as Android apps on an android tablet and phone somewhat feel like a rushed job, not high quality, but OK.

I faced the same problem........when the phone turn off...remove the battery from the phone....keep the phone without the battery for 3 hours....and after 3 hours but the battery to the phone and charge it should start charging from 1%

Posted via CB10

I faced the same problem....just remove the battery for 3 hours and after that but it again to the phone and charge your phone should start charging from 1%

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BlackBerry Tools for Android to better port to BlackBerry World, this is great news. And a dev's dream.

I wonder if this update will allow Accessories to work on BB10 that are Android specific. (e.g.Pebble Firmware Updates for Pebble, Sony Smartwatch)

Z30 | Z30STA100-2/ | Globe PH

The bluetooth support sounds like it does. I would like wifi direct support too. To control your GO PRO camera from your BlackBerry for example

Z30, Q10, iP5

Need more detail what lock are you talking about?

If you are talking about your phone being locked to your carrier the answer is no.

Posted via CB10

This is what I been wating for native support woo hoo. I always found that the apps didn't work debug token or not due to lack of native support

I Hope BB10 will add LINE in the BlackBerry world soon. User in Asian is dry for it

Posted via CB10

So it's safe to say a full Android OS may be running in the background of a QNX Based OS which is BlackBerry 10?

Posted via CB10

Is hard to say the BB10 is completing with Android and iPhone. BB10 are way behind with their Apps and never update with what the consumers need!!! Your hardware is useless without the APPs in the market!!! BlackBerry will be like a blank CD disk without the song in it!!!

I am a BlackBerry fan! But still have to say that BB10 devise is useless without the apps!!!!

Posted via CB10

I would love to have BlackBerry run on Android or IOS because there nothing in the BBworld!!

Posted via CB10

WOW, I cant believe how BB fans are so far out too lunch that while they COMPLAIN AND COMPLAIN about Android and all its inferior BS , you people fail to see or acknowledge that without Android BB would be far worse off right now then it already is. Enjoy the Android ported Apps.

We need real BB10 Apps not how to steal from the Damm Andriod's! And when u get Apps from Andriod, the screen is all mess up! Give me LINE!!! All my friends is in it....and in Asia phone that can use LINE sells.

Posted via CB10

I would love wifi direct support. My camera apps like Nikon WMU and Sony playmemories which connects phone with DSLR are not working.

Z30, Q10, iP5