VP and Head of U.S. Public Sector Jeffrey Ait shares why he joined BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2014 11:57 am EDT

Although his hiring went quietly unnoticed for a while, Jeffrey Ait actually joined BlackBerry approximately three months ago and took position as VP and Head of the U.S. Public Sector from Good Technology, where he served as Director of the Public Sector. As part of a Q&A session with the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog, Ait has now shared a little more info about what his position entails, why he joined BlackBerry and his thoughts on Government Mobility.

I joined BlackBerry because I know what the government is looking for when it comes to mobility, and BlackBerry is best-in-class when it comes to mobile technology. I saw that the U.S. federal government is an extremely important customer for BlackBerry and I felt that with my experience in mobile and the company's experience with knowing where government is headed, it would be a good fit.

Second, I was starting to see government put more and more focus on trying to shift to a more native, user-friendly device experience but still needing security that meets regulatory requirements. BlackBerry is the only company that provides a complete offering with end-to-end security and low total cost of ownership, supported by a strong footprint within the federal government.

As highlighted in the interview, Ait works out of the Washington, D.C. office and his main focus area is the federal government, where BlackBerry has a unique opportunity with Department of Defense (DoD), now that the BlackBerry 10 platform is the only mobility solution that has earned Full Operational Capability to run on their networks.

The Q&A section is a great read and highlights something that I was quite glad to read is also part of Ait's focus 'We want to build our brand, create awareness and tell the BlackBerry story. Many customers don't know what our new story is and we want make sure they know about today's BlackBerry and everything that BlackBerry 10 offers, from devices to apps and messaging to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).' Yes! Spread the word, because BlackBerry 10 isn't BlackBerry OS and it has changed. The more people who learn that, the better!

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VP and Head of U.S. Public Sector Jeffrey Ait shares why he joined BlackBerry


Stupid link just tries to load and reload and re load. Can't actually open it on my bb10

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Worked well in BB10 browser as well as Evolution.

Have you checked your internet
connection and browser settings?

I even run Evolution with JavaScript disabled, and it did open.


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

No 1 Million Passport's would be a benefit to the tax payer. Will force the Government to be more efficient. And prevent them from buying overpriced and un-productive iPhones.

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+1. Also see comments regarding low total cost of ownership

Boy! I love that my Z10 allowed me to flick that phrase!

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There is rarely a contractor that gets a brand new device on the release date. It took iPhone a while to get here. I'm pretty sure that Samsung is waiting

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From what I've read: Jeffrey Ait is making the real introduction of BB10, BES10/12 and the difference between it and legacy BBOS,BES5.

Go Jeffrey Go!

STL100-1 ( STC

Um I think it's more a strategic defensive move to keep their coffers strong from their client of complete relevance for being!

1. Windows Phone 8.1, and soon Android (L) will have partitioned secure spaces natively.

2. Add to this cheaper and wider variety of devices and software, connectivity with already established servers, services from Microsoft you get to see how this 'could play out'.

Beware if HTC decides to go back to their roots and makes a keyboard based smartphone with WP8.1

Today I'm worried. Corporate apps is the future.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

What about update for Z10/30 I have read enough on hiring but zero on Z10/30. Doesn't matter who is hired but as long as customers are not happy, the company will be doomed

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Well on Sky News in the UK last night a reporter commented that David Cameron was starting hos holiday today but wouldn'y be "far from his BlackBerry". Yes that's right. Actually mentioned BlackBerry phone. Suppose got to keep in touch with Angela Merkel, another BlackBerry user. Come on BlackBerry, get the marketing out there!

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If I am not wrong, he said 'I can run government by BlackBerry'

That's a powerful message but BBRY can't derive anything out of that ( say marketing)

I remember that day when the rumour went around that DoD orderd a 80000 BB10 phones then denied well maybe maybe maybe there is some truth $

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And BB10 keeps improving adding more exciting features.

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I don't mind Android & Apple that much, but I never want to use those devices. They don't seem to be secure and efficient as BlackBerry! I'm all BlackBerry!!!! :-)

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Interesting how he said, "...BlackBerry 10 is not BlackBerry OS...". wonder how many people don't realize that they are different.

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I am on the BB Facebook page. I guarantee that probably 99% of consmers have no idea there even is a BB10. I see endless comments from people who have problems with 3+ year old Curves and most other comments posted regularly are things like "Do they still make Blackberrys?" Blackberry has a long way to go in the marketing department. I'd like to see some strategic hires in this area.

My friend called my Z10 a blackdud based on her past experience with her old blackberry. It's a shame because she was the one introduced me to BlackBerry. She jumped ship to Samsung.

Loving MySexyBackZ10!!!

Very good read, he's got a grand position.

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From a different perspective....

He joined because he knows what government wants. They know how secure blackberry is compared to iOS or Android.
Maybe he is just infiltrating to set up a back door for nosy people to snoop in the name of terror?

Oh man where is my mind, this chronic took me to space!

On another note, I'm starting to get used to my Z10, and I still run my business with my 9900 equipped with Pgp. Can't wait for bes10, better yet... can't wait for the passport!!!!

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Welcome, good luck, godspeed and kick ass for BlackBerry!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!