Jeffrey Ait joins BlackBerry from Good Technology

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2014 01:24 am EDT

Remember that Security Innovation Center in the Washington, D.C. Area that BlackBerry CEO John Chen began setting up? Well, we've not really heard a lot of news who exactly is running the show there but it seems BlackBerry has made at least one employee acquisition to help in that area that went relatively unnoticed, until today.

Showing up on the Washington Business Journal's People on the move list is Jeffrey Ait, who has now taken on position at as VP and Head of US Public Sector Sales after having spent two years at Good Technology as Director Public Sector Americas.

Doing a bit of digging around, it looks as though Ait actually joined BlackBerry approximately three months ago according to his LinkedIn profile and most recently, he headed up the post over the BlackBerry Blogs that covered BlackBerry's Secure Work Space apps getting U.S. Department of Defense approval.

As we all know, John Chen has been hiring very specific people to take up positions at BlackBerry and with the restructuring done is looking to hire more but in this case, it seems Good wasn't good enough to keep Jeffrey Ait there.

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Jeffrey Ait joins BlackBerry from Good Technology


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer ;)

They need to be careful about what he knows under their internal road map and developers. Don't want a lawsuit to derail BlackBerry current mojo.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

As Bla1ze said in another Blog, 1st posts are out.

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Elop style?

Woe Nokia, woe... Microsoft gotcha...

Just that Good is in no financial position to buy BlackBerry, and Prem Watsa would prevent it by converting his debentures which would give him massive extra voting rights....

(I didn't check, assuming he would be convert into voting shares, right? )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Watch, there's something in the Air... ;-)


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

He figured out where the future lies...
the future is Black and fruity, not just Good...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Lol on the replies! I'm glad to see BlackBerry getting back to expansion in the right areas! I think BlackBerry has a good shot at getting back into consumer markets via the corporate world. Enough people use BB10 for work and they might just convert. Just added the fifth BB10 device in my family. This is the third new BlackBerry user, and of the three, second new smartphone user. All of us still loving our devices. 4 Z10's and my Father just got a Z30 coming from an Envy 2.

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Another smart move. Hopefully Blackberry will start to pick up steam and really get to rolling.


Great news. And in other news I miss seeing the first posts at the beginning of an article. *sighs* Crackberry you have changed.

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At first I thought it was Dr Phil! Great that BlackBerry is continuing strategic recruitments. This company will be "Chenomenal"!

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At FIRST I thought it was a soap star from the Prime-Time-Soap "Dynasty" or "Falcon Crest", trying to troll Blackberry.

But Mr. Chen knows who to hire. So I think he will be doing his job just fine. Also, he has a huge SKULL. So he must be intelligent to me!

There's a need for dinosaurs and there's a need for young and fresh. But this position isn't about innovative thinking or creative ideas. It has nothing to do with retail. This is about security/business experience and the ability to execute. So, he may be old but I'm sure he would run circles around a youngin' in this arena.

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You all BlackBerry fanatics are funny as... This thread made for a good laugh though.

So I recently started this job as a Team Leader and I heard today that we have a BES server and no one know how to administer it. Guess what? Given time, I am going to play with that sucker till I get everyone back onto BlackBerry. I have even tinkered with the idea of getting our clients on BES and my COO told me just lodge a business case and it's on.

BES really isn't that hard.

With BES10 it became even easier because you are connecting through activesync instead of mapi.

BlackBerry support is top quality. I've worked with 1 MDM competitor and I can say that BlackBerry support is much better.

I think BES just got a bad wrap because the BBOS required BES while other devices could use activesync and didn't need anything. Of course, activesync alone is a much weaker solution, but it is much cheaper as well.


Another great thing about BES...

It actually delivers more than just email.

If you have internal web pages and network drives, BES can provide secure connectivity to those resources. And even in exchange, it does the "default" email, calendar, and contacts. But it also does tasks and memos.

I can't speak authoritatively about the competition, but I do believe that many mobile strategies don't focus enough on things beyond email.

I was/am hoping that Exchange Server 2013 can do some of that but I am guessing no. We are a small company but I might push for BES in some way shape or form.

You're right. It isn't difficult. I have administer BES in the past. I'm just a but rusty. However my philosophy is 'once it has been done, it can easily be remembered'. A refresh would be in order.

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Total bias from the photo, and could be wrong... but do we need more standard issue late middle aged white guys running BB?

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Cut the dude some slack,
No matter if he's white or black! :-)

Looks like he's kinda both now... skin colour don't matter, but phone color and brand we can argue! And I'm not talking about Blackphone...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I really don't know the guy, so I don't want to get too excited.

But... more importantly, it shows that Chen is going to do what it takes to turn BBRY around.

Yeah, we can bill Gates, he's got some spare cash....

Whatchuwanna put on the invoice.... ? :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Interesting indeed that a senior exec at a direct competitor would be interested in joining a company that is surely doomed to fail.

I wonder what his motivation is... I'm sure he got a good package, but surely someone higher up on the ladder wouldn't just jump ship for a few extra bucks. it's either a kick ass comp package or there's something more to this..(or both).

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As I mentioned earlier in this comment section, he probably knows a bit more than us, knows where the future lies...

... and who might really be doomed in the end... ?

(*we all are, without the Gospel... )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

This hire doesn't surprise me. Good technology has been on its death bed for two or three years. It has been in and out of bankruptcy twice and a consistent money loser. Frankly, their MDM offerings are simply not competitive.

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I love how BBMC gets all the news first. Just come to CB for confirmation and voila they source the BBMC. Good job Blaze. BlackBerry needs to ramp up Channels as for me it's my #2 news source after Bloomberg but before Twitter.

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Not trying to rag on you here b1aze bit you should also give some credit to the guy who made the forum post about this, I saw it yesterday and now here is a front page post - seems like whoever made that post should at least get a tip of the hat as well

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Check the Via: tag at the bottom of the article. Is that the forum post you are referring to or was there a different one?

Could've sworn it only said bbpowered earlier, but either way I definitely see it now - I retract my statement, thanks for pointing it out :P

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Yay! Now that first posts are gone, no more quicksilver!!!!! Bye bye!! Thank god I was so sick of reading his immature comments about people saying a five letter word. Good riddance.

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