JeeoSuite updated with new features, still in beta testing

By Michelle Haag on 19 Feb 2011 12:47 pm EST

A few weeks ago we let you know about a new app for BlackBerry from mblware called JeeoSuite that is currently in private beta testing. JeeoSuite is a wifi web-portal for your BlackBerry, and it's well on its way to becoming one of those "must have" apps that all BlackBerry users are going to want to get their hands on.

The early phases of testing revealed a ton of handy features, and we just learned that the next phase is rolling out soon and it's going to have even more cool functions for you to drool over. On top of the features listed below, you will now also have access to Mail (webmail for your BlackBerry), Calendar, Memos, and a Photo Browser! The team has also overhauled many other features of the app including the wifi File Browser. This is a really exciting update, and

I'm anxious to try out the new features! According to the JeeoSuite Twitter account, all of these features will be available in a free version, with a pro (premium) version to be released later. If you would like to sign up for beta testing, you can do so at the link below and you can check out the rest of the features and screenshots after the break!

For more information and to sign up to beta test JeeoSuite

  • File Browser: Access your SD Card and Device Memory. Upload, Download, even stream media over Wifi to your computer web-browser.
  • Security: Upload / Download permissions can be quickly toggled right in the app for added security.
  • Optimize Memory: Never pay for a Memory Cleaning app again! Free up memory with the click of a button in JeeoSuite.
  • Screenshot: Take a snapshot of the current screen on your phone. Screenshots appear in your computer web-browser allowing you instant access.
  • Locate Phone: Nothings more frustrating than trying to find where you left your phone. JeeoSuite will send out an audible alert so you can track it down.
  • Bookmarks: Create and Edit Bookmarks. Take them with you where-ever you go and browse them on any computer.
  • Dashboard: View your phones vital stats like Memory Usage, OS Version, Battery Life, IP Address, GPS Location, and more in the System Dashboard.
JeeoSuite calendar view
JeeoSuite Email
JeeoSuite Email view
JeeoSuite File Browser
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JeeoSuite updated with new features, still in beta testing


I have the invite and have had it since day one and I have the 9650 on VZW. 1st Beta would not run on my device. I downloaded again today and have the exact same problem and I put it on 2 identical Bolds except one has .431 and the other .443. anybody got any ideas?

JeeoSuite is an awesome application! I've been using it since it's initial release and in that short time it has grown so much...ALREADY! As soon as I get home I'm gonna fire up the computer and try out the new features!

Hey everybody,

Just to clear up any confusion.. we have indeed updated JeeoSuite with these features, and are currently finishing up INTERNAL testing.

As soon as this beta becomes public we'll be sure to let you all know!