JeeoSuite enters public beta

By Michelle Haag on 23 Mar 2011 01:29 pm EDT
JeeoSuite for BlackBerry

We are big fans of JeeoSuite here at CrackBerry, and for good reason. If you haven't heard of it yet, JeeoSuite is a wifi portal for your BlackBerry. You can transfer files, access email, bookmarks, stats, and tools right from your computer via your browser. This app is really awesome, and up until now it was also hard to get your hands on as mblware still had it locked down in a private beta. Well, the wait is over. If you've been itching to get your hands on JeeoSuite and you haven't been able to yet, you'll be happy to learn that you now can. Mblware sent out emails last night to people who had signed up but not been chosen for the private beta informing them that a public beta version is now available. To download JeeoSuite for your BlackBerry you can visit from your phone.

So go get signed up, install the app, and give it a go! If you're already part of the private beta, you will want to update your version of JeeoSuite as well. Full instructions on what to do once you've installed are after the break, and if you're still unsure of what exactly JeeoSuite is, or why you want it, check out the video below for a full rundown. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below or in the forums, and if you have feedback for mblware be sure to submit it to them!

After you have the app installed, setup is easy:

  • Make sure Wifi is enabled on your device! (Otherwise it won't work.)
  • Set all Permissions to ALLOW for JeeoSuite
  • Launch the app
  • Note the IP:PORT listed at the top
  • Enter that IP:PORT in to your computer's web browser
  • If you haven't set a Username/Password just click LOGIN
An easier way to access JeeoSuite and set up your account is to visit from your computer after downloading the app to your BlackBerry. Once your account is created just enter your Username and Password in to the app on your phone (In the myJeeoSuite section) and click on Update Test. You can now access your copy of JeeoSuite via on your computer.
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Reader comments

JeeoSuite enters public beta


wait is that the logo they went with.. Mine was better. :P

I though CB would announce the winner

Nice, Good Job I was just kidding about the mine being better. :) Yours is very clean and simple. I like it. Was it just privately announced? I heard nothing of it since it was posted on the blog here... I didn't even see a deadline for it..

I received an e-mail from mblware last night and shortly after they announced it on twitter and that's it and actually i didn't expect to win i just made the logo cuz i was bored and had nothing else to do :D

I'm getting the error "There was an error updating your account. Please visit for ways to troubleshoot this issue." when I go to the support address there is no support listed for Jeeosuite.

Any ideas???

The support page isn't finished yet. Did you sign up and confirm your account on If so make sure your account and password are properly entered into the app before hitting update. If the problem still persists email with the problem.

NOTE: a account is not necessary to use the application. You can still access JeeoSuite using ip:port in your browser. allows you to access the app using and will handle redirecting you to your phones internal IP and Port.

I was getting the same error, then I realized I didn't have Wifi enabled on my device. Turned it on and everything was fine from there. :)

Why does it give you the 'location phone' option when both objects (the PC and the bb) have to be in the same wifi network?

If you mean the "Locate Phone" Tool, it's for when you loose your phone in the house and don't know where it is. It is similar to the "Page" button on cordless phones. If you mean the GPS data, it allows you to know your location and look it up on Google Maps. I can think of a fair amount of instances I've been somewhere but not known where I was.

You're may be mixing up with the application login. Your info goes in the myJeeoSuite section of the application. Your app login/password (Which you make up) goes on the main app screen and is used to login to the app when you go to it in your browser.

When you enter a username and password also make sure to save it before trying to use that login info.

I'm logged in my account on Jeeosuite website and I've also signed up in BB app. I'm trying to access BB in web browser (wifi on BB is on) using web address and Chrome says "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to ......"

What's wrong?

I'm getting the same..both my username's pw's are the same, so its irrelevant, it says chrome could not find 192.xx.xx. etc....maybe its chrome...

update : no go in FF either...could not locate address

update 2 : I suppose different subnets would make a diffence.
I have a 192.168.1 AND 192.168.0 here...

Mine does work! dam thats a neat app. very nice work.
works from my wifes computer on same wifi/subnet.

It took a LOT Of work. It would not log in at all. It wouldn't even load when I was at work.

After changing my password about 5 times, I'm finally in.

It loaded quite a while for the first time. After that it was all good. Nice interface. Very useful! +1

Very nice app! Web interface is slick and I'm surprised that it doesn't take more space on the phone with how nice it looks. Also BIG thanks for making this an app that works without connection to an outside server!!! It's great to see that the customer gets to decide if they'd like the functionality offered by that, or just use it within wifi limits.

Now with the BBM API opened up I have a really good idea that I bet has been kicked around already by your group.... ;)

Installed it, tried it, it worked but it was a little slow. Not sure if I'll use it much, but it's a cool app to have.

Finally started working. I think it needs a few minutes before its visible on the wifi IP.

Great App. This functionality was really missing.